Going Down Under: 29+ Bizarre Things That You’ll Only Ever Find in Australia

When you think of Australia, you probably think of long-haired beach babes catching waves on Bondi Beach, selfie-worthy trips to the Sydney Opera House, and eating as much shrimp as you can possibly consume – straight from off the barbie, of course. But it seems as though tourists only see a small portion of what life in Australia is really like. Those who live there know that it’s anything but ordinary, and these pictures prove it.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia27
Image: Buzzfeed

From giant animals that look as though they’ve come from another planet to strange cultural quirks that the rest of the world just doesn’t seem to understand, these photos are just as strange as they are hilarious. So, it’s time to say “G’day” to some of the weirdest things you’ll ever see. And they all happen to come from the land Down Under…

Using the Toilet Involves a Stealth Mission to Avoid Deadly Snakes

If you needed any motivation to give Australia a pass during your travels, this should be it. That’s because this country is home to around 140 species of land snakes and 32 sea snakes. And of those 170+ snakes, 100 of them are poisonous! These slithery little things seem to find their way into every nook and cranny out in the wild and in people’s houses – even in toilets.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia9
Image: Bored Panda

While we like to sit on the toilet as much as the next person with a small bladder, something tells us that using the restroom in Australia isn’t an easy task. Before you even think about sitting down you have to take part in a stealth mission to ensure that there are no snakes hidden in the bowl. And that’s the kind of life we don’t want to be living. Thanks, but no thanks.

Going Outside in a Storm Could Result in the Biggest Headache of Your Life

Have you ever been in a hail storm? The small little pellets of solid precipitation are normally so tiny it feels as though someone is just throwing birdseed over your head. But in Australia, the hail takes on a whole different form. We’re talking megatronic hail that’s destined to give you one thing and one thing only: A headache.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia8
Image: The Chive

This picture shows you just how huge hailstones can get in the land Down Under. We don’t know if it’s the fact that Australia is on the underside of the world or whether the heat turns the weather wild, but one thing we do know is that we don’t want to live anywhere that has hailstones bigger than billiard balls.

Sharks Just Add to the Fun of Going to the Beach, Supposedly

Ever since we watched Jaws (from behind our couch cushions), we’ve been deathly afraid of sharks. And rightly so, right? These apex predators are known for being vicious and sly, and one bite would change our lives forever. But it seems as though the Aussies of the world aren’t too afraid, as nothing’s going to stop them from heading into the water, dude.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia29
Image: Imgur

When the surf’s up, these guys head to the beach and ignore any signs they may see along the way. Yep, even if those signs state that there’s been a shark sighting in the area. They take the risk and they take advantage of the rising waves, and that’s the end of that. You can’t change their minds. They’re water lovers and that’s how they’ll stay.

In Australia, the Kids Land on Bugs Rather Than the Other Way Around

It’s long been suggested that humans beings rule this planet. And while that may be the case around the world, we’re pretty sure that’s not the case in Australia. Do you need any more proof than this? Australia isn’t just your average country filled with critters. Australia is basically just one big, giant bug – and humans just happen to also live there.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia2
Image: Bored Panda

We don’t know what this mantis-like animal actually is, but we also don’t really want to find out. It’s way too big for our liking, and it’s absolutely swamping the young child it happened to sit on. Or perhaps the child invaded the insect’s space instead? We have a feeling that this animal rules the Australian school.

McDonald’s Doesn’t Even Exist in the Land Down Under

Whether you love McNuggets and fries or whether you’re more of a Big Mac kinda guy, there’s no doubt about the fact that McDonald’s is the bomb. This fast-food chain has taken the world by storm, and it’s even made its way to Australia – in a totally different format, of course. That’s because Australians have a habit of abbreviating words to make them easier to pronounce, and so McDonald’s has become Macca’s.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia13
Image: The Culture Trip

But this isn’t just a cute ol’ nickname for the golden arches. The name has become so popular and pronounced in the country that McDonald’s changed their official name in Australia! So when you’re craving a large Sprite or maybe some breakfast pancakes, simply head towards the glistening golden arches or the big “Macca’s” sign and you’ll be less hangry in no time.

In Some Areas It Gets so Hot That the Roads Quite Literally Melt From the Heat

We get it, Australia. You have great weather. Do you really have to rub it in? While most of us have to wrap up warm in our hats, gloves, jackets, and that ugly knitted scarf our moms gave us the year before, Australians are having the time of their lives. That’s because the rest of the world’s winter is essentially their summer, and they have their hottest months from December through February!

