Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Don’t Want You Seeing

Sometimes living the life of the rich and famous can be quite overwhelming. We all know the story of the rising star who let fame take him or her down the wrong path. Mistakes are made, life gets a bit too reckless and more times than not, that star gets caught by the authorities doing something they shouldn’t. Everyone makes mistakes right? And thankfully, most are able to live, learn, and move on with their lives.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing65

However, no matter the path they choose following their arrest, once a star’s mugshot gets cast out to the public, it tends to live on for years. And while we are sympathetic, that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to share what we have uncovered. With that, here is our collection of mugshots of celebrities who got caught breaking the law.

Daryl Hannah

Everyone’s favorite mermaid, Daryl Hannah from the 1984 film, Splash was arrested in 2012 for protesting the construction of a major oil pipeline in Texas. Hannah, along with Texas landowner Eleanor Fairchild, was arrested for illegal trespassing, after she was found lying down in front of an excavator standing on Fairchild’s farm.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing19

“I was peacefully protesting the unwanted advances of Trans Canada on Eleanor Fairchild’s land. She has stated very clearly that she doesn’t want them there and they insist on bullying her and taking away her land through eminent domain,” Hannah attested. She was released after posting a $4,500 bond.

John Mayer

In May 2001, Grammy award-winning recording artist, John Mayer was arrested in Atlanta for speeding and driving without a license. The case was dismissed just a month later. The incident actually went unreported to the public for years. That is until 2009 when Mayer challenged TMZ founder Harvey Lenin to uncover his never-before-seen mug-shot.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing26

Mayer took to Twitter to post the challenge saying “If Harvey Levin at TMZ can produce my mugshot, I will donate 25k to the charity of his choice.” It only took Levin 14 hours to do so. He posted the photo on TMZ’s website writing “We found the mug … so pay up, John.”

Yasmine Bleeth

Actress, Yasmine Bleeth, best known for her role as Caroline Holden on Baywatch, was arrested back in 2001 following a car accident. After the arrest, Bleeth spent a night in jail while officers investigated the crash, which involved the star driving her car off the highway onto a median strip on Interstate 94 in Detroit, Michigan.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing62

Bleeth was in the car with her friend Paul Cerrito. Unfortunately, the officers did end up finding some illegal substances in Bleeth’s vehicle and as a result, she was sentenced to two years probation. Her sentencing also included mandatory drug tests and 1,000 hours of community service.


Jackass star, Stephen Glover, popularly known as Steve-O was arrested back in 2015 after climbing a crane in a protest against SeaWorld. Yes, you read that right. The famous daredevil was caught scaling a 100-foot crane above Sunset Boulevard holding an inflatable balloon in the shape of Shamu with the words “SeaWorld Sucks.” He then proceeded to detonate fireworks from the crane.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing55

The act of protest resulted in a charge of five misdemeanors, three years probation, and a reimbursement of $14,000 to the city of Los Angeles. And this was not his first run-in with the law either. Steve-O also got arrested in 2002, and twice in 2003, all while pulling pranks for the hit reality comedy series Jackass. The above mug-shot is from his 2002 arrest after performing a collection of obscene stunts at the Abyss nightclub in Louisiana.

Paris Hilton

Socialite, businesswoman, model, and DJ Paris Hilton has also had a couple of run-ins with the law. And wouldn’t you know it, her mugshot looks totally flawless, proving once again that she didn’t choose the diva life, the diva life chose her. This was Hilton’s third-ever mugshot, taken in 2010 after being charged with drug possession.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing48

The reality star was sentenced to one year of probation, 200 hours of community service, a $2,000 fine, and the completion of a treatment program. Hilton was also arrested in 2006 for driving under the influence and again in 2007 for driving with a suspended license.

Mischa Barton

In 2007, former OC star Mischa Barton was pulled over after she was seen weaving between lanes while driving. She was then taken in and charged with a DUI. When asked about the incident, Barton said she was disappointed in herself and takes full responsibility.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing41

“I don’t know what to say about it except I’m not perfect. I just don’t ever intend to do something this stupid again,” Barton said in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest. Following the arrest, Barton was given 36 months probation, alcohol education classes, and a fine as part of a plea deal.

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin, whom you might recognize as Thanos from Marvel’s Avengers, was arrested in 2008 after an altercation at the Stray Cat Bar in Shreveport, Louisiana. The actor was there having drinks with co-stars and crew members after a day of filming for the movie W. It all started when police showed up at the bar to deal with a rowdy patron.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing27

Brolin along with five other crew members and fellow actor Jeffery Wright tried to intervene causing them all to be arrested and charged for “interfering with police business.” The No Country for Old Men stars as well as the six others were released shortly after paying a $334 bond and all charges were dropped.

