Author: Emma Smith

The Sustainable School in Bangladesh That Was Hand-Built by the Students

Bangladesh happens to be at the forefront of both sustainable living and progressive education. A school in the rural village of Rudrapur is an example of a sustainable building that’s sensitive to its natural environment. Called the METI Handmade School, it’s exactly as its name claims; a school built by the hands of the Dinajpur district locals. It’s been so successful, that it even received an Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2007 for its ecologically friendly methods, aesthetic beauty, and harmonious cooperation between the people involved.

Spine-Chilling Photos From the Depths of the Ocean Prove Just How Mysterious It Really Is

Does the thought of what could be lurking in the deep dark ocean waters send shivers down you spine? If so, you might have Thalassophobia – a fear of the sea and what lives beneath it. But we’ve come to realise that you dont need to actually get in the water to feel spooked about the ocean. We’ve collected the most hair-raising photos that’ll be sure to keep you out of the ocean depths. From the vast emptiness of the sea to its bloodcurdling beasts, there’s definately good reason to want to be as far from it as possible. Scroll at your own risk!

After Stray Dogs Kept Flocking to This Woman’s Farm in Costa Rica, She Decided to Turn It Into a Canine Paradise

On the outskirts of San Jose, Costa Rica, lies a life-changing sanctuary for dogs called The Land of the Strays. Also known as Territorio de Zaguates, The Land of the Strays is essentially the dog-heaven your parents always told you about, except these pups have been giving a second chance at life. This privately-funded dog shelter has a strict no-kill policy, meaning that they always choose to preserve a pup’s life if they are healthy or treatable. It means that they are prone to acquiring more dogs than they should, but this shelter has found some ways to ensure that every one of their 1300 dogs gets the care and attention they deserve.

Goofy A-Listers: The Red Carpet Mishaps That Prove Celebrities Really Are Human

We don’t know about you, but we’re a bit tired of seeing the Hollywood A-listers looking so polished and perfect. After all, they’re people too – and thanks to the hordes of paparazzi, their more “human” moments are captured. Check out the funniest slips-ups happening at the most exclusive events in town. It was always going to catch up on them eventually – but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the red carpet mishaps that the papers miss out.

Joaquin Phoenix Promised to Keep Rewearing This Stella Mccartney Suit in a Bid to Reduce Waste

Award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix has another big passion in life: environmentalism. Not only is he a busy animal rights activist, but he’s also decided to take a stand against the wasteful fashion industry and consumerist culture. He pledged to wear the same tuxedo to any Hollywood awards shows in 2020. In January, he put the onus on Hollywood’s power players to take responsibility for their carbon footprint. Read on to see what he said.

Real Life Animals That Are So Bizarre They Actually Look Make Believe

Just when we thought we knew every animal in the zoo and we’d scoured every corner of the planet, we forget just how many millions of species there could be in the world. Actually, every year, scientists keep stumbling upon some bizarre, exotic, weird and wonderful creatures and they really look like they just suddenly dropped out of the sky. So it’s time to get acquainted with the coolest, strangest, most bizarre real-life animals that really look too make-believe to be real.

Bringing the Great Outdoors Into the Workplace: The Office Space With Over 1,000 Plants

A co-working space in the capital of Portugal is challenging the way offices are designed. Architectural firm Salgascano came up with the idea of filling the workplace with over 1,000 plants, in order to enhance people’s quality of life significantly. The result is a tropical eyeful that brings to mind an Amazonian jungle. The natural surroundings give this workplace an inspiring and contemporary feel, while also adding splashes of color and texture to an otherwise fairly blank slate. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits.

Being a Smart Consumer Is Harder Than Ever as Greenwashing Becomes a Common Practice

We’ve all seen the rise of corporations and brands marketing the strides they’re making to be more eco-friendly. But it’s becoming clear that many associations are simply profiting off of trending buzzwords rather than putting ethical decision-making into practice. At For What It’s Earth, we’re unpacking what greenwashing is and why it’s becoming harder than ever to be a smart consumer.

Take a Look at These Must-See Buildings in Africa That Took Inspiration From Nature

The African continent is vast and unique, with a stunning array of wildlife and nature. It’s not surprising then that architects and designers are looking to the natural environment for inspiration when creating infrastructure. Considerable investments in the future of African countries have allowed for some masterful designs that lend themselves to their surroundings. Feast your eyes on some of the most enchanting and intriguing buildings around.