Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson Are Teaming up to Invest in a Plant-Based Future

One thing you might not know about Woody Harrelson is that he’s been vegan for many years now, and is hugely passionate about promoting a plant-based future – and so is Owen. Although Wilson is not a full-time vegan, he is a vegetarian who mostly eats a vegan diet. So, these two Hollywood friends have teamed up to put their money where their mouths are. And they’ve recently invested in a vegan meat brand.

These Celebs May Be Worth Millions, but They Choose to Live In Incredibly Modest Homes

While we’re used to seeing celebrities spend millions of dollars on mega-mansions most of us could only dream of living in, it seems as though more and more A-listers are choosing a different path. Instead of shelling out a huge portion of their net worth on real estate, they’re opting for simpler, smaller, and more modest homes. In fact, some have even ditched bricks and mortar and now live in trailers, cabins, and converted vans!

These Dads’ Clothes Are the Fashion Version of Dad Jokes and We Love It

These epic dads have some serious fashion sense and they’re not afraid to show it! Gone are the days when men try to avoid the “dad look,” nowadays, they know to embrace cheesiness. These dads are on a mission to embarrass and we believe that they’ve succeeded. These fathers know how important it is to laugh at ourselves and not take life too seriously. So the real question is, which dad trend is your favorite?

Folks Are Transforming Their Scars, Birthmarks, and Skin Abnormalities Into Awesome Body Art

There are all kinds of reasons why people get tattoos. But there’s one tattoo trend that’s making people feel especially empowered as it’s changing the way that people see themselves. Scars, birthmarks, and other skin abnormalities used to give these people a negative self-image and low self-esteem. But by inking themselves on or around the mark, people are transforming their bodies into works of art. Because of the work of these talented tattoo artists, people are highlighting their scars instead of hiding them from the world. It doesn’t take away difficult memories or traumatic experiences, but it does change people’s association with them, and that is truly life-changing. Whatever your feelings about tattoos are, these special ones are sure to leave you feeling moved.

Girl Dads are Sharing Photos of Their Daddy-Daughter Makeup Sessions and We Can’t Get Enough

These loving dads prove that they’ll do anything for their daughters. It all started when one girl dad on Twitter shared a hilarious selfie, showing him with a full face of makeup on. He had no idea that he was starting an online revolution of dads sharing their daddy-daughter makeover moments. Before he knew it, dads from all over the country (and the world) were chiming in to show their support and welcome him into the club. Take a look at some of the best girl dad photos shared in an epic Twitter thread; we guarantee that it will restore your faith in humanity!

Old Family Photos That Have Been Hilariously Recreated by the Kids Now That They’re All Grown Up

We all have cringey family photos from our past that we never want to see the light of day. But some individuals are reclaiming their awkward younger selves by recreating their childhood photos. And they’re getting the whole family involved too, to make it as similar as possible. But of course, a lot of time has passed since the OG photos were taken. And these side-by-side comparisons show just how much these kids have grown. Take a look at their hilarious photo re-enactments – just don’t expect the kids to be just as cute as before.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits

The Met Gala is referred to as “fashion’s biggest night out” for good reason. Held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, it’s one of the biggest annual events that attracts the top Hollywood stars. The only requirement is that whoever attends should dress to impress. Luckily for the stars, the Met Gala picks a different theme each year to help guide their fashion choices. Even then, celebrities and the designers they work with can’t help but draw inspiration from all manner of sources. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look for yourself at the most extravagent Met Gala outfits and the surprising figures and objects that most likely inspired them.

These Celebrities Had the Most Relatable Reactions To Being Followed By The Paparazzi

We know it can’t be easy being followed by the paparazzi. Whether they’re just trying to take a relaxing stroll, have a quiet dinner out, or pop to the corner shop for milk, cameramen and women follow and document their every move. We get it – you deserve your privacy too. That being said, some celebrities deal with it better than others. Take a look at which famous faces have had the best reactions to being caught by paparazzi.

Young Activists Organize Their Own Virtual Climate Crisis Conference After the UN Postpone Theirs

It seems like the younger generation are putting their foot down when it comes to the climate crisis. Leaders from around the globe were expected to attend a United Nations (UN) conference in Glasgow this month. But due to the global pandemic, the important talks have been postponed until 2021. That’s bad news for the activists, our planet, and ourselves as action needs to be taken to reduce the effects of climate change. But amazingly, there are young people are refusing to let the UN put off the Cop26 conference. Find out about what they’re planning.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Has Embraced The Times and Gone Digital

This year, everything is different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With people not attending formal events, the fashion industry has taken it a hit. And now the fashionistas of the world are waiting for things to clear up. In the meantime, the world of fashion takes things online. Among the major red carpet events going digital this year is the Green Carpet Fashion Awards. See what it’s all about and who showed up.