Animal Therapy: These Wholesome Animal Pics Are Sure To Put a Smile on Your Face

Mon Aug 22 2022

Let’s be honest; life can be hard. There’s constantly work to be done, errands to be run, bills to be paid, and so much more. It’s exhausting. Luckily, the internet is the perfect place to forget about all of your troubles and unwind – and that’s mostly because the internet is full of adorable fluffy things. Yep, the internet is basically just an online forum of dogs, cats, bunnies, lizards, and every other animal imaginable.

We don’t know who gave animals permission to be so cute and adorable, but we guess it just comes to them naturally – and these pictures prove it. From doggy best friends to emotional support rats, it’s impossible to look at these wholesome photos of animals and NOT smile. But if you don’t believe us, test it out for yourselves and see how many pictures you can look at with a straight face.

Falling in Love

Love knows no bounds, and you can’t choose who you fall in love with. That’s the same with animals, too. One dog owner realized this for herself when she posted this photo of her small pooch at doggy daycare. She wrote on Facebook: “I seriously cannot even. Today’s daycare photo of my girl who is absolutely smitten with George, the Great Dane.”

Despite the size difference – and the fact that George doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in the girl next to him – this girl’s smile really says it all. She’s in love and she doesn’t care who knows it, because she’s going to be looking at George like that for a long time. Well, probably until the end of their doggy daycare day, anyway.

There’s Always One

No matter when you’re flying or where you’re flying to, there’s always someone on a plane who has to make a scene. Whether they choose to put their bare feet on your armrest, eat the stinkiest egg sandwich, or clap when the tires hit the runway, it can be pretty annoying. But we have a feeling that we wouldn’t be annoyed with this particular distraction.

You don’t get many dogs on planes, but it seems as though the ones that do manage to pass the stringent protocols love to make friends with the people next to and behind them. So, whoever took this photo hit the seat jackpot on this day. It would have been so hard not to boop that snoot.

Ready To Fight Crime

Cats really are the strangest pets. One minute they want to cuddle up to you and be as close to you as humanly (or catly?) possible. The next minute they want absolutely nothing to do with you and then they leave the house for days at a time. While most owners don’t know what their cats get up to when they disappear, we can only assume that this duo loves to fight crime.

The owner who posted this photo online confirmed that the names of these two kitties are Zorro and Bandit – and we can’t help but think that these names are a sign. Are they secretly crime-fighting cats who spend their days keeping the streets free of riff-raff? Their disguises could do with a little work, but we’ll let them off because they’re so cute.

The Goodest of Good Boys

While some dogs live a domestic life in the homes of loving families across the globe, other dogs are trained to be working dogs. Golden Retrievers are often used as drug detection dogs and trained to use their keen sense of smell to help law enforcement keep their narcotics in check. So, let’s hand it to Darwin!

Darwin works for the Carabineros de Chile – the police force in Chile – and it’s his job to find drugs and keep them off the streets. As you can see from this photo, he’s pretty proud of his latest find. And so he should be. Let’s hope he got his favorite treat and earned some serious fuss after this hard day’s work.

Sleeping Beauty

Foxes often get a bad rep. Most people try to stop foxes entering their yard, and they assume that these animals are vicious and deadly. However, we’d like to present you with exhibit A below. Does that little sleeping beauty really look as though he’s going to cause havoc in your yard? He just needs a good ol’ nap.

This image was posted on Twitter, with the woman writing: “Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the sweetest lil fox sleeping on a tree stump in my parent’s backyard?” And while we can’t deny that this fox is absolutely adorable, we’re also impressed that he was able to climb up that tree stump. It’s pretty high, after all.

A New Best Friend

Cats and dogs famously don’t get along. They’re kept apart in homes and away from each other out in the big, wide, world, and everyone just assumes that they’ll hate each other if they ever get too close. But then we see photos like this one and realize that animals of all shapes and sizes can be best friends sometimes.

