Hilarious Low Budget Inventions That Take DIY To a Whole New Level

When it comes to finding solutions to common everyday problems, some people just aren’t willing to pay the extra bucks to rely on a professional. Instead, they take matters into their own hands and as you will soon see, not all of them are as successful as others.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level21
Image: Reddit / Shitty_Car_Mods

What some might call “hillbilly engineering,” these hilarious inventions are what happens when DIY makes its way to the backcountry. The following creations might be far from the norm but you have to give these innovators props for thinking way outside the box. But be warned, safety is not guaranteed.

Portable Firepit

According to the people behind this DIY fire pit, this creation only cost them $15 to put together. That’s way less than the regular $100 plus that it takes to build a professional one. The only challenge is finding a local grocery store to donate one of its old carts as this innovator did.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level49
Image: Instructables

Then all you have to do is buy a few added materials and some firewood and you’re good to go! Just don’t forget to remove the plastic from the cart interior. The obvious added benefit to this fire pit is that it can roll along with you wherever you may go!

Runaway Proof Collar

Keep your dog safe and rid yourself of worry with one simple kitchen appliance; a wooden spoon! You read that right. All you have to do is attach the spoon to your dog’s collar or harness and forever prevent your four-legged friends from running outside the yard.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level25
Image: Mashable

We all know that curiosity can sometimes get the best of our furry friends so this silly looking DIY gadget is just what they need to keep them safe and sound. It might not be the most stylish solution but it is certainly an affordable one. Say goodbye to painful shock collars and hello to the spoon solution

Sedan Swingset

No need to take that old sedan to the junkyard to be totalled. Just because it’s no longer mobile doesn’t mean you can’t make good use of the thing. Especially if it has sentimental value. You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level51
Image: Goods Home Design

As you’ll see throughout this article, there are many creative ways to use repurposed vehicles that are no longer running. And this simple playground a-frame swing set is one of our favorites. It’s not only fun for the kids but also makes for a romantic place for couples to sit, throwing it back to the days of drive-in theaters and lover’s lanes.

Picnic Table Pontoon

It takes a certain type of person to see a regular picnic table as an opportunity to set sail! These guys showed an impressive level of innovative engineering when they created a pontoon boat out of a standard picnic table.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level36
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

They even went so far as to name their boat, making a quick sign with the words “Picnic Launch” etched on with a marker. We definitely wish we could have been there for this boat christening. These two clearly know how to have a good time.


So we aren’t very confident that this contraption actually works. It looks like someone’s AC broke down on a hot summer day and in an act of desperation tried to employ a fan to help keep them cool. Whether or not this thing is functional, it certainly looks dangerous.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level52
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

We would definitely suggest being cautious when passing underneath this building. There doesn’t seem to be much holding that fan up there. But we can’t blame this engineer. Heat can make us do some crazy things. And in this case, it might be so crazy that it might actually work!

Work Hard, Play Harder

Who needs a city playground when you can make one in your own backyard. This is what people call “redneck engineering” at its finest. Someone seems to have found some forgotten office chairs and was inspired to create an innovative way to entertain their kids.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level50
Image: The Chive

Or who knows, maybe this contraption was built for the adults. Big kids like to play too, right? There doesn’t seem to be any sort of seat belt involved here so hopefully whoever plans on partaking in this hand-built merry-go-round can hold on tight.

A Tissue for Your Issue

Let’s admit it, when COVID first crossed borders, we all went a little crazy and raced to the grocery store to stockpile hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Before we knew it, the shelves were empty and tee-pee was nowhere to be found.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level48
Image: Pinterest / Tim Kerr

Luckily, this person found ways to get creative with the toiler paper shortage and found a genius solution. Not only does Kleenex make for the perfect replacement, but the inventor of this solution even found a way to make it dispensible and easily accessible.

Breakfast of Champions

Shake up your drinking routine with some redesigned cans of lager. Depending on who you are, this DIY creation will either make you cringe or inspire you to go buy some duct tape. Regardless, you have to admit that this is certainly a good way to reduce the accumulation of dishes.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level46
Image: Bored Panda

Thanks to this affordable and easy-to-make mug creation, beer drinkers can now be classy with handles too. Instead of taking out a mug and hiding your beer inside, just sip away with pride, straight from the can. Chug a beer with your pinky up and your spirit high!

No AC? No Problem

In the summer months, nothing is worse than having your AC break down in the car. How else are we expected to escape the wrath of the hot sun? Well, this Reddit user found one solution by building this strange contraption.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level45
Image: Reddit / lifehacks

When driving at full speed, the device will collect air from the outside and divert it inside the vehicle, mimicking a conventional air conditioning system. And while it looks a bit gaudy, this seems to be a great solution. We only hope the driver included some sort of bug screen to avoid inviting tiny critters into the car.

