Family Reunion: A Then and Now Look at the Members of Our Favorite Sitcom Families and What They Are up to Today

For most of us, our own family is not the only one we grew up with and came to love. We also grew up watching sitcoms, and over the years we’ve developed special attachments to their characters. That being said, it has been a while since we have seen some of our childhood favorites and we can’t help but wonder what our beloved family members are up to these days.

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In the coming pages, take a look back on the members of the biggest and best family sitcoms. While some of our favorite family stars have slowed down a little bit or moved on from Hollywood altogether, most are still in the showbiz saddle and rocking it. Put on a pot of tea and get ready for some throwbacks.

Christina Applegate – Kelly Bundy in Married…With Children

It’s impossible to say which Married…with Children character is our favorite because they’re all so darn good. But if hard-pressed, we’d maybe nominate Kelly Bundy. She’s just the perfect rebellious big sister. Sure, Kelly can be a little ditsy at times, and her planning isn’t always that great. But it all adds to the quirks and charm for which we love her.

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Christina is the talented actress responsible for bringing us one of the liveliest sitcom sisters ever. After Married…with Children, Applegate went on to star in a bunch of movies and series. One (among many) notable roles was in Anchorman alongside Will Ferrell. Today, the 48-year-old actress is still going strong with a lead role in Dead to Me, a dark comedy series, which is downright awesome.

Tatyana Ali – Ashley Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

As the years of watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air went by, we watched Ashley grow from little girl to woman before our eyes. What comes to mind when describing her character? All good things. Sweet, endearing, kind, cute, charming, pleasant – all the nice adjectives apply to one of our favorite little sisters. And when the show ended in 1996, we all knew we would miss her.

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So what has Tatyana Ali done, what characters has she brought to life since Ashley Banks? The answer: many. Now, she’s 41 and she has played in dozens of movies and shows, appearing in hundreds of episodes, including, for example, in The Young and the Restless. She has also seen success in her singing career. Most recently, she played in a film called The Reason. It’s not out yet, but it looks great and we eagerly await its release.

Barry Williams – Greg Brady in The Brady Bunch

Although The Brady Bunch wasn’t so popular when it aired, it has since become one of the most iconic family sitcoms, and that makes Greg Brady one of the most well-known characters out there. He’s kind of the quintessential young alpha male. Confident, a little cocky at times, ladies man, leader of the pack, that’s Greg.

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The Brady Bunch is what propelled Barry Williams to stardom, but in the ensuing decades, he coasted along with that propulsion. After The Brady Bunch ended in the 70s, Williams starred in a spin-off called The Bradys in the 90s. Most recently, the 66 year old superstar played in a fantasy film called Flea. We don’t know how COVID has affected stuff, but currently, he’s filming Hardliner. Williams is still very much in the game.

Sarah Chalke – Becky Conner in Roseanne

Some people were a little disappointed when Roseanne reached season 6 and replaced Lecy Goranson with Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner, Roseanne’s eldest daughter. But then everyone realized that the new Becky was also amazing. By the time Chalke joined the show, Becky, her character, was already well into her teenage years. And she upheld the personality and the interests – boys, makeup, fashion – perfectly.

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After Roseanne, Sarah Chalke just kept going. Memorably, she played a central role in Scrubs. She also played one of Ted’s girlfriends in How I Met Your Mother. These are just a couple of examples noted from her prolific acting career. But did you know that she does the voice of Beth from Rick and Morty (mind blown!)? Today, Chalke is 44. Most recently, she played in Firefly Lane, a forthcoming drama series, still in post-production.

Kellie Shanygne – Laura Winslow in Family Matters

Laura Winslow was the high school girl we’d all like to be. She was fun, popular, beautiful, and smart. In the show she is pursued by her neighbor Steve Urkel, who, of course, does not have a chance. Their relationship was the core of the show, with many of us going “aww” whenever Steve would make one of his gestures of love. To our great delight this show has the ending we yearned for (without mentioning any spoilers!).

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After the show Kellie Shanygne, currently 44 years old, went on to star in the shows What about Joan and Eve. She recently celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary with her husband Hannibal Jackson and made a very sweet video post on Instagram, which is exactly what we would imagine Laura to do. Her most recent work was in a film called Christmas in Carolina, which is set to come out in December 2020.

Mackenzie Rosman – Ruthie Camden in 7th Heaven

Ruthie Camden is another one of those sitcom kids we’ve pretty much seen come of age in front of us. She’s in kindergarten when the show started in 1996, and by the time it ended in 2007, she had graduated high school. Albeit a little early. Ruthie alwyas knew what dramas were unfolding in the house, kind of a sneak when she was small.

