Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits

The Met Gala is referred to as “fashion’s biggest night out” for good reason. Held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, it’s one of the biggest annual events that attracts the top Hollywood stars. The only requirement is that whoever attends should dress to impress. Luckily for the stars, the Met Gala picks a different theme each year to help guide their fashion choices.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits18

Even then, celebrities and the designers they work with can’t help but draw inspiration from all manner of sources. From old paintings to animated characters, they’re getting ideas from some unexpected places. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look for yourself at the most extravagant Met Gala outfits and the surprising figures and objects that most likely inspired them.

Lily Collins Reimagines Herself as Priscilla Presley on Her Wedding Day

British-American actress Lily Collins always knew she wanted to be famous like her rock star dad Phil Collins and actress mom Jill Tavelman. She was acting at only two years old and was named 2008’s International Model of the Year by Spanish Vogue while still a teenager. Now, she’s an international movie star who’s been the leading lady in things like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Emily in Paris.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits1

For the Met Gala in 2019, Lily channeled the iconic Priscilla Presley for her unique look, taking us back to her 1967 wedding to Elvis Presley. She gave us the high bouffant hair, pastel makeup, and sky-high fake lashes. Lily took artistic liberty with the dress, which was a ruffled organza gown. Priscilla once admitted to wanting to relive her wedding day to the King of Rock and Roll, and Lily appears to have given us an insight into a modern reimagining might look like.

Lana Del Rey Looks Like a Rennaissaince Martyr As Our Lady of Sorrows

Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey came to prominence in 2011, after her debut single called “Video Games” became a huge success on social media. Since then she’s created hugely popular hits like “Summertime Sadness”, “Blue Jeans,” and “Born to Die.” She still creates music to this day and has won several accolades for her work, including two Brit Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, and a Satellite Award.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits16

For 2018’s Met Gala Lana took the “Heavenly Bodies” theme to heart, literally. She wore a dramatic cream Gucci dress that featured bronze medieval-style accents. Most shocking of all was the sacred heart chest plate of seven piercing daggers and a blue headdress of wings and a halo. She clearly took inspiration from artistic representations of Our Lady of Sorrows, who likewise takes seven piercing swords to her “Sorrowful Heart.”

Zendaya Lives Out Her Childhood Fantasy as Disney’s Cinderella Princess

Actress and singer Zendaya was a Disney star during her teen years after starring as Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel show Shake It Up. Since then, she’s become a seriously respected actress, appearing as one of the lead characters in HBO’s Euphoria. Now she’s a movie star acting in films like The Greatest Showman and the Spider-Man franchise.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits11

Zendaya lived out her childhood fantasy for the 2019 Met Gala. She came in a huge ballgown akin to the dress worn by Disney princess Cinderella and left no expense spared. Her pale blue Tommy Hilfiger gown lit up – literally – to resemble the animation version’s magical glow. She even got her stylist to dress up as the fairy godmother and accompany her on the evening, waving his wand to light up the dress! Talk about committing to the moment.

Kim Kardashian Stole the Wet Look From Sophia Loren

Reality star and media personality Kim Kardashian is never not in the news, but lately, she’s been the subject of intense media speculation in light of her divorce from rapper Kanye West. It’s not only her personal relationships that get everyone talking but her famously curvaceous body, too. And it was never more pronounced than when she turned up to the Met Gala in 2019.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits3

Kim rocked a controversial latex beaded dress that got people questioning how she got into it. Designer Thierry Mugler came out of retirement to create a modern interpretation of Sophia Loren’s 1957 look in Boy on a Dolphin. “He envisioned me… stepping out of the ocean, wet, dripping,” she said on the night. While the reference undoubtedly went over most people’s heads, the result was a dazzling homage.

Rihanna Reminded Everyone Who’s Boss When She Went as the Pope

Barbadian singer Rihanna is one of the best-selling music artists of all time and one of the wealthiest female musicians around. But even that wasn’t enough for her, and she’s gone on to dominate the beauty world with her makeup brand Fenty Beauty. On top of that, she’s also tried her hand at acting and starred in Battleship, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and Ocean’s 8.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits15

One of her most iconic red carpet looks has to be her interpretation of a high fashion pope for the 2018 Met Gala. Bad Gal Riri worked with Margiela to create a pearl and jewel-encrusted dress and robe with a papal mitre. On top of that, she accessorized with Cartier jewelry and Christian Louboutin heels. As we can see from the photo on the left, they were true to the papal design. With a few obvious artistic liberties, of course.

