All the Revealing Reasons as to Why These Celebs Took on a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Thu Feb 25 2021

Trends may come and go, but being healthy never goes out of style. Like anyone else living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, celebrities each have their reasons for living a meat-free way of life. Whether it’s based on issues involving animal cruelty, health matters, or just a personal choice – everyone these days is incorporating a more plant-based diet into their lives. And these celebrities have all hopped on board the bandwagon.

In typical Hollywood fashion, it’s only natural that some of the biggest stars we adore would follow suit on this foodie movement. Even Netflix has released a documentary promoting plant-based diets, which obviously became the talk of the year. Anyone from athletes to actresses all decided to test the waters of this animal-free diet and couldn’t advocate more for it. And who knows, after you find out why these celebs took the plunge, you might find yourself a new lifestyle afterward.

Lea Michele Is a Snackaholic

Her talent is incomparable, but her appetite is endless. When it comes to Lea Michele, she’s known for being the ultimate snacker. And with her crazy working hours on Glee and on Broadway, she was constantly shoveling whatever she could into her body – which was not always the best option. That’s when she decided that to change her eating habits, she had to change what she was putting into her body.

So she made the switch – and at first, went completely vegan! But after realizing it was too complicated for her to maintain veganism, she became a vegetarian. In an interview, she stated, “If you keep your home healthy, then, when you’re reaching for snacks, you’re not reaching for bad things. So, I stock it with fruits and vegetables.”

Gisele Bundchen Believes Being Vegan Will Help Fight Climate Change

She’s often referred to as one of the most iconic models in the world but this lady is so much more than a pretty face. Most people don’t know that Gisele Bundchen is all about living a greener life, and in fact, she is even a UN environmental ambassador. And her perfect body is also a partial reflection of the vegan lifestyle she maintains. There honestly isn’t one part of Gisele’s life that isn’t centered around bettering the world we live in.

Not only does Gisele think that being vegan is a healthier lifestyle, but she honestly believes that it is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to fight climate change. Her values on sustaining our world have even spread throughout her family to her NFL player husband. Yup, even football star Tom Brady has joined the vegan family, all thanks to his loving wife.

Miley Cyrus Is Adamant on Living a Life Free of Animal Cruelty

Miley Cyrus may be called many names, but her favorite one is “dog mom.” With a huge heart for loving our furry friends, Miley herself shares her home and life with seven pups. As someone who’s never been afraid to speak her mind, Miley always makes it known that she is 100% meat-less regarding what her body is consuming because her love of all creatures runs so deep.

To be clear, while Miley has always loved animals, she only recently adapted to this way of living. What truly inspired all of this was after the passing of her dear dog Floyd in 2014. Since then, she became committed to no longer consuming animal products and went totally vegan.

Drew Barrymore Refused to Have Any Real Meat on Set

From the time she was a child starring in E.T., Drew Barrymore has constantly remained in the public eye. Now that having a plant-based diet has become the latest pop culture trend, it only makes sense that she is one of the movement’s poster stars. Not only is Barrymore a long-time vegetarian, but she’s also known for her activism for animal rights.

Her love of animals and passion for being meat-free is reflected in everything from her Instagram account to her work. During the filming of the recent Netflix comedy Santa Clarita Diet, the storyline involves the characters developing an appetite for humans. Well, Barrymore could not have cared less if it was a story or her job on the line; she absolutely refused to have any real meat on the set. Now that’s one hard-core vegan.

Lizzo Loves Herself So Much She Decided to Take Better Care of Herself

It’s no secret that singing celeb Lizzo is known for her voice and her voluptuous figure. As a role model to women everywhere to love themselves no matter the size, Lizzo has always been proud to showcase her body and whatever she eats when she eats it. But this lifestyle has come at a cost, and she realized it was time for her to make a change.

