Epic Photos of Things That Could Only Happen in Mother Russia

Thu Jan 06 2022

While every culture is different, some are simply more interesting than others. Russia has one of the world’s most fascinating cultures and is constantly circulating the internet in the form of memes. This beloved country seems to have beautiful and chaotic things happen that just wouldn’t occur anywhere else.

In Mother Russia, you have to be tough and ready for anything! No one does grit like Russians. We don’t think we’d be able to survive too long in that country, we just don’t have what it takes. But these people are absolutely thriving amongst the chaos and sharing their wins with the internet.

Presentation Is Key

Anyone who works in the food industry knows, presentation is everything! We eat with our eyes, and regardless of how a food tastes, we just won’t enjoy it as much if it doesn’t look good. These store owners knew how to sell their products: it all starts with the right presentation.

These adorable chickens are all dressed up and ready to celebrate! The text at the bottom reads “have a great holiday,” which we most certainly will after seeing this photo. The only issue is that we’d feel bad to separate these cute chicken friends, so we’d have to buy both. Now that’s some excellent marketing.

The Importance of Learning Independence

You have to be tough in this world, and part of that is learning independence from a young age. These parents knew that their child would need to learn grit, but they didn’t want to risk the kid wandering off, so they found a perfect solution. And who said childcare is expensive?

Like all things Russian, the internet adored this photo. One person captioned this pic “How I feel when my friends make plans without me. ‘You guys go have fun, I’ll just be hanging around here.'” That is all too relatable. Given that this is a Russian baby, we have no doubt that he found a genius way to get down and move on with his day.

Russian Strength

Russians take strength to a whole new level. We’ve all been there: trying desperately to carry our groceries in just one trip. It’s a personal challenge, and a show of strength, if you don’t have to do the dreaded second trip. Being Russian, this guy was strong and innovative enough to take all of his bags in one go.

That’s how you know you’re dealing with Russians: When even their buttcheeks are stronger than your entire arm. Whoever told this guy that he can’t possibly make it in just one trip, is definitely eating their words now. This guy knows how to grocery shop like a boss!

It’s Her World and We’re Just Living in It

This woman knows how incredible she looks and she wanted the world to see! However, it seems that there was some construction going on in the area where she wanted to do her photoshoot. That may have stopped us, but not this bada**. Nothing will get in the way of this woman snapping the perfect picture.

When this queen has a photoshoot scheduled, she’s gonna get her pictures, and the rest of the world will just have to deal with it. We don’t blame passersby for looking at what’s going on, this woman’s fancy attire does seem out of place. That being said, it kind of works in the photo’s favor: She looks even more regal compared to the casual backdrop.

When English Isn’t Your First Language

Wearing clothes in a language you don’t understand is always a risk. It seems that this family was willing to take that risk upon themselves, and unfortunately, it didn’t pay off. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the text on this kid’s shirt, it certainly wasn’t appropriate for the occasion.

While California does absolutely know how to party, this looks like a pretty somber event in which partying wasn’t on the agenda. This is a good life lesson for everyone: Never wear clothing that you don’t know what the text on it says. On another note, bonus points if you noticed Russian Tom Hardy in the background.

Fish for Scale

We all know the popular internet meme in which people measure things using a “banana for scale.” Well, apparently, this Russian woman’s version of that was to use a fish for scale and it’s not a bad idea. This photo was used for a dating site, so we guess she was either trying to show how tall she is, or how big of a fish she can catch.

Russian Tinder is known to be its own entity, as it tends to feature pictures that are quite different than American Tinder. That being said, we’d still take this fishy photo over an unsolicited d*ck pic any day. So if American Tinder hasn’t been working out for you, maybe it’s time to give Russian Tinder a go.

When You Need to Patrol but Still Want to Look Fabulous

This cop needed to do his patrol duties but he still wanted to look fabulous, and he succeeded! No matter how epic you may think you are, you’ll never be as epic as a cop riding a unicorn. That’s a level of bada**ery that’s reserved strictly for residents of Mother Russia.

While people may not like cops, and definitely don’t like being stopped by the police, seeing this unicorn has got to take the sting out of it a bit. We know that we’d be a lot less upset about getting some sort of fine if it was handed to us by this guy and his trusty steed.

No Flower Vase? No Problem!

