Author: Lauren Christina

These Celebs Were Once Considered the Most Attractive People Alive… This Is What They Look Like Now

Every year, People magazine crowns one lucky man the “Sexiest Man Alive” and one lucky lady the “Most Beautiful” – and it’s safe to say that the competition is always pretty fierce. They are coveted prizes that only the most visually pleasing are even considered for, and in some cases it’s thrust winners even further into the Tinseltown spotlight. But that’s not always the case. Some of the winners from yesteryear have since disappeared from view, and there are even more who now look totally different…

Steve Irwin’s Recently Unearthed Letter to His Father Bob Makes Their Family Feud Even Sadder

Yes, behind one of the world’s happiest and most famous families lies relationships that are fraught with tension – leaving some individuals shoved to the sidelines. But how would Steve feel about the growing hostility amongst those he loved most dear? Well, a recently unearthed letter written by Steve almost two decades ago sheds light on the family feud, and makes the whole situation even more unsettling.

21+ Times Mechanics Had To Do a Double-Take When These Cars Came Into the Shop

Car owners will know that maintaining the health of your four-wheeled contraption is no easy feat. There’s oil that needs to be changed and tires that need to be pumped up – and that’s before we mention the upkeep of the 30,000 parts and components that keep your engines running. Because of this, most people head to the garage and let their mechanic take the wheel instead. But we have a feeling that the mechanics who came across these crazy cars wish their customers had gone elsewhere…

When His Employer Forced Him to Give Up His Dog, This Man Proved He Was Willing to Do Anything to Keep Her

When Barry welcomed his pitbull-mix Roxy into his life in 2014, he had no idea that he could love a dog as much as he loved her. And while they were one big happy family for many years, this all changed in 2020 when his employer forced him to give Roxy up. Barry knew that he needed to fight for her, and he knew exactly what he had to do. What he didn’t realize was how much this would impact his life, his career prospects, and even his criminal record.

29+ Times Restaurants Went Too Far and Served Their Food in Questionable Ways

With so many restaurants to compete with, it seems as though many eateries across the globe are trying to stand out from the crowd. They’re getting creative with their food and even more creative with their presentation, and this sometimes leaves customers questioning their decision to leave the house. Yep, these pictures show how over-the-top, impractical, and downright bizarre these restaurants are becoming – so maybe a grilled cheese at home will be on the menu tonight.

Magical Disneyland Secrets the Employees Won’t Ever Tell You

It may be the happiest place in the world, but it seems as though Disneyland may also be one of the most secretive. Amongst the castles, the cast members, and the coolest rides in the world there are hidden objects, stories, and rules that are designed to go undetected – even to the most loyal and devoted Disney fans. But through our super-sleuthing abilities and our magical ways, we’ve managed to uncover the Disneyland secret that employees won’t ever tell you.

It’s Getting Hot in Here: These Hilarious Photos Show How Rising Temperatures Are Affecting Us All

While we all need to make changes to stop climate change in its tracks, we might as well laugh about it along the way, right? Because if we don’t laugh we’ll cry – and these hilarious photos are pretty funny. From melted trash cans to cookies baked on the dash, these photos sum up the rising temperatures around the world. You might want to open a window because it’s getting seriously hot in here…

Dark and Creepy Tourist Destinations That Aren’t For the Fainthearted

Everyone has their own set of requirements when it comes to their vacation. Some just want hot weather and a beach. Others want city breaks laden with culture and food. And then there are those who are drawn to the darker, creepier side of the world. Dark tourism is “tourism that involves traveling to places associated with death and suffering” – and it’s becoming more and more popular every year. But are you really ready for the macabre? Because these destinations are not for the fainthearted.

We’re Going to Assume That You’ve Never Seen Fruits and Veggies Quite Like This Before

There’s a high chance that you’ve experienced pareidolia countless times over the years. Yep, pareidolia is the tendency to see familiar patterns or objects in completely unrelated things – and it’s never been cooler to see things that aren’t actually there. And while most people have seen familiar patterns in the clouds and recognizable images on their burnt toast, it seems as though fruits and vegetables are often the quirkiest subjects of them all. From peppers that look like dinosaurs to yams that have witch-like fingers, these fruits and veggies have truly become something else.