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Stay in the know with the most sustainable designers in the fashion world. See who is taking the extra step in changing the planet and what new innovative designs, brands, and products are on the horizon.

These Celebrities Had the Most Relatable Reactions To Being Followed By The Paparazzi

We know it can't be easy being followed by the paparazzi. Whether they're just trying to take a relaxing stroll, have a quiet dinner out, or pop to the corner shop for milk, cameramen and women follow and document their every move. We get it - you deserve your privacy too. That being said, some celebrities deal with it better than others. Take a look at which famous faces have had the best reactions to being caught by paparazzi.
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How More and More of Hollywood’s Elite Are Doubling as Environmental Activists

It's the responsibility of mankind to make this world a better place than how we found it. Being able to create a positive impact is important regardless of your social status. But, when your audience is global, it's that much easier for your voice and message to be heard. Celebrities are using their platforms to do exactly this - sound the bell across the world to get everyone on board that the world needs us, and our job starts today.
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Young Activists Organize Their Own Virtual Climate Crisis Conference After the UN Postpone Theirs

It seems like the younger generation are putting their foot down when it comes to the climate crisis. Leaders from around the globe were expected to attend a United Nations (UN) conference in Glasgow this month. But due to the global pandemic, the important talks have been postponed until 2021. That's bad news for the activists, our planet, and ourselves as action needs to be taken to reduce the effects of climate change. But amazingly, there are young people are refusing to let the UN put off the Cop26 conference. Find out about what they're planning.
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The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Has Embraced The Times and Gone Digital

This year, everything is different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With people not attending formal events, the fashion industry has taken it a hit. And now the fashionistas of the world are waiting for things to clear up. In the meantime, the world of fashion takes things online. Among the major red carpet events going digital this year is the Green Carpet Fashion Awards. See what it's all about and who showed up.
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Joaquin Phoenix Promised to Keep Rewearing This Stella Mccartney Suit in a Bid to Reduce Waste

Award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix has another big passion in life: environmentalism. Not only is he a busy animal rights activist, but he's also decided to take a stand against the wasteful fashion industry and consumerist culture. He pledged to wear the same tuxedo to any Hollywood awards shows in 2020. In January, he put the onus on Hollywood's power players to take responsibility for their carbon footprint. Read on to see what he said.
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It’s About Time: Starbucks Is Finally Putting an End to Its Vegan Milk Tax

Vegans and non-vegans alike can rejoice at the news that Starbucks is putting an end to the vegan milk "tax." Earlier this year they announced their plans to become a more eco-friendly business, part of which includes promoting their plant-based dairy alternatives. It can be seen as part of a bigger drive to cater to their younger customers, many of which have been applying pressure on the food and beverage chain to do more for the planet. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson explained that this decision is intended to "push customers to choose milk made from almond, coconuts, soy or oats, whose production is environmentally friendlier than dairy."
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These Puffer Jackets Are Being Stuffed With Wild Flowers Instead of Plastic

The future of fashion is here. One company has finally found a way of making warm puffer jackets without a plastic or down filling, and none of the warmth is compromised. Pangaia is the revolutionary sustainable clothing brand that fills their winter coats with flowers. They've called it their FLWRDWN range, a play on the words flower and down, and have received high praise for their cruelty-free stance. As they don't require animal products for their jacket filling, they make for a great option for vegans.
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Doing the Right Thing: Italy Makes Climate Change Education a Mandatory Part of Curriculum

Climate change, also known as global warming, has been a concern for some time now. Scientists and environmentalists say that we bear some responsibility, and that we need to take for steps to fight back against the phenomenon. Recently, Italy's education minister announced their curriculum will include obligatory material on climate change. This move is the first of its kind in our history, and it is truly inspiring.
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Reebok Is Ahead of the Game in Creating the First Ever Plant-Based Performance Running Shoe

With the public's burgeoning concern about companies and their impact on the environment, Reebok is showing the public that their listening. They're introducing the world's first plant-based performance shoe, the Forever Floatride GROW. It's made from plants, eliminating the need to produce petroleum-based plastics for their footwear. And seeing as how specialized a performance-based sneaker needs to be to meet tough physical requirements, it's quite a feat that they've managed to pull it off.
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Time for a Royal Animal-Friendly Change: Queen Elizabeth to Stop Wearing Real Fur

During the last few decades, the public has been becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical concerns of wearing fur. Thankfully, lots of animal-friendly fur substitutes are popping up all over the place. In a monumental move a few months ago, Queen Elizabeth announced that she will stop wearing fur. Awesome! One decision by one person can often go a long way, and we hope this is the case here.
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