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29+ Hilarious Photos of Stars Photoshopped Into Classical Art

In a corner of the internet, design geeks took part in a photoshop competition that saw celebrities become the subject of old master European paintings. The contest host, DesignCrowd, asked participants the question: “If the renaissance took place in modern times, and the models were famous pop culture celebrities, what would the artwork have looked like?” The contest only ran for 48 hours, but a great number of submissions came pouring in. Once you see which entries we selected, we think you’ll agree that these photoshop wizards are downright hilarious.

Old Family Photos That Have Been Hilariously Recreated by the Kids Now That They’re All Grown Up

We all have cringey family photos from our past that we never want to see the light of day. But some individuals are reclaiming their awkward younger selves by recreating their childhood photos. And they’re getting the whole family involved too, to make it as similar as possible. But of course, a lot of time has passed since the OG photos were taken. And these side-by-side comparisons show just how much these kids have grown. Take a look at their hilarious photo re-enactments – just don’t expect the kids to be just as cute as before.

From West Africa to West Virginia, Adopted American Girl Discovers Her Real Heritage is Anything But Ordinary

Sarah Culberson was adopted as a wee babe in West Virginia, as fate would have it. She’s not alone: Every year, U.S. citizens take in around 13,000 children from more than 100 countries. The star of our story today had origins all the way in Sierra Leone, West Africa. That’s pretty far — but as the saying goes, “Family is not defined by our genes, it is built and maintained through love.” Ain’t that the truth? The Culberson household was filled with love. But of course, as an adult, Sarah started to wonder about her real background and went searching. What she found could only be described as a fairy tale, and there’s a reason this has been picked up by Disney. Soon, audiences will see it on the big screen. But today, it’s time to read about the shocking, one-in-a-billion result that even 23andMe wouldn’t have found. Let’s begin!

Side by Side Photos of Celebs With Their Hilariously Accurate Animal Doppelgängers

Doppel-what? Doppelgänger, folks. It’s a German word that’s taken on a whole new life in recent years. People find it absolutely thrilling to figure out that there is an acquaintance or even a celebrity that looks just like them. We all think we are unique. But are we, really? Now, things have taken a new turn. Celebrities are discovering there is an animal on the internet that looks eerily similar to their own faces. The comparisons are hard to deny. And who would want to? It’s such a silly break from the mundane that nearly everyone has a laugh. Check out these spot-on critter lookalikes, right here!

The Real MVPs: These Animals Photobombed Sports Games and Totally Stole the Show

It’s no secret that animals just love interrupting professional sports games – and we have the pictures prove it! From alligators on the golf green to dogs on the soccer pitch, it turns out that you can’t stop these animals from playing a game of fetch when and where they want. And if you ask us, these furry friends should be crowned the ultimate MVPs because these photos of photobombing animals are absolutely hilarious…

Photos of the Most Bizarre Creatures and Objects To Have Ever Been Washed Ashore

There’s no doubt that the vast and murky ocean waters hold all kinds of secrets. It’s a mysterious place that we can only dream of better understanding. But on occasion, the sea spits up some really weird objects and creatures that leave us with more questions than answers. From prehistoric animals to grand pianos, here’s a collection of the world’s most intriguing beach-side finds that have ever been captured on camera. They give us a rare and exciting glimpse into the mind-boggling reality of the open sea – you just never know what’s going to wash up on the beach next.