In April of 2020, she went on her social media platforms to begin to document this epic change. Yup, she traded in her fried chicken and flaming hot Cheetos to be vegan. Suffering from various medical problems, such as acid reflux, she knew that changing what she would be consuming would just help her feel better. And congratulations will soon be in order, as she’s coming up on her first anniversary since making the switch!

Natalie Portman Is So Passionate About Being Vegan She Produced a Film About It

Since she was nine years old, Natalie Portman had maintained a vegetarian lifestyle. But in 2011, she finally decided to become vegan. Her whole life she has always strived to speak on behalf of animals and defend them any way she can. Thankfully, this actress has more than one trick up her sleeve and decided to take her advocacy one step further.

Doing what she does best, she used her resources and connections within the industry to create a documentary called Eating Animals. Not only did she produce this film, but she also narrated it – as she felt no one could speak more passionately or directly about a subject that is so close to her heart. She may be a full-time actress, but she feels her real job is to protect the world’s animals however she can.

Jenna Dewan Was Traumatized by a Movie on Slaughterhouses

This dancing diva has an amazing body thanks to not only her talented feet but her meat-less diet. From the time Jenna Dewan was a child, she became a vegetarian. This decision wasn’t influenced by her friends or family but resulted from trauma from watching a documentary about slaughterhouses. And honestly, we would have done the same if we watched something as horrid as that as a kid.

Vowing to never eat meat again after watching the documentary, Jenna kept up with her vegetarianism into adulthood. But when she was having some health issues and was later diagnosed as lactose intolerant, Jenna felt that becoming vegan would be the best thing for her body. In an interview with Natural Health, she said, “I felt so much better. My skin cleared up, I had a ton more energy, and I just felt clearer in the head.”

Mayim Bialik Became Vegan After Reading a Book

When it comes to Mayim Bialik, her animal-free lifestyle didn’t happen until later on in life. At the age of 19, she incorporated a vegetarian diet into her world. But after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals, she would never be the same. And since then, she has lived a completely vegan lifestyle.

While she might be known for her claim to fame comical acting on The Big Bang Theory, these days, Mayim has followed the passion surrounding her gut and is quite the restaurateur. Being vegan is a part of Mayim’s “brand,” and her restaurant would be no different. In addition to her newfound career change, she had also published her own cookbook featuring over 100 plant-based recipes. Her vocality on this subject is something we applaud!

Katy Perry and Her Dog Have Recently Joined the Vegan Community

Breaking news: Katy Perry has joined the plant-based community! Yup, it’s true. For Katy Perry’s new year’s resolution for 2021, she vowed to be better in every way possible – and one of the ways she’s trying to achieve this is by going 100% vegan. But it hasn’t been an overnight change for Katy; she’s actually been preparing for this moment for quite some time.

About five months ago, Katy had started to transition into a plant-based diet to help prepare her to become a full vegan. And luckily, she hasn’t gone through this process alone. Even her dog Nugget has been eating plant-based meals right alongside his mama. Now that’s what we call teamwork!

Kristen Bell Has Been a Vegetarian Since She Was a Child

Ever since she was a kid, 11 years old to be exact, Kristen Bell has lived a meat-free life. Aside from her love of animals, she chose this type of diet because she said she didn’t like the way meat tasted or smelled. Some might say that she was just being a picky eater, but Kristen has carried this diet well into her adulthood.

In fact, Kristen had even spent some time as a vegan because she wanted to become dedicated to life completely free of animal cruelty. But after feeling some not-so-pleasant side effects from this diet during her first pregnancy, she made the switch back to being a full-time vegetarian. Of course, she still commends those that lead a vegan life.

Serena Williams Became a Vegan Because of Her Sisters Diagnosis

She basically revolutionized the sport of women’s tennis and has a body that men and women alike would kill for. So would you ever guess that Serena Williams is actually a vegan? When it comes to this athlete, she’s got more than one reason why this is the best option for her.

Initially, Serena made this change because of her sister, Venus Williams, being diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome. Coincidentally, this took place at the same time that Serena had become a new mother and was breastfeeding her daughter. After conducting research and speaking with her doctors, Serena decided this was a healthier and better lifestyle for her to live as a mother and athlete.