Cardi B Reigns Supreme in Her Evil Queen-Inspired Fashion Statement

Rapper Cardi B used to feature on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York a few short years ago, but she’s become so much more since then. She’s now considered to be one of the most influential female rappers of all time and frequently features in the Billboard Hot 100. Now, a Grammy Award, eight Billboard Music Awards, five Guinness World Records, and eleven BET Hip Hop Awards are just some of her accolades.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits30

Cardi sure turned heads at the 2019 Met Gala, turning up in a deep red Thom Browne gown. It took 35 people to make it, and a total of 2,000 hours and 30,000 feathers. There were 44-carat rubies encrusted into the bodice that were valued at a whopping $250,000. Arguably the most interesting part was the headpiece with a heart-shaped face cut-out. Surely they took inspiration from the ultimate Disney villain, Queen Regina AKA the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Emily Ratajkowski Finds Inspiration in Cher’s Vintage Looks

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski came to prominence after appearing in Robin Thicke’s music video for the song “Blurred Lines.” She dabbled in runway modeling and swimsuit modeling, before moving on to commercial acting and eventually film roles. You’ll recognize Emily from her performances in Gone GirlEntourage, and I Feel Pretty.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits8

Emily chose to bare all in a revealing cut-out dress by Dundas – if you can even call it that. It was inspired by Cher’s outfit for the 1975 Rock Music Awards and featured a halter-neck, open-back (and front,) and sheer fabric. For her headpiece, Emily chose to draw from another Cher look for inspiration. It bears a striking resemblance to Cher’s elaborate ear cuff worn to the 1985 Met Gala.

Jennifer Lopez Brought the Regal Razzle-Dazzle of King Richard I

Actress, singer, and dancer Jennifer Lopez, AKA J.Lo, is considered a triple threat entertainer for good reason. She’s received major success as a top-billing actress in films like Monster-in-Law and Hustlers. But equally, she’s enjoyed a lucrative music career and become one of the most influential Latin entertainers in the U.S.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits14

J.Lo stepped out in a stunning bejeweled and feathered Balmain dress for the Met Gala in 2018. It took over a month to make and included sewing some of the jewels onto the feathers on the skirt. According to professor of art history Anne Higonnet, it looks like J.Lo took inspiration from Richard the Lionheart, King of England. From the colors to the large cross plastered across his chest, we can definitely see some likely inspo.

Madelaine Petsch Was Ready To Take to the Air as Tinker Bell

Actress Madelaine Petsch is most famous for portraying Cheryl Blossom on the television show Riverdale, as well as Marissa in F the Prom. Now 26, she’s spent more time focusing on her Youtube channel, and now has a fan base of almost seven million subscribers and has amassed almost 200 million views.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits12

Madelaine showed up to her first Met Gala in 2019 wearing a sculptural Jean-Paul Gaultier princess dress. It was a sheer tiffany blue color that featured what looked like a 3D printed petticoat. The lifted shoulders of the dress resembled wings and are believed to have been inspired by the Disney fairy Tinker Bell. Not to mention the blunt-cut bangs, which she debuted for the first time at the gala.

Celine Dion Channels Golden Age Glam as Judy Garland

Canadian singer Celine Dion is one of the best-selling artists of all time, selling over 200 million records around the world. She started off as a teen star in Canada when she used to sing in French. But she’s been a huge international star since the early 80s. An icon in and of herself, she chose to dress as another Hollywood icon from a different era – Judy Garland.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits4

For the 2019 Met Gala Celine turned up in a show-stopping ensemble. She was wearing a custom Oscar de la Renta that took 3000 man-hours to create. As we can see, it’s likely they took a lot of inspiration from the 1941 film Ziegfeld Girl starring Judy Garland. Weighing more than 22 pounds, Celine’s extravagant gown was dripping in thousands of fringe strands and glass beads. It paired perfectly with the headpiece.

Hailey Bieber Gave Us Titilating Early-2000s Gillian Anderson

Model and wife to Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin-Bieber was born into stardom thanks to her famous dad Stephen Baldwin. She’s modeled for major brands like Guess, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger, but these days she’s best known for hanging out with her famous model friends like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, as well as being married to one of the most famous pop stars on the planet.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits5

Hailey went to the Met Gala in 2019 wearing a daring pink Alexander Wang gown that certainly turned heads. It was high-necked and long-sleeved, but featured an open back and revealing thong! It’s not clear if the undergarment was attached to the dress or separate from it, but it definitely harked back to the backless-thong dress worn by actress Gillian Anderson in 2001.

