Author: Lauren Christina

Going Down Under: 29+ Bizarre Things That You’ll Only Ever Find in Australia

When you think of Australia, you probably think of long-haired beach babes catching waves on Bondi Beach, selfie-worthy trips to the Sydney Opera House, and eating as much shrimp as you can possible consume – straight from off the barbie, of course. But it seems as though tourists only see a small portion of what life in Australia is really like. Those who live there know that it’s anything but ordinary, and these pictures prove it.

Four Decades Later We Finally Know the Real Reason Why Sonny and Cher Broke Up

Sonny and Cher were the power couple of the rock and pop era, and their professional and personal relationship pushed them to the height of Hollywood during their marriage. However, it seems as though their own TV show, 40 million record sales, and a love story to end all love stories just weren’t enough to keep them together. For years we’ve wondered what really happened to break this “it” couple, and now we finally have our answer.

The Real MVPs: These Animals Photobombed Sports Games and Totally Stole the Show

It’s no secret that animals just love interrupting professional sports games – and we have the pictures prove it! From alligators on the golf green to dogs on the soccer pitch, it turns out that you can’t stop these animals from playing a game of fetch when and where they want. And if you ask us, these furry friends should be crowned the ultimate MVPs because these photos of photobombing animals are absolutely hilarious…

This Is How One Couple Transformed An Old School Bus Into a Home for Six Humans, Four Cats, and One Dog

This schoolie family decided to transform an old school bus into their dream home, and now their whole lives revolve around adventure. They explore, sleep, eat, play, and even learn in their epic home, but getting to this point in their lives wasn’t easy. Transforming this dilapidated school bus into a home fit for six humans and five animals was a long and arduous process, but just wait until you see what it looks like inside…

These Meteorologists May Brighten Our Days but This Is What They Get Up to When They’re Not on TV

It’s pretty hard to plan your day without knowing the weather forecast. And thankfully, there are countless meteorologists out there who have got the knowledge and the know-how to accurately predict the weather where you are. From national TV channels to local stations, these “weather girls” make it their mission to brighten your day and to help you put your plans into action. But it turns out that these meteorologists live very different lives when they’re not on our screens.

Paris Is Turning Its Unused Parking Lots Into Organic Mushroom Farms

When you think of Paris, you probably don’t think of unused parking lots and mushrooms. What you probably imagine are romantic walks along the Seine, delicious pastries from famous French bakeries, and a melting pot of culture and history. And while this city may be timeless, it also seems to be moving with the times. In fact, modern inventions and companies are taking over – just like this company, which is using abandoned underground parking lots to spark a mushroom revolution.

These Vintage Restaurant Chains May No Longer Exist but You Probably Haven’t Forgotten About Them

Oh, how we long for the good ol’ days! The days when retro fast-food joints and iconic restaurants could be found in every town, city, and state. And when our families would gather together for a delicious meal in an eatery with character and charm. Thankfully, we’re here to hit you right in the feels with these nostalgic restaurants of decades past. These retro restaurants may not be around any longer, but we have no doubt about the fact that you’ll still remember them.

The Most Dangerous Runways Around the World Will Make Even the Most Experienced Pilot Nervous

The world is full of beautiful destinations and unending adventures. But to experience our planet in all of its glory, you often have to hop on a plane and jet to far-off locations on the other side of the world. And while air travel is now a hugely popular form of travel for tourists, locals, and business people alike, that doesn’t mean that every single destination has a fully functioning airport. Some are home to the most dangerous runways in the world.