Time for a Royal Animal-Friendly Change: Queen Elizabeth to Stop Wearing Real Fur

Eco Trend Setters
During the last few decades, the public has been becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical concerns of wearing fur. Thankfully, lots of animal-friendly fur substitutes are popping up all over the place. In a monumental move a few months ago, Queen Elizabeth announced that she will stop wearing fur. Awesome! One decision by one person can often go a long way, and we hope this is the case here.
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Awesome Photos and Facts Prove That Humans and Animals Are Cousins After All

In The Wild
Sometimes, it's easy to forget how closely related we humans are to the other members of the animal kingdom. We tend to forget that all creatures come from somewhere on the same tree of life. Some dogs like to skateboard, some chimpanzees like to wear jewelry. Some bears open doors, some penguins hold "hands." Why? Come on a whirlwind tour through some of the most striking similarities between humans and animals. Get ready for some fun!
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