Author: Emma Smith

A Female-Owned Farm in North Carolina Is Flourishing During a Global Pandemic

In Charlotte, North Carolina, one business owner is paving the way for both women and people of color in agriculture. A disproportionately male-dominated industry, not only does Samantha Foxx own her own farm, but she’s successfully adapting to these unusual times and business has been booming. Now, she and her family are far more self-sufficient and have a better understanding of their bodies, their food, and their health.

It’s About Time: Starbucks Is Finally Putting an End to Its Vegan Milk Tax

Vegans and non-vegans alike can rejoice at the news that Starbucks is putting an end to the vegan milk “tax.” Earlier this year they announced their plans to become a more eco-friendly business, part of which includes promoting their plant-based dairy alternatives. It can be seen as part of a bigger drive to cater to their younger customers, many of which have been applying pressure on the food and beverage chain to do more for the planet. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson explained that this decision is intended to “push customers to choose milk made from almond, coconuts, soy or oats, whose production is environmentally friendlier than dairy.”

These Puffer Jackets Are Being Stuffed With Wild Flowers Instead of Plastic

The future of fashion is here. One company has finally found a way of making warm puffer jackets without a plastic or down filling, and none of the warmth is compromised. Pangaia is the revolutionary sustainable clothing brand that fills their winter coats with flowers. They’ve called it their FLWRDWN range, a play on the words flower and down, and have received high praise for their cruelty-free stance. As they don’t require animal products for their jacket filling, they make for a great option for vegans.

Game-Changing Search Engine Ecosia Plants Trees While You Surf the Web

It’s time for some uplifting news. A search engine has been setting a new precedent by planting trees with every search you make. With over 15 million active users, you can watch the live tally on their site, where the number of trees that will be planted creeps ever close to 100 million. Their active users jumped in 2019 from eight million to a whopping 15 million, and they’re still on the up. With Ecosia’s agenda to help reforest our planet, they sound too good to be true.

Mother Nature Fights Back: Places Around the World Being Reclaimed by Nature

We’ve been seeing a lot in the press about nature’s struggle against mankind, and we think it’s high time we focus on something positive. So we dug around to find places all around the world where Mother Earth is putting up a fight – and winning. Shopping malls, five-star hotels, or boarding schools; it’s all the same to Mother Nature. Check out the locations where nature is reclaiming its ground.

Reebok Is Ahead of the Game in Creating the First Ever Plant-Based Performance Running Shoe

With the public’s burgeoning concern about companies and their impact on the environment, Reebok is showing the public that their listening. They’re introducing the world’s first plant-based performance shoe, the Forever Floatride GROW. It’s made from plants, eliminating the need to produce petroleum-based plastics for their footwear. And seeing as how specialized a performance-based sneaker needs to be to meet tough physical requirements, it’s quite a feat that they’ve managed to pull it off.

California Sets a Precedent as the First State to Ban the Sale of Fur

An exciting new law is being implemented in the state of California. It’s a bill that strictly prohibits the selling of fur products and applies to coats and handbags alike. While bans have been springing up in various cities, namely Los Angeles, Berkeley, and San Francisco, California’s managed to get there first. The selling, trading, displaying, or donating of fur will officially become an illegal practice in the state as of the start of 2023 – hooray! There are exceptions, however, to be aware of.