Side by Side Photos Showcasing Classic Stars Who have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades

These talented ladies and gentlemen have been absolutely killing it on the red carpet for decades. From their first fresh-faced appearances during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, all the way to today, they have been setting the golden standard for how to attend a high-profile event. The bottom line: they always look flawless.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades42

In the coming pages, we take a tour through some of the best red carpet moments from some of the most timeless superstars. Rare before and after photographs remind us that these kings and queens, princes and princesses of the red carpet just get better and better as the years pass.

Whoopi Goldberg, Since the 80s

Whoopi Goldberg is – always has been – a superstar. She rose to prominence in the 80s, making a public appearance on the premiere of Citizen: I’m Not Losing My Mind, I’m Giving It Away. Boom! She was on the map. In 1986, she bagged herself a Grammy for her comedy work.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades43

Since her first red carpet event, she’s maintained a steady presence on the scene. And she’s always incredibly well dressed. From her cool and casual 90s sweater and blazer to her silky open shoulder Christian Siriano gown, she’s always turning heads. And now, at 64, she shows zero signs of slowing down.

Sissy Spacek, Since the 70s

Sissy Spacek first became known in 1976 after her starring role in Carrie, the horror movie based on Stephen King’s first novel. The film’s premiere was probably her very first public appearance. Fast forward a few short years later to 1981, and Spacek is looking flawless at the Academy Awards, having just bagged herself the Best Actress Award for her performance in The Coal Miner’s Daughter.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades36

Spacek has always had a thing for dressy pants. She rocked them back in the 80s, and she brought them with her all the way to the 21st century. Sometimes she wears a gown to red carpet events, but dress pants are her true love. And as you can see, even though decades have gone by (she’s now 70), it looks like the hands of time have barely even laid there fingers on Spacek.

Anita Ekberg, Since the 50s

Pardon our language, but Anita Ekberg has always been a major nuclear bombshell. Thriving on beauty and talent, she would often enjoy feeding snippets of “bad” behavior to the tabloids. For example, her dress once burst open, and then she claimed it was on purpose. Her first red carpet appearances were in the 50s when she attended events hosted in connection to the various small-time T.V. shows she played in.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades1

Late in that decade, when she was in her mid 20s, the Swedish actress broke into the big-time film industry and starred in Valerie. From then on, and until she passed away in 2015 at the age of 83, it was all red carpets and black dresses. The number of times Ekberg walked on the scarlet rug is too great to count. Needless to say, she always looked stunning.

Twiggy, Since the 60s

Twiggy is one of the most famous and successful supermodels. Ever. When she flew to New York in 1967, she caused a swarm by the American press, and the event was covered extensively. The British fashion icon had already built up tons of momentum by then, popping up on all sorts of red carpets and runways all over Britain.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades24

By age 21, in 1971, she was doing it all, singing, dancing, acting, modeling. By this time, with already major traction and dozens (if not hundreds) of red carpet appearances under her belt, she was dubbed “the face of the 60s.” Now, at 70 years old, she’s just as present as ever. And of course, just as fashionable as ever. From miniskirt pioneer to the iconic shift dress, Twiggy has always been a fashion luminary.

Jack Nicholson, Since the 60s

“Here’s Johnny!” Any Jack Nicholson fan would recognize that iconic line from the 1980 film, The Shining, which was one of the most iconic horror films of all time. Nicholson has always been a party animal – on the red carpet and off it, and an extremely talented actor. His first red carpet appearance was following the release of Easy Rider in 1969.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades27

In 1976, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor. He showed up to the award ceremony to claim his golden statuette in a tuxedo and sunglasses. This look would crystallize and become a definitive Nicholson trademark. Henceforth, every time Nicholson hit up the red carpet, he rocked the shades, usually aviators. And these days, at 83 years old, you’d be hard-pressed to find a photo of him without them.

Madonna, Since the 80s

Madonna is one of those rare people that just don’t seem to age. She always looks good, and somehow she manages to always be cool. After moving to NYC with $35 in her pocket at a young age, she studied dance and started making music. Her first albums dropped in 1983, and she became a hit. Soon thereafter, she was prominent on the red carpet of prestigious award shows.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades30

In addition to her music, Madonna has always expressed herself through her sense of style. In the 80s, she had a marked edgy-girly style (e.g. fingerless gloves). And as she evolved through the subsequent decades, she proved that anything is possible. Fishnets, gender-bending, top hats, you name it. There’s no doubt that Madonna has made some heavy contributions to both music and fashion through the decades.

