A Bird’s Eye View: Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing a Whole New World

The world is comprised of the most amazing features that the eye can behold. This is why the window seat on any aircraft is the most sought after; because we as humans are dying to get a glimpse of the universe from the rarest angle. From shrubbery shaped like a giant pineapple to hidden messages in stadiums, drone footage has captured the most remarkable images that can only be seen from above.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World42
Image: Travel Weekly

Thanks to drones, birds are no longer the only ones that have access to seeing our planet from multiple perspectives. We’ve been able to uncover the most captivating photographs that creators from all over the world have documented on their journeys. And yes, these portraits are so inspiring you’ll even want to screenshot them to be your new screensaver.

Pablo Escobar’s Sunken Plane Spotted in the Bahamas

Working in the luxury yacht industry allows one to live an adventurous life and be incredibly well-traveled. For award-winning filmmaker and photographer Shelton Dupreez, he has done exactly that. By cruising the world, he has captured some of the most exotic and unique environments that look too surreal to be true. While working aboard the Motor Yacht Loon in the Bahamas, this trip proved to be no different from his others.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World19
Image: Instagram / Shelton Dupreez

Soaring through the cool blue skies in the Exumas, Shelton’s drone hovered above what had been discovered as Pablo Escobar’s drug plane. Situated in only one meter of water, this historic aircraft now attracts not only sea creatures, but tourists to this hot spot.

The Most Crooked Street in the World Is Tucked Away in San Francisco

Whether you’re exploring the Golden Gate Bridge or visiting the Full House home belonging to the Tanner Family, San Francisco is a happening place to be. Amongst all the hustle and bustle, you would never know that the most crooked street in the world is situated within this California concrete jungle. Flying with the birds, Henry Do’s drone was able to capture a gorgeous sunset highlighting this curvy road’s beauty.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World25
Image: Instagram / Henry Do

With eight tight hairpin turns stretching over a hill, Lombard Street is actually listed in the Guinness World Records as the most crooked street on the planet! Featured in various films, this still image shows the uniqueness of what could only be seen from above in San Francisco.

It’s the Netherlands, Not a Skittles Advertisement

The Beatles sang about strawberry fields forever, but they should’ve written about rainbow tulip pastures for days. Located in the northern region of Holland, a sea of colorful tulips are in full bloom between March and May. To merely walk amongst this floral masterpiece, your eyes aren’t able to truly envelop the surrounding beauty. But once Erik Kruug’s drone took to the sky, he provided the world with a whole new appreciation for this oasis.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World26
Image: Instagram / Erik Kruug

If the rows of flowers weren’t already aesthetically pleasing by the colors, the perfect timing of the water being sprayed captures more than one rainbow in this still image. Grown parallel to each other, this color pallet of tulips resembles a giant quilt with perfect patchwork.

Influencers vs. Jaws in the Philippines

If someone asked you to risk your life for the most amazing Instagram photo, would you do it? As terrifying as this picture may seem, no models were harmed in the making of this image. While she may be sunbathing amongst a school of sharks, these creatures are actually whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World30
Image: Instagram / Kristina Makeeva

Their size is definitely intimidating, as they can grow to be the size of at least 20 meters long – that’s bigger than the white “Hollywood” letters in California! That means this drone had to maintain quite a distance in order to fully capture the size of each of these sharks. While this picture was taken in the Philippines, this could easily be replicated during feeding times for our fishy friends in any tropical ocean.

Your Safety Is in Good Hands on This Vietnam Bridge

Da Nang, Vietnam is known is as the city of bridges, complete with impressive structures along the Han River. The Golden Bridge, also known as the Giant Hand Bridge, stays true to the reputation of the city. This platform is situated on the Nui Chua Mountain at 1,489 meters high and has now gone viral as the place to pose during your vacation in Vietnam.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World4
Image: Tatsuto Shibata

According to the architects, this bridge has symbolic meaning in addition to how cool it looks. Supposably, the giant hand alludes to the mountain god, and the bridge represents the yellow silk that instructs the villagers to find heaven. If we’re taking this literally, then maybe this bridge should be a part of your spiritual journey to the greater unknown.

