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  Stay up to date on what your famous favorites are doing for the planet. At such a critical time, more and more stars are using their platform for good. We’re keeping you in the know of the top talking points.

Who Wore It Best? 50 Times Celebs Were Caught Wearing the Exact Same Outfit

Sure most A-listers can afford to have their outfits uniquely designed for them, but that doesn’t mean fashion faux pas like accidentally matching a fellow celeb doesn’t happen time and time again. And when that happens, the dreaded question never fails to loom. So with that, let’s take a look down this list of celebs wearing the exact same outfit and decide once and for all, who wore it best?

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Has Embraced The Times and Gone Digital

This year, everything is different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With people not attending formal events, the fashion industry has taken it a hit. And now the fashionistas of the world are waiting for things to clear up. In the meantime, the world of fashion takes things online. Among the major red carpet events going digital this year is the Green Carpet Fashion Awards. See what it’s all about and who showed up.

Athletes From Around the World That Are Making Strides to Fight Climate Change

The dire effects that climate change has on our planet is becoming more and more evident as the years pass and although delayed, the world is finally starting to take action. This is in part thanks to the many celebrities, public figures and famous faces that have taken it upon themselves to advocate for change. Among these change-makers are leading members of the professional sporting community who can be heard from around the globe, across a variety of leagues, pleading for world leaders to help them combat climate change.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green: Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits

In recent years there has been a shift in fashion with a new focus on environmental sustainability. The shift has been global but also on the red carpet with celebrities making ecological fashion choices. Some of our favorite celebrities are choosing to wear vintage outfits, re-wearing old outfits, and pulling together ensembles of recycled and up-cycled materials. Check out this list of celebs that have joined the movement and have rocked their sustainable outfits on the red carpet.