Pam Grier, Since the 70s

It’s hard to conceive of a more surly character than Jackie Brown from the eponymous 1997 movie, Jackie Brown, by Quentin Tarantino. Pam Grier, who played the lead, was perfect. Even though the film wasn’t considered great (we liked it though), it was still super famous. But Grier was a star even before then. In fact, she’d been gracing the red carpet since the 70s.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades34

Many of Grier’s signature styles are timeless fashionable; crop tops, big hair, high shoes, high-waist pant. Her red carpet style has evolved over time. In the 80s and 90s, she could usually be seen wearing risqué dresses. These days, at 71 years old, she usually opts for pants and hip sweaters and shirts. But no matter what year it is, no matter what getup she chooses, she’ll always be cool.

Liza Minnelli, Since the 70s

Liza Minnelli is a classic icon of American culture. And she has the pedigree to prove it of course. Born to two superstars, Vincente Minnelli and Judy Garland, she’s been in the Hollywood spotlight pretty much all her life. At 24, she was on the red carpet following a nomination for Best Actress. A few years later, she won it for her performance in Cabaret.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades14

From the time Minnelli was young and all the way till today, she has been showing up to exclusive events with a unique sense of style. With a consistently stylish outfit, colorful pendants, and geometric earrings, no one can dispute her fashion savviness. Today, Minnelli is 74. A few years ago (the day the picture of her in blue was captured), Minnelli said that even though she’s been to the red carpet countless times, she still gets nervous.

Lauren Hutton, Since the 60s

When it comes to red carpet style, supermodel Laura Hutton, now 76, proves that age is just a number. She looked great, she looks great, and she will always look great. Past, present, and future fuse together for her into an eternally good sense of style. She started making public appearances in the 60s, doing some small modeling gigs, and then she signed a fat contract with Revlon in 1973.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades29

On the left, we see Hutton at a red carpet event in 1978 (possibly the first time she was photographed at one of the high-profile soirées). She looked stunning in her colorful and airy pastel dress. And she never stopped refining her fashion sense. Years later, as you see, she looks no less stunning, this time wearing a crisp silky white pants suit.

Hugh Hefner, Since the 50s

Though controversial, no discussion of long-lasting superstars can be complete without mentioning Hugh Hefner, founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine. The very first edition featured a nude centerfold of Marilyn Monroe. His enterprise and his lifestyle have come under fire over the years. One critic argued that he was basically a pimp, for instance.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades12

But one thing that’s indisputable – regardless of how you feel about his life and life’s work – is that the man had style. The first time he showed up to the red carpet was back in the 50s, and he was obviously well dressed. Every time he showed up to an event, he wore a sleek suit, slightly open at the neck. And of course, he always has a beautiful bombshell by his side.

Oprah Winfrey, Since the 70s

It’s really hard (honestly, try it!) to find someone on this planet with better social skills than Oprah Winfrey. After making deep impressions on her audiences and employers while working as a news broadcaster in the 70s, she got her own show. It was tremendously successful and soon propelled her right to the red carpet.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades33

Hardwired to perfect anything social, Oprah of course showed up in style. But it’s hard to put a label on her sense of fashion. When she won her first Emmy, in 1987, she wore a brightly striped red jacket. Throughout the 90s, one could often catch her in a pants suit. And, as we see with Oprah’s countless public appearances up until her mid-60s today, when the occasion calls for it, she’s never afraid to rock a dramatic ballgown.

Cher, Since the 60s

Apparently, Cher just doesn’t age. We also want the map showing the way to the fountain of youth. She’s now 74 years old, but she has been trotting around at red carpet events since the 60s! If one thing can be said about how Cher attends the red carpet it’s that she is never one to shy away from a powerful fashion statement.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades10

For example, on the left, she showed up to the 1988 Oscars to claim her Best Actress Award dressed in a leave-nothing-to-the-imagination Bob Mackie. This wasn’t unique for her. Time and again, the goddess of pop would show up in classy (but highly revelatory) getups. Even if she was ever criticized for her red carpet riskiness, she didn’t care. She said, “Until you’re ready to look foolish, you’ll never have the possibility of being great.”