Lily Collins Turned the Heat up for Her Lady of Sorrows-Inspired Ensemble

Actress Lily Collins recently starred as the title character in the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris, where she played a young American woman working in Paris navigating through her new environment. Her performance was acclaimed by both audiences and critics, and she ended up receiving a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress in a television series musical or comedy.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits22

For the Met Gala in 2018, she went all in for the “Heavenly Bodies” theme. She seemed to be inspired by the religious habit of nuns, and in particular, exhibited similarities to the Roman Catholic figure Our Lady of Sorrows. Her striking outfit was by Gucci and featured a spiky halo-crown, mini skirt, and structured off-shoulder top. Her headpiece mirrors that seen on the Lady of Sorrows, as does her gothic-looking teardrop and black/white color palette.

Violet Chachki Looks Every Inch Like Pin-up Icon Jessica Rabbit

Drag queen, model and recording artist Violet Chachki is famous for winning the seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race back in 2015. The New York Magazine even ranked her as number 16 in their list of the most powerful drag queens in America. These days, she frequently appears on web series and music videos.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits31

Violet donned a figure-hugging Moschino dress for the 2019 Met gala. She later explained: “The idea of taking something and blowing it out of proportion, making it this crazy ridiculous scale, is such a pinup iconography moment.” We see a lot of resemblance between Violet and Jessica Rabbit, an iconic pin-up girl herself. From the gloves to the hair to the makeup, we see a lot of similarities.

Solange Borrows From the Magnificent Riflebird’s Unusual Seduction Methods

Singer-songwriter and performance artist Solange Knowles used to be a backup dancer for her mega-famous big sister, Beyonce. But she’s since come into her own as a music artist and produced much-celebrated R&B and hip-hop music. She’s now released a total of four studio albums and even won a Grammy Award.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits25

Solange came to the 2015 Met Gala in an unusual statement outfit. It was a printed Giles Deacon mini-dress that featured a gravity-defying full-circle silhouette. If you ask us, we have a feeling that Giles took inspiration from nature, specifically the magnificent riflebird. As we can see in the photo on the right, males adopt a bizarre circle shape to attract females in their mating dance.

Jared Leto Replicates Gucci’s Shocking Autumn/Winter Runway Moment

Actor and musician Jared Leto is devoted to making his performances as authentic as possible. It’s working out for him, as he’s become extremely successful in both his acting career and musical pursuits. Despite appearing in big movie blockbusters like Suicide Squad and Blade Runner 2049, he’s known for being especially selective about the roles he takes on.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits6

Jared spared no expense for his take on the 2019 Met Gala’s camp theme. He turned up in a red Gucci gown, dripping in jewels. But most shocking of all was the replica of his own head that he carried with him all night. It was an accessory to the look and one that he took from Gucci’s autumn/winter runway look from the year before. It may have been out-of-date in the fashion world, but it was the perfect statement he wanted to make for the Met Gala’s theme.

Greta Gerwig Was Poetic and Proper In Her Bishop John Morosini Robes

Actress and filmmaker Greta Gerwig is most famous for her independent film work. Since 2010, she has been collaborating with her partner Noah Baumbach on films like GreenbergFrances Ha, and Mistress America. But both of her solo directorial films, Lady Bird and Little Women, were hits with audiences and critics alike and earned her Academy Award nominations. For her 2018 Met Gala debut, Greta went for a more reserved but editorial look.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits20

She was wearing “a strong, clean, streamlined Met Gala look,” according to her stylist Christina Ehrlich. “We didn’t go down the literal route of putting a crucifix on her head, it has a sophistication and an elegance to it that feels priest-like, but also very high fashion.” If you ask us, this dress from The Row looks very reminiscent of Bishop John Morosini as painted by Venetian artist Alessandro Longhi.

