Author: Emma Smith

The Tragic Life of I Dream of Jeannie Star Barbara Eden Was Far from Magical

While it’s been over five decades since Barbara Eden donned her Jeannie costume, there’s no doubt about the fact that she will always be considered a Hollywood icon. This actress took the world by storm when she starred in I Dream of Jeannie during the 1960s, and as soon as that first episode aired she won over the hearts of fans across the world. In their eyes, she was perfect. But behind the scenes of her incredible career, Barbara’s personal life was being ripped apart at the seams.

15 Years After This American Boy Sent a Gift Box To a Filipino Girl, They Finally Meet In Person

When a young kid living in Idaho gave a gift box to a charity, he had no clue that it would end up in the hands of Joana, a young girl living in the Philippines. Noone could have known that his small act of charity would end up changing the course of his life for good. We’re revealing the real story of how two kids finally met each other in the flesh, several years after the gift box was sent. They had grown up considerably since then and had almost all but forgotten each other until fate intervened. And no one could predict what was about to happen next.

Pregnant Woman Almost Missed Her Dog’s Warning Signs That Something Was Gravely Wrong

Anyone who has ever had a dog in the family knows that they’re smarter than people give them credit for. They know when something’s up, and have a kind of sixth sense which alerts them to things we don’t even know about. In the case of Alhanna Butler, her pet American Akita caught on to the fact that something wasn’t right with her pregnancy. Alhanna was ecstatic about the pregnancy and everything was going according to plan. But when Alhanna’s pooch Keola was acting very strange they realized that they needed to pay attention to why. In the end, Keola’s warning’s saved Alhanna and her baby’s lives.

She Couldn’t Carry Her Own Child, So Her Mother Became Her Surrogate Instead

Having a child isn’t easy for couples where fertility is an issue. That was the case for social media influencer Breanna and her husband Aaron Lockwood, a young couple who were super keen to have kids. They would do anything to be able to have a family of their own, and after four years of trying everything, they were at a loss of what to do. Before long, the couple announced on Instagram that a baby was in fact on the way. But the plan that Breanna and Aaron had come up with had the world in shock. Take an in-depth look at exactly what’s been going on.

This Couple Were Sick of Rising House Prices, so They Renovated a House Boat Instead

We’ve heard it told a thousand times by now. The younger generation won’t ever be able to afford to buy a home because of rising house prices. That was the case for young Tash Littleford and her boyfriend Lee Stone, who found themselves priced out of the housing market. So they decided to take matters into their own hands. Rather than throwing their money down the drain by renting for the rest of their lives, they decided to buy a rundown houseboat that most people would have just overlooked. In the end, they transformed it both inside and designed it to be their ultimate dream home. But there was a surprise waiting for Tash right at the end of their houseboat project.

The Strangest Colors in Nature Prove That Earth Really Is a Magical Place

How these creatures and critters aren’t more talked about, we’ll never know. All across the globe, common and everyday animals have been coming in extremely unusual colors. We think it’s about time everyone knows about the beautiful bright hues found all throughout the animal kingdom. Of course, these intensely pigmented creatures are a pretty rare occurrence. Get ready to have your mind blown by these mystifying evolutionary wonders that are totally photoshop and filter-free.

The Weirdest Things Being Sold on eBay Will Have You Questioning Everything

We’ve all come across weird eBay listings in our time. But what if we collected all the weird, unfortunate, and vaguely upsetting items up for grabs on the online marketplace. That’s exactly what one Instagram account, called eBayBae, has done and it only leaves us asking more questions about the people behind the listings. Take a glimpse into the weird and wonderful private lives of strangers through the bizarre items they’ve listed. Just don’t be surprised if you end up with more questions than answers!

29+ Hilarious Photos of Stars Photoshopped Into Classical Art

In a corner of the internet, design geeks took part in a photoshop competition that saw celebrities become the subject of old master European paintings. The contest host, DesignCrowd, asked participants the question: “If the renaissance took place in modern times, and the models were famous pop culture celebrities, what would the artwork have looked like?” The contest only ran for 48 hours, but a great number of submissions came pouring in. Once you see which entries we selected, we think you’ll agree that these photoshop wizards are downright hilarious.

Old Family Photos That Have Been Hilariously Recreated by the Kids Now That They’re All Grown Up

We all have cringey family photos from our past that we never want to see the light of day. But some individuals are reclaiming their awkward younger selves by recreating their childhood photos. And they’re getting the whole family involved too, to make it as similar as possible. But of course, a lot of time has passed since the OG photos were taken. And these side-by-side comparisons show just how much these kids have grown. Take a look at their hilarious photo re-enactments – just don’t expect the kids to be just as cute as before.