Barbra Streisand, Since the 60s

For decades, Barbra Streisand has been consistently wowing everyone with her acting and singing talent and her acute sense of how to dress. Her career was jump-started with the success of Funny Girl in 1968. Less than a year later, she showed up to the prestigious red carpet of the Oscars to claim her award for Best Actress.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades3

Streisand’s red carpet style has morphed quite dramatically over the years. At 78 years old (who would have thought?!) we don’t usually see her with the beehive haircut and glittery outfits. But she’s still doing the red carpet scene swift justice. Chokers, rich textures, and draped cuts – it’s all there. The legend of Barbra Streisand, and her radiant sense of fashion, are on the red carpet to stay.

Mary Tyler Moore, Since the 60s

Mary Tyler Moore always walked the line between modest mid-westerner and spunky Hollywood gal. Her rise to fame came during the 60s with the success of The Dick Van Dyke Show. And her first highly prestigious and glamorous exclusive event was probably the 1981 Oscars when she was nominated for Best Actress for her role in Ordinary People.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades31

Her dreamy, pillowy, open shoulder dress caught everyone’s attention in 1981. Moore was a fashion revolutionary. On the red carpet and elsewhere, she managed to tap into the emergent power of feminism during the 70s and 80s and to ride the fashion waves it created. She played a big part in popularizing the look of the working woman. In 2017, Moore passed away at 80, but her legacy (and pictures of her owning the red carpet) will live forever.

Audrey Hepburn, Since the 50s

Ahh Audrey Hepburn, the quintessential European sweetheart. Where to start? Where to finish? Well, her red carpet attendances started in the 50s where she received praise for her part in Roman Holiday, a romantic comedy. In fact, she even won the Oscar for Best Actress!

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades2

A lot has been said – pretty much all good things – about Hepburn’s many style choices at the numerous Hollywood events over the years. “She managed to balance simplicity, comfort, and elegance to create a timeless, singularly European sophistication that came to define her persona,” wrote one fashion commentator. Sadly, Hepburn passed away at age 63 in 1993 due to complications with cancer. Thankfully we have a ton to remember her for!

Mia Farrow, Since the 60s

Mia Farrow has been named by Time as one of the most influential people in the world. And it doesn’t take long to see why: she’s a megastar whose art has reached the T.V. screens and the hearts of millions. We suppose her series of main roles in Woody Allen movies is what made her most famous. Not to mention the family drama. In 1968, she appeared on the red carpet after garnering major cred for her lead role in Rosemary’s Baby.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades32

At the hundreds of exclusive A-list gatherings she attended over the decades, her outfits were always right on the money. When she won the Golden Globe for Most Promising Newcomer, she wore a dark dress with accentuating white gloves, setting the golden standard. She’s also credited with rejuvenating the pixie hairstyle. Now, at 75 years old, Farrow can take pride in knowing she made her mark on the red carpet, and on the world.

Daryl Hannah, Since the 80s

Daryl Hannah’s Hollywood stomping years are the 80s, the decade she first walked the vermillion straights of the red carpet. Of course, she looked amazing, she always looks amazing. Another awesome aspect of Hannah is that she has always been outspoken when it comes to the environment. She has been coming to the red carpet for decades and she always wears something sustainable. Even her car runs on used veggie oil from MacDonald’s!

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades6

Though Hannah’s red carpet fashion has evolved, the sustainability element is always there. In 1992, as we see on the left, Hannah wore a silky bold dress that split high on the thigh. As seen in another red carpet appearance years – wait, decades – later, she looks just as edgy, this time wearing a short dress with a netted bodice. The now-59-year-old Hannah isn’t ever going out of style.

Sophia Loren, Since the 50s

Sophia Loren is originally from Italy but she got internationally famous back in the late 50s. Already, even before she was 20, she was gracing the cerise walkway of the red carpet with her beautiful presence. In 1961, she walked the ultimate red carpet at the Oscars, when she won an award for Best Actress.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades22

Whenever she came to a high-end event, she always brought the best, often staying true to her European roots. Always elegant, and risqué when the occasion demanded or when the mood struck. As of today, the superstar is 85 and is still rocking red carpet events here and there.

Jane Fonda, Since the 60s

We all know and love Jane Fonda. Actress, activist, exercise guru, model, writer. Is there something this woman doesn’t do? At her first red carpet appearance, in 1962, after having won a Golden Globe for her role in Walk on the Wild Side, it was clear Hollywood had another star on its hands. Going to the 70s, Fonda grabbed the Best Actress award at the 1979 Oscars for her work in Coming Home.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades28

No matter which decade it happened to be, no matter what the event was, Fonda’s outfits were always spot on. Tube dresses and miniskirts in the 60s, flower dresses (in line with the hippie movement) in the 70s, metallic dresses in the 80s, crisp trousers in the 90s, and up-to-date ensembles in the new millennium. And everything in between. Fonda always knew how to ignite the red carpet. Today, at 82, Fonda is just as current and hip as ever.