Thailand’s Tent City Train Market

At first glance, you might think this is a hub for the homeless. In reality, this illuminated cluster of canvases is known as a must-visit in Bangkok, Thailand. The train night market on Ratchada road is lined with endless treats for your tastebuds and souvenirs for your travel memorabilia collection.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World31
Image: Instagram / Jord Hammond

Pictured from above, the essence of the evening is captured through the lights shielded by the tents – creating a colorful sea of lantern-like stalls. Amid the 1,250 merchant stands, be sure to immerse yourself in the street party of dancing and drinking at the bars lining the perimeter.

It’s Not Too Cold for Love off the Coast of Patagonia

On yet again another work trip, drone photographer extraordinaire Shelton Dupreez was at the right time at the right place to get the perfect aerial shot. Aboard the Yacht Marcato, Dupreez and the crew were sailing along the coastline of Patagonia came across the most lovable, natural structure in the deep blue sea. It may have been a freezing February, but even mother nature had to show off just in time for Valentine’s Day.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World22
Image: Instagram / Shelton Dupreez

A large, lone, heart-shaped iceberg created quite the pit stop for this chartered cruise. Anchoring down for a better view, Dupreez quickly whipped out his drone to get the full picture of the speedbump that popped up in their course. While most people may not like Valentine’s Day, you can’t help but smile when you see this natural sign of love.

Burning Man Before the Burn

The iconic festival of Burning Man is known not only for its legendary performances but also for its temporary art installations. No matter where you look during this nine-day extravaganza, you are surrounded by fascinating creations – both living and inanimate. Alex Medina, both photographer and “burner,” describes this event as “a photographer’s playground.” So play is just what he did.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World23
Image: Alex Medina

Captured by his DJI Phantom 4 Drone, Medina shot aerial images of the twisting wooden Temple designed by architect Arthur Mamou-Mani. Providing an unseen angle revealed the intricate details of the timber components for the structure. Good thing this was all captured on his camera because this was set to flames as part of the festival traditions.

Big Pond, Big Fish, Little Temple All in Thailand

The Sumeru Mountain Palace is known to be mesmerizing for its serene location – oh, and the giant fish wrapped around this floating temple. This enormous and scaly Anondha fish is said to ban any bad omens or threats from entering the sacred temple.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World9
Image: Instagram / Jord Hammond

While this piece of architecture may be a visual replication of a part of the Thai culture, it’s now known to be a popular site for tourists merely for the photo opportunity. The only way for a tourist to really see the full view of the secluded temple is with aerial photography. Thankfully, this image can now be shared with the world – for those that have been and those that have yet to go.

Spongebob’s House Has Moved to Hawaii

The Dole Plantation is home to all things pineapple, including the largest maze in the world. Yes, even the maze is shaped like a pineapple – but only the birds (and drone photographers) would ever be able to see it’s impressive design. Stretching over three acres and comprised of 14,000 colorful plants, this massive garden is known for its hidden object amidst the greenery on the ground.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World12
Image: Instagram / Austin Butler

Within this garden, guests are challenged to find eight secret stations that provide clues to helping them solve the maze’s mystery. Known as one of only a few permanent botanical mazes in the United States, the challenge is too real for those trying to wind their way through this carefully crafted puzzle.

Bringing Life To the Dead Sea

In the words of travel influencer Jess Wandering “salt never looked so good and tasted so bad.” The Dead Sea may be the lowest point on Earth, but has one of the highest salinity percentages when we’re talking about bodies of water. While most of the Dead Sea looks like an azure blue beauty, there are some areas that have massive salt rocks that formed together, creating tiny island-like areas similar to the one below.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World5
Image: Instagram / @jess.wandering

Due to the high salt concentration, the Dead Sea cannot be a home to anything more than a few bacteria and fungi and the one living tree pictured above. Then how is it possible that a tree can live in this salty sea? Well, every day, there is someone who paddles out to bring the tree the vital minerals and nutrients it requires to stay standing tall today. Hopefully, it’ll still be there for many more years to come.

The Fantastic Four Have Been Signaled in Vietnam

Like Batman being summoned by the Bat-signal searchlight, the number four weirdly appears within several intersections in Tan Phu, Vietnam. Is this a sign from the aliens or a calling to the Fantastic 4 movie actors for a fifth movie production? Either way, what’s even stranger is that it somehow how documented via Kelvin Loke’s flying drone.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World14
Image: Instagram / Kelvin Loke

Featuring Vietnam’s speeding cars, the headlights on these highways are perfectly lit to construct the magic number four. Whether the roadways’ design was intentional or not, you can’t help but wonder if there’s a further mystery behind this hidden street message.