Madelaine Petsch Thanks Her Parents for Being So Environmentally Conscious

Unlike most American households, you could say that Madelaine Petsch had a bit of a different upbringing. While kids like her are also taught to love animals and be kind to one another, Madelaine’s parents were more environmentally conscious than their peers and made sure this belief was a part of Madelaine’s upbringing. As we’re sure you can now guess, Madelaine has been plant-based her entire life.

It all started when she was a child, eating fresh produce straight from her parent’s garden. Even after Madelaine spread her wings and found her own footing outside of her parent’s home, she herself chose to keep this lifestyle. In an interview, she even said, “Being vegan keeps my body fueled and running smoothly.”

Anna Paquin Is a Vegetarian Because She Thinks It Helps Her Maintain a Fit Physique

Unlike the blood-sucking vampires she was with on True Blood, Anna Paquin lives a very different life from her TV job. After always being in the public’s eye, even from the time she was a child, Anna Paquin has struggled with body image issues for years. She copes with this constant pressure of staying physically fit by harnessing control over her body through diet and exercise.

She monitors her diet very carefully and is a pretty strict vegetarian. Several years ago, she even made the switch to being a vegan, incorporating this lifestyle not only into her meal plan but from the makeup she wears to the clothes she puts on her body. Meal prepping and cooking is her favorite thing, and she truly believes that this lifestyle is part of the reason she can maintain the look she works so hard to achieve.

Thandie Newton Was Inspired to Be Vegan All Thanks to Her Costar

After working alongside Woody Harrelson in Solo: A Star Wars Story, you could say some of him rubbed off onto Thandie Newton. Inspired by Harrelson’s lifestyle, Thandie decided that she too would embrace the vegan life. Woody Harrelson is known for being vocal about his animal advocacy, and it turns out it was enough to bring Thandie to his way of life.

Thandie even makes being a vegan look like fun! This picture is a prime example of a day in her life – on the run to her next press event, all while fueling up on a veggie burger. What started three years ago has now helped Thandie live a healthier and yummier life.

Alicia Silverstone Compared Her Dog’s Leg to a Chicken Breast and Has Been Vegan Ever Since

The Clueless queen Alicia Silverstone isn’t so clueless when it comes to doing good things for herself and the world. As a young 21-year-old, she decided to go vegan, which definitely was influenced by a life-changing moment. It all started thanks to the love she had for her dog Sampson, who was a rescue Rottweiler mix.

“I realized that when I was petting his leg, that leg felt the same as the sort of chicken breasts I might be eating, or whatever animal I was eating,” she said. And she could just never go back to eating meat once she made this comparison. Nowadays, she is also raising her son on a plant-based diet and even made her own vegan cookbook and blog. Her decision to go vegan has not only made her happy but has helped clear up her skin and lose weight.

Mya Decided to Go Vegan Initially to Test Her Willpower

The famous R&B singer Mya was a longtime vegetarian before she ever entered the realm of veganism. After learning more about what is involved in factory farming and the truth behind the dairy industry, it was enough information to make her steer clear of anything meat-related.

As much as the knowledge of what happens to processed food deterred Mya from ever considering eating meat, she originally wanted to test her own willpower to see if she could commit to being vegan. And after experiencing how going vegan had benefitted her – including her skin, body, and overall health – there’s no way she’ll ever be anything else.

Ruby Rose Uses Her Vegan Lifestyle to Help Fight Climate Change

This actress is a perfect example of someone who actively tries to live a fully vegan lifestyle in everything she does. Ruby Rose had been a longstanding vegetarian until 2013 when she transitioned into being completely vegan. Not only did she give up all animal-derived foods and products, but she decided to use her platform and to speak about the benefits of being vegan.