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia15
Image: The Conscious Mind

But we know what you’re thinking…it can’t get that hot, right? Well, think again. This picture shows just how hot it can get in some areas of Australia, as there have been occasions when the temperature has risen so high the asphalt on the roads has started to melt! And when you have plastic and rubber on your thongs (AKA flip flops), you’ll be smelling trouble. Quite literally.

We Wouldn’t Be Surprised if the Bats in Australia Were Really Vampires

Normally, we try to pretend as though bats aren’t real. After all, they’re super creepy and we’re just happier in our lives pretending they don’t exist. It’s worked so far…and as long as we don’t visit Australia anytime soon, we can continue on that oblivious journey! That’s because the land Down Under isn’t home to just any ole’ bat. It’s home to some of the largest bats in the world (like this one).

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia26
Image: KK News

This photo shows a flying fox found in Australia, and we don’t know what we’re more afraid of. The fact that it’s so ginormous or the fact that it looks like a literal vampire? Either way, it’s safe to say that Australians would get a bit of a fright if they were walking down the street with one of these guys flying above their heads.

Witnessing a Whale Explode Is Just Part and Parcel of Living Down Under

A major bonus of being its own island is that Australia is surrounded on all sides by the ocean, and this makes it the perfect travel destination for water lovers. However, we hope you don’t mind exploding whales. Although Australia is home to around 30 whale species, something strange happens to them when they pass away. And it’s not pretty.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia6
Image: Awesome Inventions

After a whale dies, its carcass fills with methane gas as it continues to decompose (yes, we know it’s gross). Normally, a whale’s skin will form small tears to let out this gas gradually – but this doesn’t always happen. And, apparently, a lot of Australians have seen a whale actually explode in front of them! Let’s hope they move out of the way of the debris.

Australians Love to Go in Search of “Big Things” and We Don’t Know Why

Australians are fun-loving people who all seem to have a real spice for life, and while we admire their pursuit for happiness…well, there’s one thing that just doesn’t make sense. If you’ve ever been to Australia, you may have noticed that, dotted around the country, are giant things. We’re talking giant sculptures of sheep, bananas, and even shrimp!

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia28
Image: Instagram/@mikaylaa_carroll

Apparently, it’s a tradition for Australians to go on a country-wide road trip in search of these “big things” – and while it makes no sense to us, they seem to love it. They hop in their cars and take photos in front of these giant sculptures, and one quick look on Instagram for “#AustraliasBigThings” will show you what we mean. To each their own, we guess.

Swooping Season Is a Legitimate Danger so Cyclists Have to Get Crafty With Their Helmets

There’s a high chance that where you’re from, there’s one type of bird that’s a bit of an annoyance. Maybe the local pigeons love cooing just as you put on your Harry Styles sleepy bedtime story podcast. Or perhaps your seaside seagulls don’t allow you to eat your ice cream in peace. They can be a nuisance, but we bet they’re not as annoying as the magpies in Australia. In fact, these guys are a serious health hazard.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia11
Image: The Chronicle

Magpies are everywhere in Australia, and during “Swooping Season” (which is essentially their breeding season, from August to October) they get particularly randy… and swoopy. They love to go for the heads of cyclists riding past them, which is why cyclists in Australia are often encouraged to find new and creative ways to fend them off. Most people adorn their helmets with pipe cleaners or zip ties, but even that doesn’t stop them.

Crocodiles Can Grow Up to 18-Feet Long, Because That’s Just Australia

We don’t know what’s in the water in Australia, but something is obviously not right. While the humans seem to be immune to the out-of-this-world substance that seems to make everything 10 times bigger than it should be (except perhaps Chris Hemsworth and his muscles), no animal is safe. Not even the crocs.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia31
Image: The Mirror

No, this isn’t a doctored image. Yes, this really is a real crocodile. This is actually a croc by the name of Brutus, who was spotted near a boat in Darwin – and who is casually 18-feet long! So essentially, neither the land nor the water is safe from giant, terrifying creatures in Australia. Good to know.

Spider Frost Is a Real Thing and Turns Everything Into a Horror Movie

No, you’re not in the middle of a nightmare. Yes, this does really exist. Understandably, you’ll be canceling your flight to Oz, right? We wouldn’t blame you if you did, because we wouldn’t want to wake up to this post-apocalyptic “Spider Frost” scene either. Often called “angel hair” – which is just even creepier, if you ask us – this really is just a load of cobwebs.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia3
Image: Diply

When the rain starts to pour in Australia, spiders make their way to higher ground to spin their webs, and they often cover parks and benches in their silky substance in order to keep themselves dry. While this is great for them as they don’t float away in the rainwater, it’s not so great for the humans who have to walk through this ridiculously scary situation. It’s a no from us.

