Adorable Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted

It’s no mystery why we say dogs are humans’ best friends. They’re cuddly and lovable, they keep us company, make us feel safe, and overall, they’re just awesome creatures that we love to love. Unfortunately, just like humans, dogs are also subject to misfortune and suffering. Millions of them are abandoned every year and go for long periods without enough food, shelter, and love.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 5
Image: Facebook / Jefferson County Animal Shelter

But thankfully, there are some amazing individuals out there – families, shelter workers, and volunteers – who give our best friends a second chance. It’s in these moments that we see just how much animals can truly transform when they finally meet their forever family. Here are some adorable pictures and stories of delighted doggos the moment they get adopted by humans.

Smelling the Roses

Sometimes we all need to step back and appreciate the small things in life, but this can be hard when you’re stuck in a shelter without a forever family to give you belly rubs. And we can understand why this cutie-patootie looked so sad while waiting for its adoption. We’d be pretty sad and miserable if we were left in a room with no treats or fun walkies to look forward to.

Adorable Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted28
Image: Bored Panda

But thankfully, after this beautiful doggo was adopted, she was able to sit back, relax, and smell the roses with her new family. And you probably don’t need us to tell you that this pooch now looks over the moon. Not only does this dog look so much happier, but it seems as though she’s now got the time to enjoy her surroundings. Especially the flowers.

It’s Not Only Humans Who Smile

Look at that cute furry face! It just makes you want to reach out and give this pup a good long head-rub, she certainly deserves it. This is Rosie, and this is the moment she gets adopted by her new owner, who looks just as happy as she does. Rosie was found as a puppy and early in life, she grew up in Paws Chicago.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 17
Image: UK Home

This amazing place takes in little puppies that are abandoned, raises them, and then works hard to find them loving owners. And that magical moment is exactly what we see here. Most dogs’ favorite thing ever (besides treats of course) is being lovingly snuggled by a human that cares about them.

From Sad to Glad

The two sides of this photograph are fundamentally different, but they both tug on the strings of our hearts and make us hold back tears. On the left-hand side, we have this cute doggo looking sad and desperate as he’s locked away in a cage with no loving owner in sight. We don’t really know the full back story of this cutie, but we assume it wasn’t great.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 12
Image: Imgur / aranjevi

Now, going over to the right side, we see a world of difference. Some awesome human adopted this doggy and gave him or her a new life. And just by looking at these pictures, we see a world of difference in mood. Now it’s happy, its tears are gone, and it’s enjoying a nice car ride, an activity about which we all know how doggies feel!

Eyes on the Prize

We bet this little guy didn’t take too long to be adopted – not with eyes like that! With one brown eye and one sky blue, this adorable dog is truly one in a million, and we’re jealous of the owner who got to take this one home with them. We don’t know how this dog found itself in the shelter, but we’re happy to see that this perky pooch was snapped up and found its forever home.

Adorable Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted27
Image: Imgur/Jacknotjillskiii

This dog looks pretty happy, too. In fact, it couldn’t contain itself on the car journey home, and it just had to jump up on the seat to make sure its new owner was still sitting next to it. And with a smile like that, you can just see that it can’t believe its luck. We just know this dog has some serious fun on the horizon.

We Love the Coopers

Dear reader, meet Terabyte (Tera for short). Tera is a cattle dog, and this amazing family took her in and gave her a loving home. She was found in the middle of a field, abandoned and all alone. The agency that found her instantly took her in, got her cleaned up, fed her, and nursed her back to health.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 28
Image: HuffPost

Shortly after, an amazing family, the Coopers, came around to the shelter where Tera was being looked after and they decided to adopt her. Within a few minutes of being with them, it was clear that there was chemistry, and Tera started to wag her tail profusely. The rest is history folks, but history with a sweet and happy ending.

Defying Negative Stereotypes

Sometimes pit bulls get a bad reputation. This is probably because there have been a few cases of them behaving badly. But most animal psychologists and dog specialists indicate that actually, pit bulls are fine, as long they are shown a lot of love and they grow up in good conditions. And obviously, lots of love and good conditions are things pretty much everyone deserves.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 25
Image: Instagram / georgiee_amelia

One of the victims of the negative assumptions surrounding pit bulls is this adorable girl; her name is Princess Ru. After months of being overlooked and not picked, a loving family finally decided to take a little chance, look past the stereotype, and adopt the Princess. On the right-hand side of this photo, we see Princess Ru just after she was chosen for adoption, and it’s just too cute! Look at her smile, she’s beautiful and such a cutie pie.

