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  Real people from around the world share their weird and wonderful stories. This is where you will find the most heartwarming stories of people giving back and living in harmony with the natural world.

This Is How One Couple Transformed An Old School Bus Into a Home for Six Humans, Four Cats, and One Dog

This schoolie family decided to transform an old school bus into their dream home, and now their whole lives revolve around adventure. They explore, sleep, eat, play, and even learn in their epic home, but getting to this point in their lives wasn’t easy. Transforming this dilapidated school bus into a home fit for six humans and five animals was a long and arduous process, but just wait until you see what it looks like inside…

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed

Every mother believes their child is beautiful, but Stephanie Boyd knew that her twin daughters would stand out amongst the rest. Not only are the girls drop-dead gorgeous, but uncommonly, they have the brightest blue eyes that pierce through any picture. Well, one daughter does; the other has two different colored eyes. But Stephanie could have never imagined the fame her daughters would acquire after posting their photos on Instagram.

Adorable Photos of Shelter Dogs the Moment They Get Adopted

We hope you have your air conditioning because these photos and stories run the risk of melting your heart. We went on an excursion through the vast expanses of the internet and dug up the cutest, most adorable photos of dogs the moment they get adopted by compassionate humans, and the results are soul-warming. Dogs are one of the only species that communicate with us using facial expressions, so when dogs are happy or sad, we can see on their faces. Kiss your favorite doggy and get ready for some touching tales of love and friendship.

This Mom Had Just $12 To Her Name, and What Her 8-Year-Old Son Spent It on Brought Her To Tears

In this strange and uncertain time, hope is something we all need to remember. But after one mother lost her job and home due to the pandemic, hope was something she struggled to maintain. She had no food for her children to eat, they didn’t have a proper roof over their heads, and she had just $12 left in her pocket. But that didn’t stop her 8-year-old son from taking that money and spending it on something that would change all of their lives forever.

This Couple Sold All of Their Possessions To Turn an Old Van Into a Dream Family Home on Wheels

If you don’t dream of handing in your resignation, leaving your life behind, and becoming a hermit in the forest at least once in your life, you’re obviously doing this whole human thing wrong. And what better way of feeding two birds with one seed than building your very own home on wheels? This couple, along with their young daughter, decided to do just that. They sold their home and their possessions to turn an old van into their dream home on wheels, and the end result is extraordinary.

The “Pink Princess” Plant on Everyone’s Wish List Is Called Out for Being a Scam

You might have seen the pink princess plant over the last couple of years as it has surged in popularity as a house plant. Also known as the philodendron pink princess, its striking two-tone foliage of forest green and Barbie pink has captured hearts around the world. And it’s easy to see why. But it’s led to an eye-watering price hike – one pink princess can set you back several hundreds of dollars. And you’re unlikely to get a whole plant for that, as people are only really selling small cuttings.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Don’t Want You Seeing

Everyone makes mistakes right? And celebrities are no exceptions. Often times, they get caught up in the lifestyle of the rich and famous and tend to have some unfortunate run-ins with the law. And even if they clean up their act, no matter the path they choose following their arrest, once a star’s mugshot gets cast out to the public, it tends to live on for years on end. And while we are sympathetic, that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to share these infamous and often surprising celebrity arrest stories.