Joaquin Phoenix Is an Awesome Joker, but the Film Is No Joke When Is Comes to Animal Rights

If you like The Joker, suspense, or good movies, Joker is perfect for you. Who doesn’t like good movies though? We guess what we’re saying, then, is that this movie is superb for everyone (unless you have “coulrophobia”, i.e. fear of clowns). But besides being a major win for Hollywood, for Joaquin Phoenix (the lead actor), and for us entertainment-thirsty viewers, the film is also a big victory for the animal rights movement.

Joaquin Phoenix Is an Awesome Joker but the Film Is No Joke When Is Comes to Animal Rights 1
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Joaquin Phoenix is a long-time vegan and animal rights activist. More and more, Phoenix has utilized his large platform to get these movements’ important messages out to the world and has used his voice to further their cause.

In this article, we will give you the lowdown regarding the philosophy and the driving force behind the animal rights movement. After that, we’ll look at why Joaquin Phoenix is a joker on screen, but certainly not when it comes to animal rights. Grab a vegan snack, kick back, and dive in!

Philosophy and Significance of Animals Rights

There are two things to consider when we’re thinking of animal rights, both of them are extremely important. First, animal rights (analogous in this context to “human rights”) pertain to the actual rights of the animals we raise or catch for food. The idea, which has been substantiated by lots of research, is that animals have feelings too and that we should try to not hurt them. This is an argument that has to do with morals and ethics.

Joaquin Phoenix Is an Awesome Joker but the Film Is No Joke When Is Comes to Animal Rights 3
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The second thing that’s important when it comes to animal rights is that the industrial raising and catching of animals have some bad environmental consequences. By industrially raising cows, for instance, we use tons of resources and land that could otherwise be going towards far more efficient uses. Other concerns include ecological damage and methane emissions released by some animals. The emissions contribute to greenhouse gases.

Joaquin Phoenix Uses His Platform

Joaquin Phoenix has lately been becoming an increasingly prominent voice in the push for veganism and animal rights. He has a large platform, which he uses to his advantage to do so. Let’s have a look at some of the initiatives he’s involved in.

A few years ago, Phoenix appeared on a PETA ad promoting cruelty-free, ethical “wool.” He allegedly got involved because he was sent a video explaining the problematic aspects of the wool industry. It profoundly struck him, and he decided to do something about it. The PETA campaign ad features Phoenix standing beside some cute sheep dressed in cutting-edge, vegan-friendly “wool.”

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Image: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Just last year, Phoenix appeared in another PETA camp urging the public to become vegan and stop “speciesism” – discrimination against organisms based on what species they belong to.

In his most recent animal-friendly initiative, Phoenix urged the organizers of this year’s Golden Globes to completely veganize their menu. He was successful, and the organizers agreed and got onboard. The menu was consequently prepared to be 100% vegan. This is the first time in history that a major awards show has done this. Awesome.

Phoenix’s initiatives are certainly timely: more research on environmental topics is published than ever before, philosophical conundrums regarding animal rights are starting to dissolve, and more and more vegan food is being consumed. And Joaquin Phoenix, being the massive star that he is, is capable of providing a huge voice to champion animal rights. A big shoutout goes out to him for his hard work and green ideas!