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With no planet B, we all need to start changing our lifestyles to be more environmentally conscious. For What It’s Earth will deliver you stories of everyday people living sustainably.

This Couple Were Sick of Rising House Prices, so They Renovated a House Boat Instead

We’ve heard it told a thousand times by now. The younger generation won’t ever be able to afford to buy a home because of rising house prices. That was the case for young Tash Littleford and her boyfriend Lee Stone, who found themselves priced out of the housing market. So they decided to take matters into their own hands. Rather than throwing their money down the drain by renting for the rest of their lives, they decided to buy a rundown houseboat that most people would have just overlooked. In the end, they transformed it both inside and designed it to be their ultimate dream home. But there was a surprise waiting for Tash right at the end of their houseboat project.

The Weirdest Things Being Sold on eBay Will Have You Questioning Everything

We’ve all come across weird eBay listings in our time. But what if we collected all the weird, unfortunate, and vaguely upsetting items up for grabs on the online marketplace. That’s exactly what one Instagram account, called eBayBae, has done and it only leaves us asking more questions about the people behind the listings. Take a glimpse into the weird and wonderful private lives of strangers through the bizarre items they’ve listed. Just don’t be surprised if you end up with more questions than answers!

See Change by Sea Change: The Importance of Reducing Plastic and It’s Environmental Effects

The hard truth is that even if we were to see a drastic decline in plastic utilization by tomorrow, this wouldn’t be enough. The short-term solutions are to capitalize on less wasteful materials that can be washed and reused, but what about the long-term solutions? What are the impacts of the current usage and where are we seeing the repercussions from our actions? Simply put, this is severe, relevant, and happening faster than we can type.

Bringing the Great Outdoors Into the Workplace: The Office Space With Over 1,000 Plants

A co-working space in the capital of Portugal is challenging the way offices are designed. Architectural firm Salgascano came up with the idea of filling the workplace with over 1,000 plants, in order to enhance people’s quality of life significantly. The result is a tropical eyeful that brings to mind an Amazonian jungle. The natural surroundings give this workplace an inspiring and contemporary feel, while also adding splashes of color and texture to an otherwise fairly blank slate. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits.

Being a Smart Consumer Is Harder Than Ever as Greenwashing Becomes a Common Practice

We’ve all seen the rise of corporations and brands marketing the strides they’re making to be more eco-friendly. But it’s becoming clear that many associations are simply profiting off of trending buzzwords rather than putting ethical decision-making into practice. At For What It’s Earth, we’re unpacking what greenwashing is and why it’s becoming harder than ever to be a smart consumer.

Take a Look at These Must-See Buildings in Africa That Took Inspiration From Nature

The African continent is vast and unique, with a stunning array of wildlife and nature. It’s not surprising then that architects and designers are looking to the natural environment for inspiration when creating infrastructure. Considerable investments in the future of African countries have allowed for some masterful designs that lend themselves to their surroundings. Feast your eyes on some of the most enchanting and intriguing buildings around.

A Messy Situation: The Environmental Costs of Protective Gloves and Face Masks

As the world struggles to protect itself against COVID-19, millions of masks and gloves are being manufactured. And unfortunately, they are contributing to pollution, especially in the oceans. Even before the pandemic happened, millions of tons of plastic were being pumped into the seas, and now the problem has been exacerbated. We need to protect ourselves, no doubt, but even though it’s hard, we still need to keep up our obligations to the planet.

Vegan Bodybuilder Jon Venus Proves That You Can Get Ripped While Only Eating Green

Vegan bodybuilder Jon Venus is living proof that you don’t need to consume animal products if you’re looking to put on muscle mass and get ripped. Today’s grocery stores offer a wide range of vegan products – you don’t need to spend extra money or go far to get green eats. And with rising environmental concerns associated with industrial animal farming, it’s clear that we should all strive to eat less meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.

Skies Clear Up and Pollution Declines As Humans Around the World Stay Inside

Scientists report that in light of the current global situation, pollution levels are at the lowest they have been in about 80 years. As people stay home, the world has seen a drastic reduction in transport and manufacturing, thus cleaning up the air. We shouldn’t celebrate; the outbreak is a tragedy. But we should realize that it’s in our power to be more environmentally friendly and do what we can to live greener lives when things go back to normal.