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When Barry welcomed his pitbull-mix Roxy into his life in 2014, he had no idea that he could love a dog as much as he loved her. And while they were one big happy family for many years, this all changed in 2020 when his employer forced him to give Roxy up. Barry knew that he needed to fight for her, and he knew exactly what he had to do. What he didn’t realize was how much this would impact his life, his career prospects, and even his criminal record.

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We’re all guilty of taking some bad travel photos every now and then, but these ones are on a whole new level. We understand that being a tourist can be awkward at times, sometimes you make a faux pas in another country because you don’t know any better, but there’s just no excuse for these! Enjoy these epic tourist fails and try not to repeat them yourself. Or do, but make sure you share them with us.

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It may be the happiest place in the world, but it seems as though Disneyland may also be one of the most secretive. Amongst the castles, the cast members, and the coolest rides in the world there are hidden objects, stories, and rules that are designed to go undetected – even to the most loyal and devoted Disney fans. But through our super-sleuthing abilities and our magical ways, we’ve managed to uncover the Disneyland secret that employees won’t ever tell you.

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Sometimes nature is way more interesting, freaky, and beautiful than any photoshop or staged images. These accidental optical illusions will have you double checking and questioning everything you thought you knew! Some of these are pictures of what nature has really and truly made for us. Some of these are just perfectly timed photos from either brilliant or lucky photographers. Either way, we guarantee that all of these pictures will mess with your mind for days.