There are two possibilities of what could have happened here. This first is that this girl didn’t have a vase to put her flowers in, but she was resourceful enough to find a solution. The second is she didn’t want to receive these flowers from whoever sent them, and she’s making sure to let them know it.

Whatever her reasons, we have to say that this woman is winning! She’s going to have the best smelling, and most uniquely decorated, bathroom in the entire world, and nobody can argue with that. We just hope that she has another place in the house to do her business.

I’m on My Way

There is no doubt that this guy is gonna get to wherever he’s going, in style! It doesn’t matter what car you drive, you will not be able to outshine this man’s entrance. If you’ve never ridden a camel to work or a party, then you’re clearly not from Russia.

The casual look on this man’s face is everything. Clearly, he’s done this a million times before and just isn’t fazed. We do admit, riding a camel is much better for the environment than driving a car, so he’s really doing all of us a favor. This guy’s mode of transportation is both stylish and environmentally friendly, it’s a win-win!

Dating Profiles for Vegans

Meat is a very important food in Russian culture, so if you want to exclusively date vegans, you need to be crystal clear about that. That may be why this woman chose this particular photo for her online dating profile. There is no doubt in our minds that she loves her vegetables, and she looks great while eating them!

The internet adored this pic and had some pretty great comments. One person wrote, “I hate when people take baths like this, we get it, you’re vegan.” While another commented, “I only hang out with guys because it’s less drama.” But our favorite one said: “When your crush says he likes carrots.”

These Goats Are Going Places

These goats need to get places and they understand that it’s better for the environment to take public transportation. For those who don’t read Russian, we’ll clue you in: the graffiti on the bus stop reads “goats,” so clearly, this is not these animals’ first time waiting for this bus.

Apparently, this is just a typical bus stop on a typical day in Russia. Most of these goats are even posing for the camera as if to say “Yeah, we’re here, so what? We have every right to be.” This aesthetic photo looks pretty artistic for a bus stop, it kind of looks like these goats are about to drop an incredible album, doesn’t it?

Russia’s Favorite Brand

Russians really love Adidas, so much so, that this woman even wanted a cake dedicated to them! We’re not sure if this was to celebrate her birthday or the sportswear company’s birthday, but either way, the dessert looks lovely. We have no doubt that it tasted like sweet victory, as everything in Russia does.

Of course, this girl is wearing an Adidas tracksuit to match her cake. Ironically, the sportswear company probably wouldn’t endorse eating such an unhealthy dessert. It’s likely that she went out for a run shortly after eating, to counteract the calories. That’s probably why she’s already dressed up for a workout.

This Dog’s Got Style!

In Russia, even the animals have impeccable style. This dog is dressed up perfectly for any occasion! She looks like a proper and stern mama, who’s ready to scold anyone who crosses her. We bet that she matches her owner’s personal style, and they’re both strict mama-bear types.

We have to commend this dog’s owners for keeping their fur baby nice and warm during the cold Russian winter. Her fur coat looks super cozy, and she’s even got a bandana to make sure her head doesn’t get cold. The glasses seem to be just for style, a style which she’s definitely pulling off!

But First, Let Me Grab a Beer

Sometimes life hands you a problem that you’re just not ready to deal with yet. We’ve all had that feeling of just needing a beer or a glass of wine before we’re emotionally ready to tackle whatever’s happened. That’s what these guys are going through here and we really can’t blame them.

Let’s be honest: That car isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it really doesn’t matter if these guys need to throw back a cold one before dealing with the issue at hand. Judging by the looks on their faces, this is not their first rodeo, these are Russian men who have experienced a proper Russian winter before and they’re over it.

Seems Legit

A lot of countries try to trick tourists into buying a whole lot of nothing by convincing them that it’s something authentic to their culture. Apparently, Russia is no different, as it’s trying to pass off what’s clearly a bag of potatoes, as “Russian bananas.” Was anyone fooled by this?

While we don’t support trying to trick tourists into wasting their money, we do have to admit that if anyone falls for this, that’s kind of their own fault. We’d have a tough time feeling sorry for the individual who actually thinks this is a bag of special and unique Russian bananas, especially because the bag gives itself away by also saying “potato.”

You Had One Job

We have a winner for this year’s “Not My Job” award, and it goes to whoever was in charge of building this Russian playground. Apparently, they thought there wouldn’t be an issue with putting a manhole in the middle of the children’s sandbox. This is certainly a recipe for disaster.