The person who posted this on Reddit wrote: “My parents found a kitten and our rottweiler found a new friend to look after.” Of course, there’s no denying that this friendly giant and this tiny cat bean are wildly different in size, but just from this photo, we can see that the rottweiler is going to be the perfect big buddy.

An Emotional Support Rat

Rats often get a bad rep. Many people believe them to be vermin, but those who have had rats as pets will know that they are loving, friendly, and actually a little scared. So, while you may have thought that this rat was emotionally supporting this child, you thought wrong. It’s actually the other way around.

The rat owner who posted this online explained the photo above, stating that “When my daughter’s rat, “Wasabe Bobby” is nervous or in a new situation, he holds her hand for comfort.” We didn’t know that we’d ever feel sorry for a rat, but here we are. This is just the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Well, the cutest thing we’ve ever seen about a rat, anyway.

A Pot of Gold

They always say that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but this photo seems to suggest that the “pot of gold” isn’t exactly what we thought it was. Instead of being a literal pot of literal gold, it’s this adorable little doggy instead. We guess the perfect photo really does exist after all.

This sleeping beauty has no idea that they’re sitting in the perfect spot at the perfect time, but that’s what makes this photo even more incredible. This pooch has no idea just how special they are, and that pretty much sums up what it’s like to have a dog. They really are the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

Reunited at Last

Although dogs fall in love with their human families, it seems as though they also make strong connections with their feline brothers and sisters. And while most dogs are separated from the rest of their litter when they are young, that doesn’t mean that they forget about them. These brothers were reunited in the most perfect way.

The person who posted this adorable photo online wrote, “My sister’s dog was at the park and another golden retriever ran up to play. After talking to the owner it turns out they’re brothers from the same litter! Look at this good boy reunion.” As you can see, they were pretty happy to be reunited – especially as they were covered in mud at the same time.

A Very Happy Birthday

Just like humans, animals also have birthdays – but some animal parents don’t make too much of a fuss about it. The day passes without so much as a “happy birthday,” and they simply get on with what they have to get on with. And while dogs are none the wiser about their birthdays, some dog parents still like to do something special to mark the occasion.

Just like Daisy’s parents! When this little bundle of joy turned 15 years old, her parents knew that they couldn’t just ignore the day. They planned a whole party with her favorite toys and her favorite people, and they even had a doggy birthday cake made for her. We think her emotional and happy face shows just how much she appreciated it.

The Perfect Set-Up

Animals may only be a small part of your life, but to them, you are everything – so why not give them the world? While some spoiled pets can get away with anything (like chewing your favorite pair of shoes), there’s a big difference between spoiling your animal and making their life comfortable. And we’d say that this little bunny is pretty comfortable with their set-up.

Their parents really have created the perfect snooze space for them. The person who posted this online wrote a caption alongside it, which read: “I sold a rug to someone on Marketplace and they just sent me this picture with the message, ‘Little man is chuffed.” And it’s safe to say that he really does look happy with his home.

Everybody’s in the Tub

There are two kinds of animals in the world; there are those that are pretty independent and don’t mind their own space, and then there are those that become your shadows. They’re there when you go to the bathroom, they’re there when you’re doing the dishes, and they’re even there when you want to have a bath.

Instead of just watching from the sidelines, though, this cat won’t rest until it’s inside of the bath with its owner. They wrote on Reddit, “This weirdo yells until I let her join me in the bathtub.” Of course, we have a feeling that this situation would be very different if there was no plastic bucket involved. Cats do not like getting wet, after all.

A Dragon and His Toy

Just as humans like their toys, so do animals. They keep them entertained, they provide enrichment, and they also provide a source of comfort – like this bearded dragon and his lizard. And while parents can often spend hundreds of dollars on pet toys, it’s sometimes the strangest toys that your animal gets attached to the most.

The person who posted this picture online wrote: “We gave our bearded dragon a toy lizard, now he’s attached and won’t leave its side ever. This is how he sleeps every day.” And you can see from his eyes and his posture that he’s obsessed. He just looks so content, and so happy with his life. How adorable.