Bianca Jagger, Since the 70s

Bianca Jagger, originally from Nicaragua, is an actress-turned activist. Some of her stories are pretty wild. For example, she once yelled at a group of militants and demanded they release their hostages. The militants acquiesced. She’s also famous for being married to Mick Jagger. The first time she attended the red carpet was with her rockstar hubby at her side. Their marriage lasted eight years and then ended in divorce.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades5

Her sense of style, however, would go on to last forever. It’s hard to categorize Jagger’s red carpet fashion. All we can say for sure is that the low cut suits, huge glasses, and unabashed dresses and coats (which, unfortunately, were sometimes made from real fur) have made her a long-standing icon of exclusive fashion. Now 75, Jagger can be happy about looking so dapper every time she hit up the red carpet.

Susan Sarandon, Since the 70s

Susan Sarandon’s first decade of big-time fame was the 1970s. After appearing in various projects, including in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, she made her debut on the red carpet. It almost goes without saying – she was consistently immaculately dressed. 1996 was possibly her biggest year. She won the award for Best Actress for her role in Dead Man Walking.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades23

Sarandon’s red carpet presences have always featured fashion that’s pretty cheeky. Bold, beautiful, and inventive, Sarandon has never been afraid of open shoulders, mismatched stripes, generous numbers of sequins. Now, the star is 73. But she doesn’t really look a day over 55 or 60. And her sense of red carpet fashion? Ageless, timeless.

Betty White, Since the 40s

Betty White is a Hollywood force to be reckoned with. She has been in the game for a long, long time. The first time she attended a red carpet event was back in the early 40s! That was the decade she became famous and she’s been killing it ever since. Her main shtick is comedy. But she’s also a well-known good-dresser.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades4

In 1986, White won an Emmy Award for her part on Golden Girls. Her style evolved but she always embraced her signature look: red lipstick and curly hair. Classic Betty White. She’s now 98 (!) and at every recent red carpet appearance of hers, she and her awesome style stand out. These days, she mostly wears pants suits, and she loves pearls.

Clint Eastwood, Since the 50s

Clint Eastwood has a firmly secured spot in the annals of Hollywood greatness. After some initial acting struggles, Eastwood soon became masterful in front of the camera. In the 50s he gained momentum, eventually earning himself an invitation to the red carpet. He also immersed himself in the world of directing, winning a Golden Globe in 1971.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades11

Ever since his rise to Hollywood prominence, Eastwood has maintained a steady presence on the red carpet scene, appearing year after year, elegantly clad in a tuxedo or suit. Now, Eastwood is 90 years old, but he’s not slowing down. Every few years he comes out with another great movie, and of course, the release of the movie is accompanied by a red carpet appearance.

Goldie Hawn, Since the 70s

Goldie Hawn is another timeless classic, a real red carpet veteran. It’s almost as if she was born on the red carpet. Too far? Maybe. She made bank in the star status department and started coming to exclusive events in the 70s and then she just kept ongoing. In her 20s, she won an Oscar for her role in the 1970’s film Cactus Flower.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades26

Hawn’s doe eyes and her unique “it” factor enable her to look good in anything she wears and wherever she chooses to go, but she certainly has a refined sense of fashion. Whether she’s wearing ripped jeans and a worn-out T-shirt, a fashionable traditional saree (left), or a heavenly blue Monique Lhuillier ballgown (right), the 74-year-old megastar is still turning heads left, right, and center.

Maggie Smith, Since the 50s

Maggie Smith is certainly one of the most recognizable actors out there. She’s been in dozens of films (including in the Harry Potter franchise) and plays and she’s been to hundreds of cliquey events. Her first time on the red rug was in the 50s, shortly after receiving her first BAFTA award for her work on Nowhere to Go. Over the course of her prolific career in the ensuing decades, she went on to win 58 awards and receive 157 nominations!

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades15

With this many accolades, you can fathom how many red carpet appearances she has made, how many outfits she has worn, how many cameras she has posed for. And all while looking stunning. As one article put it, her style is “equal parts class and sass.” And though, especially in her formative years, Smith did wear dresses, these days you’re more likely to find her wearing pants suits, scarves, and cardigans.