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Today Mackenzie Rosman is no longer a kindergartener or a high-schooler. She’s a grown-up sitcom legend, 30 years old. Since 7th Heaven, it seems she’s had a thing for acting in horror/thriller films because she played in several, such as in Fading of the Cries, and Beneath. In 2010 she played in a miniseries titled The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Her most recent work was in Love Will Tear Us Apart, a romance drama released in 2015.

Frankie Muniz – Malcolm Wilkerson in Malcolm in the Middle

Even though Malcolm Wilkerson can be described using a host of some very unattractive adjectives (selfish, annoyed and annoying, whiny, and often self-centered), there’s still something about the kid that made us come to appreciate him and laugh hard along the way. He definitely sees himself as being a central target for unfairness. And that’s kind of where the show gets its name.

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Contrary to some of the rumors that have swirled around Frankie Muniz in the past, it seems he has never had any intention of leaving the entertainment business. The 34-year-old actor has appeared in dozens of relatively small-time productions, most recently doing voice acting in Haley Quinn. At one point, he competed as a pro racecar driver. But he stopped in 2004.

Jaleel White – Steve Urkel in Family Matters

Steve Urkel went down in the entertainment business hall of fame as the sweet-natured nerdy kid. And don’t forget, he popularized the big glasses, dorky suspenders look. No, sorry, he pioneered it. Many a hipster should thank Steve Urkel. We miss his social outcast antics and we’re a little sad the show is no longer running. Reruns anyone?

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today32

Jaleel White can be credited with helping to create one of the sitcom genre’s most legendary characters. It took a talent. And after Family Matters, he put that talent to use elsewhere and continued to thrive, appearing in at least one show or film every year. Some notable ones are Fake It Till You Make It and Me, Myself, and I. White is 43 years old. His most recent work, a family film called The Inheritance, is in post-production stages.

Lisa Loring – Wednesday in The Addams Family

This one is certainly a throwback – all the way to the mid 60s. The Addams Family was based on Charlie Addams’s cartoon characters he drew for The New Yorker. Of course, it’s hard to say who is the most macabre character there. But Wednesday is a prime candidate. Maybe it’s because she looks like a dead little girl. Maybe it’s because she’s always seemed right on the verge of literally torturing her brother. She was an awesome character.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today3

In the original Addams Family, the one we’re talking about here, Wednesday is played by Lisa Loring. It was her biggest role. Since the 60s, the now-62 year old child superstar has been one foot in Hollywood and the other out. She appeared in a few movies throughout the following decades, maybe most notable was her role in How the World Turns. Her last performance, which was in Doctor Spine, a comedy/horror, was in 2015

Ray Romano – Ray Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond

It’s hard to picture anyone more gregarious than Ray Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond. No wonder everyone loves him, he’s a funny, charming guy. Still, he has some negative characteristics that contrasts with how sociable he is. Sometimes he’s kind of weak and shy. Also, he seems like he’s got some mommy issues since he appears to live in fear of his mother.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today47

Ray Romano is a comedy big dog. As he starred in Everybody Loves Raymond, he also simultaneously played a role in The King of Queens. He did voicing in all the Ice Age films and video games. He also appeared in tons of other movies and series. Now, Romano is 62 and he shows no signs of slowing down. He played in The Irishman (2019) and he played a lead role in Get Shorty. Currently, he’s in filming of a show called Made for Love.

Susan Olsen – Cindy Brady in The Brady Bunch

Cindy Brady is the youngest Brady child. You’ll never catch her on an episode of the classic family sitcom without her bright blond hair braided into pigtails or formed into curls. She’s no doubt a gifted child, probably more advanced than she should be at that age, though she’s a little bit naïve. In addition to her signature hair, another distinctive trait she has is her ever-present lisp, which is totally endearing

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today50

Today, the actress that played little Cindy Brady, Susan Olsen, is 59. She’s still doing all sorts of acting work and she’s also an animal welfare advocate. She played in all the Brady Bunch derivatives, such as The Bradys and The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. From 2013 to 2016 she played in a show called Child of the 70s. And most recently, she did a voice part for a short cartoon film called Zoinks!

Sara Gilbert – Darlene Conner in Roseanne

Darlene Conner, Roseanne and Dan’s second eldest daughter, is a fiery one. With her dad’s love for all things sports and her mom’s wit and smart mouth, she makes quite the interesting (and funny) young lady. At school, it seemed she liked sports so much, that her grades suffered. By even as she got more and more into creative writing over the years, her grades stayed not great. Still, in the end she got into a great school.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today48

Darlene Conner is played by Sarah Gilbert. Now, at 45, Gilbert is all grown up. And on the show, we got to see a lot of that growing up through her character. After Roseanne, Gilbert played in more series. Some big, some small. For instance, she played the dorky, cranky Leslie Winkle in The Big Bang Theory. Her most recent performance was a recurring role in Atypical, the hilarious comedy/drama.

