Green Eats

As the whole world is becoming more eco-conscious, the world of food is too. We will keep you up to date with the trends and changes that are helping improve the balance between delicious and sustainable.

All the Revealing Reasons as to Why These Celebs Took on a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Trends may come and go, but being healthy never goes out of style. Like anyone else living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, celebrities each have their reasons for living a meat-free way of life. Whether it's based on issues involving animal cruelty, health matters, or just a personal choice - everyone these days is incorporating a more plant-based diet into their lives. And these celebrities have all hopped on board the bandwagon.
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How Volcanic Fungi From Yellowstone National Park Could Be the Answer to the Vegan Protein Problem

When you talk to non-vegans about a vegan diet, one of the comments they often come back with is: "But how do you get your protein if you don't eat meat?" While it's certainly true that meat provides healthy protein for the body to digest and use, animal products aren't the only answer when it comes to these essential human nutrients. There are so many natural foods out there that contain protein, and one company has found that volcanic fungus could be the answer we're all looking for.
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Beyond Meat: a Look at the World’s Most Revolutionary Vegan Meat Company

In the past decade, Beyond Meat has been making huge gains in the food industry. Their meatless meat products are delicious and they're compatible with a sustainable future. Whereas many other vegan meat products are made from soy, Beyond Meat uses mostly peas and beans. Not only are their products tasty, but they even feel like meat. Are they healthy? Get your Beyond Meat answers here.
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The Sustainable School in Bangladesh That Was Hand-Built by the Students

Bangladesh happens to be at the forefront of both sustainable living and progressive education. A school in the rural village of Rudrapur is an example of a sustainable building that's sensitive to its natural environment. Called the METI Handmade School, it's exactly as its name claims; a school built by the hands of the Dinajpur district locals. It's been so successful, that it even received an Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2007 for its ecologically friendly methods, aesthetic beauty, and harmonious cooperation between the people involved.
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The Future of Seafood? San Francisco Startup Will Trick Your Taste Buds With Insanely Realistic 100% Vegan Shrimp

"What? No way this isn't real shrimp!" Versions of this exclamation can be heard again and again upon completion of taste-test experiments at New Wave Foods, a San Francisco-based startup. They have been working hard on perfecting 100% plant based shrimp. So far, they have had deliciously positive results. Could this be the future of seafood?
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