From Then to Now: These Legendary Supermodels Prove That Beauty Is Timeless

Sustainable Stars
While their youthful days may be over, the most famous supermodels of the world have proven their beauty has no age limit. And put plastic surgery and any aesthetic enhancements aside, these women are just as gorgeous now as they were in their glory days. But haven't you wondered what's happened to the biggest household names of the modeling industry?
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All the Revealing Reasons as to Why These Celebs Took on a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Green Eats
Trends may come and go, but being healthy never goes out of style. Like anyone else living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, celebrities each have their reasons for living a meat-free way of life. Whether it's based on issues involving animal cruelty, health matters, or just a personal choice - everyone these days is incorporating a more plant-based diet into their lives. And these celebrities have all hopped on board the bandwagon.
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Breathtaking Images That Show the Effects of Climate Change Around the Globe

In The Wild
As temperatures are rising and glaciers are shrinking, climate change is happening faster than the world can keep up with. Put aside the fact that the world is falling apart because of this, it's putting your favorite travel destinations at serious risk. With every passing day, the world is deteriorating piece by piece, and we've found the images that are documenting the daily destruction.
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Elon Musk Just Casually Tweeted About a $100 Million Prize Giveaway And The Whole World Is Responding

Science and Tech
When you're ranked as the second richest person in the world, talking about money is your business. Whether if it's personal or professional, it's a topic that will always either be brought up by you or the people surrounding you. For billionaire Elon Musk, this is very much the case and can be seen from his daily tweets on Twitter. But what came off as all too casual as one of his tweets, has started a global ticking time clock...
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How More and More of Hollywood’s Elite Are Doubling as Environmental Activists

Eco Trend Setters
It's the responsibility of mankind to make this world a better place than how we found it. Being able to create a positive impact is important regardless of your social status. But, when your audience is global, it's that much easier for your voice and message to be heard. Celebrities are using their platforms to do exactly this - sound the bell across the world to get everyone on board that the world needs us, and our job starts today.
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A Bird’s Eye View: Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing a Whole New World

The world is comprised of the most amazing features that the eye can behold. This is why the window seat on any aircraft is the most sought after; because we as humans are dying to get a glimpse of the universe from the rarest angle. From shrubbery shaped like a giant pineapple to hidden messages in stadiums, drone footage has captured the most remarkable images that can only be seen from above.
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See Change by Sea Change: The Importance of Reducing Plastic and It’s Environmental Effects

Living Green
The hard truth is that even if we were to see a drastic decline in plastic utilization by tomorrow, this wouldn't be enough. The short-term solutions are to capitalize on less wasteful materials that can be washed and reused, but what about the long-term solutions? What are the impacts of the current usage and where are we seeing the repercussions from our actions? Simply put, this is severe, relevant, and happening faster than we can type.
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