Pamela Anderson – Lisa in Home Improvement

Though Pamela Anderson is for sure a major celebrity, her character in Home Improvement is kind of minor. On Tool Time (which is Home Improvement’s metatheatrical show within a show), her job was to introduce Tim and Al and to be bring them tools. But of course, she looked drop-dead gorgeous every time she appeared.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today4

It’d be hard to find someone who watches T.V. that doesn’t know Pamela Anderson. She’s the archetypal voluptuous blonde chick. Her role in Home Improvement, her role in Baywatch, and her numerous Playboy Magazine shoots made her a superstar. Not to mention, there’s also the not-PG13 tape of her and Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe. But the 53 year old actress has played in tons of other smaller stuff. In 2018, she appeared in City Hunter.

Tia and Tamera Mowry – Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell in Sister Sister

Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell in Sister Sister were the perfect ingredients needed to make a loveable twin-sister duo. While Tia was responsible (except for when she was scheming or on the lookout for cute boys), Tamera was the more impulsive of the two, and she’s probably the more boy-crazy of the two.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today53

In real life, the twin sisters are mega stars. Tia is a super prolific actress. She has played in hundreds and hundreds of series episodes and movies. Family Reunion is her most recent memorable one. Tamera, too, is highly accomplished. Besides Sister Sister, she’s known for, among many other shows, playing in Strong Medicine. Her latest role was in A Christmas Miracle, in 2019. Both sisters are 42, but they don’t look a day over 25.

John Stamos – Jesse Katsopolis in Full House

We supposed it’d be fair to say the Jesse Katsopolis, one of the leads in Full House, is pretty chill and laid back. So laid back, in fact, that control-freakish Danny Tanner (played by Bob Saget) thinks he can be irresponsible. And he might be right. It goes without saying, of course, that as well as being chill, Jesse is also super funny, definitely one of the comedic foundational pillars of the show.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today35

John Stamos, the man behind Jesse is an Energizer Bunny – he just keeps going. We’d run out of computer memory if we tried to list everything he’s been in since Full House. What are the big ones? Well, there’s ER, where he played in 65 episodes. Another one is Grandfathered. And starting in 2016, up until today, he reprised his role as Jesse Katsopoli, this time in a new iteration called Fuller House. It’s good. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Danielle Fishel – Topanga Lawrence in Boy Meets World

Topanga Lawrence has a first name that is really befitting because in early seasons of Boy Meets World, it seems that in some ways, she an extension of her hippy parents. Topanga, California, is a canyon that used to be frequented by hippies. But throughout the arc of the show, she seems to shed her hippy vibes, and she becomes more spunky. As she grows up a bit, she gets into a relationship with Cory, whom she dates until the show’s end.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today11

We can’t believe that Daniel Fishel is over 20 (she’s 39). Maybe we’ll always see her as the young lady from her breakthrough show. These days, she’s still highly active in the industry. After BMW, she went on to play in a few lowkey movies (e.g. Boiling Pot). Then, in 2014, she reprised her role as Topanga, where she was one of the stars in Girl Meets World. It ran until 2017. Most recent was her voice role in a cartoon called Star vs the Forces of Evil.

Ed O’Neil – Al Bundy in Married…With Children

“Love and marriage, love and marriage…” We’re sure the orchestra in your mind’s eye can easily continue. One of the (many) things Al Bundy, father of the Bundy family, had going for him was how darn original the character is. Always kind of grumpy. Always trying to skip out of any family duties or obligations so he can chill and watch T.V. Not a very pleasant man. It seems like he shattered the image of the middle-class American gentleman.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today30

The man behind the legend is Hollywood veteran Ed O’Neil. Since MWC, he’s done a lot. Some notable examples of his work: The 10th Kingdom, Dragnet, and the voice for Wreck-It Ralph. But O’Neil is not a one-mega-hit pony. After years of being in the industry, he got a central role in Modern Family, where he plays the patriarch of the Pritchett family, Jay. The show is still going strong today. To be fair, it is hilarious. Today O’Neil is 74.

Erin Murphy – Tabitha Stephens in Bewitched

For those of us who were super into Bewitched, we couldn’t get enough of little Tabitha Stephens. Sweet girl, usually pretty smiley. She soon became the star of the show in her own right. Though the production had some continuity issues – the cast different little girls for different seasons to play Tabitha, the character herself (and her supernatural powers) remained a favorite.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today23

The most memorable of all the girls cast to play Tabitha Stephens is without a doubt Erin Murphy. After Bewitched ended in 1972, Erin played in Lassie and did almost 100 commercials as a young girl and a teen. Fast forward all the way to 2010, and Murhpy is back in business and playing in a short comedy called Karma’ a Bi..(you know where this is going). In the intervening years, she founded a company.

