Old Family Photos That Have Been Hilariously Recreated by the Kids Now That They’re All Grown Up

We all have cringey family photos from our past that we never want to see the light of day. But some individuals are reclaiming their awkward younger selves by recreating their childhood photos. And they’re getting the whole family involved too, to make it as similar as possible.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids25

But of course, a lot of time has passed since the OG photos were taken. And these side-by-side comparisons show just how much these kids have grown. Take a look at their hilarious photo reenactments – just don’t expect the kids to be quite as cute as before. Let’s say, the sands of time haven’t been good to everyone.

A Reminder Not To Let Kids Eat Candy Before Bed

This guy looks like he would have been one of those hyper kids who drove his parents crazy. And from the looks of his photo reenactment, he’s just as energetic as a fully grown young man. When he was a kid, he put his legs through the arm holes of one of his dad’s t-shirts and popped underwear on his head.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids19

Seeing him do that as a boy, it’s only a little bit terrifying because of the face he’s making. But seeing him do that as an adult, it’s all the more psychotic. He’s clearly back at his parent’s house visiting for the holidays as he’s standing on the same rug. That, or he never left the family home. The jury’s out on this one.

The Famous Five Back Together Again

These siblings were pictured in an adorable retro photo playing in the rain. It perfectly captures the joyful abandon that we experience during our growing years, and undoubtedly is a beloved memory from their family photo album. Now that the boys are all adults, they decided to recreate the picture.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids3

The reenacted photo is pretty hilarious. They’re not kids anymore, but full-grown men with beards, body hair, and even beer bellies. Not only are they standing in the same order, but they’re posing just like they did back in the day. Out of all the brothers, who do you think has changed the most over the years? Something about the guy in the red hat is particularly surprising to us.

Playing by the Pool 20 Years Later

This brother and sister duo recreated a hilarious 90s photo of them messing around by a pool. On the left, the older brother was playing with a disposable camera while his younger sister tried to mimic their mom. The adorable girl put on her best pout-face and put her hand on her hip. But now that they’re adults who recreated the photo, the sister no longer needs to pretend to be a lady older than her years.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids6

Not only does she have a bunch of tattoos now, but she no longer needs to stuff socks in her swimsuit. Her brother posted this side-by-side with the caption: “Me And My Sister 20 Years Apart. 1998 – 2018. My Parents Are Hilarious Humans.” We have to agree with him on that one.

Just Letting It All Hang Out

This recreated baby photo is one for the books. The original photo shows a cute little newborn baby, sleeping across the legs on his mom’s lap. He’s wearing just a diaper and he looks totally adorable. But who would have thought that this precious moment would be reenacted, several years down the line?

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids2

The photo on the bottom is a picture of the great big man that the baby grew up to be. Once again, he’s lying across the legs of his mother and wearing an adult-sized nappy. Best of all, his little baby belly has been replaced with a beer belly that’s ironically the size he was as a baby. We just have one question- where did he get that diaper from?

Once a Daddy’s Boy, Always a Daddy’s Boy

One guy was talked into making a childhood photo re-creation by his dad when he came home for the holidays. But he didn’t expect what great lengths his time had taken to make it as similar as possible. The son told people online: “For Christmas, dad gave me a hand-painted adult diaper.”

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids24

He continued: “Unfortunately, I knew what had to happen next. This is our 25-year recreation.” Not only was the whole thing his dad’s idea, but the son looks unrecognizable from his younger self. Now that he’s an adult, he’s a total beefcake complete with sailor tattoos on both of his pecs.

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

This side-by-side comparison might be particularly hard to accept. On the left, we can see four siblings in the 90s playing about on Christmas. The youngest and smallest of the bunch is just a toddler who’s sitting on top of everyone else. It’s truly a precious family moment.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids14

But fast-forward to today and the adorable toddler is completely unrecognizable. He’s now the biggest out of all his siblings who, for the most part, look pretty much the same. And just like the original photo, he’s sitting on top of everyone else. It’s amazing how much changes in just a couple of decades!