Haley Joel Osment

We think it’s safe to say that getting arrested later in life has become some a rite of passage for child stars in Hollywood. And The Sixth Sense star Haley Joel Osment was no exception. In 2006, when Osment was 18 years old, he was arrested after crashing his station wagon on his way home from a concert.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing20

The actor was charged with drunk driving and possession and was released after posting a $15,000 bond. We are happy to report that this appears to have been a one-time offense and Osment seems to have his life on the right track these days and has even made a comeback in his acting career.

Khloe Kardashian

As many of us witnessed firsthand on the first season of Keeping up With The Kardashians, back in 2007, Khloe Kardashian was arrested for driving under the influence. The youngest of the Dash sisters was driving home after a night out in LA when she was pulled over and failed to pass a sobriety test.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing30

A year after the arrest, Khloe had violated her probation by missing community service and was therefore sentenced to 30 days behind bars. Fortunately, she was released after just three hours due to overcrowding. As documented on their hit reality series, both Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian have this very mugshot of Khloe framed and put up on display in their homes.

Charles Barkley

Known to be one of the most controversial players in professional basketball history, 11 time NBA all-star Charles Barkley has gotten called out for “physical play” both on and off the court. In 1991, Barkley was arrested after breaking a man’s nose that was taunting him following a game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing13

Barkley was leaving a downtown bar around 2:30 am with a friend when he was confronted by a 25-year-old UW-Milwaukee student and three of his friends. After being taunted by the locals, Barkley hit the guy in the face, breaking his nose. He was arrested the next morning but was let out of jail later that day on a $500 cash bond.

Heather Locklear

Melrose Place actress Heather Locklear had this not-so-glamorous mugshot taken back in 2008 after she was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer. The officer arrested Locklear based on a suspicion of driving under the influence.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing21

Locklear pleaded no contest to reckless driving resulting in the DUI charges being dropped. She did however have to pay $700 and was sentenced to three years of informal probation. Unfortunately, Locklear had a couple more run-ins with the law in 2018 however today she is proudly celebrating over a year of sobriety.

Lindesy Lohan

Mean Girls actress and well-known child star Lindsay Lohan has racked up a fair share of mugshots through the years. Her first dating back to 2007 when she was 21 and her latest arrest went down in 2013. The mug-shot snapped here is from 2010 after a court-mandated drug test revealed that Lohan had broken probation.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing32

Luckily, she only served one day behind bars before checking in to rehab. Lohan is just another example of how becoming famous at a young age can sometimes lead you to make some reckless decisions. It seems these days, however, the star has straightened up her act and has left those years of law-breaking behind her.

Michelle Rodriguez

Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez looks smug as ever in this mug-shot taken in December 2007. It was snapped soon after she was taken into Los Angeles County Jail for failing to complete her community service and for violating probation.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing40

The star’s probation was first set back in 2003 for driving under the influence and again in 2005 while filming Lost in Hawaii. After violating her sentence for the second time, Rodriguez was sentenced to 180 days in jail but she was released after just 18 days due to overcrowding.

Snoop Dogg

Rap icon Snoop Dogg was arrested back in 1993 right around the time he was recording his debut solo album, Doggystyle. He was brought in under the suspicion that he had been involvedd in a drive-by incident. He was later deemed not guilty and the musician was acquitted.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing54

This incident is actually what inspired Snoop’s short film, Murder Was The Case as well as the accompanying soundtrack. This was Snoop’s first of a long list of films in which he starred as himself. Snoop had a few more run-ins with the law throughout the 90s and early 2002s but as we know, this did not keep him from dominating the rap scene and becoming a living hip hop legend.

Vince Vaughn

Wedding Crashers star Vince Vaughn was arrested in 2018 after failing to pass a sobriety test at a police checkpoint in Manhattan Beach, California. He was then brought in for drunk driving as well as resisting arrest as he allegedly interfered with the Manhattan police officers.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing60

We have to say, it’s kind of typical that this well known funny man was still smiling even for his post-arrest mugshot. After entering a no-contest plea, Vaughn’s charge was reduced to reckless driving. The Old School actor was sentenced to three years’ probation and ordered to undergo a three-month program.

Nicole Richie

Fashion designer, actress, and former star of The Simple Life had to strike a pose for this mugshot taken back in 2006 after being brought in by the California Highway Patrol. This came about after motorists spotted her Mercedes entering an exit ramp, driving against the traffic.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing45

Richie was sentenced to four days in jail but she only ended up serving 82 minutes of that before being released due to overcrowding. She did, however, complete an 18-month anti-drinking drivers education program.