Australians Often Store Their Clothes in the Fridge to Keep Them Cool On a Summer’s Day

We’ve heard about hanging your clothes on the radiator on a cold day to keep them warm, but storing them in the refrigerator to keep them cold? Only in Australia will you find this. Yes, it seems as though the summers Down Under get so unbearably hot that the only way for people to cool themselves down is to shove their sneakers next to their mangoes and their shorts next to their meat.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia20
Image: Big Global Travel

To anyone else across the globe, this looks like absolute refrigerator carnage. And while questions of sanitation may be whirling around your mind, it seems as though the people of Australia take desperate measures when they come across desperate times. If you had temperatures over 120-degrees Fahrenheit, you’d probably do the same.

Emu Eggs Are Often on the Menu, and One Emu Egg Is Equivalent to Around 10 Chicken Eggs

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Well, people in Australia seem to like theirs absolutely giant so they’re more of a one-size-feeds-a-whole-family kind of egg. And we’re not kidding. While there are chickens and geese and ducks in Australia, they also have another bird that provides them with some delicious eggs: The emu.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia23
Image: Imgur

And if you’ve ever seen an emu, you’ll know that these animals aren’t exactly small. You can see just how big their eggs really are in comparison to this person’s hand. It’s been noted that most Australians can’t even eat a whole emu egg themselves because it’s just so darn big! We wonder, what does it taste like?

Even the Emus Can’t Stand the High Gas Prices Found in Australia

There are many things about Australia that stand out from the crowd. The beautiful landscape. The friendly people. Even the wide variety of animals (as scary as they may be). But one thing you also need to know about the land Down Under is that the gas prices in the country are astronomical!

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia25
Image: Reddit

Gas prices have been high for many years now, and it seems as though everyone is pretty fed up. Including the emus. They can’t deal with the fact that they have to pay $1.47 a liter, and they’re leaving the gas station with rather dismayed looks on their faces. Or at least we think that’s how they look. We’re not quite fluent in emu facial translation just yet.

Basically the Whole Country Is Totally Obsessed With Vegemite

If you ever need to find an Australian in a crowd of people, simply open up a jar of Vegemite and watch them sniff their way to you in no time. Yep, Aussies love this stuff – but to non-Australians, the whole concept is just a little bizarre. Vegemite is a dark, viscous spread made from leftover brewers’ yeast, and it’s now the unofficial national dish of Australia. And they spread it everywhere.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia14
Image: Imgur

Whether it’s on their toast or whether they spread it on their pizza (yep, apparently that’s a thing), Vegemite is sold in almost every store in Australia. So next time you head to the land Down Under, you might want to give it a go. We can’t guarantee that you’ll like the bitter taste, but it’s certainly an experience. And you know it’s the law to say it’s delicious even when you think it’s terrible, right? Just kidding.

Whale Watching in Australia Is All Fun and Games Until You See How Big They Are

There are many people in this world who have whale watching on their bucket list. Must be pretty cool to see one of the largest animals in the world in the flesh, right? Well, yes and no. While it’s certainly something you don’t see every day, most people don’t actually realize how big these whales are. Australians know, though.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia17
Image: Tech Times

These guys spot whales on a regular basis, and while it’s probably just a part of their lives now, it must be pretty scary for newbies. Just look at this big whopper! These people probably thought they were going on a casual trip, but then quickly realized that when whales are countless times bigger than the boat you’re on, it’s not all that casual anymore.

Doing a “Shoey” Is Common Practice Among Australians, but We’re Not Sure Why

When you live in a land that’s as hot as the sun and overrun with animals that could probably kill you in a heartbeat, you need a drink. And Australians certainly like to let loose and party. They let their hair down, they get the drinks flowing…and they get their shoes out, apparently. Yep, doing a “shoey” is all part and parcel of life as an Australian.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia16
Image: Wall of Sound

To successfully do a “shoey” you need to grab a shoe and drink out of it. It really is as simple (and as totally bizarre) as that! Normally, people are nominated by a friend to perform this little party piece, or it’s performed as some kind of hazing punishment. Either way, it’s pretty weird. And what’s even weirder is the fact that they’re used shoes. So we bet there’s almost guaranteed vomiting by the end of the night.

Giant Kangaroos Just Roam Around the Streets and They’re Absolutely Terrifying

Australia = Kangaroos, right? We all know that these hippity, hoppy creatures roam around the country. But what we didn’t realize was that these animals could get so darn big…until we saw this guy. This kangaroo was called Rocky, and just so happened to be one of the most giant, beefiest kangaroos the people of Australia had ever seen.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia1
Image: Yahoo!