Relaxin’ and Chillaxin’

Anyone who has a pet will know that they’re hard work, and sometimes it can feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle. But then, every so often, you get a moment of respite where your pets just want to chill out and relax. A little bit like these golden retrievers during their camping trip.

These dogs really are living their best lives, hanging out around the fire. They’ve got their camping chairs, they’ve got the fire, and they’ve even got some hammocks behind them. We guess the only thing they’re missing is some doggy s’mores and a guitar to play some campfire music.

Welcome Home

It’s not uncommon for dogs and cats to run up to you when you come home from work, but have you ever come across chickens who can’t contain their clucks when they hear your tires on the driveway? Well, they exist – and this person has them. They even posted a photo online to prove their point.

They wrote, “My chickens greeting me when I come home from work,” and they weren’t wrong. They had barely pulled up onto their driveway and opened their car door before the chickens herded around them and gave them a few clucks to say hello. We don’t think we’ve ever seen anything quite like it before.

A New Addition

Animals normally meet other animals well. They might jump up excitedly and sniff their butts, or they might give a tentative purr. But what about animals meeting humans? It’s hard to know how your animals will react to new people in your life, but it’s even scarier when that new person is your newborn baby.

While this new mom was worried that her dog Strider and her cat Smulder would struggle to get used to the new, small, and almost always crying addition to her home, she soon realized that she didn’t need to worry at all. Strider and Smulder were naturally curious about their new sibling, but they were careful and considerate – and they fell in love with her instantly.

The New Recruits

Certain breeds of dogs are trained for certain jobs, and labradors are often used as guide dogs. They’re smart, they’re caring, and they’re the perfect breed to help those who are visually impaired. Vicky below is a guide dog, and when her owners found out that she was expecting a litter they knew that her pups would become guide dogs too!

When they were born, they lined all of Vicky’s pups in a line and took a photo with the caption: “Meet the future guide dogs: Purdee, Poppy, Pippa, Phoebe, Lola, Percy, Pilot, Cooper, Pluto, Polo And Their Proud Mum Vicky.” And there’s no doubt that Vicky certainly looks incredibly proud of her soon-to-be guide dogs.

Spiky and Squishy

With their sharp spikes and their ability to roll up into a little ball when they encounter humans, many people assume that hedgehogs aren’t too friendly. But that’s a huge misconception, and those who have had hedgehogs as pets will know that these guys are super loveable – and all they want is a cuddle. Even though that’s pretty hard.

When their humans can’t cuddle them, many hedgehog owners tend to get them something else to cuddle instead. This guy has his very own avocado plushie to snuggle and love, and from the very content look on his face, it looks as though he’s pretty happy with that set-up. Now we want to add a hedgehog to our collection.

Making Friends

Birds are flighty little creatures – both literally and metaphorically. Not only do they have the ability to fly away whenever they want, but they also try to stay clear of humans. For the most part, they’ve never really been interested in us. But that isn’t the case for every bird. Not this one, anyway.

The person who posted this photo online wrote that: “This little one often sits on a chair staring inside the back door at me. Today I went outside to find out it just loves me.” We have a feeling that this man now has a bird for life, as these creatures are incredibly loyal. We hope he stoked up on bird seed!

Comfy and Cozy

Puppies are a handful – but they’re also a hoodie-ful, apparently! When this person wanted to keep an eye on their puppy while also running some errands and finishing off some tasks around the house, they knew they needed to get creative. So, they switched their hoodie around and placed the tiny little bean in the hood.

While it’s no dog bed or cozy spot on the floor, it definitely seems as though this tiny pup is happy in its own little hoodie bubble. It looks content, it looks super comfy, and it just looks happy to be involved. It’s as though this hoodie was made for the puppy, so it’s no wonder its owner had to take a photo and post it online.

Winning Him Over

In many cases, there’s always one member of the family who doesn’t want to get a dog. This person is the practical one who realizes how much work goes into raising a puppy, and this person is normally the one who thinks with their head rather than their heart. But, in most cases, this person is won over almost immediately.

