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How Disney Would Be Different if the Characters Were Modern Day Millennials

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and think of all our favorite Disney characters. Now, let’s try to apply them to our modern-day world. Some of these characters would be thriving millennials, while others would probably get canceled in today’s day and age. Would our favorite couples still be together? Would we still hate the same villains? Would we still be rooting for the same princesses to win? Or maybe these epic characters’ lives would be pretty similar to ours, just a bit more magical…

These Celebs Were Once Considered the Most Attractive People Alive… This Is What They Look Like Now

Every year, People magazine crowns one lucky man the “Sexiest Man Alive” and one lucky lady the “Most Beautiful” – and it’s safe to say that the competition is always pretty fierce. They are coveted prizes that only the most visually pleasing are even considered for, and in some cases it’s thrust winners even further into the Tinseltown spotlight. But that’s not always the case. Some of the winners from yesteryear have since disappeared from view, and there are even more who now look totally different…

These Celebrities May Have Made It Big but They Never Forgot Where They Came From

Although they’re rich and famous, these celebrities never forgot where they came from. In fact, many of them credit their Hollywood success to their small-town upbringing. From supporting their local sports teams to starting charities, to moving back home, these celebrities love to show off their roots. See these state’s most famous fans and why these A-listers are so proud of where they’re from.

Accidental Optical Illusions That Will Have You Questioning Everything

Sometimes nature is way more interesting, freaky, and beautiful than any photoshop or staged images. These accidental optical illusions will have you double checking and questioning everything you thought you knew! Some of these are pictures of what nature has really and truly made for us. Some of these are just perfectly timed photos from either brilliant or lucky photographers. Either way, we guarantee that all of these pictures will mess with your mind for days.

Scott Foley Has Finally Opened up About Where He Stands With Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner

Before Ben and Jen came along, there was Ben and Scott. Not many people realize that the actor Scott Foley was Jennifer Garner’s very first husband, and that their dynamic was incredibly different to that of her second high-profile marriage. For many years, very little was known about this under-the-radar relationship, but in recent months Scott has finally opened up about his marriage to the woman everyone loves. And he’s unleashed some pretty dramatic secrets…

New Details Have Emerged About the Scandalous Affair Going On Behind the Scenes of Titanic

Fans of the movie Titanic love it for its historical relevance and for the heartwrenching love story of Jack and Rose, but it turns out that there was another love story unfolding behind the scenes – and not a very faithful one at that. Yep, little do fans of the movie know that there was an affair going on between two very well-known Titanic legends during filming. Now, we finally know more details about this scandalous development.

The Shortest Celebrity Marriages That Prove Hollywood Is a Fickle Business

We have a feeling that some of these A-listers wish they had said “I don’t” after they walked down the aisle, as their marital antics have put them on the list of the shortest celebrity marriages of all time. From 55 hours to mere months, none of these celebrities on this list even got to their first anniversary. Yep, it’s fair to say that their honeymoons were over before they even began…

The Very Best ‘You Had One Job’ Moments In Internet History

It’s the dream: Finding that fulfilling gig. At the very least, one that you can do half well. There are filler jobs along the way, sure. But it has come to our attention many folks out there won’t be getting Employee of the Month awards, right now — like whoever sewed this Nala all googly-eyed. Sir, you had one job! Sometimes workers have one little task to do, yet still manage to fail. Occasionally, they mess up so much it’s hard to believe it wasn’t downright revenge. Whether it’s a practical joke on the boss, or a mind fart so bad it rocked the internet, it’s time to look at the worst culprits. Be honest: Was this you?

Side by Side Photos of Celebs With Their Hilariously Accurate Animal Doppelgängers

Doppel-what? Doppelgänger, folks. It’s a German word that’s taken on a whole new life in recent years. People find it absolutely thrilling to figure out that there is an acquaintance or even a celebrity that looks just like them. We all think we are unique. But are we, really? Now, things have taken a new turn. Celebrities are discovering there is an animal on the internet that looks eerily similar to their own faces. The comparisons are hard to deny. And who would want to? It’s such a silly break from the mundane that nearly everyone has a laugh. Check out these spot-on critter lookalikes, right here!