Sadly, Rocky passed away in 2018, but that doesn’t make this picture any less scary. Just look at the muscles! Just look at the stance! The fact that Australians could come across a giant kangaroo that tops 6-foot-7-inches and 196 pounds is just totally bizarre to us. Plus, there are smaller kangaroos out there, and they still pack one heck of a punch.

Celebrating Christmas on the Beach Is Just a Way of Life for Beach Babes

For most of the world, Australia is upside down. This country is on the opposite side of the world to them, and everything about it just seems a little strange. You know, like how the toilets flush the other way! But another thing that sets this country apart from the rest of the world is that our winter is their summer, which means that they celebrate Christmas on the beach.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia32
Image: Imgur

Beach babes, surfer dudes, and loving families make their way to the beach on December 25 every single year for a hot and heavy day on the sand and in the water. They even fire up the barbecue and swap a Christmas turkey and roasted potatoes for shrimp and a can of Foster’s. Oh, how the other half lives!

Having to Welcome the Local Wildlife Into Your Home Isn’t a Choice

The people don’t run Australia; the animals do. Yes, it seems as though the country belongs to the animals and humans just live there. So, if you plan on moving Down Under anytime soon, there’s probably no need to lock your doors because the living creatures that actually live in your home will make themselves comfortable anyway. They don’t need to knock.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia21
Image: The Telegraph

Welcoming animals into your home in Australia is less of a choice and more of an everyday lifestyle. These critters come and go as they please, and the people of Oz just have to deal with it! This can be both frightening and adorable depending on this animal, but this wallaby is more of the latter. How could you mad at this cute little thing? You take all the toilet paper you need, little guy.

Many Australians Head to the Grocery Store Barefoot and Apparently, That’s Totally Normal

You’d think that people in every country have the same habits when it comes to their grocery shopping. After all, it’s just grabbing a few reusable bags and picking up the produce you need, right? Well, apparently the people in Australia didn’t get that memo. For some reason, these guys just love to head to the store barefoot. And there’s not a single hint of shoes in sight.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia18
Image: Big Global Travel

Apparently, most businesses in Australia do not have a “no shoes, no entry” policy, and the chilled Aussies take full advantage of that. And while we can’t imagine it’s the most hygienic of things to do, we guess (if we really try) we can understand the appeal. When it’s so hot, the cold floor of the grocery store must feel pretty good. But equally, we don’t fancy trying it out for ourselves.

Nature in the Land Down Under Seems to Merge Into One Beautiful Concoction

We love birds. We love plants. But have you ever seen a plant that looks like a bird? It’s no wonder Australia is regarded as one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world because this country is the only one where you can see this awesome plant. How cool is that?

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia24
Image: The Chive

The Crotalaria cunninghamii (also known as green bird flower) is normally found around the dry sand dunes of the northern half of Western Australia and the Northern Territory – and it’s pretty awesome. It looks just like a hummingbird, and it seems as though this little thing can also be used to treat eye infections and swelling when boiled. So, in short, this is the superhero of plants.

Millions of Crabs March Along the Road Every Single Year as if They Own the Place

Australia may be one huge country, but it has a few external territories to its name as well; like Christmas Island! While we hoped that this island was full of old men with white beards dressed up as Santa Claus, it turns out it is instead home to a whole array of animals. This includes the red crab, which goes on a yearly migration that basically looks like the end of the world as we know it.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia22
Image: The New Daily

What would you do if you saw millions of crabs clippety-clopping their way down the street? We’re pretty sure we would simply climb up the nearest tree and not come down for the rest of our lives, but the people of Christmas Island are used to the crabs taking up some serious space. They only do it once a year, so they’re forgiven.

Even the Animals Can’t Stop Themselves From Checking Out the Surf

When we think of Australia, we immediately think of surfers who are so much cooler than we will ever be (and we’ve come to terms with that fact). The country is known for spawning professional surfers and beach babes who all look the part, but it seems as though humans aren’t the only ones who like to get their surf on, dude.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia30
Image: Imgur

That’s because, if you leave a lone bodyboard on the beach, it won’t be long before one of Australia’s animals decides to try it out for themselves. Just like this little guy! While we’re not quite sure his center of gravity will make him the next best surfer in the country, we’ve gotta commend him for at least giving it a go.