Ciara Remembers Music History With Her Diana Ross Tribute

Singer-songwriter Ciara started her music career with the girl group Hearsay while still a teenager, before focusing on her solo work in 2004. She rose to fame after producing her hit single and debut album “Goodies”, but now she’s seven albums deep and a huge R&B sensation. For the 2019 Met Gala, she made sure to arrive wearing something that referenced music history.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits7

It looks like Ciara took inspiration from iconic Motown singer Diana Ross in both her outfit and her hair. She wore an emerald green Dundas dress that featured a striking resemblance to the Motown legends gown in a 1987 photoshoot. If you look closely, you can see the diagonal pattern in Diana’s dress repeat itself in Ciara’s. Likewise, Ciara wore her hair out and big for the night much like Ms. Ross in the photo on the right.

Katy Perry Wanted To Spread Her Wings as Archangel Raphael

Singer-songwriter Katy Perry found fame in 2008 after her controversial song “I Kissed a Girl” became the number one song in the states. From 2011 to 2019, she was one of the highest-earning women in the music industry and continues to be one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits13

Since the Met Gala theme for 2018 was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” Katy took inspiration from Archangel Raphael. She donned a pair of huge custom angel wings designed by none other than the Versace fashion house. “I feel very angelic. Celestial. Ethereal,” she said on the night, and we’re not surprised.

Kate Bosworth Harks Back to Mary, Queen of Heaven for Her Bridal Look

Actress Kate Bosworth first came to prominence on the movie scene after starring as a young surfer in 2002’s Blue Crush. While she has starred in several independent films, she’s also had big roles in larger movies like Superman Returns21, and Still Alice. Most recently, she starred in the Netflix miniseries The I-Land.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits21

Kate donned an angelic Oscar de la Renta gown and veil for the 2018 Met Gala. Not only was it the same designer that Kate used for her wedding dress, marrying Michael Polish back in 2013, but the gown was a similar style as well. But we can’t deny the resemblance between Kate’s bejeweled and pearl-encrusted veil to that depicted in “Mary with the Child and Singing Angels” by Italian painter Sandro Botticelli.

Gemma Chan’s Updated Elizabeth Taylor’s Glorious Headdress

British actress Gemma Chan had minor roles in big Hollywood films until she starred in Crazy Rich Asians in 2018. She even received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination, before moving on to significant roles in films like Captain Marvel and Raya and the Last Dragon. For the 2019 Met Gala, she brought all the drama in an elaborate headpiece that took direct inspiration from old Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits2

The theme of 2019’s Met Gala was “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” and Gemma found an epic way to celebrate it. “It’s quite full-on,” she explained to Vogue, adding “I was very happy to go all out”. She donned a metallic headdress that took inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor in the movie Boom! And Gemma worked with designer Tom Ford to ensure she created a look that personified “extravagance” and “excess,” and it certainly worked.

Halsey Is a Fierce Firecracker in Her Jasmine-Like Get-Up

Singer-songwriter Halsey built up her initial audience through social media, before signing to a label in 2014. Now, she’s an award-winning music artist who’s sold over a million records worldwide and received a multitude of accolades. Four Billboard Music Awards, an American Music Award, and an MTV Video Music Award are just some of her recognitions.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits24

Halsey turned up to the 2019 Met Gala looking like an Amazonian princess. More specifically, she was dressed very similarly to Disney princess Jasmine from the 1992 animation Aladdin. She donned a gorgeous red Atelier Prabal Gurung dress that featured an enviable train, and she decked out her body in a ton of gold jewelry. We’re wondering if she took inspiration from Jasmine’s outfit when she was under the control of Jafar.

Ryan Murphy Donned Liberace’s King Neptune Cape

Writer, director, and producer Ryan Murphy is thought to be one of the most powerful men in modern television, having created and produced hit shows like Nip/TuckGlee, and American Horror Story. And he’s won several accolades for it too, including six Primetime Emmy Awards, a Tony Award, and two Grammy Award nominations.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits9

Ryan was inspired by singer and pianist Liberace for his camp-themed Met Gala ensemble. He wore a heavily embellished Christian Siriano cape that took two months to make by hand. Not to mention, he wore underneath it a bejeweled orange tuxedo and matching bowtie. Like Liberace, the cape featured a whimsical clam-shell collar that was fittingly decked out in pearls. Liberace’s cape was such a hit that it was dubbed the “King Neptune Cape.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Exhibits Ethereal Beauty as a Modern-Day Madonna

British model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is most famous for being an “angel” for Victoria’s Secret. She also became the face of Burberry Body, a fragrance from the Burberry designer brand. But she also forayed into the acting world, starring as Carly Spencer in Transformers film series and as The Splendid Angharad in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits19

Rosie went for a more minimal look for her 2018 Met Gala outfit, but it was no less impactful. She was wearing a caped Ralph Lauren gown Ana Khouri Gioconda earrings, but a real-life halo stole the show. She went for a literal interpretation of the “Heavenly Bodies” theme, possibly taking inspiration from Madonna as depicted by Renaissance artist Raphael. Rosie looked like a real-life angel.