The Tree House You Always Dreamed of Is Floating in Malaysia

Vacation getaways are supposed to be dreamy and peaceful, and the Sepang Resort in Malaysia is all that and more. The floating villas create an atmosphere of blissful balance as you float amongst the waves. To take their relaxation element to the next level, this overwater resort is even designed to be in the shape of a palm tree extending out from the water’s edge at the trendy Goldcoast beach.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World27
Image: Instagram / Nazarizal

This island getaway provides the ultimate secluded experience for anyone looking to quiet their mind. With a private beach, spa, and various lounges, this resort functions more like a retreat. Whether you’re looking from up above or at eye level – no matter the view, everything looks good at the Sepang Resort.

A Lifesize Human Composed of Humans Huddling Together

It’s a bird, no it’s a plane, wait – it’s a giant human! Assembled in perfect formation, more than 100 humans gathered to create a gigantic human made none other from humans themselves. Aside from the stone structures of the head, hands, and leg body parts, it’s clear to see that this picture was taken long before social distancing was a thing.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World11
Image: Forbes

This aerial image was crafted by photographer Bruno Sisti. Due to his creative brilliance, this photo landed him as a runner up in the abstract category in the Drone Awards from 2019. In the words of the Backstreet Boys sang, Bruno Sisti – “that makes you larger than life.”

A Crew Couldn’t Find the Whale Located Directly Behind Them

Certified drone pilot and educator Emily Kaszton is no rookie for getting the money-making shots overlooking the ocean. In fact, she’s somewhat of a pro when it comes to tracking and photographing whales and dolphins. During one of her excursions in the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, Emily knew she was close to something big but was a little off when calculating her distance.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World15
Image: Instagram / The Drone Angel

While monitoring her screens, she could understand that the whale was within abutting proximity. But the whole reason her technology couldn’t pick up the whale was that it was too close – at first directly behind the boat and then soon directly underneath Emily and her crew!

Protesters in Israel Fight for Their Right While Social Distancing

The expression “when it rains, it pours” couldn’t have been a better description for the year 2020. From a global pandemic, crippling economies, crumbling governments, and people just being awful – it seems that we’ve survived more than one disaster in a single year. In Israel, citizens refused to keep quiet about the constant struggles and implications that were being forced upon them and decided to make a statement in a big way.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World20
Image: My Modern Met

One April evening of 2020, thousands of Israeli’s took to the famous Rabin Square and composed one of the biggest demonstrations. Given this was in the peak time period of COVID-19 lockdowns, the white lines outlined on the floor marked the official distance people maintained to comply with the social distancing rules. This photo speaks volumes and will forever be remembered in history.

A Desert Oasis Hidden in the Sand Dunes of Peru

Straight out of The Prince of Egypt, this looks like the realistic version of what the prince had seen after wandering the desert without water for days. Indeed, this is a truly hidden oasis shielded by endless sand dunes in Huacachina, Ica, Peru.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World3
Image: Instagram / The Drone Abroad

Unless you knew exactly what this place was or where it was located, there’s no way this hidden sanctuary would be seen from ground level. What is celebrated as one of the national treasures of Peru – this secluded community is isolated by miles of desert.

Inspirational Message Hidden Inside World Cup Soccer Stadium

Every four years, the long-awaited FIFA World Cup Tournament takes place, hyping up fans from all over the world. In a sport that instills teamwork, dedication, and passion, soccer teaches athletes more than just the game’s foundation. It was only suitable that the Luzhniki Stadium in Russia do something fitting and super cool to unite all fans and players regardless of the team they supported.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World16
Image: Instagram / Borsch

While sitting within the stadium, what may not have been so apparent was portrayed boldly and brilliantly when seen from a bird’s eye view. The words “Create the Dream” were illustrated on the stands’ seats, portraying that anyone can achieve their dreams; they just need to take action and design it.

The Brightest Houses Found in Brighton Beach, Australia

No, these are not the houses from Edward Scissorhands neighborhood. In fact, these quaint, colorful cottages are located on the beautiful Brighton Beach in Australia. While there may not be much privacy from their neighbors, imagine waking up to their view every morning!

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World10
Image: Instagram / Jord Hammond

Living the simple life of having a smaller home doesn’t necessarily mean it’s less expensive. Would you believe that some of these beach bungalows have sold for over $300,000? I guess having ocean views and living on the beach still comes at a high price, regardless of your home’s size.