Shirley Temple, Since the 30s

When it comes to walking the red carpet, Shirley Temple was certainly one of the youngest. As a little girl, at only 5 years old, Temple was playing in all sorts of small roles. Soon she became a hit. With those adorable eyes, curly hair, and perfect bottle curls, how could she not? Naturally, the young star soon began attending high profile Hollywood events.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades21

As Temple went from childhood to teenagehood to adulthood, bobbysocks, collared dresses, and pristine curls gave way to elegant blouses and skirts. Never a dull, aesthetically disappointing moment with Ms. Temple. In 2014, she passed away at the age of 85. Looking back at her large body of work, her political aspirations, and her great sense of fashion, we realize that there will only ever be one Shirley Temple.

Elizabeth Taylor, Since the 60s

Elizabeth Taylor, one of the most iconic actresses ever, encountered stardom when she was just a teen. Already experienced in walking down the red carpet, in 1961, Taylor bagged herself an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Butterfield 8. When she came to the award show to accept the accolade, she was, as you can see below, 100% class.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades44

A few years later, Taylor would again walk the red carpet at the Oscars, and she would again earn the Best Actress Award. When she was a bit younger, she wore lots of high collared skirts and 40s print patterns. Then, as one writer mentioned, Taylor “lowered her necklines and raised eyebrows. It was a confident, decidedly mature kind of sex appeal.” Taylor passed away in 2011 at the age of 79 but left an eternal mark on the entertainment world.

Phylicia Rashad, Since the 80s

It’s not that Phylicia Rashad was a late Hollywood bloomer, but she was well into adulthood by the time she got serious critical acclaim. The first time she surfaced on the red carpet was probably in the 80s after she already made waves in show biz for being on The Cosby Show. In fact, her work on the show would earn her a People’s Choice Award.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades35

As allegations against Bill Cosby emerged, the prestige of The Cosby Show declined. But Rashad stayed in the show bis saddle. In the fashion department, Rashad has always been 100%. Her favorite style these days is long, billowy, illustrious dresses. We’re betting her wardrobe has miles and miles of fabric. Now 72 years old, Rashash can be proud of a fruitful career in the entertainment world and multiple stunning red carpet appearances.

Michelle Pfeiffer, Since the 70s

Michelle Pfeiffer started making a big name for herself in the late 70s and early 80s with roles on a bunch of T.V. shows. And by 1990, with already an impressive show biz C.V. and a few red carpet appearances under her belt, she snatched a Golden Globe Award for her performance in The Fabulous Baker Boys. Her A-list status was solidified.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades17

That evening in 1990, she wore a beautifully minimalist black dress, featuring simple ruched shoulders. With regards to her elegant red carpet style, one reporter wrote, “Pfeiffer seems to strike that perfect balance of Annie Hall-esque androgyny and sleek femininity.” She’s right. For Pfeiffer, the names of the game are simple, sleek, refined, and streamlined. Now 62 years old, she’s still a red carpet regular, always looking dashing.

Shirley Maclaine, Since the 50s

Shirley Maclaine is classic vintage Hollywood. After finding some success with various projects, she signed a work contract with Alfred Hitchcock in the early 50s and went on to play in The Trouble With Harry. This was her ticket to the velvety red carpet; the movie was a huge success. And she even won a Golden Globe for New Star of the Year.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades20

As opposed to many other high profile celebs who go all out with award show fashion, Maclaine has said that she’s not into it. “I’m not into gourmet dressing; who has the time to keep up that facade?” she said in an interview. So we suppose Maclaine, at her hundreds of red carpet events, just looks great without trying. Now in her 80s, she can still be seen on the red carpet, killing it.

Sidney Poitier, Since the 50s

It was not easy being an aspiring black actor in the 50s in the U.S. Dealing with prejudice tended to exact an expensive toll. Sidney Poitier’s parents were from the Bahamas so his heavy accent added an additional hurdle. But through dedication, luck, and talent, he perfected his acting skills and made it big.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades7

The 50s was his decade, and he made it to the red carpet. Classy but never extravagant, Poitier would reappear on the red carpet multiple times in subsequent decades dressed in tasteful tuxedos. You’d be hard-pressed to find a photo of him where he doesn’t look stylish. Today, Poitier is 93 years old, and we’re sure he’s sitting at home, with two Best Actor Awards on his shelf, basking in his success.