As with everything on the internet, people have some conspiracy theories about this. There are those who think that this manhole leads to a Russian bunker that was created in case of a nuclear war. If that were the case, the placement would make sense, as they can get the schoolchildren into the bunker quickly and easily. Well, we guess it is Russia, so anything is possible.

When You Miss the Train to Hogwarts

Unfortunately, this woman seems to have missed the train to Hogwarts, so she and her pet owl will just have to take the bus there. Seriously though, you have to be pretty epic in order to own a pet owl. This Russian woman is taking being a “bird lady” to a whole new level.

This owl is quite large, and it’s Russian, so we need to be realistic about who’s running the show here. This is not a photo of a human with her owl, this is a photo of an owl with its human. Because in Russia, you don’t own pets, pets own you.

This Is Fine

We’ve all seen that meme in which an animated character is sitting in a room filled with fire, holding his coffee cup, and he says, “This is fine.” Well, this particular Russian man is the real-life version of that meme. He really is fine, as he’s just sitting there chilling, while legit on fire.

This total bada** hasn’t even dropped his beer, because Russians know, being on fire is no excuse to waste alcohol. This guy had to be the most epic person we’ve ever seen. He may not be the hero we wanted, but he is most certainly the hero that we needed.

Russian Hollywood

It appears that Russia wants its own version of the Hollywood sign and who are we to argue? While this may not be convincing for a passerby, a close-up photo could probably fool some Instagram followers into thinking these Russian pranksters have gone on a trip abroad.

In a surprising twist of events, internet users who actually do live in Hollywood say that they’d like to visit this Russian copy-cat sign! On another note, we kind of feel bad for the people who live on the bottom floors of that building, as all they can see out of their windows is a huge mound of dirt.

Anything for Instagram

It’s happened to the best of us: You see an incredible photo on Instagram and you want to capture an image like that for yourself, but you’re not at the right kind of location for the picture. Well, this resourceful woman wasn’t going to let a silly detail like that stop her from getting the perfect shot.

This woman wanted a sexy, in-the-water, photo and that’s what she was going to get! A puddle is still a form of water, so technically, she’s right on point. We recommend that she put this photo on Russian Tinder, in order to show potential suitors that she’s not afraid of getting down and dirty.

Russian Winters Are Not for the Faint of Heart

This photo is proof that Russian winters are not for the faint of heart. Whoever owns these cars definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe they should have taken a page out of their fellow Russian man’s book and ridden a camel to where they needed to be.

Apparently, this photo was taken after an ice storm hit Russia and the residents spent 20 minutes getting the car ready to drive. That’s just proof of how bada** Russians are because it would have taken us much longer than 20 minutes to be able to drive those things again!

Gangster Grandma

Russian grandmothers are not to be messed with, as they can run circles around any youngsters. This grandma gets around via skateboard, just to prove that she’s still got it. Age truly is just a number and as long as this grandma is still in Russia, she’s going to keep living her best life!

The internet has aptly named this woman the Russian grandmother version of Tony Hawk. We adore the gangster look on her face, which emotes that she just doesn’t care at all. According to the internet, this grandma is 79-years-old but that’s in Russian grandmother years, which means she’s still more hardcore than we’ll ever be.

Gotta Look Cute, Even When at War

This girl may look sweet and innocent but we really don’t recommend messing with her. Apparently, carrying around a gun is fine and well in Russia but this girl isn’t going to let it affect her style. She’s still got her makeup, nails, and clothing all on point. Because you’ve gotta look cute, even when you’re at war.

The internet has aptly commented on this photo with, “When you have a date at 5, but you need to defend Stalingrad at 7.” One commenter pointed out that this is an airsoft gun, and not a lethal rifle, which certainly helps but it’s still scary. First a manicure, then get ready for battle, that’s a typical day in Russia.

That’s Quite a Collection

This guy’s alcohol collection is so impressive, we truly can’t blame him for showing off. We all know that alcohol is a big deal in Russian culture and this gentleman is certainly no exception. Something tells us that he can finish all of this off in one evening and still be perfectly fine.

No, this is not a store and he’s not selling that alcohol, this is truly one man’s personal home collection. We bet that he put this photo on Russian Tinder, it’s certainly an efficient way to find someone with similar interests. We have to admit, most Americans simply can’t keep up with Russian-level drinking.