Unique World Traditions That Show Every Culture Has Some Quirk In It

The world is filled with unique experiences to tickle everyone’s fancy. In every corner of the world, there is something that we can all find entertaining, exciting, or downright strange. From festivals in the middle of the desert where wooden models are set ablaze (like we have pictured here), to people dressing up as zombies and strolling through their city, there’s no shortage of interesting experiences to have. Whether you want to see big, burning figures, or just want to see a field full of doggies coming to cuddle with each other from far and wide, there is something out there for every interest. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most unique traditions around the world that might be worth your while to check out.

Cities That Rose From the Ashes: These Once War-torn Towns Have Totally Transformed Into Thriving Cityscapes

We live in trying times. All of us have seen the news stories, read the headlines, and looked at the photos circulating in the press of war-torn cities. You only need to turn on the television to see that Ukraine’s famous cityscapes are undergoing transformative changes due to the ravages of war. But the truth is, there are better times ahead to look forward to. Here you’ll find a heartwarming reminder of the fact that cities and countries do bounce back. Slowly but surely, people rebuild their hometowns to what they were before, sometimes making them even greater than what was there to begin with. It’s a solid reminder of how difficult times pass and make way for brighter, thriving futures. Take a look at these transformed cityscapes, both in the immediate aftermath of war v. how great they are today.

These Dogs Receive Royal Treatment From Their Pet Parents

We treat our pets like our own flesh and blood. Though they may be animals, aren’t we all? Our furry companions deserve the five-star treatment we all strive to experience ourselves. These pet parents have taken “treat yo’self” a step too far when caring for their four-legged friends. While some doggies are spoiled with belly rubs and yummy treats, these dogs are spoiled with Ferraris, private jets, and five-course meals. Is there really a limit to how much you can shower your pets with love – and if so, how much is too much?

The Strangest Things Airport Security Has Dealt With

Ahhh, the TSA. The Transportation Security Administration acts as the gatekeeper to the great world outside of the confines of the region we live in. Air travel is a helpful way to get around, but it also provides a ton of risk with a need for safety. That’s where these guys come in.

Sorry, but There’s No Place in the World Quite Like Canada, and We’ve Got Proof

Every country is different and every culture has something to teach the rest of the world, but Canada is truly in a league of its own. Sorry. Like in any culture, there are certain things that Canadians deal with in their daily lives that we find baffling. A moose takes over your house? No problem. All four seasons in one day? Sounds good. People are so nice that being a regular person is a bit awkward? Yup, that’s good ol’ Canada.

Epic Photos of Things That Could Only Happen in Mother Russia

While every culture is different, some are simply more interesting than others. Russia has one of the world’s most fascinating cultures and is constantly circulating the internet in the form of memes. This beloved country seems to have beautiful and chaotic things happen that just wouldn’t occur anywhere else. In Mother Russia, you have to be tough and ready for anything! These people are absolutely thriving amongst the chaos and sharing their wins with the internet.

People Are Sharing Their Weirdest Christmas Presents From Grandma and We Can’t Get Enough

There’s no one quite like grandma, and often we’re reminded of that fact when the holiday season is upon us. That’s because it’s our grandmothers who tend to give us the most weird and wonderful gifts. People have been sharing their favorite Christmas presents, and we’ve compiled this list to show you the most hilarious ones. Different grandmas have different gift-giving styles. Whatever their reasons are, they just want to make you happy. But these gifts probably got a completely different reaction than what grandma was expecting. Take a look and see if any of your past Xmas presents can top any of these.

Hilarious Protest Signs That Made Us Want to Find a Worthy Cause

Everyone has a cause they care about. While some folks are more passionate about worldly issues than others, that won’t stop people from putting in the work toward justice; or at least putting in the work to make a hilarious sign! Protests across the globe have given us some comic relief at times when society needed it most. From equality marches to picketing to “let us get haircuts,” there are plenty of seriously silly signs to go around. That’s not to say that these people aren’t taking the cause seriously, they’re just taking a tense situation and making things light and breezy. Laughter is the greatest medicine, after all.

State of the Art Robots That We’ll Be Seeing a Lot More of in the Near Future

It’s still to be seen whether robots will take over the world one day, but it is clear that they are becoming more a part of our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence is going from strength to strength. The manufacturing process is becoming more refined each passing year, and robots are getting harder to tell apart from actual people. On top of that, some of them are proving to be even better at our jobs. Take a look at the most advanced androids in the world that we can expect to see more of in the near future.

Side by Side Photos That Reveal What Visiting These Popular Travel Destinations Is Really Like

Let’s be honest, traveling the world is the best! Learning about different cultures, trying new things, seeing new places, nothing beats it! That being said, not all travel destinations are created equal, and we’ve all been guilty of falling into tourist traps from time to time. Luckily, we’ve managed to compile a list of those exact places that are bound to disappoint. Check out the reality of these tourist destinations, and see if they really meet your expectations.