Wiz Khalifa

Cameron Thomaz, aka Wiz Khalifa, posed for this shot back in 2014 after being arrested by the El Paso Police Department in Texas. Khalifa was attempting to board a flight without proper identification and was searched by TSA agents. The officers found small amounts of recreational substances in his possession.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing61

Ironically, this came about just days before the release of his mixtape, 28 Grams. Fortunately, just hours later, after posting a $300 bail, the rapper was released and the arrest did not keep his music from dropping. The rapper even posted a selfie on his Twitter account with the caption “Jail Selfie.”

Amanda Bynes

While most know her as the cheerful and peppy Amanda Bynes from Nickelodeon’s All That and The Amanda Bynes Show, in recent years, the former child-star has run into her own fair share of legal issues. In 2012, Bynes was charged with a DUI in West Hollywood after accidentally hitting a police car while attempting to pass it on the right.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing3

The charges were eventually dropped but the She’s The Man star did still have to remain under three-year probation. In the years that followed, Bynes had a few more altercations that cause her to be detained by law enforcement. However, in 2018 she stated that she was celebrating four years of sobriety and since then seems to have remained on the straight and narrow.

Carmen Electra

Famed glamour model and star of the hit show Baywatch, Carmen Electra is a 90’s icon that will always remain relevant. If you recall, back in 1998 Electra was married to former NBA star Dennis Rodman, and their relationship was far from picture-perfect.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing10

Rodman and Electra were taken in by Miami Beach police in November 1999. The authorities were called in about a domestic dispute at the hotel where the celeb couple had been staying. Both were released on $2,500 bail and the charges were eventually dropped. Needless to say, Rodman and Electra divorced that same year.

Shia LaBeouf

Pictured here is Transformers star Shia LaBeouf as he poses for a mugshot in October 2015. LaBeouf had been arrested in Austin, Texas on a public intoxication charge. He was brought in by police who spotted him “acting erratically” on a downtown street. LaBeouf was only briefly held in jail before being released on bail.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing53

The former Even Stevens star has had more than one run-in with the law since growing out of his Disney child star days. In 2019 LaBeouf released Honey Boy, a film based on his life as a young actor, his relationship with his father, and his spiral into alcohol abuse. He wrote the screenplay for this film while in rehab.

Blac Chyna

Former Nicki Minaj stunt double and ex-beau to Robert Kardashian, Blac Chyna also ran into some legal troubles back in 2016. The reality star was arrested at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas due to public intoxication.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing18

Chyna was reportedly kicked off her British Airways flight from Texas to London after which she retreated to an airport bar called Saxon Pub. The authorities were then called in after she had been verbally aggressive to the bartender. Officers then discovered that she was also in possession of illegal substances. However, this charge has since been dismissed.

Chace Crawford

Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was arrested by Texas police in 2010 and charged with possession after they busted him with a joint outside of a bar. The then 24-year old was hanging out in a friend’s car outside Ringo’s Pub in Plano, Texas.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing11

It was then that police approached the vehicle and found Crawford and his friend smoking in the car. The teen heartthrob was booked into jail and charged with possession. He was released soon after and has stayed out of trouble since.

Fiona Apple

Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Fiona Apple was caught having a bit too much fun on her tour bus back in 2012. On her way to a concert in Austin Texas, the songstress was stopped at the internal U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing17

While searching the tour bus, officers discovered that the artist was in possession of hashish. She was then arrested and taken into the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office lockup. She was released soon after paying a $10,000 bond.

Jenelle Evans

As we have seen on MTV’s Teen Mom 2, reality star Jenelle Evan’s has had a fair share of drama throughout her lifetime. And this includes her getting arrested not once, not twice but 15 times since 2010. The photo below was from 2015 when Evans was taken in for driving without a license.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing24

Following her release, which required posting a $237.50 bond, the 16 and Pregnant star took to Twitter to explain what happened. According to her, the license was suspended without her knowledge after she paid a seatbelt ticket three days late in 2013. This was definitely one of her more minor infractions over the years.

Kiefer Sutherland

Director and actor Kiefer Sutherland might have an Emmy and a Golden Globe under his belt, to name a few from his long list of accolades, but that doesn’t mean he is without his flaws. Back in 2007, the 24 star had to pose for this mugshot after pleading guilty to a drunk driving offense.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing63

This was Sutherland’s fourth DUI charge since 1989. The Canadian actor was sentenced to 30 days in jail as well as 18 more days for violating probation from a 2004 drunken-driving arrest. He had reportedly had his own cell and spent his sentence keeping to himself.

