See Change by Sea Change: The Importance of Reducing Plastic and It’s Environmental Effects

The hard truth is that even if we were to see a drastic decline in plastic utilization by tomorrow, this wouldn’t be enough. The short-term solutions are to capitalize on less wasteful materials that can be washed and reused, but what about the long-term solutions? What are the impacts of the current usage and where are we seeing the repercussions from our actions? Simply put, this is severe, relevant, and happening faster than we can type.

See Change by Sea Change The Importance of Reducing Plastic and Its Environmental Effects1
Image: Sciencing

Think about it, for every piece of plastic that’s in the ocean becomes ingested by a fish or other sea creature, etc, which we as humans in turn rely on for nourishment. So basically we’re trash humans for our plastic usage and waste and we’re trash humans because we are quite literally eating trash. Now that’s food for thought.

Fish Are Our Friends and Our Food

Roughly, there are about 14 BILLION POUNDS of trash floating around our deep blue seas every single year; gross! If you wouldn’t want to swim with all that gunk, why would anything else that has a pulse? Oh wait, those poor sea creatures don’t have a choice. It’s OUR job to do what we can to keep the waters clean for the dolphins, turtles, and all those cute creatures we say we love.

See Change by Sea Change The Importance of Reducing Plastic and Its Environmental Effects3
Image: SEE Turtles

Did you know that about 100,000 sea mammals, sea turtles, and various fish species are killed each year due to plastic consumption? While plastic might take years to break down, it takes only seconds for an animal to take one bite of a piece of plastic. It’s like imaging what the first bite of your Sunday brunch would be without knowing it would be your last. So what’s next?

Change Requires Action, Which Means to Act Now

While what we truly need is a long-term, effective plan, to help reduce the amount of plastic that enters our oceans, in the meantime we need to take action now. As plastic production and consumption are predicted to double over the next ten years, if the world doesn’t start to make a change now, the consequences will be ten times worse in the coming years.

See Change by Sea Change The Importance of Reducing Plastic and Its Environmental Effects2
Image: New York Post

There are three steps to working towards our common goal: reducing plastic in waste streams, improving solid waste management, and increasing the levels of capturing and reusing. What are the disposable products within your home that you could swap out to be more environmentally friendly? Start with small incremental changes, and be a part of a brighter, safer, and cleaner future.