Katy Perry Lit up the Met Gala With Her Literal Interpretation of Lumiere

Singer-songwriter Katy Perry has achieved more than any musical artist could dream of, having had nine of her singles reach the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. And she’s received several awards for her accomplishments too, including five Billboard Music Awards, five American Music Awards, four Guinness World Records, a Brit Award, and a Juno Award.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits23

Katy turned up to the 2019 Met Gala in arguably the most surprising outfit out of all. She was dressed up as a chandelier, that featured a silver Swarovski crystal-encrusted Moschino dress and three tiers of lights! It has us wondering whether she took inspiration from Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, as the similarities are uncanny. As the designer said, “Who has ever been to a ball that did not have a chandelier?”

Danai Gurira Dons a Top Hat and Cane as a Nod to Oscar Wilde

Zimbabwean-American actress Danai Gurira is best known for her work in both film and television. She grew to prominence after performing in The Walking Dead as Michonne. But she’s since gone on to bigger films and is one of the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She plays Okoye in Black PantherAvengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits10

Danai was inspired by an iconic literary figure for her Met Gala look. She went for a modern take on the Irish poet and playwright’s style, wearing a plunging Gabriela Hearst jumpsuit accompanied by a black top hat and cane. She posted a picture of herself standing next to an Oscar Wilde portrait and captioned it: “Me and Oscar Wilde, my inspiration for the evening: the dandy reimagined.” We love this creative take.

Laverne Cox Make a Villainous Transformation Into Haute Couture Maleficent

Actress Laverne Cox came to prominence after portraying Sophia Burset in the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black. Her portrayal earned her a Primetime Emmy nomination, for which she became the first-ever transgender person to receive. Most recently, she starred in the 2020 movie Promising Young Woman.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits26

Laverne brought sultry vibes to the 2019 Met Gala. She donned an outlandish Christian Siriano gown, complete with huge black ruffles and sea-green hair. We can’t help but wonder if she took inspiration from the evil Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The high necked black collar, flared sleeves, and drapey fabric certainly makes it seem so. Even the bold makeup look is almost interchangeable.

Salma Hayek Is a Biblical Beauty In Her Garden of Eden-Inspired Dress

Mexican-American actress and producer Salma Hayek got her big break in the 2002 movie Frida, where she portrayed the title character, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Since then, her career has gone from strength to strength, and she has appeared in popular movies like Grown UpsPuss in BootsSausage Party, and Like a Boss.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits27

When she attended the Met Gala in 2018, she wore a gorgeous floor-length print gown by Versace. Art Historian Anne Higonnet found the high-fashion design to be especially similar to the ceramic-tiled floor in Italy’s Church of San Michele. The work of art by Chiaiese shows an idyllic scene of the Garden of Eden, and it could very much have been the inspiration behind her dress. Either way, it fits the “Heavenly Bodies” theme perfectly.

Billy Porter Dons a Sun God Outfit and Morphs Into a Pharoah

Actor and singer Billy Porter made a name for himself on Broadway before he embarked upon his solo music and acting career. These days, he’s best known for starring the television series Pose, for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award and received a Golden Globe Award nomination.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits28

Billy dressed to impress for the 2019 Met Gala, wearing an unforgettable “Sun God” outfit designed by The Blonds. It was a full-body catsuit that featured hundreds of jewels, 10-foot-long gold wings, and a 24-karat gold headpiece. His entrance was a total show-stopper, as he was reclining on chaise longue being carried by four burly men. There’s no doubt in our minds that he was taking major inspiration from the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

Katie Holmes Is the Belle of the Ball as Princess Belle

Actress and producer Katie Holmes rose to fame in the TV series Dawson’s Creek. She soon became a film star, acting in movies like Phone BoothBatman Begins, and Touched with Fire, but has in recent years focused more on Broadway and TV dramas. Famously, she used to married to actor and producer Tom Cruise.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits29

Katie rocked up to the 2014 Met Gala looking every inch like Princess Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. She was wearing a bright yellow Marchesa ball gown that had several ruffles and an off-shoulder design. The bodice of the dress featured pink flower embellishments, perhaps hinting at the wilting rose from the film.