Reese Witherspoon

“Do you know my name?” asked Reese Witherspoon after she and her husband were pulled over by Atlanta state troopers back in 2013. The Oscar-winning actress was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after refusing to remain in her vehicle as her husband was given field sobriety tests. Unfortunately for Witherspoon, the arrest was documented on Dash Cam and is now on YouTube for all to see.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing49

“We went out to dinner in Atlanta and we had one too many glasses of wine. We thought we were fine to drive and we absolutely were not…We know better and we shouldn’t have done that,” the Legally Blonde star later explained. “I saw [the police officer] arresting my husband and I literally panicked…It’s just completely unacceptable and we are so sorry and embarrassed.”

Michael Phelps

As the most decorated Olympic swimmer of all time, you would expect the legendary Michael Phelps to be living his entire life on the straight and narrow. But even the best of us have our slip-ups. And unfortunately for Phelps, his slip-up was caught red-handed. Back in 2014, the swimmer was arrested and charged in Baltimore for driving under the influence, excessive speed, and crossing double lane lines.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing37

Following his arrest, Phelps checked himself into rehab for 45 days. “I sent myself down a downward spiral,” Phelps said when recalling that night. “I think it was more, of a sign than anything else. That I had to get something under control.” The swimmer then went on to win 5 more Gold medals at the 2016 summer Olympics, bringing his total to 23.

Nicki Minaj

Back in 2003 when Nicki Minaj was still known as Onika Maraj and had yet to skyrocket to superstardom, she also had an unfortunate run-in with the law. This was back when Minaj was still working as a waitress at Red Lobster.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing44

The Queen’s resident posed for this barely recognizable mugshot after she was brought in by NYPD for possession of a weapon. Fellow rapper Jay-Z actually used this mugshot as a mega screen backdrop on his On The Run 2 Tour in 2018.

Vanilla Ice

Robert Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice has been out of the mainstream rap game for quite some time since his hit 1999 single “Ice Ice Baby.” He has remained relevant however through DIY network’s The Vanilla Ice Project. Other than that, the only time we really hear about the 90s icon is through news reports about his various arrests. The most recent being in 2015, where this smug mugshot was taken.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing59

The rapper was brought in for his suspected involvement in a burglary in Florida. An incident which took place adjacent to where he was renovating a home for his reality show. When asked about the charge, Winkle said the whole thing was a “misunderstanding.” Nevertheless, he had agreed to 100 hours of community service and to pay more than $1,000 in restitution fees.

Russell Brand

British comedian Russell Brand had an unfortunate exchange with a paparazzi back in 2012 while he was in New Orleans filming a movie. Brand was brought in by police after he allegedly threw a photographer’s iPhone out a window. The warrant cited “simple criminal damage to property.”

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing51

This wasn’t the first time a confrontation with paparazzi has led to Brand’s arrest either. Back in 2010, when the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star was on his way to catch a flight with his then-fiance Katy Perry, he allegedly attacked a paparazzi who had blocked their way. He was released from custody the next day after posting $20,000 bail

Scott Disick

Before he began dating Kourtney Kardashian and becoming a reality television star, Scott Disick was just another guy like you and me. And just like any other guy, he also has his rebellious teenage years to look back on. Nothing points to this fact more than this mug shot taken when Disick was only 18 years old.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing52

The Keeping up With The Kardashians socialite was arrested in 2001 for driving while impaired, to which he pled guilty to a noncriminal charge. Disick’s teen mugshot resurfaced in 2014 all thanks to his KUWTK co-star, Khloe Kardashian who posted it on her social media in celebration of his 31st birthday.

Chris Tucker

Comedian Chris Tucker gave Rush Hour a whole new meaning back in 2005 when he was arrested and briefly jailed in Georgia after cops pulled him over for speeding. According to the police report, Tucker was driving his Bentley at 109 mph on Interstate 20 before he was pulled over by state troopers.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing16

Police also reported that the actor “failed to pull over right away.” They brought him to McDuffie jail where Tucker was requested to wear an orange jumper over what appears to be a white button-up and tie before taking this booking photo.

Natasha Lyonne

Actress and director Natasha Lyonne is serving us all the Orange is The New Black vibes in this mugshot. Of course, this was over a decade prior to her starring in the award-winning series. Lyonne had an unfortunate run-in with the law much earlier on in her career when she was best known as Jessica from American Pie. The actress was arrested in 2001 after crashing a rental car in Miami Beach.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing42

Thankfully neither Lyonne nor her passenger, actor Adam Goldberg were injured. The Russian Doll star was charged for careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving under the influence. She had to spend eight hours in county jail before being released on a $2,000 bond. On top of that, she was sentenced to probation, community service, and had her license suspended.

