A Female-Owned Farm in North Carolina Is Flourishing During a Global Pandemic

In Charlotte, North Carolina, one business owner is paving the way for both women and people of color in agriculture. A disproportionately male-dominated industry, not only does Samantha Foxx own her own farm, but she’s successfully adapting to these unusual times and business has been booming.

This Woman Owned Farm is Adapting and Thriving During a Pandemic2
Image: Environmental Health News

To Samantha, what she’s doing is important work. “I think growing your food is a major step to having better health as families and an entire community.” Inspiration struck her when she realized how out of touch with nature her and her family were, and how dependent that made them to the big agricultural producers. Now, she and her family are far more self-sufficient and have a better understanding of their bodies, their food, and their health.

Hard Work That Pays Off

Thriving in the current climate doesn’t come easy. Mother’s Finest Urban Farms requires daily hard work in order to maintain their high quality of fresh produce. They are classified as essential workers, and they see themselves as such. But, as Samantha explains, “passion gets us through it each day.”

This Woman Owned Farm is Adapting and Thriving During a Pandemic3
Image: Mother’s Finest Urban Farms

Food is so integral to the community, health, and family life, and her farm workers understand this. “Seeing the smiles on a family’s face, when we drop off a box to their doorstep is worth all of the hard work.” During such challenging times, locals are comforted not to have to worry about where they’re getting their produce.

Stepping It Up

So how have they managed to grow during a global pandemic? By putting in the work to increase production. Consumers are making it clear that they want locally produced food. “We have been adding beehives and more chickens,” Samantha reveals, explaining that they’re “in hopes of increasing production and getting more food on people’s tables.”

This Woman Owned Farm is Adapting and Thriving During a Pandemic1
Image: Shoppe Black

They’re also utilizing technology, communicating more with those who support what they’re doing and added new delivery options for senior citizens or those who are caring for someone with disabilities. They see it as integral to their values to take on social responsibility, “helping those that may be more at risk as much as possible.” On top of that, Samantha is doing her bit to get the word out: “I’ve started sharing more informational videos on beekeeping and farming to encourage others.” It benefits the community at large if more people become involved in sustainable farming.