Angus T. Jones – Jake Harper in Two and a Half Men

Jake Harper is the half in Two and a Half Men. We’ve seen him grow up on set. In the first few seasons, when he’s just a little guy, he’s adorable. He makes great jokes (some at his own expense) and loves to eat. A lot. As the show progressed and the seasons came and went, he hit puberty and became, well, a teenager. Kind of bratty, but still good-natured.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today24

During Two and a Haff Men’s apex, Angus T. Jones was earning around $350K per episode. Interestingly, as he grew up, he became a devout Christian. He had a hard time reconciling the ribald humor of the show with his faith, so he quit. At one point he called the show that made him rich “filth.” Since then, he hasn’t done any more acting. He has since enrolled in University to study Jewish studies. He’s now 26.

Taran Noah Smith – Mark Taylor in Home Improvement

Little Mark Taylor was kind of a dork in the first few seasons of Home Improvement. Sometimes we felt a little bad for him, as he had a tendency to become the butt of his older brothers’ jokes. He dorkiness was compounded by the fact that Taylor required glasses. As he grew into a teenager, his demeanor darkened a bit and he started sporting some goth looks. Still, he was always a good kid.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today51

After his long stint of being a star on Home Improvement, Taran Trevor Smith, now 36, decided to quit acting. He did voice acting for an episode of Batman cartoons, but then stopped in 1999. After Hollywood, he went on to other ventures, including a founding a vegan food company and helping his dad build energy-efficient water purifiers. As of now, Smith has no ambitions to return to acting.

Patricia Heaton – Debra Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond

Debra Barone is the loving wife of Raymond in Everybody Loves Raymond. She’s super romantic, and super devoted. In all honesty, she’s much more romantic than her husband. She’s a little irritable, no doubt, but she’s always loving and wants the absolute best for her family. Though it seems that she’s not too happy about living across the street from her in-laws.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today55

Debra Barone is brought to life by Patricia Heaton, who is now 62 years old. After her days as Raymond’s wife, Heaton went on to play in more series and some films, such as Back to You and Mom’s Night Out. Then, in 2009 she put her comedy skills to use and acted in The Middle, which ran for a whole nine seasons, with 215 episodes. Her most recent work was in Carol’s Second Act, which ended in 2020.

Johnny Galecki – David Healy in Roseanne

From season 4 of Roseanne, we’ve come to like David Healy quite a bit. All in all, he’s just kind of a nice guy; intelligent, maybe a little nerdy, and sensitive. In his earlier seasons he’s Darlene Conner’s boyfriend, and then later on they become husband and wife. They have great chemistry, but their attitudes are worlds apart. Whereas Darlene is steadfast, David can at times be a pushover.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today36

David Healy is played by the talented Johnny Galecki, now 45 years old. From 2006, alongside Roseanne, he started playing in his other definitive role which we all love: Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory. So from that year and until Roseanne’s conclusion in 2018, he played in both major sitcoms. The Big Bang Theory ended up in 2019. And now, he’s back at it with The Conners, where fans of Roseanne can catch him.

Beverley Mitchell – Lucy Camden in 7th Heaven

Lucy Camden is one of the main characters in 7th Heaven, and the third child in the family. She’s popular, she has tons of friends, but she’s also known for being overly dramatic. For example, she spent a whole summer crying – as we saw in one of the earlier seasons. In the later seasons, she gets married to Kevin Kinkirk and has kids.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today7

7th Heaven‘s Lucy Camden is played by Beverley Mitchell. Her career continued to be active after the show’s finale in 2007. A few years after, with her fictional sister by her side for some episodes, Mackenzie Rosman (who played Ruthie in 7th Heaven), she played in The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Recently, she starred in Hollywood Darlings, where she worked with Jodie Sweetin from Full House. As of today, Mitchell is 39.

Richard Karn – Al Borland in Home Improvement

Would it be fair to say that Al Borland is the slightly un-cool sidekick of Tim Allen during Tool Time (Home Improvement’s show within a show)? We’re not sure. Ok, he’s literally always wearing a plaid shirt and he could have a cooler hairdo, but he’s not that un-hip. What makes him cool in a way is how knowledgeable and pro he is at the job at hand. He’s really a Tool Time master. He himself even suggests over and over that he should be the boss.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today46

After playing Al Borland in Home Improvement, Richard Karn kept going steady. He never really got another huge and long-lasting role like Al Borland, but he was never without work. Some of the most notable productions the 64 year old actor played in are Ctrl , and more recently, PEN15. He’s also scheduled to play in a couple of upcoming movies, just waiting for the pandemic to finally end.