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter fans were shocked when this barely recognizable mugshot of the pop singer first surfaced. Carter, who rose to fame in the late 90s when he was only nine years old, was arrested in 2017 for driving under the influence. Following his release, the “I Want Candy” singer contested the charges and claimed he was not in the moving vehicle at the time but rather at a local Auto Zone shop where he had stopped to have his car repaired.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing1

Carter, who was with his girlfriend at the time of the arrest, also assured his fans that he does not drink and doesn’t want them to worry about his well-being. “I don’t need help,” he said. “What I need is for people to understand that I’m human and that I make mistakes just like every other human in this world, but I would never risk my life or my girlfriend’s life.”

Chris Klein

American Pie star Chris Klein was arrested in 2005 after San Diego County sheriff’s deputies pulled over the 2003 BMW he was driving. According to the official police report, the actor had a blood alcohol content of .20 which is more than twice the .08 legal limit set in the state of California.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing15

Klein was fined $1,800 and ordered to complete a minimum of 150 hours of community service. He was caught in a similar incident in 2010 after which he served four days behind bars before beginning a two month rehabilitation program.

Shailene Woodley

Actress Shailene Woodley was arrested in 2016 while protesting the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota. After her arrest, the Big Little Lies star was charged with criminal trespassing and engaging in a riot.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing64

Woodley originally contested the charges but eventually accepted a plea deal in exchange for one-year probation. The actress captured the whole ordeal on Facebook live as an effort to show the public that she, as well as those with her were protesting in a peaceful manner prior to her arrest.

Justin Bieber

Who can forget when pop star Justin Bieber had his rebellious teenage phase for all the world to experience? Three years after releasing his debut studio album, Bieberfever was in full swing and the young star had begun to let his fame get the best of him. That’s where this cheeky mugshot comes in. The arrest went down in 2016 when the then 19-year-old star was caught drag racing in Miami Beach, behind the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing29

The Canadian native was then unable to pass a sobriety test and was reportedly uncooperative with the police. Bieber, along with singer Khalil who was also at the scene driving a Ferrari, was then brought into Miami-Dade lockup. He was released on a $2,500 bound. Bieber was charged for driving under the influence, driving with an over six-month expired license, and resisting arrest without violence.

Matthew McConaughey

Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey probably takes the cake for the most infamous arrest story which occurred back in 1999. The Dazed and Confused star said he was just having a “jam session” in his home when Austin, Texas police officers arrived uninvited. Once entering his abode, following a noise complaint, officers found McConaughey dancing naked, high, and playing the bongo drums. A scene that is actually not that hard to imagine.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing36

McConaughey later reflected on that night in his memoir writing that he just wanted to wind down and listen to “the beautiful African melodic beats of Henri Dikongué.” Following the rude interruption, the Magic Mike actor was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. This charge was later dropped but he did pay a $50 fine for breaking Austin’s noise ordinance law.


Another celeb who had a very publicized arrest was Nicole Polizzi, known to the world as Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore. The whole ordeal, which went down in the summer of 2010, was well documented on season three of the hit reality series. The then 22-year-old guidette was having a drunken good time on the Seaside Heights, New Jersey boardwalk when local police intervened.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing66

Polizzi was booked into a Seaside Heights jail and made to pose for this hot-mess of a mug shot. Her charges included disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and criminal annoyance of others. She was sentenced to a $500 fine and community service. Looking back Snooki says that she has no recollection of the arrest but she still names the event as one of her favorite moments from Jersey Shore.

Nick Carter

Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter was feeling larger than life one Saturday night in 2005 while driving in Huntington Beach, California. The former teen idol was pulled over for a traffic violation but then arrested and charged for drunk driving.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing43

Carter was released from jail after being held for four hours. The musician had another run in with the law in 2015 after getting arrested in Key West, Florida for instigating a bar fight. According to the report, Carter had hit a bouncer after being denied entry into the bar.

Macaulay Culkin

Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin is all grown up and has had quite a whirlwind life since his days of building boobie traps for burglars. In 2004, the then 24-year-old had to pose for this mugshot after being brought in to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Celebrity Mugshots That These Stars Probably Dont Want You Seeing35

Culkin, who is now 40, was arrested and charged for possession of marijuana and two controlled substances for which he did not have a prescription. Culkin was released on $4,000 bond. He was ordered to pay $540 in fees and received three one-year suspended prison terms.