Going Green at the Globes: 2020 Golden Globe Awards Serve 100% Vegan Cuisine

This year the Golden Globes decided to culinarily shake things up a bit: the entire menu was vegan. The Los Angeles Times reported that this year’s Golden Globes is literally the first in award show history to take this green approach! And it appears that this historical episode is already paving a green trail for others to follow. Critics’ Choice Award, scheduled for January 13, for example, has already announced that they, too, are going green.

Going Green at the Globes  2020 Golden Globe Awards Serve 100 Vegan Cuisine 1
Image: W Magazine

The idea of veganism has been gaining traction in mainstream culture for a while now, and for good reason. Actually, and surprisingly, its roots can be traced back to India thousands of years ago! In this article, we introduce you to the philosophy of the vegan movement. We will see how it came to be that the menu at one of the most viewed and highly esteemed ceremonies on the planet was entirely plant-based.

The Philosophy of Veganism

What is veganism? If you’re not already familiar with the term ‘vegan’, here’s a crash summary. Veganism is the dietary practice of abstaining from all animal products (yes, even honey). So, this means no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy. This can sound a little intimidating to the uninitiated but have no fear dear reader, the solutions and substitutes can be just as delicious.

Now, there are two main reasons why one would choose to go vegan: ethics and health. First of all, industrial meat, fish, egg, and dairy farming make us ask big and difficult questions regarding how animals are bred and treated.

Going Green at the Globes  2020 Golden Globe Awards Serve 100 Vegan Cuisine 2
Image: (right) Golden Globes fb page (left) W Magazine

Second, many researchers and activists point out that cultivating animal products is bad for the environment. For example, it takes (literally) tons of water to sustain a cow, and a lot of land to accommodate them. The same amount of resources could be going towards simply growing nutritious plants for us to eat.

The other thing to think about is health concerns. Don’t eat too much cholesterol! Eat more vegetables! Get your vitamins! We’re sure you’ve heard some of these exclamations directed at you in the past. Well, it could be that you agreed with these concerns by going vegan. Watch out, however, going vegan requires you to pay a little closer attention to what you eat – to make sure you’re getting enough nutrition.

Green Golden Globes

The fact that the Golden Globes decided to serve 100% vegan food is truly a beautiful thing. Seriously, environmental and ethical concerns are real, and it’s great to see such a huge venue taking it seriously.

Apparently, Joaquin Phoenix, star of The Joker and longtime vegan, proposed the idea, and the organizers went with the flow. Awesome. Brad Pitt, was also on board. He was quoted saying that he is “all for the vegan thing”.

Going Green at the Globes  2020 Golden Globe Awards Serve 100 Vegan Cuisine 3
Image: Mash Viral

Honestly, the food served at the venue looks downright delicious. The appetizer was chilled golden beet soup (which meshed well with the golden statuettes). Next up, for the main course, they served King Oyster Mushroom scallops, accompanied by Brussels sprouts, mushroom risotto, pea sprouts, and globe carrots. Desert consisted of a mouth-watering opera dome with praline Gunaja crumble. Yum.

Thinking about the scrumptious vegan delicacies of the 2020 Golden Globes is, well, enticing, to say the least. A big shoutout goes to Mr. Phoenix for suggesting the #veganization of the event. And we hope more huge happenings will follow suit.