This was the case for this man. He posted this photo online and wrote, “Wife got a new dog and I was adamant I didn’t want another. So trying to avoid him and this is how he greets me.” Yes, it’s almost as if dogs know which person is less into the idea… and so they make a beeline to them with their cutest puppy dog eyes.

I See You

Anyone who has a dog will know that they’re not just a fluffy cuddle creature you have in your home. They are also an instant vacuum cleaner, and they start working without you even realizing it – and without your permission, either. Dogs have this magical ability to know when you’re going to drop your food, and they spend most of their time just watching and waiting.

This dog is obviously no different, but we can understand why. It was obviously spurred on by the table situation. The person who posted this online wrote “The dining table at our rental house is glass. This is what I see for the entire meal.” We wonder how successful this pooch has been? His sad face suggests not very.

Can We Get One?

Although cats and dogs don’t always mesh well together, there’s a kind of gentle curiosity that each of them has for each other. Cats are intrigued by dogs, and dogs just want to be friends with everything. So, it was only a matter of time before these cute golden retrievers spotted the basket of kittens in the window.

When they were spotted, there was an instant connection. The dogs wanted to know more, and the kittens wanted to stare up at the gentle giants. We bet these dogs would even want to take these kittens home with them if they could. But we doubt their owner had room for even more animals – despite how adorable they all are.

The Happiest of Days

For most people, animals are just as important as the other human members of their family. So, owners are sad when their pets are sad. They’re happy when their pets are happy. And they’re stressed when their pets are ill. This is especially true when your pet is diagnosed with something serious like cancer. And while this gorgeous doggo below was struck that devastating blow, a happier day was on the horizon…

After fighting a tough battle and receiving the support of its family, this dog finally received the news it was hoping for. The cancer was clear, it was in remission, and it was able to get on with the rest of its life in good health. As you can see from the smile, this perfect pooch looks pretty happy about the good news.

Waiting for Their Brother

If you have a dog, you’ll know that they’d be by their family’s side every minute of every day if they could. But of course, humans have things to do and people to see – and this cat and dog’s human brother is one of those busy people. So, they get extra excited when they know that he’s coming home.

The person who posted this adorable photo online wrote that “My son always texts to say he’s on his way home. I open the door, letting his 17-year-old cat, and 16-year-old dog know that he’s on his way. This is them waiting for him.” And we don’t know who is cutting onions right now, but we’d like them to stop…

A Christmas Crush

Foxes often get a bad rep. Most people try to stop foxes from hanging out in their yards, they stop them from doing their business on their grass, and they bang on their windows whenever they spot them nearby. However, foxes are pretty adorable really. And this one even had a christmas crush.

The person who spotted this fox on their front deck knew that they had to snap this photo, as it was clear to see that this fox wasn’t a rabid beast. Instead, it was an adorable youngster who just wanted something to love. That something came in the form of the light-up fox that was lit up, especially for the holidays.

Reunited at Last

Animals may only be a small part of a human’s life, but a human is everything to an animal. And while most people know that’s the case with dogs and cats, they often forget that other animals feel these deep and meaningful connections to the ones who look after them. Like donkeys, for example.

This picture proves that donkeys have just as much love to give as household animals. And the person who posted this picture online knew that it needed some kind of explanation. So, they noted that this Colorado man was “reunited with his donkey, Ennis, after fire swept through his town.” That hug must have felt so good.

A Real Comfort

It’s no secret that dogs are the ultimate comfort animals. They sense when humans need an extra bit of love and affection, they give the best cuddles, and they just seem to put a smile on everyone’s faces. But what happens when the dog needs comfort? Well, this veterinary clinic found a solution for that in the form of their very own comfort-dog assistant.

The job of this dog is to “help sick patients know that everything will be alright,” and it’s clear to see that this adorable pooch has enough empawthy to go around. After all, humans don’t like going to the doctors, and animals don’t like going to the vet. So, this dog is the helping paw every dog needs.

