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Behind the Scenes Secrets From Dancing With the Stars That the Producers Don’t Want You To Know

Are you a good dancer? Whether you have two left feet or whether you can samba the night away without a second thought, you can at least rest easy knowing that you don't have to showcase your talents (or lack of talent) on national television. But the same can't be said for the celebrities who appear on Dancing with the Stars. These guys trip and tumble for the whole world to see. But have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars?
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We Refuse to Believe That These Wildly Different Characters Were Played By the Same Actor

We know that actors, well, act. You don't need us to tell you that acting is somewhat of a prerequisite when it comes to this career path. These so-called "actors" normally won't get very far in Hollywood if they can't step into the shoes of another character. But while we know that actors are all about acting, that doesn't stop us from being utterly bamboozled when we see actors playing different characters. And we outright refuse to believe that these characters are played by the same actor.
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Behind The Crown: Facts and Photos That Shine a Whole New Light on The Hit Netflix Series

After releasing its fourth season this past fall of 2020, The Crown continues to enthrall audiences with its portrayal of such unique and complicated characters. For the cast and crew alike, bringing these stories to life on our screens was both a challenge and a life-changing experience. See what all went into the making of The Crown with these behind the scenes facts and photos and find out what really went into making such a smash-hit Netflix production.
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A Bird’s Eye View: Breathtaking Drone Footage Revealing a Whole New World

The world is comprised of the most amazing features that the eye can behold. This is why the window seat on any aircraft is the most sought after; because we as humans are dying to get a glimpse of the universe from the rarest angle. From shrubbery shaped like a giant pineapple to hidden messages in stadiums, drone footage has captured the most remarkable images that can only be seen from above.
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These Actors and Actresses Have Been Blacklisted in Hollywood and Here’s Why

Some of our favorite films and shows over the years have left a lasting impression. But what ever happened to the starring actors and actresses? While some have gone on to bigger and better things, many have not been so successful in Hollywood. There's all sorts of reasons why Hollywood stops casting a previously successful actor, and we're going to look at them here. Take a look at what went wrong for these stars in the fickle world of showbusiness.
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Celebrity Couples Who Weren’t Able To Survive the Whirlwind That Was 2020

While many couples relished in 2020s opportunities to binge-watch Tiger King in their pajamas, grow a (rather shortlived) Tik Tok career together and bake more banana bread than they could humanly consume, others struggled in such close quarters. Even the rich and famous couldn't quite handle the curve ball that this year threw right in our faces, and sadly, some of our favorites parted ways. At For What It's Earth, we're spilling the tea on the celebrity couples that are no longer...
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These Are The Most Paused Movie Scenes of All Time And It’s Not Hard To See Why

These are the most paused movie scenes of all time. Maybe it's a super risqué segment featuring your favorite actress or actor. Or perhaps it's a creepy ghost that appears behind the character for a fraction of a second. Maybe it's a glaring inconsistency in the production. When these scenes came up, everyone smashed their pause button. Now, it's time for you to hit pause on your workday, grab some popcorn, and have another look at the scenes everyone paused.
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A Look Back at the Most Iconic James Bond Girls and Where They’ve Been since Their Time with 007

No 007 film would be the same without those stunning Bond girls that our favorite man of mystery has managed to encounter through the years. Whether they were damsels in distress, butt-kicking secret agents, or devious villains, we could always count on these women to make 007's missions as action-packed as possible.The James Bond film series, based on the books by Ian Fleming's, had to search far and wide to cast these iconic women. and while some went on to enjoy fruitful careers, others could not shake off their Bond girl character and were barely seen since. Here's a look at what has happened since these iconic women joined the ranks of James Bond.
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33+ Photos Reveal What the Cast of Vikings Looks Like in Real Life

Vikings is a fantastic show. It's an epic based on Norse history and mythology. Beyond the swords, the axes, the shields, the blood, the braids, the beards, the longships, the plunder, the honor, and the betrayal, there's a super talented cast of women and men that make the whole production come alive. This is what they look like in real life.
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Family Reunion: A Then and Now Look at the Members of Our Favorite Sitcom Families and What They Are up to Today

In the coming pages, we take a look back on the members of the biggest and best family sitcoms. While some of our favorite family stars have slowed down a little bit or moved on from Hollywood altogether, most are still in the showbiz saddle and rocking it. Want to find out what everyone is up to and how they all look? Put on a pot of tea and get ready for some throwbacks.
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