Author: Amy Benjamin

Cooking Up Controversy: The Rise of Star Chef Giada De Laurentiis

Food Network goddess Giada De Laurentiis is celebrated for her expertise in Italian cuisine. With a growing list of shows like Everyday Italian, Giada Entertains and Giada at Home, all TV hours seem to include her smile and skill. She’s built a net worth of around $30 million. But behind the camera, does she really lead that picture-perfect life? Truthfully, a few scandals have confused the public in recent years. This chef does try to focus on her signature dishes. But the tabloids have tried to tarnish more than just her silverware, and questions need answers. In love and business, Giada has done more than most. It’s time to take a look at the cook, starting now!

30+ Adorable Animals Who Were Unexpectedly Caught Waving at the Camera

Humans have always been intrigued in the natural world, and other animals are at the top of the list for nature photography. Whether in documentaries, on the net or in the wild, we humans love to get a good photo of an animal. And our camera rolls are usually filled with photos of our pets at home, looking cute or blissfully sleeping. But these animals just wanted to say hi to the photographer and we have it all captured it all on camera.

From Fluffy to Flying: 25+ Photos of Baby Birds Vs All Grown Up

Have you ever wondered where the saying “growing up and leaving the nest” comes from? These cute bird photos will give you a better understanding. Seeing these birds as babies, compared to all grown-up is not only like being on an episode of National Geographic but is also just simply adorable. These babies all grow up and fly their wings once they are ready to leave the nest.

The Human Impact on Our Natural Environment, Rubber and Varnish Now Found in Arctic Snow

As the conversation surrounding climate change and pollution continues, we can admit we’ve made some mistakes and have done some damage over the years. What we didn’t realize is how widespread the damage is. New research shows that that pollution particles are traveling as far as the Arctic. Scientists have recently found varnish (which is rubber found in tires) and other rubber fragments that would most likely have come from fabrics or packaging, in the Arctic. Bad news, this means that these microplastics and fibers are airborne.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green: Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits

In recent years there has been a shift in fashion with a new focus on environmental sustainability. The shift has been global but also on the red carpet with celebrities making ecological fashion choices. Some of our favorite celebrities are choosing to wear vintage outfits, re-wearing old outfits, and pulling together ensembles of recycled and up-cycled materials. Check out this list of celebs that have joined the movement and have rocked their sustainable outfits on the red carpet.

Modular Living: New Way of Building Helps Create Supportive Housing In Los Angeles

There is a new way of building and it is in the works to happen in Los Angeles. The plan is to create supportive housing for those in need, in Westlake neighborhood of L.A, using shipping container style modules. The whole project aims to not only provide affordable housing intended to provide privacy and safety, but also create a sense of community using a central courtyard. Imagine living in a shopping container!