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In an ever-changing ecological environment, we can’t afford to miss out on our beautiful planet anymore. For What It’s Earth brings the most interesting stories, discussions, and updates all about Mother Earth.

Breathtaking Images That Show the Effects of Climate Change Around the Globe

As temperatures are rising and glaciers are shrinking, climate change is happening faster than the world can keep up with. Put aside the fact that the world is falling apart because of this, it's putting your favorite travel destinations at serious risk. With every passing day, the world is deteriorating piece by piece, and we've found the images that are documenting the daily destruction.
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What’s Going To Happen To The World’s Last White Giraffe?

There's only one white giraffe left in the world, and he's living in Eastern Kenya. But the world has only known that such a creature exists since March 2016, two months after a supposed sighting in Tanzania. Poachers killed two relatives of the last white giraffe however, and they were the only known giraffe's to share such a unique color. But now that the last white giraffe has been identified, conservation efforts are being made. He suffers from a rare genetic skin condition called leucism, which results in an absence of skin pigmentation. But it's truly beautiful to behold his bright white body, faded patches, and reddish mane.
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Armies of Crabs Might Be the Secret to Saving the World’s Coral Reefs

In the 21st century, it seems like the world's coral reefs just can't catch a break. Not only do they have to contend with the direct threat of declining biodiversity due to climate change and pollution, but they also face a threat on another front: being overrun by seaweed. But scientists have recently published compelling research that shows that unleashing armies of crabs on the coral reefs might be the solution.
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Conservation Efforts Pay off as Endangered Tiger Populations Are Thriving

Finally, there's good news out there in the natural world. Wildlife conservationist organization WWF have revealed that tiger populations around the world are rising. For decades, the number of tigers on our planet has been dropping at an alarmingly fast rate. In 2010, the WWF initiated a project to increase the wild cat's population and save them from extinction. We hit an all-time low 10 years ago, with the estimation of there being only 3,200 tigers left across the 13 countries they are known to reside in. Read on to find out about how they managed to turn that all around.
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30+ Adorable Animals Who Were Unexpectedly Caught Waving at the Camera

Humans have always been intrigued in the natural world, and other animals are at the top of the list for nature photography. Whether in documentaries, on the net or in the wild, we humans love to get a good photo of an animal. And our camera rolls are usually filled with photos of our pets at home, looking cute or blissfully sleeping. But these animals just wanted to say hi to the photographer and we have it all captured it all on camera.
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The Most Beautiful and Exotic Horse Coats in the World

Horses come in a variety of unique and vivid coat colors, ranging from solid and static to multifaceted and ever-changing. We'll explore some of the most rare and exotic horse breeds while admiring their extraordinary coats. Giddy up! for an exciting journey viewing some of the world's most beautiful creatures.
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40+ Photos of the Most Bizarre Natural Events That Look Too Strange To Be Real

Nature's surprising at the best of times. But all over the world, crazy things are happening that we never would have thought was scientifically possible. Turns out, we've been lied to all along. Weird natural wonders and unexplainable phenomenons aren't the stuff of science-fiction. We're showing you the most alien-like stuff that goes on at planet Earth. But we must warn you; it's also a dazzling display of nature’s magic.
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Spine-Chilling Photos From the Depths of the Ocean Prove Just How Mysterious It Really Is

Does the thought of what could be lurking in the deep dark ocean waters send shivers down you spine? If so, you might have Thalassophobia - a fear of the sea and what lives beneath it. But we've come to realise that you dont need to actually get in the water to feel spooked about the ocean. We've collected the most hair-raising photos that'll be sure to keep you out of the ocean depths. From the vast emptiness of the sea to its bloodcurdling beasts, there's definately good reason to want to be as far from it as possible. Scroll at your own risk!
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From Fluffy to Flying: 25+ Photos of Baby Birds Vs All Grown Up

Have you ever wondered where the saying "growing up and leaving the nest" comes from? These cute bird photos will give you a better understanding. Seeing these birds as babies, compared to all grown-up is not only like being on an episode of National Geographic but is also just simply adorable. These babies all grow up and fly their wings once they are ready to leave the nest.
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