As climate change started to become a more prevalent issue, Ruby Rose took to her Twitter account to encourage her followers to try to be vegetarian or vegan. And when she’s not working or constantly advocating, she’s able to enjoy the simple pleasures of an In-N-Out burger thanks to their vegan-friendly menu.

Evanna Lynch Calls Veganism a Heart-Centered Cause

At a very young age, Evanna Lynch understood that eating meat meant that an animal had to die to provide a meal for her. This was a concept that would forever haunt her and pave the way for her diet and lifestyle. After maintaining a vegetarian diet for most of her life, she, like others, made the switch to being vegan after reading the book Eating Animals.

Since making the switch to being vegan, Evanna said it changed every aspect of her life. Not to mention, she’s met some of her best friends by being a part of the vegan community. In an interview, she said, “Going vegan for me was very empowering. I like myself better now. I feel at home in myself. I think it’s because when you go vegan, you’re making a profound statement of who you are. Veganism reacquainted me with my values.”

Erykah Badu Believes Being Vegetarian Achieves Overall Wellness

Since her first album came out in 1997, Erykah Badu has led a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. She has always stood firm on the fact that she maintains a plant-based diet and truly believes that this type of diet can help achieve overall wellness.

In an interview with Origin Magazine, Badu stated, “The lifestyle that vegetarians lead automatically draws people’s attention to the vitality of the person.” And with that, it’s clear that Erykah Badu’s vitality speaks for itself. She may be incredibly talented, but these days she’s more well known for her holistic approaches as a wellness guru.

Lily Aldridge Believes Her Vegetarian Diet Makes Her Feel Overall Healthier

Not only does this Victoria’s Secret Angel know how to work the runway, but she knows what works for her body – and meat is not one of those things. Like many models, Lily Aldridge enjoys clean eating. And with her crazy schedule, she even found a healthy alternative to fast food so that she can maintain her lifestyle while on the go.

In an interview with Peaceful Dumpling, Lily explained that she just feels overall healthier by eating a plant-based diet. Even if it is constantly being delivered from her favorite vegetarian delivery service. And from the looks of her, going vegan might be something that we might even give a try.

Ariana Grande Is a Vegan Because She Loves Animals More Than People

She may only be 27 years old, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming the ultimate animal mom to nine dogs and one pet piggy. Is Ariana Grande trying to start a farm? No. Is this probably her secret dream? Maybe. This superstar truly loves animals more than people – seriously, she declared this in an interview with The Mirror back in 2013. And this is her sole reason for being absolutely and completely vegan.

Okay, so it’s not the only reason she’s vegan, but it is the main one. Ariana also feels that being vegan not only lengthens your lifespan but can make people more generally happy. With all of her beauty, success, and undying love from her fans and fiance, it seems like her belief system isn’t off base.

Rosario Dawson Keeps a Raw Based Diet to Help Manager Her Stress Levels

From the outside looking in, it may seem like Rosario Dawson has it all together. But being a celebrity, she is under tremendous scrutiny and pressure on a daily basis. And with a demanding job, that leaves little time for her to focus on her own well-being in between interviews, press conferences, auditions, and filming. So what’s her secret to maintaining her cool and calm appearance?

To maintain her stress levels and help her practice better self-care, Rosario Dawson says the key to managing these aspects of her life is all thanks to her vegan lifestyle. In addition to using veganism to help better herself, Rosario Dawson is also a huge animal rights activist – so being vegan goes hand-in-hand with her beliefs.

Ellie Goulding Became Vegan So That She Could Feel Better About Her Body

For almost five years, Ellie Goulding has been living a meat-free life. As a celebrity constantly in the limelight, body image issues crept up on her, and it was all she could think about when the paparazzi would snap pictures of her. She went from low-carb to no-carb diets to try and fit into the smallest outfits. And then realized she wanted to be recognized for her talents and not her waist size and took a different approach to her eating habits.

First starting as vegetarian and then switching to being vegan, Ellie said that this “changed her life” and for the better. She told Foods For Better Health, “I’m a bit more confident with my body. I put it down to eating amazingly well. Now my body’s different, my face shape is different, and my eyes are brighter, too.”