Stars Can Be Seen From up Above and Down Below at Fort Bourtange

This star-studded village is more than a visually appealing aerial photograph. What is now an open-air museum originally served as a formidable stronghold on the German border for the Dutch army. With the intention of the base being constructed as a massive star, the walls were even customized with spikes to help protect it from cannon fire.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World7
Image: Instagram / Drone Photography Showcase

This state of the art fortress was carefully constructed in every way with the idea of defense and security in mind. They even designed a moat system to be placed under barricades so that the enemy could ever breach their secured compound. Today, tourists have the opportunity to spend the night within these historic walls.

A Literal Overview of Economic Clashes in India

Battling between the lines of growth and deterioration, the city of Mumbai is at a standstill from overcoming its current economic challenges. This drone footage is indicative of the neighboring overcrowded slums on the border of some of the wealthiest homes and establishments.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World17
Image: Business Insider India

While Mumbai may be the 12th richest city in the world, an estimated 6.5 million people are residing there that are currently living in poverty. This disproportion is not unique to India, but unlike the others, the slums of Mumbai are central to the urban core of economic activity.

A Secluded Soccer Field in Norway

Encompassed in majestic mountains and jagged peaks lies the most covert soccer field that you and your friends would never find. Located in a small fishing village off the coast of Lofoten, Norway is the most sought after arena for a private, amateur game of soccer.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World8
Image: Instagram / Michael Schirnhofer

While it can barely be called a proper stadium, this only has a few meters of asphalt on the field’s perimeter. The aerial image from above may depict that the stadium is quite large, but it is rather small. Considering that the island it sits on only inhabits 500 people, this arena’s size is more than enough for the locals that play there regularly.

A Spectacular Rainbow Village in Indonesia

Before this major facelift took place, this village was known as the slums and on the verge of eviction. Thankfully, before the residents faced relocation, a group of students from Muhammadiyah University came up with an idea in hopes of saving the area. With a splash of color and some networking with a local paint distributor, the students assembled artists and painters to help bring some color and life into this community.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World1
Image: Lee Mumford

Once the makeover was complete, there wasn’t one part of the village that hadn’t been touched by a paintbrush. Thanks to the student’s initiative, this spurred a massive increase in tourism, drastically enhancing the local economy. What was once an eyesore is now a true sight to behold.

Plaza de Toros Completely Packed for a Charity Event

The world’s largest bullring, Plaza de Toros, is usually packed to the brim for all of the bullfighting events in Mexico City. With 41,262 seats fitting in the arena, it’s easy to understand that these bullfighting matches are quite the affairs to attend. In addition to hosting bullfights, Plaza de Toros has also hosted many boxing fights since its first opening in 1946. However, no boxing match ever filled as many seats as one particular event did in 2017.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World18
Image: Instagram / Daily Overview

When a devastating earthquake struck in central Mexico, the damage that was caused was overwhelming. To show support, people showed up for the charity event at Plaza de Toros in hopes of raising funds to benefit the victims that had been impacted. This aerial image shows that of the 41,262 seats in the stadium, not one seemed to be empty on this day.

Sailors Create Larger Than Life Smiley Face With Water Toys

A little fun in the sun is good for everyone, especially when all you do is work onboard a luxury yacht. It sounds like a tough life, right? With access to endless water sports equipment and azure blue waters, the only thing to top it off is an awesome drone to document all the fun you’re having.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World21
Image: Instagram / Shelton Dupreez

To celebrate his milestone of acquiring ten thousand Instagram followers, Shelton Dupreez had his crew create an aerial work of art to showcase to all his fans. This super happy and extra-large smiley face is courtesy of several jet skis and the Motor Yacht Loon for playing key roles in all the needed shapes.

Are These Crop Circles or Communities in Copenhagen?

These perfect, green circles look like something that would be found on a farmer’s property from up above. Similar to crop circles, these are actually tight-knit subdivisions located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Looking closely, you’ll find individual cabins that make up each circular neighborhood. For anywhere between $200-$500 per month, potential residents can claim one of these unique houses as theirs.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World24
Image: Instagram / Henry Do

Most of the residents in these neighborhoods are comprised of people looking to leave the hustle and bustle of the city lifestyle. Being able to immerse themselves in luscious green surroundings with open space and fresh air is something these civilians are longing to seek and can achieve at The Urban Gardens of Copenhagen.

