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Chernobyl: The Devastating Nuclear Disaster and Accidental Environmental Success

The Chernobyl disaster forced countless people out of their homes and destroyed the surrounding area. While an Exclusion Zone is still in place to keep humans safe from the harmful radiation still present over 30 years later, that hasn't stopped the natural world from using this human-free space to thrive. They have taken over this overgrown expanse, and some of the most extraordinary animals now call this place their home.
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More Than Meets the Eye: Street Art Illusions That Look So Real They Will Make You Think Twice

These days, no matter where you are in the world, you've definitely seen some form of graffiti art. But have you seen 3D street art illusions like these? These artworks make us question what we see and how we see it. If you're not watching your step, you may get a big fright thinking that you're falling into a dark hole or that something is going to grab you! Scroll through and see if you can work out how these artists created these illusions for us!
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Vintage Photos of Cheerleaders From Yesteryear Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic

Dive in to the hypnotising past of cheerleading with our collection of amazing vintage photos. You're sure to be surprised about just how far the sport has come. Associated with young women who have endless bounds of energy, we were surprised to see that the whole thing has quite a complicated past. At For What Its Earth, we're revealing the little-known scandals and unexpected turning points in the history of cheerleading.
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At Insider’s Look at How Kate Middleton Has Been Preparing to Take the Throne All This Time

2020 has been a rollercoaster of year, leaving many of us adjusting to a life in lockdown. But the Duchess of Cambridge is proving to be just as productive as ever. It's highly unlikely to be all for nothing, which is why we've taken a step back to look at all the ways in which Kate Middleton has been prepping herself for her future role as a queen. Lets look at all the evidence suggesting that she's got an even bigger role in the royal family coming up.
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Welcome to the Crazy World of Bo-taoshi, the Japanese Sport You Might Not Want to Try

If you're not into contact sports, then you probably won't ever want to try Bo-taoshi, a crazy sport in Japan that combines elements of sumo, wrestling, rugby, and war. The goal of the game is to rush the opposing team and fight to tilt their pole. Each offense and defense consists of 75 people, giving the sport an essence of battle. Here, we take a trip to the far east to have a look at one of the most intense sports on the globe.
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Where the Men Wear the Veil: Inside the Tuareg Tribe

Deep in the heart of Saharan Africa lives a tribe that has an interesting twist on traditional Islamic customs: rather than woman wearing a face veil, it is the men of the Tuareg tribe who adhere to this custom. A look at the customs and culture of the Tuareg reveals that when it comes to traditions, they go against the grain.
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