Game-Changing Search Engine Ecosia Plants Trees While You Surf the Web

Science and Tech
It's time for some uplifting news. A search engine has been setting a new precedent by planting trees with every search you make. With over 15 million active users, you can watch the live tally on their site, where the number of trees that will be planted creeps ever close to 100 million. Their active users jumped in 2019 from eight million to a whopping 15 million, and they're still on the up. With Ecosia's agenda to help reforest our planet, they sound too good to be true.
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Skies Clear Up and Pollution Declines As Humans Around the World Stay Inside

Living Green
Scientists report that in light of the current global situation, pollution levels are at the lowest they have been in about 80 years. As people stay home, the world has seen a drastic reduction in transport and manufacturing, thus cleaning up the air. We shouldn't celebrate; the outbreak is a tragedy. But we should realize that it's in our power to be more environmentally friendly and do what we can to live greener lives when things go back to normal.
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How the Madness of Tiger King Gives Us a Conservationist Wake-Up Call

If you haven't seen Tiger King on Netflix, we strongly that you strap in and get ready for a wild roller-coaster ride. The show focuses on the turbulent happenings of a few roadside zoos that are home to big cats, mostly tigers. Don't be fooled, this is not your average wildlife documentary. It's a story of intrigue, conspiracy, feuds, and crime. Under all the human drama, however, is an underlying message that wakes us up to the ethical problems regarding the captivity of wild animals.
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Mother Nature Fights Back: Places Around the World Being Reclaimed by Nature

In The Wild
We've been seeing a lot in the press about nature's struggle against mankind, and we think it's high time we focus on something positive. So we dug around to find places all around the world where Mother Earth is putting up a fight - and winning. Shopping malls, five-star hotels, or boarding schools; it's all the same to Mother Nature. Check out the locations where nature is reclaiming its ground.
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