People Ride Around on Emus Like It’s No Big Deal

What’s the second-largest bird in the world and the largest in all of Australia? The emu, duh! But while this scary bird beast can run at 50 km/h, can reach up to 6-foot-2-inches in height, and has claws sharp enough to skin a human alive, it seems as though the people of Australia aren’t scared of them at all. In fact, they choose to ride on them…

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia19
Image: My Health Gazette

While it’s fairly common for people to ride the emu’s larger sibling, the ostrich, it’s not as common for people to ride emus – and it’s not hard to see why. This guy looks absolutely terrified to be sitting on this giant ball of feathers, and it seems as though the emu doesn’t look too happy about it, either. Has he ever heard of a car?

The Pinecones Aren’t Cute Little Ornaments You Can Put Around Your Home

Hands up if you have pinecones strewn around the house? Come on, we won’t judge you. These things look great on Christmas wreaths or in baskets…but only if you’re not from Australia. Yep, it seems as though everything Down Under wants to be bigger and scarier than anything else in the world, and these giant pinecones are no exception.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia12
Image: Bored Panda

While you can often find a big whopper of a pinecone in the US, you won’t find anything quite like the ones from the Bunya tree in Australia. This tree is native to the country, and the government has had to issue warnings to people who get too close to it. That’s because the pinecones can weigh up to 22 pounds and be as big as a human child!

If You Find a Spiders Nest in Your House, It’s Probably Best to Just Move Out

Australia = deadly spiders. That’s just the way the country works. The people who live in the land Down Under have to deal with these furry little critters on a daily basis, and it seems as though these spiders have become fearless over the years. They’re not afraid to take over your house if they have to. And they will do just that.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia4
Image: Bored Panda

This picture shows a mama spider and all of her (super creepy) young just living it large on a person’s electric meter, and at this point, we’re sure the homeowner realized that there was no option for them. The spider had claimed the house as their own, so it was time to move. The house no longer belongs to the humans.

Even the Koalas Can’t Stand the Heat and Have to Ask Humans for Help

One of the main reasons people travel to Australia is to experience a new kind of heat, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it gets pretty steamy. But while the humans who live there have gotten used to the fact that their shoes literally melt on the floor, it seems as though some of the animals sometimes struggle!

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia33
Image: Twitter/Fiona Bateman

In the height of summer, this koala found itself getting way too hot and dehydrated. So, when it saw some cyclists getting closer to it the koala made itself known and essentially asked them for some water. It’s not every day you get to give your water bottle to a koala at the side of the road, but we guess that’s what living in Australia is all about.

Australians Get to Share Their Country With the Happiest Creatures in the World

There are so many amazing animals out there, but if it were a competition….well, we think Australia would win. Sure, this place is full of critters that would stop at nothing to eat you alive (we’re not even kidding), but it’s also home to the adorable quokka! If you haven’t seen one of these little things before, you’ve been seriously missing out.

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia10
Image: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth

The quokka is native to Australia and has been dubbed the “happiest animal in the world” because it looks as though it’s smiling 24/7. Plus, it seems to love humans – and especially taking selfies with humans. Of course, we’re pretty sure anyone would look happy sitting next to Australia’s mega-hunk Chris Hemsworth, but we guess the quokka was just extra happy on this day.

Seeing a Hairy Caterpillar Convoy Is Apparently Normal and Doesn’t Symbolize the End of the World

No, this isn’t just a line of lint from your dryer. This is so much worse, and the people of Australia have to deal with this on a regular basis. That’s because Australia is home to a breed of hairy caterpillar by the name of ochrogaster lunifer – and while they may look cute and fluffy, they’re essentially the worst things to ever walk (with many legs) on this earth. Mainly because they never walk alone, they always walk in a procession with all of their spiky mates…

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia5
Image: Bored Panda

Yes, it turns out that even caterpillars want to kill you in Australia. These hairy beasts will spike and sting you if they get close to you, and apparently, they’ll get lodged in your skin if you’re not careful. They’ve been known to lodge in people’s eyes on occasion, and we probably don’t need to tell you any more than that. Just avoid them, okay? Okay, cool.

Even the Worms Seem to Have Mutated Into Giant, Terrifying Critters

While there are many animals in the world that can be pretty scary, most of us take solace in the fact that worms are probably the most harmless creatures out there. They normally go about their own business, they slither around in the ground undetected, and they rarely intrude on our lives. But by now, you should know that Australia isn’t like the rest of the world. Apparently, they’re overrun with giant, terrifying worms that are as long as your arm!

Going Down Under  29 Bizarre Things That You ll Only Ever Find in Australia7
Image: Bored Panda

Seriously, where does it end? Is Australia not safe at all? Are all of their animals giant? We don’t know what’s going on, but all we know is that we will be locking ourselves in our houses for the rest of our days and not venturing outside at all. And definitely not to Australia. We’d rather not be eaten by a giant worm, thanks.