Improvised Baby Swing

Getting the baby to fall asleep and stop crying is one of the biggest challenges of parenthood. While some have found success in strategies like going on long car rides or hanging crib mobiles, this parent engineered their own solution.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level43
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

We are guessing the parents of this little one are not superstitious. Haven’t they heard standing under a ladder is bad luck? Apparently getting a few minutes of silence was worth the risk as the crazy swing contraption seems to be working its magic. The baby looks as chill as can be.

Grass Chopper

Taking the name “chopper” literally, this innovator reengineered his classic motorcycle into a new and improved John Deere lawnmower. Now they can get the annoying chore of mowing their grass done without giving up on their street cred.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level41
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

Contrary to some other ideas in this article, this actually looks like it took a whole lot of work to get done. Not just anyone could turn a chopper into a multi-functional tool. We would definitely recommend trademarking this invention ASAP.

Windshield Wiper Upgrade

This cheap and easy rigging will make your windshield wiper a multifunctioning tool. With simply a towel and some safety pins, your wiper will not only wipe away the water from you window but will also clean it at the same time.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level40
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

This is one of those inventions that you didn’t even know you needed. And sure, it kinda looks a bit dumb but in practice it is pretty genius. Your windows will look cleaner than ever before and you won’t even have to get out of your vehicle.

Car Pooling

Truth be told, not all of us can afford to build a pool in our backyard. And even for those who can afford it, not everyone wants to deal with the hassle. But that doesn’t mean that those people don’t need a refreshing dip in a pool on a hot summer day.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level31
Image: 9GAG

When the public pool is overcrowded or isn’t even open, that’s when it’s time to start getting creative. And this local had a perfect idea. He turned his beloved pickup truck into a private pool that he could take with him wherever he goes.

Paperclip Fork

Ever have the situation where you are stuck in the office, craving a snack but you’re missing the proper utensils to eat it? Well, this hard worker found a solution to that problem without even having to leave the comfort of his or her desk.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level53
Image: Bright Side

Yep, you’re seeing that right. That is a fork made entirely of paper clips. And we think this is one of those “don’t knock it till you try it” situations. These days, paperclips aren’t put to work as much as they used to anyway so we are glad they found a new purpose.

Slavic GPS

According to this photo, taken in Czechia, here we have an example of Slavic engineering at its finest. Apparently, someone needed help getting around but as a responsible driver, wanted to keep both hands on the wheel.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level57
Image: Facebook / Living Slavic

Instead of going out to buy a suction car phone holder from the store, this driver took a less conventional approach. Instead, they took a simple plunger and rubber bands to create a similar device. It seems to be serving its intended purpose although we highly doubt that plunger has Bluetooth.

Turbo Snoplow

Nothing puts a halt to your morning routing more than an unexpected snowstorm. And sometimes you just can’t wait for the city to send its snowplows in so that you can go about your day. That seems to be the case here when this local decided to get proactive.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level37
Image: Subrban Men

In an attempt to clear the street from a fresh batch of snow, this innovator rigged two snow shovels to the front of his vehicle and created his very own snowplow. We do have to admit that the invention does not look too effective but we can’t knock the attempt.

Neonster Truck

Here we see a Chrysler Neon car rigged on to the frame of a Jeep Wrangler. Either the car owner could not decide between two very different types of vehicles or the Neon body came at such an irresistibly low rate, they decided to make their jeep dreams come true the less conventional way.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level33
Image: imgur / ZXu79fV

Since Neons are known for sitting low to the ground, it’s certainly interesting to see one elevated like this. The only question now is how does this unique machine drive. We wonder if it can actually handle the rough terrain that jeeps are normally built for.

Babies First Lawnmower

As they say, sometimes it’s good to start them young. Especially when it comes to household chores. And what better way to teach your kids the importance of housework than by having them join along while you complete yours.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level32
Image: Pinterest / Jake Bryan

And here’s an invention that will help you do just that. This contraption allows you to bring your little one as you complete the sometimes-daunting task of mowing the lawn. All you have to do is strap them into this car seat rigging and go about your business as they sit along for the ride.

Windshield Wiper Fail

In the winter months when snow can bury your car in a matter of minutes, sometimes your normal windshield wipers just don’t cut it. That’s why this out-of-the-box thinker decided to take their snow clearing strategy one step further.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level38
Image: Daily Mail

By rigging a simple broom onto the windshield wiper, this smart invention can sweep away the snow without making you leave the warmth of your car. Because let’s admit it, there’s nothing worse than having to get out and manually wipe away the snow with your hands

‘Tis The Season to Recycle

Christmas stockings are one of the most quintessential decorations of the holiday season. And through the years, people have come up with a variety of different colorful designs both homemade and store-bought. However, few have gone with such a simplistic approach as this one.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level29
Image: The Chive

Although this might not look as festive as the traditional stockings, using plastic Walmart bags in their place is certainly resourceful. And it’s definitely one way to recycle that we had never thought of before. We just hope Santa understands where he is meant to put the gifts.