Kylie Jenner Harks Back to One of Lil Kim’s Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Television personality and businesswoman Kylie Jenner is only 23 years old, but already has a hugely successful cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics, and several million dollars in the bank. She didn’t get there alone of course, as her super-famous big sister Kim Kardashian and relentless “momager” Kris Jenner were there to help guide her on her way to the top.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits34 1

If you thought you’d seen something similar to Kylie’s Met Gala look from 2019, you’d be right. Many people online were quick to point out the similarities between Kylie’s outfit and rapper Lil Kim’s infamous 1999 Video Music Awards look. Designed by Versace, Kylie’s purple look literally extended from top to bottom, just like Lil Kim’s. From the wig to the scalloped edge, there were definitely elements that were borrowed.

Cara Delevingne Played Peek-a-Boo in a Confessional Booth Gown

Model and actress Cara Delevingne has been the “it” girl of the fashion world for a decade at this point. She won Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards back in 2012 and 2014 and frequently undergoes media speculation about all aspects of her life. Since 2012, she’s been dipping her foot in the acting pool, too. You might have seen her Suicide Squad or Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits35

For the 2018 Met Gala Cara went with this out-of-the-box creation for her look. Art historian Anne Higonnet likened her cut-out dress and headpiece to a church’s confessional booth, and now we can’t unsee it. The Dior cage gown definitely shares a lot of features with the wooden structure, such as the peek-a-boo screen that helps to hide the confessor’s identity.

Jennifer Lopez Looked to a Musical Icon for Hair and Makeup Inspiration

Actress, singer, and dancer J.Lo has always been a fashion icon. Other than her acting and musical pursuits, she has also had a successful beauty company, clothing lines, and fragrances. People love to emulate her look, but in 2019 she drew inspiration from another source herself when attending the Met Gala.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits40

J.Lo turned up in a punging neckline and thigh-high split gown that got everyone talking. The sparkling gown was made by Versace, and featured a custom beaded wig. Clearly inspiration was taken from Cher’s iconic 1979 photoshoot, taken by Harry Langdon, or album “Prisoner.” The only difference is that Cher was completely nude except for the hairpiece. Of course, J.Lo didnt take it that far.

Lizzo Was Inspired by the Over-the-Top Style of Shirley Maclaine

Rapper and musician Lizzo is at the top of her game these days. Since her third studio album released in 2019 she’s been a mainstream music star who’s topping the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. SOfar, she has three Grammy Awards, a Billboard Music Award, a BET Award, and two Soul Train Music Awards under her belt.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits41

Lizzo made sure everyone knew she had arrived at the Met Gala in 2019. The look was created by Marc Jacobs and featured a hot pink marabou coat with a matching pink slip dress underneath. “To me, it’s extra, over the top, me. Camp [is] larger than life, all fun and games – don’t take it too seriously, darling!” she was quoted as saying in the dressing room. It’s pretty clear that they took major inspiration from Shirley MacLaine’s outfit from What A Way To Go!

Lili Reinhart Revisited Old Master Paintings for Her Judith-Like Dress

Actress Lili Reinhart is most famous for playing the part of Betty Cooper on the teen drama Riverdale. At 24 years old, she’s still got her whole career ahead of her, but she’s already made it onto the Hollywood movie scene. You might have seen her as  Annabelle in the crime drama Hustlers in 2019, or Grace Town in Chemical Hearts from 2020.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits36

It might be hard to believe, but Lili’s splendid silver dress that she wore to the 2018 Met Gala came straight from highstreet brand H&M. The high shine reminds us of the dresses often seen in traditional renaissance paintings, specifically “The Return of Judith to Bethulia” by Italian master artist Sandro Botticelli. With a modern twist, of course.

Ruby Rose Has Bianca Jagger To Thank for Her Crimson Creation

Australian model, actress, and television presenter Ruby Rose first rose to fame presenting MTV Australia. That lead her to become the face of Maybelline Australia, and presenter on popular shows Australia’s Next Top Model and The Project. Since 2008 she’s been acting, and you might have seen her in Orange Is the New Black, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, or Pitch Perfect 3.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits43

Ruby turned up in a bright red gown to the Met Gala in 2019. But we knew that dress looked familiar. Take a look at the similar design elements between Ruby’s beautiful outfit and that of Bianca Jagger. Bianca was attending the 1974 Met Gala when she wore the sparkly red halterneck dress. Something tells us Ruby took her inspiration from the past.