Maureen McCormick – Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch

Marcia Brady is the eldest daughter in The Brady Bunch. She’s got everything going for. She’s smart, she’s pretty, she’s charming, and she’s really popular at school. In fact, she’s even kind of an overachiever, as we see when she’s heavily involved in school politics. She also has her anxieties, maybe the most prominent being unrequited loves.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today44

It’s a little hard to believe that Maureen McCormick is 64 – she aged amazingly well. After The Brady Bunch wrapped up back in 1974, she could still be seen in all its spin-offs (The Bradys Kids, The Brady Bunch Hour, etc.), while also starring in films in between. And then she just kept on going, amassing an extensive resume. Her latest role was in Aileron, an aviation thriller that came out in 2018.

Ben Savage – Cory Matthews in Boy Meets World

As one of the main characters, we really got to know Cory Matthews throughout the show’s seven juicy and hilarious seasons. When we meet him as a kid, Cory is kind of a slacker and he often has a sarcastic attitude. Truth be told, he’s sort of a butthead. But we love him anyway. In second season, he gets over his boyish girls-are-gross days, which paved the way for him to eventually have a relationship with Topanga.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today9

After Boy Meets World came to an end in 2000, Ben Savage didn’t slow down. He played in some movies – Swimming Upstream and Car Babes are a couple – and then he went on to reprise his role as Cory Matthews (by then all grown up), this time in Girl Meets World. His most recent appearance (2020), though not that major, was in an episode of Homeland, where he played a young version of Saul, one of the leads.

Mary Jo Catlett – Pearl Gallagher in Different Strokes

About midway through the running of Different Strokes, we were introduced to Pearl Gallagher, the third housemaid of the family, and she pretty much meshed instantly. She got close to the rest of the characters and to the audience and she became one of the main characters in the show until its conclusion in 1978.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today5

The actress who portrayed Pearl is named Mary Jo Catlett. Today, she’s 82 years young. She’s a classic, and she’s played in a few other classic shows, such as M*A*S*H and The Dukes of Hazard. But her longest-running gig by far is SpongeBob SquarePants, where she does the voice of Mrs. Puff, who she has portrayed for over 20 years. Currently, she’s in the filming process of a new SpongeBob movie set to release in 2021.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Michelle Tanner in Full House

Michelle Tanner is Danny and Pam’s youngest daughter. At the beginning of the show, she’s just a little girl. John Stamos’s character, Jesse, even nicknames her “munchkin.” She’s definitely sweet, but it’s clear that she’s a little spoiled. She usually gets what she wants. Also, she’s a little jealous of her sisters, whom she desperately wants to be like.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today43

Michelle is played by both the Olsen twins. After Full House, which propelled them to stardom at light speed, the twins went on to make their own brand, starring in a ton of teen films such as Passport to Paris and Billboard Dad. As they came of age, the twins decided to try their luck in the fashion business; now they have a label, which is what keeps them busy. Mary-Kate also played in Weeds for a few episodes. Today, the twins are 34.

Jerry Mathers – Beaver Cleaver in Leaver it to Beaver

Beaver Cleaver, or known just as “Beaver” is one of the lead characters in the classic family sitcom Leave It to Beaver. The show was one of the earliest family sitcoms. Beaver is a nice a kid, but he prefers hanging out with his friends and reading comic books than goin to church. Can we blame him? In most episodes, he’s getting himself into some kind of mischief. Leave it to Beaver to get himself into trouble folk.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today1

Leave it to Beaver finished in 1963. In the rest of the 60s, the 70s and the 80s, Jerry Mathers played in a few movies. And then in 1983, he reprised his role as Beaver in The New Leave it to Beaver. And since then, he has remained active in Hollywood, but has tended to appear in smaller productions. A couple of examples are Better Luck Tomorrow and The Hitchhiker. The latest film the 72 year old actor was in is Lucky Day, from 2015.

Lisa Bonet – Denise Huxtable in The Cosby Show

Denise Huxtable is the second child in the Huxtable fam. We suppose you could say she’s kind of an unruly kid. She’s often rebellious and she was always free-spirited. Over the years, many fans of the show have pledged that she was by far their favorite character. Her unique fashion sense is also of interest, as it goes against the grain of the well-to-do middle class style of the rest of the Cosby family members.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today41

Denise Huxtable was played by the super talented Lisa Bonet. Since The Cosby Show ended in 1991, she’s been a few good movies and series, such as Biker Boyz in 2003 and The Red Road from 2014 to 2015. Now, Bonet is 52 (though she looks younger). In 1987, she married Lenny Kravitz. They split in 1993, and years later, in 2017, she married Game of Thrones hunk Jason Momoa. Bonet’s latest role was also in 2017, where she played in Jellywolf.