You’re Only as Old as You Feel

This little sailor grew up to be more of a pirate judging from his hilarious childhood photo re-creation. On the left, he looks like the sweetest little momma’s boy happily posing for a portrait. He’s only a toddler, and you can just about see his two small front teeth peeking out behind his smile!

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids5

You would have never guessed that this little guy would grow up to look how he does today. The perfectly recreated photo on the right shows a much older man who’s replaced his long brown hair with skull tattoos. Not to mention his crazy shaggy beard. But our full respect goes out to this guy, who got into those short shorts for a priceless side-by-side.

You’ll Always Be My Baby

This mother and daughter duo wanted to recreate a surprising old family photo. The retro throwback they opted for shows a young mom mid-blink holding her anxious-looking baby on her hip. Several years down the line, they’ve reenacted their cute mommy-baby moment and prove nothing’s changed.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids10

The baby is now a grown-up woman, being lifted by her senior mother. Not only did they nail the facial expressions, but the momma is so strong that she can still carry her daughter! If the young woman is lucky enough, she may just inherit some of those super strong genetics.

Look Mum, No Hands!

We’re thankful to see that this guy has no shame, as he’s made the most priceless recreated photo. What was once a cringe picture capturing that time he had an accident has been reenacted by him in his adult years. Perhaps he’s just reclaiming an embarrassing childhood memory and turning it into something fun.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids30

He shared his creation online with the caption: “Made this for my mom. She didn’t cry.” Not only are we impressed with the idea of this re-creation, but also the attention to detail. If you can look past the wet patch and orange you’ll see he found a similar blue and teal stripey shirt, and made sure to include the stomach stain too.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The original photo showing a cherished family moment became something of a safety hazard several years later in a photo re-creation. Pictured on the left, momma was playing on the floor with her troublesome twosome and there wasn’t so far to fall. But now, her boys are several feet taller…

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids1

Recreating this photo with her fully grown sons, it becomes a lot more hazardous. The guy caught in the middle of the acro-yoga pose is particularly tall, and his brother is balancing on his feet high up in the air. What we would give to see how he managed to get down after this photo was taken.

A Re-Creation Thats Was 18 Years in the Making

These brothers thought of the best gift to give their mom that retains a personal touch. They reenacted their silliest childhood photo of two of the boys wearing big-boy pants and the youngest one wearing a diaper. As you can see, the oldest ones pulled their shorts up comically high.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids4

One of them took to the internet to show off their handiwork with the caption: “Made my Mom laugh more than I’ve ever seen her. The re-creation was 18 years in the making.” We love to see it. Maybe not literally, of course, as the grown man in the diaper might be an image that’s hard to forget.

A Quarter of a Century Later

We can all appreciate that things were different in the 80s. Looking back from today’s perspective, the music, fashion, and movies of the decade can be pretty confusing. Perhaps that’s what we have to bear in mind when looking at this family photo re-creation.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids18

We’re not entirely sure what was happening in 1987, and that leaves us just as puzzled as to what they recreated in 2013. Either way, all three siblings look happy to be reenacting this moment, so who are we to think twice. Pictured 26 years later, it’s nice to see that all in the family are still getting along!

Mommy and Daddy’s Sleeping Beauty

Children can have strange sleeping habits. From dream walking to loud deep-sleep conversations, kids can really startle their parents with their nighttime antics. This kid on the left gave his parents a good laugh when they caught him sleeping with half his body on the bed.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids21

Now that he’s a young man, he thought they’d appreciate a good reenactment of that fond family memory. Not only did he perfectly set up the bedding just how it was in the 90s photo, but he even slipped on a pair of tighty-whities in place of a diaper. And tucked his shirt in, accordingly.

Makeup Transformed This Tot Into a Living Chucky Doll

This little one was caught red-handed playing around with her big sister’s makeup. She posted this photo online alongside the caption: “I must have gotten into my sister’s make-up and tried to look like a clown. As punishment, she tickled me and took this delightfully awkward photo.”