Some People Are Tired

“One year ago we spontaneously got this little nugget and it was the best decision we ever made. Her sassy attitude and wiggly butt make us laugh every day. Happy adoption day Luna!” wrote this little pooch’s parents on her adoption anniversary. This shot is taken shortly after Luna was adopted in 2015, and as you can see, she’s all tuckered out.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 26
Image: Instagram / lunatheborderaussie

Here, she’s just a little pup. But today, a few years down the road, she’s all grown up and doing great. Her human parents, who are known by the Instagram account “lunatheborderaussie”, are super loving and they photo-document her life as she’s growing up with them in their warm home. The photos are extremely cute – we highly recommend checking them out!

The Power of Kindness

It’s easy for non-dog owners to walk past shelters and never think about those dogs ever again, but those who have rescued a pup in the past will know how one decision can completely change their lives. And you just have to look at this dog’s before and after photos to see that for yourself. The power of kindness goes a long way, and you can see just that in his eyes.

Adorable Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted30
Image: One Green Planet

This pooch has gone from a sad, abandoned animal to a warm and loving pet who can’t take his eyes off his new owner. He’s found his forever family, and it’s clear to see that he’s so much better off. Why anyone would leave this adorable little animal is hard for us to believe, but we’re glad to see that he’s now enjoying pastures new.

Chances Given

This adorable girl is named Sweet Scarlett, which we have to admit, is an awesome name, because she is 100% both those adjectives. Sweet Scarlett was scheduled to be put down because of the severe overcrowding that plagued the shelter where she was being looked after. Also, at the time, she had a very minor and curable skin condition which must have turned people off from adopting her.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 24
Image: Reddit / mithimithi

But as you can guess from the right-hand side of this picture, this story has a happy ending. One day, some beautiful individual came into the dog shelter, took one look at Scarlett’s sweet face, and then decided to take her home. The person took another picture of Scarlett after the adoption had been finalized, and as you can see, the results are amazing.

Can’t Contain the Excitement

Can you imagine if you were kept in a cage without any love or affection for months on end? It’s something most people can’t and don’t want to imagine, but for many dogs around the world, this is their reality. Until their new forever homes come along, of course. It’s important to make sure that a rescue dog fits with its new adoptive parent – and we can tell straight away these two fit together like perfect puzzle pieces.

Adorable Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted26
Image: Science 101

Just look at the excitement on both of their faces on this dog’s adoption day! Not only has this doggo been able to find an owner who loves him and will look after him for the rest of his life, but this owner has also found himself a best friend. They look like they’re already having fun and this was only day one. We just love to see it.

Doggy DNA Salad

This cute dog has a classic name, Buddy, and he has a remarkably colorful genetic background. He’s a mix of chihuahua, chow, shar-pei, pomeranian, and a cocker spaniel. Wow, what a crazy diverse mix! Buddy was just a little pup when he was found all alone, skinny, and struggling to make it.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 22
Image: Reddit / Axelnobody

The dog shelter people gently picked him up, brought him back, and got him all cleaned up and fed. He has such a cute face, so it’s no big surprise that soon after he was brought in, this amazing individual decided to take Buddy home. As you can see from this picture, they get along excellently.

Canine Love

Most people love dogs, and as you’ve probably noticed, the feeling is mutual. So sometimes, there’s nothing that can make a doggy happier than their favorite human coming home and giving them some attention and love. Just think of how many times a dog has put his paw on you and given you the sad eyes in a bid to receive more pets (or maybe some juicy scraps as well).

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 23
Image: Imgur / dorkfuel

So if dogs get such a kick out of just a little bit of care and attention, think how happy they get when some awesome human comes to the shelter and adopts them! This must be like a healthy overdose of love and good feelings. Just look at this pupperino! Here, he’s pictured moments before he was adopted, and then again a couple of hours later after he was brought home and the full weight of what was happening sunk in. It’s just too cute.

Smile Twins

Are these two made for each other? It sure looks like it. These two happy campers are smiling away because this guy just made a great decision: he decided to bring this little girl home and give her a life full of love and compassion. This dude was driving down the road through the desert when he spotted a little grey creature struggling across the landscape.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 19
Image: Reddit / Hi-sup

He stopped his car, got out, and approached the little puppy who seemed hungry, tired, and thirsty. After giving her some water, he decided that he wanted to take her home. So that’s exactly what he did. Now, they live together happily and the puppy is all grown up. It’s people and stories like these that remind us that the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

Cuddle Much?

This happy doggo is named Luna, and here she’s photographed on the car ride home from the dog shelter after being adopted by a nice family. You can tell Luna is happy, look how relaxed she is as she’s cuddling up to this little boy – her new human brother. No one can deny, it is adorable.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 16
Image: Reddit / zombeejeezus

This little one is clearly in a full state of bliss. She feels so relaxed and comfortable to close her eyes and just enjoy the moment. Maybe she’s even having a little nap. Of course, it’s hard to tell what’s going through dogs’ heads sometimes, but here we can for sure tell it’s only good stuff.