John Goodman – Danny Conner in Roseanne

Danny Conner is the loving husband of the show’s titular character Roseanne. He can be described as a jolly fellow. He’s easy-going and light hearted. He’s also hardworking and downright hilarious, providing much of the show’s knee-slapping comedic drive. We always admired how he was able to balance jobs, kids, and family life and still stay so chill.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today16

You’ll have seen John Goodman pop up in all sorts of roles, comedy and otherwise. In 2012, he played in Argo alongside Ben Affleck. In 2018 he played in a series called Black Earth Rising. Those are a couple examples from his colorful C.V. In 2017, he reprised his role as Danny Conner in The Conners, after Roseanne Barr’s controversy pulled the plug on Roseanne. Now, Goodman is 68, and almost 100 pounds lighter!

Madylin Sweeten – Ally Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond

Ally Barone is the first born daughter of Ray and Debra. She’s a nice kid. A little stubborn, no doubt, but pleasant as a kid as well as in her teenage years. Altogether, throughout the entire show, Ally can be described with a host of other nice words. Brave, respectful, optimistic, compassionate, affectionate – our hearts lit up and and our mouths cracked into smile when Ally came around.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today19

After her years of being the little Barone girl on Everybody Loves Raymond, she continued her acting career. So far, her breakout role on the show has been her most famous, but she’s been in other good stuff. For instance, TMI Hollywood (2013 – 2014) was hilarious. So was Games Gone Wrong (2016). Currently, Sweeten is 29. Her latest role was in The Catalyst, a short drama film, still in post-production stages.

Jackée Harry – Lisa Landry in Sister Sister

Lisa Landry is the mother of the Landry sisters. In a way, she reminds us more of Tamera than Tia. Lisa is kind of impulsive, and sometimes a little incautious. And sometimes she gets depressed and goes on eating sprees (which became the source of some jokes on the show). All in all, she’s kind of wild, but she’s consistently hilarious.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today57

Jackée Harry is one of those skilled actresses that never stops putting in good work. Since Sister Sister, she has literally been in hundreds of productions. Some of her most notable ones are Everybody Hates Chris, Nurse Jackée, and The Paynes. As of today, she’s – believe it or not – 64 years old. And it doesn’t look like she’s slowing down. Her latest role was in Headshop, whose release we look forward to.

Katey Sagal – Peggy Bundy in Married…With Children

It’s funny, in MWC Peggy’s personality is sort of portrayed as obnoxious, and we feel sorry for Al Bundy, her husband, when she asks him (or makes him) to do something. But when we think about it for a sec, we realize that hey, she’s just a super attentive, nice, and loving wife. It’s Al who’s a little obnoxious maybe. What does she want that’s so bad? To spend time with her husband? But she’s also oblivious to Al’s grumpiness.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today38

Katey Sagal did a fantastic job in creating Peggy Bundy. Her performance will go down in family sitcom history as one of the best of the best. And since her knockout role that made her super famous, she’s been busy. She did voicing in Futurama, she played in Sons of Anarchy, and she rocked it in Superior Doubts, for example. Sagal, 66, also appeared in The Conners. Her latest role was in Dead to Me.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas – Randy Taylor in Home Improvement

Without a doubt, in the earlier years of the show, little Randy Taylor, the middle brother, was sort of a menace. Well, he was at least mischievous. Remember when he stole a cigar from Tim’s (his father) drawer? Though he stayed hilarious till the end of the show, in his teenage years and later, he got more serious, taking interest in journalism and the environment.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today17

Johnathan Taylor Thomas, the now-39 year old genius behind Randy Thomas, grew up to be a heartthrob and a highly talented young man. It seems that so far, his most famous roles were when he was a kid (in addition to Home Improvement, he’s also known for voicing young Simba in the original Lion King), but lately he’s also been in good stuff, including 8 Simple Rules. His latest was Last Man Standing, which ended in 2015.

Candace Cameron Bure – D.J. Tanner in Full House

D.J. Tanner is the eldest Danner daughter in Full House. Like the other Tanner girls, D.J. often finds her dad’s control freakishness a little too much. They argue, but she’s quick to say sorry when she snaps. She’s sweet, mostly easy-going, and caring. And her room is her sanctuary. When she needs to share a room with Stephanie throughout the first four seasons, she came as some times be harsh with her rules (sometimes even a little tyrannical)

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today27

When Full House came to an end in 1995, Candace Cameron Bure appeared in episodes and movies all over the place. That’s So Raven here, Boy Meets World there for instance. And then, in 2009 she started acting in Make It or Break It. Time travel to 2016 and the 44 year old actress reprised her role as D.J. Tanner in Full House‘s second coming (or resurrection if you prefer): Fuller House. She’s amazingly funny there too, of course.