Beautiful Buildings in Barcelona

On the east coast of Barcelona city lies an enchanting neighborhood called Barceloneta. Known as one of the most iconic Barcelona neighborhoods, it also happens to be one of the smallest. Part of what makes this neighborhood so interesting is the magic you have to seek out yourself.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World2
Image: Instagram / Costas Spathis

What looks like ordinary buildings as you stroll the streets has a hidden character that can only be found once you take to the rooftops. Drone photographer Costas Spathis likes to caption this as an “eyeshadow palette” on his Instagram feed, and we couldn’t agree with him more.

Everything Is Bigger in Texas, Including Ideas for Hotel Pools

Before the 2017 Super Bowl, the hotel industry was pressed to prepare for the arriving guests. The Marriott Marquis Houston hotel was one of many projects that fell under this category. For what cost 335 million dollars, their signature amenity was the first-ever rooftop lazy river in the shape of the state of Texas.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World13
Image: Instagram / Mike Wohlfarth

Located in the heart of downtown Texas, the Marriott’s pool is a hot spot for people to hang at, whether if they’re visitors or locals. Not to mention this is quite the commodity for hosting any conference or event, as everything about this venue screams Texas.

The Mountain Man Living in Leshan, China

It turns out this mountain man is no irregular statue, but a giant Buddha! Measuring 71 meters high and 24 meters wide, this big boy can fit a whole dinner table on a single toe. Carved into Mount Lingyun, even the locals associate the Buddha sculpture as the defining part of the land, saying, “the mountain is a Buddha, the Buddha is a mountain.”

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World6
Image: Marcel Lesch

This particular Buddha is hidden within the mountain, perfectly carved into the side without any significant protrusions or disruptions. Over the past 1,200 years, he has been taken care of lovingly – aside from the moss that has overgrown certain parts of his body.

Alternative Grocery Shopping in Indonesia

Every morning between the early hours of 6-7 am, women prepare their items for the day and head for the market. While most stores are usually in proper buildings or outdoor stalls, shopping is taken to a new level in Banjarmasin. Merchants take to their engineless boats to start their day of business.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World29
Image: Instagram / Dronestagram

The traditional Lokbaintan floating market is comprised of traders looking to sell products from gardens and farms and many types of household merchandise. Primarily the sellers are women, mothers specifically, that wear oversized hats and anti-solar cold powder for their faces to protect them during their business hours.

An Unseen View of the Allure of the Seas Cruise Ship

What’s known as the “list-topper show-stopper” of all cruise ships is none other than Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. With 18 decks, it’s easy to not only explore and run free but to lose one another amidst all the on-deck excitement.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World32
Image: Instagram / Drone Official

While most guests can look up, down, and all-around to take in the ship’s massive size, the only way to see the entire 360-degree view is with a drone flying high above. From zip line rides to interactive water parks, there’s basically no reason anyone would ever want to leave the ship, even when it’s docked.

If One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure, This Should Be the Bicycle Mantra in Shanghai

Have you ever had your car towed for parking it in a no-parking zone? That’s exactly what happened to these innocent bicycles at the Huangpu District Vehicle Management Company in Shanghai, China. These confiscated rental bikes from different companies were piled high as they awaited their unclear wheeled retirement.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World44
Image: Fortune

Who could’ve guessed that this array of a mess of cycles could actually create some form of art? From the ground, this cluster of metal looked like nothing but chaos, but from above, it replicates a color-coded masterpiece. If you’re wondering what happens to bikes that break the rules, now you know that there is such thing as the bike police to determine their fate.

Sunny Days Shielded by Endless Rows of Umbrellas

Sunny beach days would be incomplete without the perfect place for shade. During those hot summer days, the beaches are lined and prepared with umbrellas for all the beach bums who need to shield themself from a few rays here and there. What seems like a complete nightmare to navigate on the sandy shores when all you want to do is get to the water has made for a vision of synchronicity from a whole world above.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World46
Image: World Photography Organization

World-class photographer, Bernhard Lang, is due all the credit for securing this gorgeous drone picture. This photo actually was so successful for Bernard that it helped him secure first place in the Sony World Photography Awards from 2015.

Finding Flower Power in Shanghai

This bright, blue, oversized flower is one of the most beautiful structures to have captured from a bird’s eye view. The closer to the ground you get, you’ll realize the beauty of this compound masks the simplicity of its purpose – a metro station.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World37
Image: Instagram / Drone of the Day

The Dishui Lake Station in Shanghai is the southernmost and easternmost station on the Shanghai Metro. Aside from its daily service of transporting people and things, what really makes this place remarkable is what it looks like from up above.