Christie Brinkley Maintains Her Figure by Eating Foods With Lots of Color and No Meat at All

We’re not quite sure why so many celebrities watched or read about slaughterhouses in their early childhood days, but sadly it seems to have been a trend. And for Christie Brinkley, she’s yet another celebrity that was traumatized by reading about animals’ torturing when she was only 13 years old. From then on, Christie decided to live a meat-free life.

She’s a supermodel and an actress and basically the poster woman for being a vegetarian. Christie believes that she can only maintain her gorgeous figure by keeping a healthy diet full of colors. And by looking at the delicious drinks and meals she prepares and posts on her Instagram account, it might even make you go meatless.

Joan Jett Refuses to Eat Meat Because Her Love of Animals Outweighs Her Want to Eat Them

This rock and roll legend may look rough and tough on the outside but really has the sweetest heart. And a huge part of it is dedicated to her unwavering love and support for animal rights. Yup, Joan Jett lives a meat-free life and has been a longtime PETA supporter because of it.

She even accredits her great health and youthful appearance to the fact that she doesn’t consume any meat at all. While her love of animals helped her bid a farewell to meat, it was also the environmental benefits that inspired her to remain in this lifestyle. Joan always has been and always will be a legend and inspiration to us all.

Maggie Q Follows a Plant-Based Diet but Refuses to Call Herself a Vegan

For over 20 years, Maggie Q has maintained a stringent plant-based diet. But don’t call her a vegan; she doesn’t even call herself that. While she is definitely proud of the eating habits and diet she lives by, she believes that being called a vegan has a negative connotation. Instead, she prefers to be referred to as a plant-based person – because it sounds friendlier, in her opinion.

Not only does Maggie prefer this type of food in comparison to meat, but she is a huge animal rights activist. So much so that she showed out (quite literally) for a 2013 PETA campaign by going completely nude. Now, if that’s not dedication, we don’t know what is.

Jessica Chastain Became a Vegan Because She Wants No Part in Animal Cruelty

She’s been a vegan since 2007 and shows zero signs of changing her ways anytime soon. Jessica Chastain first started as a vegetarian for about 15 years before switching over to the world of veganism. Chastain believes in not only bettering her body but bettering the world – and the easiest way for her to do that is to prevent any more animal cruelty from happening by not putting animals into her own body.

In 2012, she was even honored in a unique award for being the Sexiest Vegetarian of the year. During her interview with PETA, she said, “It’s about trying to live a life where I’m not contributing to the cruelty in the world … While I am on this planet, I want everyone I meet to know that I am grateful they are here.”

Pamela Anderson Chose a Plant-Based Diet Because She Wanted to Be Healthy

Pamela Anderson is easily known as one of the biggest models and sex symbols of the world, but did you also know that she’s a vegan too? Yup, aside from her good looks and TV personality, Pamela is one of the biggest advocates when it comes to being vegan and animal rights.

So much so that she’s recently celebrated over 20 years of her activism with PETA. And with every chance she gets, she’s either wearing PETA apparel, talking about animal rights, or combining both passions and expressing it on her own blog. We’re shocked and impressed all at the same time.

Kim Kardashian West Became Vegan to Help With Her Psoriasis

And what would a pop culture trend be if one of the Kardashian’s didn’t hop on board? Obviously, Kim Kardashian is vegan, but for reasons that are not so obvious to the public eye. Sure, we’ve always seen Kim munch on a salad during the various episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians – but the real reason Kim made the switch to total veganism pertains to her health.

If you didn’t follow close enough on every detail of Kim Kardashian’s life, you might want to take a seat when we tell you that she has psoriasis. It’s nothing major, and she will survive, but being vegan has helped Kim’s skin – so much that she’s not struggling as much with the red patches on her skin. And she’s even been able to convert three other family members to join her on this vegan journey.