Keshia Knight Pulliam – Rudy Huxtable in The Cosby Show

Rudy Huxtable is the youngest child of the Huxtable family. Though pretty precocious, she’s the baby of the show. As the show progresses and Rudy goes from young child to young woman, she develops a strong yearning for independence. Though she’s 99% of the time a real sweetheart, Rudy sometimes is a real bossy pants to her friends, which is actually hilarious every time.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today18

The Cosby Show was Keshia Knight Pulliam’s one way ticket to superstardom because the show became an astronomical hit. We hasn’t been in anything quite as big since, but she is certainly highly active. Some memorable roles of her were in 3 Year Plan and House of Payne, the latter of which was still on the air in 2020. The makers just announced that it was renewed for an additional season. Today, Pulliam is 41.

Tim Allen – Tim Taylor in Home Improvement

Tim Taylor is the trademark figure of Home Improvement. Without Tim, there’s no show. He’s knows everything about cars, and is kind of obsessed with maximizing the efficiency of stuff. And he’s the pinnacle of the 90s’ perception of middle-class manliness, the ultimate handyman. He’s also a very agreemable man, gregarious and highly sociable.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today54

Tim Allen became the face of Home Improvement, and after the show’s end he continued to make huge accomplishments in the showbiz world. For example, he was the voice for Buzz Lightyear in every Toy Story movie (and video game). Another notable film he played in is Wild Hogs. As of today, Allen is 67 years old. His latest role is on the long-running show Last Man Standing, which, awesomely, was just renewed for another season.

Eve Plumb – Jan Brady in The Brady Bunch

Jan Brady was a nice little girl but she always a little jealous of her older sister, Marcia. Sometimes she a little insecure about having freckles and being boyfriend-less. Still, even though Jan is sometimes plagued by insecurities when she looks at her sister, Marcia is her best bud and the two have an unbreakable bond throughout the show.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today31

When the Brady Bunch was over, Eve Plumb stuck around for all its spin-offs. Those include The Brady Kids, The Brady Brides, and The Bradys. After all the Brady stuff (and in between each gig), she mostly acted in films. In 1995, she played in a show called Fudge. Then she went back to movies and playing in lone episodes of shows here and there. The 62 year old actress’s most recent performance was on an episode of Bull, a crime/comedy.

Laurie Metcalf – Jackie Harris in Roseanne

In Roseanne, Jackie Harris is the titular character’s little sister. She can be a little neurotic at times but over the course of the show, we really come to appreciate how strong a woman she is. She is the glue that holds her family together. And despite going through bad, even abusive, relationships, and the challenges of being a single mom, she always lands on her feet.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today60

Like other members from the cast of Roseanne (Johnny Galecki, Sara Gilbert), Laurie Metcalf simultaneously acted in The Big Bang Theory, wherein she played Sheldon’s religious and hilarious mom. And after Roseanne was discontinued, Metcalf, today 65, joined the rest of the remaining crew and reprised her role as Jackie Harris in The Conners. Somehow, she also found time to do voicing in Toy Story 4 along the way.

Karyn Parsons – Hilary Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Hilary Banks is the eldest daughter. Like most real-life human beings, she’s like an onion of emotional layers. True, she is at times kind of mean and self-centered, she can be kind of a snob, but she also has a loving side, which we see in her affection for her family members. Sometimes she and Will Smith clash big-time, but they always work it out.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today37

The same year The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ended, in 1996, Karyn Parsons played in a miniseries called Lush Life. Since then, she’s been playing in films and episodes of shows. In 13 Moons, she worked with Steve Buscemi and Peter Dinklage. In The Job she worked with legendary funnyman Dennis Leary. Her role in Sweet Thing is her latest, a drama set to release October 22, 2020. Today, Parsons is 53.

Jodie Sweetin – Stephanie Tanner in Full House

Stephanie Tanner is the middle child of the family. She’s consistently upbeat and pleasant, though she clashes with D.J. quite a bit. She can also be nosy – she always reads D.J’s diary, for example. But all in all, she’s a good kid. When she does something and then lands herself in trouble for it, she feels really bad.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today34

After Full House ended in 1995, Jodie Sweetin has stayed pretty busy. She played in single episodes for various shows and she played in a few movies until 2017. Some examples are Small Bits of Happiness and Can’t Get Arrested. Then, she reprised her role as Stephanie Tanner in the reunion of the old gang: in Fuller House.