Firepit To Go

We have to give whoever manufactured this contraption mad props. Who would have thought that an old lawnmower deck and a washing machine drum could work together so well in order to create the perfect portable firepit?

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level47
Image: SuburbanMen

As you can see, owning a fire pit does not have to be an expensive endeavor. Inventions like this one make cozying up to a warm fire viable for anyone. And while this contraption might not look that aesthetically pleasing, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work just as well.

Touchless Dispenser

These days, with the coronavirus still burdening our everyday lives, more and more stores are providing hand sanitizer for their customers to ensure a safer shopping experience. When applying the hand sanitizer, however, you’re often left with the predicament of having to touch the dispenser which you know has been used by every single person that had walked into the store before you.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level27
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

That’s where this genius solution comes into play. All you have to do is press down on the top bar with your elbow and the hand sanitizer will dispense onto your hand without putting you at more risk of contracting the virus from past customers.

Homemade Document Camera

Maintaining education standards during these hard times where many schools are forced to teach virtually from home has become a huge challenge for teachers everywhere. And many have had to come up with creative strategies to keep their students in check. Teacher, Carmen Castrejón came up with a genius way to show her students what would be seen on a whiteboard in a normal classroom setting.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level26
Image: Facebook / Carmen Castrejón

For her “whiteboard” hack, all she needed was a pencil, an old-school CD, a penny, and some Scotch tape. Now, instead of only looking at her while teaching, the kids will also look at her notes. And all this without having to spend any of her own money, which teachers from low-income schools are often forced to do.

Seatbelt Gate Lock

We’ve heard of refurbishing used car parts but we’ve never seen anything like this. A seatbelt being reused as a gate lock sounds so farfetched until you see it with your own eyes. And after seeing this photo, we think the concept is actually pretty genius.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level23
Image: Imgur / Viktor61

Sure it’s not the most secure solution but it definitely proves useful as a way to keep the gate closed and potentially keep any pets or small kids from leaving the yard. We just wonder how the plastic will endure during weather conditions like rain and high heat.

Carpet Pedals

Would you believe us if we told you this was designed by a 12-year-old? According to the post, this design is a result of one Reddit user’s 12-year-old son wanting to ride his bike barefoot. In order to ensure the most comfortable biking experience, he decided to modify his pedals by covering them with carpet.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level22
Image: Reddit / DiWHY

Looks like we have a future designer on our hands. This kid has got the eye that’s for sure. And while, even with the carpet pedals, we definitely would not recommend riding your bicycle barefoot, we still have to commend the little dude for thinking outside the box.

Questionable Car Hack

We have a ton of mixed feelings when it comes to this questionable car hack. Sure, it’s not the most conventional car-door handle but it certainly gets points for creativity. And sometimes you just have to make do with the parts that you have lying around, right?

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level54
Image: SuburbanMen

At least we imagine that’s the case as it’s safe to assume this was not the original vision for the out-of-the-box thinking engineer. Generally speaking, if the handle needs written instructions, it’s probably not the best design. Our only question is, how do you lock it?

Who Needs Master Lock?

No need to go out and spend money on the latest version of the Master Lock. Make your own with tools that you most likely already have lying around. Namely, as exemplified in this photo, a wrench and a simple padlock. This is one of those things that might look dumb, but actually works wonders.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level20
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

Not only does this homemade lock look pretty impenetrable, but unsuspecting burglars might also get so thrown off by the random ingenuity, they might just turn around and go about their day. Maybe that’s wishful thinking but it’s worth a try, right?

Riding in Style

This guy has no care in the world as he cruises around on his makeshift scooter. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you. He is in fact riding a lawn chair that is taped to an electric skateboard. The best part of this photo is actually described in the caption.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level16
Image: Imgur / Smashley Ghoulish

According to the Imgur user who witnessed this scene first-hand, in addition to riding his unique contraption, the guy is also vaping and listening to Jack Johnson. And nothing says chilled out more than some good quality Jack Johnson tunes. You do you dude, you do you.

i-Pad Stand

Well if this isn’t ingeniuity at it’s finest, we don’t know what is. As you can see in the photos below, here someone created a stand for their I-pad with nothing but a simple kitchen fork. The little mermaid would certainly be proud!

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level18
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

Clearly, someone was in desperate need of some undisturbed Netflix time and they had to come up with the best solution for doing so hands-free. We can’t think of a better solution than this one! And all while saving the minimum $30 plus that it would have cost to buy a stand from the store.

