Author: Lauren Christina

This Mom Had Just $12 To Her Name, and What Her 8-Year-Old Son Spent It on Brought Her To Tears

In this strange and uncertain time, hope is something we all need to remember. But after one mother lost her job and home due to the pandemic, hope was something she struggled to maintain. She had no food for her children to eat, they didn’t have a proper roof over their heads, and she had just $12 left in her pocket. But that didn’t stop her 8-year-old son from taking that money and spending it on something that would change all of their lives forever.

Behind the Scenes Secrets From Dancing With the Stars That the Producers Don’t Want You To Know

Are you a good dancer? Whether you have two left feet or whether you can samba the night away without a second thought, you can at least rest easy knowing that you don’t have to showcase your talents (or lack of talent) on national television. But the same can’t be said for the celebrities who appear on Dancing with the Stars. These guys trip and tumble for the whole world to see. But have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars?

This Couple Sold All of Their Possessions To Turn an Old Van Into a Dream Family Home on Wheels

If you don’t dream of handing in your resignation, leaving your life behind, and becoming a hermit in the forest at least once in your life, you’re obviously doing this whole human thing wrong. And what better way of feeding two birds with one seed than building your very own home on wheels? This couple, along with their young daughter, decided to do just that. They sold their home and their possessions to turn an old van into their dream home on wheels, and the end result is extraordinary.

We Refuse to Believe That These Wildly Different Characters Were Played By the Same Actor

We know that actors, well, act. You don’t need us to tell you that acting is somewhat of a prerequisite when it comes to this career path. These so-called “actors” normally won’t get very far in Hollywood if they can’t step into the shoes of another character. But while we know that actors are all about acting, that doesn’t stop us from being utterly bamboozled when we see actors playing different characters. And we outright refuse to believe that these characters are played by the same actor.

Chernobyl: The Devastating Nuclear Disaster and Accidental Environmental Success

The Chernobyl disaster forced countless people out of their homes and destroyed the surrounding area. While an Exclusion Zone is still in place to keep humans safe from the harmful radiation still present over 30 years later, that hasn’t stopped the natural world from using this human-free space to thrive. They have taken over this overgrown expanse, and some of the most extraordinary animals now call this place their home.

How Volcanic Fungi From Yellowstone National Park Could Be the Answer to the Vegan Protein Problem

When you talk to non-vegans about a vegan diet, one of the comments they often come back with is: “But how do you get your protein if you don’t eat meat?” While it’s certainly true that meat provides healthy protein for the body to digest and use, animal products aren’t the only answer when it comes to these essential human nutrients. There are so many natural foods out there that contain protein, and one company has found that volcanic fungus could be the answer we’re all looking for.

Celebrity Couples Who Weren’t Able To Survive the Whirlwind That Was 2020

While many couples relished in 2020s opportunities to binge-watch Tiger King in their pajamas, grow a (rather shortlived) Tik Tok career together and bake more banana bread than they could humanly consume, others struggled in such close quarters. Even the rich and famous couldn’t quite handle the curve ball that this year threw right in our faces, and sadly, some of our favorites parted ways. At For What It’s Earth, we’re spilling the tea on the celebrity couples that are no longer…