Sabrina Le Beauf – Sondra Huxtable in The Cosby Show

Sondra Huxtable is the classic eldest child. It seems she’s more responsible and straight-shooting than the other kiddos. She’s somewhat of an overachiever, very intelligent, but it pays off because she gets places. For instance, she earns a university degree from Princeton. She doesn’t actually appear in the show until the 10th episode of season 1.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today22

The Cosby Show concluded in 1992, Sabrina Le Beauf played in two episodes of Star Trek and she played in a couple more small gigs here and there. In 2004, she did voice work in the cartoon series Fatherhood for its entire duration. Today, Le Beauf is 62 years old. Her latest role was in The Stalker Within, which came out in 2009. Currently, Le Beauf is performing with the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C.

Rider Strong – Shawn Hunter in Boy Meets World

Shawn Hunter is Cory’s (the main character) best friend in Boy Meets World. Even though they have great chemistry and have lots in common, in some ways they are opposites. Whereas Cory is a little bit awkward, Shawn is confident. He can get sensitive too, though, sometimes having outbursts of emotion. Though they sometimes, at times even getting close to blows, Shawn and Cory are true besties.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today21

After his integral role in Boy Meets World, which ended in 2000, Rider Strong stayed extremely busy with acting. He played in Roughnecks, he did voicing for Kim Possible, did work in Darkening Sky, and much more. In 2014, he reprised his role and rejoined the crew in Girl Meets World. His most recent role is a voicing part in the action cartoon Star vs the Forces of Evil. As of today, Strong is 40.

Amanda Bearse – Marcy D’Arcy in Married…With Children

Marcy is the next-door neighbor of the Bundy family. One thing is clear: Al Bundy really dislikes her. You might even say “hates” her. Some have described her as his nemesis. True, Al is kind of a grumpy and crabby dude, but we do sympathize with his disliking of Marcy. She is nosy, prying, and can at times get pretty obnoxious. She’s never as laid back as her hubby, who is a really chill dude. But he’s eventually written off the show.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today25

Amanda Bearse’s biggest role so far is for sure in Married…With Children, but she has done some work in other stuff in the ensuing years after its conclusion in 1997. She played in short drama film called Give or Take an Inch in 2003. Also, starting during her time on MWC, she began getting involved in directing and has worked on several film, such as The Sperm Donor. Now, Bearse is 62. Her latest is a starring role Sky Sharks.

Bob Saget – Danny Tanner in Full House

Danny Tanner in Full House is a fascinating character. He’s an American father, who, in our opinion, is almost so uncool, so unhip, that in the end he does achieve rad dad status. It’s like a joke being so unfunny, it’s funny. Except that Tanner is hilarious. Sure, he’s kind of a control freak, but aren’t we all? Still, sometimes his control freak-ness is a labor of love, as he’s super protective of his daughters.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today10

Bob Saget, 64, is the comedic genius responsible for giving Danny Tanner a face and bringing the character to life, it was his breakout role, it made him famous. He’s also – pre YouTube of course – the host America’s Funniest Home Videos. And the narrator in How I Met Your Mother! Mad resume. These days, he’s back in the saddle (actually he never left the saddle) of filling houses. He reprised his role as Tanner in Netflix’s Fuller House.

Alfonso Ribeiro – Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Carlton Banks is Will Smith’s best friend in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He’s a fun mix of attributes, some good, some bad, always manifesting in hilarious ways. He’s intelligent, rational (and rich of course), an amazing dancer, but he’s also a little arrogant and selfish. Unfortunately for him, he’s not a huge hit with the ladies. They often find him obnoxious.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today58

Today, Alfonso Ribeiro, is 49. Since his days in Bel-Air, he’s been busy. Starting in 1995, as Fresh Prince was still running, Ribeiro played in In the House. Throughout the rest of the 90s and into the first decades of the 21st century, he danced in music videos (e.g. “Fergie Feat. Ludacris: Glamourous”), hosted talk shows, and played in a few episodes here and there on some shows. Most recently, in 2019, he appeared in Good Mythical Morning.

Debbe Dunning – Heidi Keppert in Home Improvement

Home Improvement is one of the classic family sitcoms from the 90s. It had a clear meta-theatrical element, a show within a show: Tool Time. Debbe Dunning’s character, Heidi Kepper was clearly the star of that show, for obvious reasons. In the first seasons of the show, we didn’t see much of her – only on Tool Time. But as the show progressed, she crossed paths with a few of the main characters here and there.

Family Reunion  A Look at What Our Favorite Sitcom Families Are up to Today15

After Home Improvement, she played in a little series, including in Wicked Games. Most recently, in 2017, she was the host on Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Roundup, a show where she went around the country looking at “dude ranches.” Now, at 54, she splits her time between some show biz here and there and spending time with her family, with an emphasis on the latter.