Photos of Earth’s Prehistoric Relics Are Bringing the Ancient World to Life

We live in incredible times, where we’re given glimpses of the very distant past through fossils and mummies. And as the human race, we’re constantly coming to new realizations about life on earth before Homo sapiens. But in the last few years especially, things we thought we knew about prehistoric life have been challenged by recent discoveries. From out-of-this-world beauty to unfathomable proportions, photos of incredible findings from around the planet really put things into perspective. We don’t know what happened between now and then, but clearly, Mother Nature was playing by a totally different set of rules.

Now That the Rare 8-Ft Russian Eagle Has Been Found, We’ve Tracked Down the Largest Animals of Their Kind

In recent news, birdwatchers flocked to Boothbay Harbor, Maine, to see a majestic sea eagle with a wingspan of around 8 feet. It got us thinking – what are the largest animals of their kind that people have accidentally stumbled upon? We went on a mission to find real photos of the gigantic creatures living among us, and we weren’t disappointed. From towering mammals to monstrous amphibians, there seem to be behemoths of every single species popping up all over the world. We’ve collected the particular sightings that you can’t afford to miss.

The Strangest Colors in Nature Prove That Earth Really Is a Magical Place

How these creatures and critters aren’t more talked about, we’ll never know. All across the globe, common and everyday animals have been coming in extremely unusual colors. We think it’s about time everyone knows about the beautiful bright hues found all throughout the animal kingdom. Of course, these intensely pigmented creatures are a pretty rare occurrence. Get ready to have your mind blown by these mystifying evolutionary wonders that are totally photoshop and filter-free.

Photos of the Most Bizarre Creatures and Objects To Have Ever Been Washed Ashore

There’s no doubt that the vast and murky ocean waters hold all kinds of secrets. It’s a mysterious place that we can only dream of better understanding. But on occasion, the sea spits up some really weird objects and creatures that leave us with more questions than answers. From prehistoric animals to grand pianos, here’s a collection of the world’s most intriguing beach-side finds that have ever been captured on camera. They give us a rare and exciting glimpse into the mind-boggling reality of the open sea – you just never know what’s going to wash up on the beach next.

America’s Natural Freak Show: the Most Bizarre Animals Found in Each State of the U.S.A.

There’s a great deal of variety in the animal kingdom, and North America stands as no exception to housing some of the strangest creatures on this planet that we’ve ever seen. It’s gonna be hard to believe that some of these creatures are fellow neighbors and not just imaginings from science fiction. From cows of the sea to frogs whose heart stops beating, take a look at the strangest animal in your state.

Take a Look at the New American Whale Species That’s Been Discovered in the Gulf of Mexico

You wouldn’t have thought the biggest mammal in the world could be so hard to find. As unlikely as it sounds, a new whale species has been discovered by the U.S. this month in the north-eastern Gulf of Mexico. And it’s just the kind of positive news we were looking for. As Geneticist Lynsey Wilcox of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says, “I was surprised that there could be an unrecognized species of whale out there, especially in our backyard.” It’s been described as “uniquely American,” but they could meet their end soon if something’s not done about it.

Can You Spot What’s Camouflaged? Take a Look at the Best Photos of Animals Playing Hide and Seek

Some of the best camouflage that the world has ever seen comes straight from the animal kingdom. Sometimes it’s driven by natural selection, and other times it happens totally by chance. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of the most amazing photos of creatures hiding in plain sight. From complex color combinations to unusual textures, these animals are mastering the art of deception. Take a look at the cunning creatures hiding perfectly among inanimate objects and landscapes.

The Most Dangerous Runways Around the World Will Make Even the Most Experienced Pilot Nervous

The world is full of beautiful destinations and unending adventures. But to experience our planet in all of its glory, you often have to hop on a plane and jet to far-off locations on the other side of the world. And while air travel is now a hugely popular form of travel for tourists, locals, and business people alike, that doesn’t mean that every single destination has a fully functioning airport. Some are home to the most dangerous runways in the world.

Breathtaking Images That Show the Effects of Climate Change Around the Globe

As temperatures are rising and glaciers are shrinking, climate change is happening faster than the world can keep up with. Put aside the fact that the world is falling apart because of this, it’s putting your favorite travel destinations at serious risk. With every passing day, the world is deteriorating piece by piece, and we’ve found the images that are documenting the daily destruction.

What’s Going To Happen To The World’s Last White Giraffe?

There’s only one white giraffe left in the world, and he’s living in Eastern Kenya. But the world has only known that such a creature exists since March 2016, two months after a supposed sighting in Tanzania. Poachers killed two relatives of the last white giraffe however, and they were the only known giraffe’s to share such a unique color. But now that the last white giraffe has been identified, conservation efforts are being made. He suffers from a rare genetic skin condition called leucism, which results in an absence of skin pigmentation. But it’s truly beautiful to behold his bright white body, faded patches, and reddish mane.