A Galaxy of Difference

This picture shows a touching contrast. Pablo, this little adorable chihuahua was found wandering around the street and he was in pretty bad shape physically and emotionally. Dog shelter volunteers picked him up and took him in to get cleaned up and fed. The volunteers are awesome, but due to a lack of funding, dog shelters are not the dogs’ favorite places. The conditions are crowded and they spend most of their days in cages.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 11
Image: Reddit / imostlyobserve

So in his time in the shelter, Pablo was feeling better, but he was still clearly sad. All this changed one day when a family looking for a little dog came in, fell in love with Pablo, and quickly decided to adopt him. The right-hand side photo was taken about a week after Pablo’s adoption, and as you can see, he’s pretty much a different dog. Now he’s happy, well-fed, well-loved, cozy, and confident!

Who Chooses Whom?

When thinking about these beautiful adoption moments, we’re sure you envision the typical scenario. A sweet human walks into the dog shelter, has a look around at all the cute doggies, finds one he likes, falls in love, adopts the dog, and then they live happily ever after. This is for sure how it works in a lot of cases, but not all of them!

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 27
Image: Proud American

One exception to this pattern is the case of this cute dog named Chance. The human you see in this photo came into the shelter and as soon as he entered where Chance was staying, Chance ran over to him, jumped up, made the dude sit down, and then took a seat and started to snuggle. The man fell in love and decided to adopt Chance on the spot. You see, in this story, the dog chose the human, and not vice-versa.

Little Dog, Big Smile

These two best friends really seem like a match made in heaven. Clearly, they have some things in common, such as being extremely photogenic. Look at them smiling away, touching faces, the sun beaming down on them. It’s really cute and is certainly heart-melting material.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 15
Image: UK Home

This dog is named Tata and that this woman adopted her and gave her a loving home. There’s something beautifully inspiring about this photograph. It really looks like only pure love and happiness between them. Maybe it will encourage others to visit their local dog shelter and pick up some little (or big) dog that is in need of a warm home.

Happy Endings

This sweet doggy girl is named Harper, and she’s a Viszla. Her story is sad but it has a very happy ending. A few years ago, she was rescued and brought to the Fairfax Animal Shelter in Virginia. First, she was homeless, and then she went through a series of unsuccessful adoptions, and each time, she was taken back to the shelter.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 21
Image: Reddit / vizsla_harper

When her current family came to adopt her, she seemed scared and confused, and we don’t blame her, because her experience sounds traumatic. But after a little while, the new family took this picture, and they reported that there was only love between them and Harper. By the picture, we can tell she’s happy! Just look at that beautiful smile.

Some Things Are Just Meant to Be

When this guy adopted this tiny little boxer puppy, he wrote on social media “Love at first sight… I think she has my genes! (Same head!)” And when you take a second to examine the pup’s and her dad’s heads, you can for sure see the striking similarity! It’s cute, and we really appreciate this dude adopting this tiny puppy. We are kind of jealous though.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 18
Image: Reddit / aww

For dogs, and for a lot of humans, no day is better than adoption day. These are days when love is in the air, magic is happening, and long-lasting friendships and family bonds are being formed. The moment captured in this picture is one of those. These two look super happy as they look into each other’s eyes and get ready for a long life of friendship.

Winston Is a Winner

This adorable little pooch is called Winston. And this dog has been on quite the journey. There was once a time where he was sitting behind a glass door, hoping that one day he’ll be adopted by a family who loved every bark, every belly scratch, and every strand of soft hair. While it took him a while to find them, you can see that he’s now a completely different dog.

Adorable Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted29
Image: Facebook/I Love Dogs

Those puppy dog eyes are gone and have been replaced with happy and excited eyes that are ready for another great adventure with his new owners. He’s got his bandana on, his tongue is ready for action, and we bet he’s stretching his tail ready for the biggest wag he’s ever wagged in his life. Winston certainly won on this occasion.

Kisses, Anyone?

This adorable photograph is courtesy of an amazing organization called Their mission is great: they take pictures of dogs that need a home and post them on their website with a little bit of background information. Once the dog is adopted, they remove the photograph, indicating that the doggo now has a home.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 8

This particular photograph is featured on their homepage, and it’s not on the list of dogs that are looking for homes, so we don’t exactly know the full story. But one thing we can say for sure is that it’s extremely cute! Anyway, if you’re looking to adopt a dog, and you’re close to, or willing to get to New York City, then we suggest checking out this awesome organization.