When a Water World Looks Like Candy Land

Like any amusement park, the plan is usually to keep it catchy and creative to keep its guests captivated no matter where they may glance. The Aquapark in Neptun, Bulgaria, made this funland even more fun by designing their water slides to look like candy canes when looking down below.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World36
Image: Instagram / Drone of the Day

Stretching over 50,000 square meters, Aquapark has numerous waterslides to entertain their guests, with their candy cane slides only showcasing a few of what they provide. If I were a bird looking down below, I would easily confuse this water extravaganza for a tasty treat.

50 Shades of Hues in Malaysia

When climbing the 272 steps to the Batu Caves, the last thing visitors are even thinking about is what they might look like from above. At eye level, spectators immediately recognize the giant golden statue guarding the cave’s entrance. But only from an aerial angle could they realize the multicolored steps that lead to this Malaysian national treasure.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World33
Image: Instagram / Yoan Guerreiro

While the entrance is appealing enough to entice anyone to make their way into the caves, the real prize is getting to explore the various Hindu caves inside. Within these grottos are endless amounts of fluttering bats and mean monkeys prepared to challenge any oncoming tourist.

An Electric Blue Oasis Hidden in Utah’s Terrain

What looks like streaks of paint smeared through the barren canyons in Utah are actually evaporation pools. Found in Moab, Utah, every year, the area collects potassium and salt crystals that are left behind after evaporation. The varying amounts of evaporation signify the different colors of blue with an artificial dye that helps conclude the results.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World34
Image: Instagram / Jord Hammond

This hidden picturesque lake is actually a major contributor to the United States largest supply of potassium chloride. As dangerous as it may be, you can’t help to imagine what it would be like to swim in such brilliantly blue waters.

Dubai’s Airplane Floral Arrangement

Utilizing millions of flowers, Dubai’s Miracle Garden is basically the best smelling wonderland in the whole world. With colorful arrangements of bouquets in intricate designs, this breathtaking landscape will astonish the eye of any beholder from any angle. Known for holding a Guinness World Record, their largest floral sculpture is of an Airbus A380.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World35
Image: Instagram / Bachir Moukarzel

Hosting more than 1.5 million visitors per year, the Dubai Miracle Garden prides itself on reinventing itself year after year with completely different designs and concepts. With all of their colorful arches and patterns, it’s no surprise that they receive so many guests every year.

Martial Arts Students in Perfect Synchronization in China

Remember when flashmobs were the biggest trend taking over the internet? Well, this is not that but is documentation of the most focused and well-behaved students actually listening to their teacher. Pictured below are students who attend the Shaolin Tagou martial arts school participating in a special ceremony honoring the school’s founding.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World40
Image: International Business Times

Based in China’s Henan province, this drone footage captured the students in perfect formation within a singular moment. The amount of practice and focus it takes for each student to be in complete sync with another is immensely challenging. Trying to match it with hundreds of other students, you can imagine that the pressure was at an all-time high.

The Never-Ending Story of California Rush Hour Traffic

While this may look like a large lot of parked cars, it’s actually just another trafficked day in California. By looking at the picture below, it’s absurd to think that with 33 open lanes on a highway, how can all 33 lanes be fully jam-packed on a daily basis? Bad weather may not be fun to drive in, but rush hour in Cali might be the worst part of any given day.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World28
Image: Instagram / Jerome G. Favre

The frozen moment above makes it look as if the traffic was intentional to have every car look like part of a large puzzle. You do the math, if there are 33 lanes fully packed with cars for at least a mile, how many cars would it take to participate in this highway nightmare?

Climbing the Stairs To Tianmen Cave Is as Close To Heaven on Earth You Can Get

If heaven is a place on earth, then the pathway to Tianmen Cave will certainly get you there. Standing firmly 5,000 feet above sea level, this landmark is the highest naturally made arch in the world! But only the brave are truly able to get to the top. Of course, with these spectacular and rare views, the journey to the top is not for the weak.

A Birds Eye View  Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing A Whole New World41 1
Image: Malone Post News

In order truly take in the breathtaking views, you might lose your breath trying to climb the 999 steps leading to the top. While there are several ways to make your way upwards, the steps are truly something special and considered a right of passage to what awaits at the end.