It’s My Turn Now

Cats are fickle friends. It’s hard for owners to really know when they want attention and care, as they’re very independent creatures. But sometimes these stubborn felines can surprise you, and that’s exactly what happened when one owner turned around to see their kitty cat sitting atop their rocking horse.

Their owner wrote that the cat had seen the kids playing on the rocking horse, and so didn’t want to be left out. She decided to get up herself, and apparently, she meows incredibly loudly until you get up and rock up. And that makes a lot of sense, because cats always seem to get exactly what they want.

A Gentle Giant

In the dog world, reputation unfortunately means a lot. Small, fluffy dogs are seen to be more desirable and gentle. But then larger breeds like Staffordshire bull terriers and pitbulls are seen to be mean and aggressive. Of course, you should never judge a book by its cover, even in the animal world. And this pitbull seems to be showing its true colors.

Although many people are scared of pitbulls, this little cutie proves that there’s absolutely nothing to be scared of. The person who snapped this picture was running errands when they spotted this adorable pooch with his pooh bear in his mouth, and they instantly knew that he wasn’t a threat. He’s just a little boy taking his plushie for a walk.

Everyone…Meet Frankie

We don’t know who chose which animals to domesticate and which ones to leave out in the wild, but sometimes we can’t help but think that they made a few mistakes. While squirrels tend to keep themselves to themselves and spend their days in search of nuts, sometimes they just really crave human interaction. So maybe they were meant to be home dwellers after all?

The person who posted this photo online obviously knew that this little guy wanted some home-loving. They wrote that “we fed our backyard squirrel once. Meet Frankie at our backyard door waiting for more nuts.” After all, every living creature likes to be waited on hand and foot sometimes. Why should Frankie always have to get his own nuts?

Real-Life Ratatouille

Most people wouldn’t be happy to bring a rat into their home, but those who have rats as pets quickly learn that these guys have a lot of love to give. And a lot of rats are just excited about life as cats or dogs. In fact, this owner realized that the thing that gets their rat going the most is just a little bit of pasta.

We don’t know if this rat is the real-life rat from Ratatouille, but it couldn’t hide its excitement when it was given something other than its boring pellet food. The pasta was too exciting to pass up, and of course, they had to eat their delicious food on the shoulder of their loved one.

The Flower of Protection

We all know the cone of shame. Even those who don’t own dogs know that these cones are the bane of any pooch’s life. They’re big, they’re uncomfortable, and they’re always fitted after some kind of surgery or medical procedure. Most dogs absolutely hate wearing these cones, but they put up with it. Not this one, though.

This adorable doggy is called Jellybean, and he really does not like the cone of shame. He’s miserable in it, he’s uncomfortable in it, and he’d just rather not wear it at all. His owner noted that he does “tolerate” the flower of protection, though. And we can understand why. Not only does it look more comfortable, but Jellybean looks even more handsome.

A Friendly Neighborhood Goat

We’ve heard of a friendly neighborhood Spiderman, a friendly neighborhood fox, and even a friendly neighborhood poltergeist. But we’ve never heard of a friendly neighborhood goat… until now. We don’t know where this photo was taken, or where this friendly neighborhood goat lives, but we need to find out and move there now.

Yes, apparently this adorably fluffy goat wanders the streets and follows humans around when it fancies a little cuddle. On this occasion, it followed this guy home from work and wouldn’t leave his side. Of course, the only thing to do was to pick it up and give it a snuggle. Judging by the goat’s smile, that was the right decision.

A Happy Fitting Day

Dogs seem to take everything in their stride, and humans certainly can learn a lot from dogs. They rarely have their “off” days and their tails wag at the smallest of things. Even when life seems pretty tough, they’re able to power through it, and Turbo is the perfect example of that.

Sadly, Turbo lost his front leg, but he didn’t let that get the better of him. He powered through and was able to find a way to enjoy life in his own, new and unique way. Despite this, his owners still wanted him to be the best version of himself, so they organized for him to have a prosthetic fitted. His smile really does make us smile.