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This Couple Were Sick of Rising House Prices, so They Renovated a House Boat Instead

We’ve heard it told a thousand times by now. The younger generation won’t ever be able to afford to buy a home because of rising house prices. That was the case for young Tash Littleford and her boyfriend Lee Stone, who found themselves priced out of the housing market. So they decided to take matters into their own hands. Rather than throwing their money down the drain by renting for the rest of their lives, they decided to buy a rundown houseboat that most people would have just overlooked. In the end, they transformed it both inside and designed it to be their ultimate dream home. But there was a surprise waiting for Tash right at the end of their houseboat project.

Cooking Up Controversy: The Rise of Star Chef Giada De Laurentiis

Food Network goddess Giada De Laurentiis is celebrated for her expertise in Italian cuisine. With a growing list of shows like Everyday Italian, Giada Entertains and Giada at Home, all TV hours seem to include her smile and skill. She’s built a net worth of around $30 million. But behind the camera, does she really lead that picture-perfect life? Truthfully, a few scandals have confused the public in recent years. This chef does try to focus on her signature dishes. But the tabloids have tried to tarnish more than just her silverware, and questions need answers. In love and business, Giada has done more than most. It’s time to take a look at the cook, starting now!

This Inspiring Makeup Artist Gives People of All Shapes, Sizes, and Abilities the Chance To Be a Hollywood Star

Makeup has the power to transform, amaze, and inspire. And thankfully, there are makeup artists all around the world who wish to show this off in the most beautiful way. Goar Avetisyan is one of those people, and for years she has been using the power of makeup to help those who have struggled with their appearance. Whether they’ve suffered burns or have lost their confidence to cancer, she’s proved that everyone is beautiful.

The Strangest Colors in Nature Prove That Earth Really Is a Magical Place

How these creatures and critters aren’t more talked about, we’ll never know. All across the globe, common and everyday animals have been coming in extremely unusual colors. We think it’s about time everyone knows about the beautiful bright hues found all throughout the animal kingdom. Of course, these intensely pigmented creatures are a pretty rare occurrence. Get ready to have your mind blown by these mystifying evolutionary wonders that are totally photoshop and filter-free.

The Weirdest Things Being Sold on eBay Will Have You Questioning Everything

We’ve all come across weird eBay listings in our time. But what if we collected all the weird, unfortunate, and vaguely upsetting items up for grabs on the online marketplace. That’s exactly what one Instagram account, called eBayBae, has done and it only leaves us asking more questions about the people behind the listings. Take a glimpse into the weird and wonderful private lives of strangers through the bizarre items they’ve listed. Just don’t be surprised if you end up with more questions than answers!

The Very Best ‘You Had One Job’ Moments In Internet History

It’s the dream: Finding that fulfilling gig. At the very least, one that you can do half well. There are filler jobs along the way, sure. But it has come to our attention many folks out there won’t be getting Employee of the Month awards, right now — like whoever sewed this Nala all googly-eyed. Sir, you had one job! Sometimes workers have one little task to do, yet still manage to fail. Occasionally, they mess up so much it’s hard to believe it wasn’t downright revenge. Whether it’s a practical joke on the boss, or a mind fart so bad it rocked the internet, it’s time to look at the worst culprits. Be honest: Was this you?