Happy Husky

Here, dear readers and fellow dog lovers, we have a classic before and after. The left side is a photo of this cute husky before adoption, and the right side is the same husky afterward. On the left, we can’t quite say the doggy looks miserable or desperate, but he definitely looks nervous, which is completely understandable because living in a shelter can’t be easy at all.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 2
Image: Instagram / hey.its.timber

On the right, the husky’s nerves have evaporated, as he’s in the midst of being played with by his new momma. Look at that adorable face, he’s clearly loving life now. Props to this awesome individual for adopting this husky and giving him a new home!

Stick out Your Tongue for the Camera!

Here’s another sad story with a very warm and happy ending. The adorable dog that you see here is Lady. She was found abandoned as a puppy and was taken to the dog shelter and put up for adoption. Shortly after, she was adopted, but then, unfortunately, she was brought back to the shelter. At this point, reported the volunteers, she became depressed.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 6
Image: One Green Planet

She didn’t even play with her stuffed animals (which she really loves). Then, one day a sweet couple came into the shelter and struck up some really cute chemistry with Lady. The couple decided to become Lady’s parents. They took her home, but not before making sure that they collected her big collection of stuffed animals.

The Epitome of Comfort

A big shoutout and many meaningful words of praise go out to the volunteers that work in animal shelters. It’s not an easy job because they are exposed to quite a few sad situations, which must certainly weigh heavy on their hearts at times.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 13
Image: cheezburger / xyzpdq1

Thankfully for this cute doggy boy, named Toby, a nice family adopted him and he was taken out of the shelter, where his sleeping conditions were far from ideal. Now, one glance at this picture is enough to reveal that sleeping conditions are no longer a concern for him.

Some Stereotypes Are True

Some stereotypes are, at least partially, rooted in truth. This is the case with dogs and car rides. Exhibit A, this cute dog riding alongside his mommy in the car. He’s obviously loving life, and his momma is loving the fact that he’s enjoying himself. We’re not sure what his name is, but we know this photograph was taken shortly after this adorable canine was adopted.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 7
Image: Instagram / exclusivelymongrels

Why do dogs love car rides so much? After all, some humans, and all cats, vehemently hate them. According to science and animal psychology, dogs love car rides because it subconsciously makes them feel like they’re on a hunt. Cats hunt too of course, but their methods are different than those of dogs.

Dogs and Elephants

This adorable guy, named Smokey, was sadly given to a dog shelter after his family ran into big financial troubles, lost their home, and were consequently unable to care for him. They dropped him off at the shelter with a couple of things, including his favorite toy; a stuffed elephant. Workers at the Ohio dog shelter reported that Smokey seemed distressed all the time, and the only thing that gave him comfort was his toy.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 10
Image: UK Home

But then a miracle happened. A couple of volunteers came from the I Have A Dream Rescue Organization and they struck up a great relationship with Smokey. They committed to taking care of him until a permanent loving family could be found. The right-hand photo was shot a few days after the volunteers took him in, and as you can see, he’s grinning ear to ear!

Making Someone’s Day

In the U.S. alone, homeless animals outnumber homeless humans 5 to 1. That means, unfortunately, that there are millions and millions of homeless pooches out there, and they all need homes and love. Homeless doggies and other homeless animals suffer in the same way as humans. They struggle for food, have to sleep outside in the cold or blazing heat, and their health deteriorates at an alarming rate.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 9
Image: Imgur / Flav606

Therefore many people say that if you’re thinking of getting a dog, you should consider adopting, rather than buying one. That’s what happened with this good boy, named Spokey. He was homeless, walking around the streets, always hungry. When this human came into the dog shelter to adopt a dog, he saw how sad Spokey was, and decided to take him home. These two pictures were taken only one day apart! Love and shelter make all the difference.

Raise Your Hand (Or Paw) If You’re Happy

Someone is clearly in a good mood! If there was an award for most excited doggy after adoption, Coso would for sure be a good candidate. We nominate her. Coso was in the shelter for some time and her mood was understandably not great. She didn’t even have that great an appetite.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 4
Image: Facebook / Lort Smith Hospital

Maybe dogs are more intuitive to human affairs than we think because as soon as this family came into the dog shelter, Coso perked up big time. When they came to her cage to meet her, she was all smiles and cuddles – jumping up and down, excited to make friends. And as it turned out, the bond that was formed there was more than friendship, it was a family connection.

Happy Labradoodle

This cutie, called a labradoodle, is (pretty self-explanatory) a mix between a labrador and a poodle. We went on a quest through the vast expanses of the internet in search of this guy or girl’s story, but the results were not forthcoming. All we’re left with is an adorable picture that in our opinion looks so good, it should be framed.

31 Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted 3
Image: Instagram / mamakornjaca

This joyous labradoodle lacked a loving home and a compassionate family and now he is clearly surrounded by love. Dogs are really emotional animals. And they are one of the only species to communicate with us using different expressions. They’re really good at it! That’s why when we see pics like this one, we know the pooch is a happy camper.