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Our ever-changing world is stocked full of innovative bright minds coming up with new and creative ways to keep our earth turning. For What It’s Earth is keeping you up to date on all the next big discoveries or game-changing inventions.

Elon Musk Just Casually Tweeted About a $100 Million Prize Giveaway And The Whole World Is Responding

When you're ranked as the second richest person in the world, talking about money is your business. Whether if it's personal or professional, it's a topic that will always either be brought up by you or the people surrounding you. For billionaire Elon Musk, this is very much the case and can be seen from his daily tweets on Twitter. But what came off as all too casual as one of his tweets, has started a global ticking time clock...
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UFO Conspiracies Erupt After NASA Finds a Mysterious Black Cube In Front of the Sun

This year, we've seen the closest and most detailed photos of the sun ever taken, thanks to the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory. But one of the photographs revealed a mysterious black cube - about ten times the size of the Earth - hovering in front of the sun. Of course, the cube has breathed life into a host of outlandish UFO conspiracy theories, some of them alleging an intricate cover-up by governmental bodies.
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Elon Musk Is on His Way to Merging Brains and Computers: A Look at the Neuralink Project

One of Elon Musk's coolest ambitions is Neuralink. It's a project aimed at merging the human brain with computers. Though the technology is not there yet, it sounds exciting. Among the potential uses Musk and his company discuss are the capacity to treat neurological diseases and improve thinking. What if you could solve any math problem in less than a second? What if you could fluently speak any language by downloading a file into your brain?
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Game-Changing Search Engine Ecosia Plants Trees While You Surf the Web

It's time for some uplifting news. A search engine has been setting a new precedent by planting trees with every search you make. With over 15 million active users, you can watch the live tally on their site, where the number of trees that will be planted creeps ever close to 100 million. Their active users jumped in 2019 from eight million to a whopping 15 million, and they're still on the up. With Ecosia's agenda to help reforest our planet, they sound too good to be true.
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The Human Impact on Our Natural Environment, Rubber and Varnish Now Found in Arctic Snow

As the conversation surrounding climate change and pollution continues, we can admit we’ve made some mistakes and have done some damage over the years. What we didn’t realize is how widespread the damage is. New research shows that that pollution particles are traveling as far as the Arctic. Scientists have recently found varnish (which is rubber found in tires) and other rubber fragments that would most likely have come from fabrics or packaging, in the Arctic. Bad news, this means that these microplastics and fibers are airborne.
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Legendary Monkey-man Robert Sapolsky Has Lots to Teach Us About Ourselves and Our Close Hairy Relatives

Robert Sapolsky is a legendary researcher who spent over 20 years researching baboons in their natural habitat. He has tons to teach us about primates and ourselves. The man has published mountains of research papers in prestigious journals, and he has managed to show the world that baboons are a lot more similar to humans than we tend to think. Come have a look at this intriguing topic.
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