Chandelier Headlights

Is this photo from a never before seen episode of MTV’s Pimp My Ride? Whether or not Xzibit helped achieve this reengineering, it’s clear to see that the owner of this vehicle likes to get around in style. And safety standards seem to be of little to no concern.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level11
Image: Reddit / WeirdWheels

If you look closely you will notice that the driver also has a lantern at the rear of the vehicle too. We aren’t sure what inspired this love for lavish light fixtures but the car looks like it belongs in a museum rather than driving around on the open road.

Clean Air Guaranteed

With the coronavirus continuing to burden our day to day lives, professionals working in the service sector have been forced to get creative in order to keep business going. Restaurants and store owners alike have had to figure out ways to enact social distancing and prevent overcrowding. In addition, the transportation sector has also had to brainstorm ways to navigate around the virus.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level1
Image: BuzzFeed News

That includes buses, cabs, and car-sharing services that are still necessary even during these trying times. And as you can see, this uber driver found the perfect solution to creating distance between him and his passengers while still providing them with a comfortable drive. By building an extender between the AC vent and the plastic barrier, his passengers are still provided with cool air during their ride.

Plunger Holder

If it’s not clear in the photo, what we are looking at here is an empty milk jug that has been cut up and used as a holder for a bathroom plunger. And while they could have done a better job at cutting out the hole, this is definitely a fantastic idea.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level14
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

Not only is this another example of recycling plastic, but it’s also very functional. Gone are the days of wet floors and messy plungers or overspending on plastic holders sold at Bed Bath & Beyond. Here we have a solution that is both practical and affordable.

Security Guaranteed

If you live in a neighborhood where locking your car just doesn’t suffice, well then here is a solution for you. Even if someone does manage to break into your car, and gets the car started without the key, there’s no way they will get away with this lock in place.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level9
Image: Daily Mail

Whoever manufactured this must have gotten his car stolen one too many times. This must have been the last resort as an effort to keep the vehicle with its rightful owner. Maybe it’s time to start looking into moving to a safer area.

Second Amendment Decor

After a Twitter user challenged gun advocates to give him an example of “one thing guns are good for that doesn’t have to do with killing,” one user had the perfect response. And whether you are pro-guns or not, you can’t really argue with the logic here.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level7
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

Toilet paper holders do not in fact have to do with killing. At least as far as we’ve seen thus far. Now the main question we have is whether or not that is a real gun or simply a decorative piece of furniture owned by someone that is evidently very passionate about the right to bear arms.

BBQ Grill Fender Flares

Looking for new fender flares but don’t have the budget to pay for the real deal? Well, this Reddit user has the solution for you. All you need is an old grill and some metal cutting tools and voilà, your car will finally have the flare it deserves.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level4
Image: Reddit / Shitty_Car_Mods

Now we know we are making this project sound easier than it is, but sometimes living on a budget means you have to be willing to put in the extra work. You have to admit though, the end result looks a lot like the real deal.

Heated Steering Wheel

These days, cars have so many hi-tech, luxurious features it’s hard to even keep track. For instance, many vehicles have amenities such as heated seats and steering wheels to keep passengers and drivers warm in the winter months.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level5
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

Those of us with older model cars, however, are stuck having to warm our hands the old-fashioned way once cold weather hits. That’s what gloves are for right? Well with this genius solution, you can leave those gloves in their compartment. Who said heated steering wheels were for luxurious vehicles only?

Morning Coffee Fix

Ever find yourself stuck with a mug that is too tall to place under the coffee maker and your only solution is to stand there and awkwardly wait. The last thing we want to do in the morning is to literally wait for the water to boil so that you can go about your day.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level55
Image: Suburban Men

Well this innovator found a better solution that can allow you stay hands free as your coffee brews. With this you can continue your morning routine as your coffee prepares itself. Just make sure to angle it right because one wrong move and you’re looking at a morning cleanup that you know you don’t have time for.

Cuban Engineering

Here we see a small laptop mounted onto the dashboard of a 1955 Ford Mercury. The photo was taken as part of a series meant to showcase Cuba’s robust culture of DIY engineers. The country spent so long excluded from world trade and modern technology, so its citizens were forced to get creative in order to try and keep up with the times.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level34
Image: PBS

Since this classic vehicle clearly does not have the type of GPS or entertainment system that is found in most modern-day vehicles, the driver found an innovative solution in its place. This just goes to show that anything is possible no matter the barrier.

Stick Shift

While this Reddit user was attempting to mow his lawn, he somehow managed to break the steering wheel of the lawnmower. Not willing to leave half the grass uncut, he found a solution that might not look as aesthetic as the original but is arguably just as effective.

Hilarious Low Budget Innovations That Take DIY To a Whole New Level13
Image: Reddit / redneckengineering

Not only that but as exemplified in the Reddit post, the new invention also leaves room for limitless amounts of stick shift jokes and other such puns. This is definitely one of those moments that reminds us why the internet exists in the first place.