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids17

She continued: “I recreated this awkward photo last year. The original is from about 1988.” We love how commited she was to recreating the eighties throwback. She smeared red lipstick all over the place, including her nose, and made sure she didn’t leave out the eyebrows. Afterall, they frame the face.

Replacing Helmet Hair With an Actual Helmet

These boys made an adorable brother duo in their throwback portrait. The older of the two had the classic helmet hair cut, while his younger brother was still growing out his first tuft of baby hair. They decided to recreate the cute family photo and to make it as similar as possible to the original.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids15

Now that they are adults, they went to great lengths to make recreate their adorable photo. Either they had those costumes made specifically in their size, or they made them all by themselves. But rather than throwing on a bad retro wig, the older brother opted to just put an actual helmet on his head. Genius.

You Never Stop Being a Parent

This family photo captures the reality of raising three kids – it can be chaotic at times. Everyone was meant to be in their positions, ready to create the picture-perfect family photo. But obviously, things didn’t go as planned. The older son ended up having a tantrum and his big sister tried to comfort him.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids31

The dad just wanted everyone to hold it together until they were finished with their studio time. One of the now-grown kids posted this brilliant reenactment online with the caption: “18 years later, and some things never change!” For better or worse, that appears to be the case.

Some Things Never Change

When this tiny tot picked up a copy of Hunting magazine to look at while using the restroom, he never could have imagined that this moment would be in his future, too. Now an adult, he proved to be quite the comedian as he sat on the toilet and posed for the camera.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids28

Some things really never do change. But in this instance, we think it’s less likely that he’s been reading the same kind of magazine since he was a toddler. It’s more likely that his dad was a fan of the publication, and that interest has passed down to him. Either way, we love the re-creation.

When Dad Was Sleeping on the Job

This guy was on dad duty when he took a sunlounger into the kids paddling pool. Since he was tasked with watching the kids, he might as well get a nice tan while he’s at it. And the kids didn’t seem to mind. This family decided to recreate their beloved summertime memory now that they’re all several years older.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids20

And the result is pretty great. All the kids have turned into fully grown adults but they’re still messing around in an inflatable kids pool. And of course dad is in the exact same position, soaking up some rays on a sun lounger. The only difference is that it’s a tighter squeeze for everyone in the paddling pool.

Tracking Down the Original Photographer

These guys had the rare opportunity to actually use the same photographer they had gone to as kids. They decided to make it an exact copy of the original family photo, only now they’re all 20 years older and several feet taller than they had been before. Take a look at how they did.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids9

They posted their recreated photo online with the caption: “Exactly 20 years later, we went back to the same photographer to surprise our parents with a gift.” And what a gift it turned out to be. Not only is everyone posed the same way, but they’re all wearing the same knee-length dungarees.

Boys Will Be Boys

There’s often a difficult adjustment period when a new kid comes into the family. Often times the child who was there before can feel upset at the change in the family dynamic. But in this instance, these brothers are sharing a tender bedtime moment, where the older brother is planting a kiss on his newborn sibling.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids29

The recreated photo is both very similar and extremely different, and it’s messing with our heads. As far as we can see, the brothers are in the exact same positions but their thick facial hair shows just how much time has passed. Now that they’re over what must have been the difficult teen years, they’re all lovey-dovey again.

Like Father Like Son

Many fathers out there hope that their sons follow in their footsteps. In this instance, the young dad on the left even dressed his baby boy in matching camouflage United States Air Force garb. Judging by the baby’s reaction, he’s taking to the uniform well.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids8

This little tike actually did grow up to do the same thing as his father. As we can see on the right, both the father and son are wearing their US Air Force suits and posing the same as they did several years before. As we can see from the son’s wedding finger, the young man has even gotten married and started a family of his own!

Being With You Is Buckets of Fun

The two brothers decided to surprise their mom on her birthday with a recreated family photo of bath time in buckets. One of the boys wrote on social media: “For my mum’s birthday, my brother and I recreated our childhood photo as fully grown adults.”

