Legendary Monkey-man Robert Sapolsky Has Lots to Teach Us About Ourselves and Our Close Hairy Relatives

Science and Tech
Robert Sapolsky is a legendary researcher who spent over 20 years researching baboons in their natural habitat. He has tons to teach us about primates and ourselves. The man has published mountains of research papers in prestigious journals, and he has managed to show the world that baboons are a lot more similar to humans than we tend to think. Come have a look at this intriguing topic.
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Where the Men Wear the Veil: Inside the Tuareg Tribe

Culture Earth
Deep in the heart of Saharan Africa lives a tribe that has an interesting twist on traditional Islamic customs: rather than woman wearing a face veil, it is the men of the Tuareg tribe who adhere to this custom. A look at the customs and culture of the Tuareg reveals that when it comes to traditions, they go against the grain.
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California Sets a Precedent as the First State to Ban the Sale of Fur

Eco Trend Setters
An exciting new law is being implemented in the state of California. It's a bill that strictly prohibits the selling of fur products and applies to coats and handbags alike. While bans have been springing up in various cities, namely Los Angeles, Berkeley, and San Francisco, California's managed to get there first. The selling, trading, displaying, or donating of fur will officially become an illegal practice in the state as of the start of 2023 - hooray! There are exceptions, however, to be aware of.
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Joaquin Phoenix Is an Awesome Joker, but the Film Is No Joke When Is Comes to Animal Rights

The new movie, Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix is a smash-hit. It's making waves throughout the world, with Phoenix and his outstanding lead performance at the center of everything. Phoenix, who is a long-time vegan and animal rights activist, is using his celebrity and that of the film to spread the word and get the animal rights message out to the world. With his multiple animal-friendly initiatives, he hopes to make a difference, and to inspire others to follow suit.
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