Priyanka Chopra Is a Majestic Monarch in a Queen of Castile-Style Hood

Indian actress, singer, and film producer Priyanka Chopra is one of the highest-earning and most-loved performers in India. She won the Miss World 2000 pageant before she achieved international fame, which opened the doors for her into the film industry. Famously, she’s married to singer and actor Nick Jonas.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits37

The 2018 Met Gala got a treat when Priyanka turned up in this ornate ensemble. She wore a Ralph Lauren red velvet dress with a stunning gold and jeweled hood. The headpiece featured red Swarovski crystals and took over 250 hours to create by hand. It looks very similar to the hood worn by Isabella, Queen of Castile in the portrait above.

Cole Sprouse Is the Real Boy That Pinocchio Could Never Be

Actor Cole Sprouse is best known as a Disney Channel star who played Cody Martin on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and the spin-off series that followed, The Suite Life on Deck. He starred in the shows alongside his twin brother Dylan Sprouse, but in recent years has made more of an effort to perform solo.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits33

For the Met Gala in 2019, Cole wore a Salvatore Ferragamo-designed outfit that featured a red sleeveless suit jacket and matching pants, with a salmon pink shirt underneath. The floral embroidery tied the whole look together, and we think the shoelace-bowtie was a fun feature. But we have to wonder if the Italian designer was inspired by the Italian Disney character, Pinocchio.

Kim Kardashian Copies One of Cher’s Most Revealing Outfits

Reality star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has been making a fortune with her shapewear clothing brand, Skims, since it launched in 2019. She originally named it “Kimono,” but had to change is fast after she recieved a lot of public backlash. She also founded osmetic brands KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance in 2017. Clearly, people just want to look, and smell, like a Kardashian.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits42

But for the Met Gala in 2015, Kim wanted to channel someone else’s style. She turned to her long-time fashion icon Cher for the inspiration behind her Roberto Cavalli dress. The sheer gown was covered in jewels and feathers, just like Cher’s Bob Mackie gown that she wore to the 1974 Met Gala. A revealing dress like this was even more scandalous back in the seventies.

Zoe Kravitz Channels the Duchess of Alba Draped in Black Lace

Actress, singer, and model Zoe Kravitz was born into a famous family. She’s the daughter of actor and musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet and obviously wanted to follow in their career footsteps. She came to prominence for playing Angel Salvadore in X-Men: First Class. But she’s since appeared in other big movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, The Lego Batman Movie, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits39

Zoe donned a stunning Yves Saint Laurent dress to the Met Gala in 2018. Considering she was attending the “Heavenly Bodies” themed event, it is thought that the black lace material was harking back to Spanish artist Francisco Goya’s famous work of art, “Mourning Portrait of the Duchess of Alba.” After all, you can’t go wrong in a sultry black dress.

Constance Wu Is a Fabulous Flapper Girl As 20s Starlet Louise Brooks

Actress Constance Wu is best known for starring as Rachel Chu in the movie Crazy Rich Asians, for which she received nominations for a Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award. Since then, she starred in the film Hustlers and has more film and TV roles planned for the upcoming future.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits38

There’s no doubt she took inspiration for her Met Gala look in 2019 from the 1920s. Her Marchesa dress had classic old Hollywood vibes to it, but the grey sheer material gave it a modern look. It puts us in mind of silent film actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Louise Brooks. Particularly in the movie The Chaperone.

Deepika Padukone Revamps Cardinal de Richelieu Signature Look

Indian actress and producer Deepika Padukone is one of India’s top actresses and most popular personalities. She started out playing badminton in national-level championships but left it behind to pursue a career in modeling. It was long after that, that she started appearing in films and is now one of the highest-paid actresses in India.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits17

The Bollywood star was an absolute vision in a red Prabal Gurung gown for the 2018 Met Gala. It featured a dramatic and voluminous shoulder, that was likely inspired by French Baroque painter Philippe de Champaigne’s portrait of Cardinal de Richelieu. The heavy draping fabric that falls on one shoulder and the rich ruby color is uncanny.