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids22

But in order to surprise her, they had to have a stand-in pose as their mom. Lucky their dad obliged, even squeezing into a tight yellow top for the perfect photo. They’re not twins, but even as adults these two still look indentical. We’re sure this outdoor bath re-creation was the perfect birthday present.

Sunday Service Like It Was Back in the Nineties

These church-goers would dress up in their smartest clothes for Sunday service during the nineties. Now roughly two decades later, they decided to recreate one particular photo, outfits and all. Dad is even wearing the exact same paisley-design tie as he was in the original picture.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids12

The older sons put on the long and loose suit shorts that were a staple in the 90s. But the star of the show has got to be the youngest son, who ‘s being carried by the dad like when he was a baby. Just take a look at his muscle mass – it can’t be easy to carry him anymore!

Brothers That Bathe Together Stay Together

These three brothers were once so small that they could happily enjoy a warm bath at the same time. No one was fighting for room in this tub, so the fun and games could continue. But over 20 years later, the three brothers decided to recreate their bathtime fun and this is the result.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids26

You can really get a sense of how much bigger the boys are by looking at how much less room they have in the tub. The children’s watering can toys have been replaced with neti pots, which essentially clear the nasal passage. It perfectly represents how the times have changed in the last two decades.

Age Is Just a Number

The older brother in red posted this side-by-side photo re-creation online alongside the caption: “My younger sister and brother joined me to recreate a photo from 1988, the year my brother was born.” As we can see, the original photo was a precious moment in time captured by their parents.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids11

He further explained: “My younger brother is around 250 pounds today, but that didn’t stop him from climbing atop my sister’s lap with a bottle in [his] mouth.” Some people say that the youngest siblings tend to be the most spoiled, and this photo definitely argues for that case. Either way, we think they did an amazing job recreating the moment.

They’re Eighties Kids Through and Through

If you can’t tell from the clothes these kids are wearing, this was the eighties. Everything was bright and saturated, and that definitely extended to children’s fashion. For this photo re-creation, all four siblings made sure to dress in bold primary colors like they once had.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids23

Well, except for maybe the topless brother, who just might have gone commando. The original photo was from 1988, but the re-creation was made in 2015. Even though 27 years have passed, these siblings still retain some of their younger selves. Including the cute tummy pudges on the guy in blue!

Making It a 46th Wedding Anniversary To Remember

In this family photo re-creation, two brothers chose to surprise their parents with an updated version of their bath picture. One of them wrote online: “Me and my bro recreating childhood photos for my parents 46th (I know – random…) wedding anniversary – presented last week – they loved it!”

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids13

We’re sure they did. Almost three decades later these guys took off their clothes and got back in the bathtub together, not forgetting the panda shampoo bottle and plastic bath tray. Of course, it’s hard to look past the muscle brother who’s covered head to toe in tattoos.

Mommy Will Be so Proud

These kids saw the family photo re-creation trend online and decided to get involved. It was approaching the holidays, and they still hadn’t thought of something to give their mom on Christmas morning. Until a light bulb went off, that is, and they decided to recreate a series of their cute childhood photos.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids7

“We did that thing,” wrote one of the brothers on Imgur. He explained: “We made a calendar for our mom for Christmas. These are the results.” In this particular photo, they captured their awkward facial expressions just perfectly, and even sourced the same sofa blanket from all those years ago.

The Spitting Image of His Dad

The charming daddy-baby photo on the left shows ecstatic baby boy being carried by his doting father. But fast forward a few years and the baby is now a man who happens to look eerily like his father used to. Strangely, his father looks more like his infant son, too.

29 Times That Family Photos Were Hilariously Recreated by the Kids27

However creepily similar they both look to each other, they still pulled off a sweet photo reenactment of a moment that was almost 20 years prior. Which is no minor feat, considering how much heavier his son must be. At least they’re both still smiling.