Dolly Parton, Since the 60s

Dolly Parton got famous and started to exert her tremendous influence on the music world in the 60s. Not quite part of the rock ‘n’ roll vibe of the hippy movement, she reached listeners’ ears through country music. During the 60s she was already famous, attending high-profile events here and there, but it was the 70s that really propelled her to superstardom.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades8

Grammys, Hall of Fame entries, Guinness World Records, is there a music-related award Parton hasn’t won? We don’t think so. But we should note that the whole time she was racking up the fame and success and killing it on the red carpet, she looked (and still looks) great. Shining dresses and over-the-top getups are her style. But she manages to always look cool. Parton is now 74, and possibly getting cooler as time continues to march forward.

Rita Moreno, Since the 50s

Rita Moreno, the Puerto Rican actress, has had a colorful career. The first time she walked the red carpet was in the early 50s following the release of Singin’ in the Rain, which was was a monumental success. It was one of the first “new kids on the block,” fresh after the silent film era. Going forward to 1962, Moreno walked the reddest of red carpets when she accepted an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor for her part in West Side Story.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades18

Back in 1962, she wore to the Oscars a bold open shoulder dress with matching gloves. The bottom half of the dress features illustrious golden flowers. Years later, in 2018, Moreno wore the dress again. Now, Moreno is 88 years old. But by looking at her, it’s hard to believe.

Robert De Niro, Since the 70s

“You talkin’ to me?” Yes, yes we are Mr. De Niro, we are talking to you. And we’re giving you props for being such an awesome actor. From deranged taxi driver to a quintessential gangster to an overbearing grandpa and everything in between, De Niro kills it. His first red carpet appearance was in the 70s upon the completion and release of Hi, Mom! Since then, he has bagged himself a total of 4 awards and 34 nominations.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades19

De Niro’s red carpet fashion sense, like his acting, is direct to the point. No time for nonsense, let’s get to work and create something great. He wears nice tuxedos and elegant suits but you’ll never catch him in anything over-the-top. As of today, De Niro is 77 years young and he’s still super active in Hollywood, putting out movies and walking on the scarlet rug.

Meryl Streep, Since the 70s

After a debut in the world of theater, Meryl Streep started to gain major show business momentum in the mid 70s. And then in 1979, she made her first red carpet appearance, which was at the premier party of The Seduction of Joe Tynan. By the early 80s, and with the release of Best Picture-winning Deer Hunter, Streep was a star.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades16

In 1980, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her part in Kramer vs Kramer. The film won Best Picture. When she was young, for red carpet events, Streep opted for the bohemian look; jackets, hair to one side, big shirts. But as she matured and grew as an actress, she shifted towards more voluminous and classy ensembles. Regardless of when or where, she rocked it. As of today, at 77, Streep is still a common face on the red carpet.

Joan Collins, Since the 50s

Already, as if her fame instantaneously popped into existence, by the 50s, Joan Collins was a star. By 1956, Collins was strutting down the red carpet clad in a beautiful open shoulder ball gown (left). Her iconic look made impressions on the world that will last forever. In the 80s, by this time with tons of red carpet appearances under her belt, she went on to win two Golden Globe Awards.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades13

When asked by Vogue how she would describe her unmatched red carpet fashion sense, Collins said, “I suppose I just gravitate towards whatever catches my fancy, it’s eclectic.” Over the course of her decades-long career, Collins has maintained an airtight working relationship with Valentino, one of the (if not the) prime contributor to Collins’s red carpet wardrobe. Collins, now 87, still frequents many exclusive Hollywood events.

Natalie Wood, Since the 50s

Natalie Wood had a super early red carpet start. As a little girl, in the 50s, she was famous for her role in Miracle on 34th Street. And as a teenager, she was already strutting down the glamorous red carpet after having been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Rebel Without a Cause, where she played alongside the fabled James Dean.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades41

Sadly, Wood’s life ended in tragedy when she passed away during the filming of Brainstorm, at 43 years old. Still to this day the circumstances of her death are shrouded in mystery. But she is survived through her family, impactful acting career, and her flawless sense of red carpet fashion.

Raquel Welch, Since the 60s

After her awesome breakout role in Fantastic Voyage, Raquel Welch was instantly shot into stardom. And the 21966 he red carpet was all ready for her arrival. For the rest of the 60s and well into the 70s, her fame proliferated throughout the entire world and she became an international superstar, the red carpet walks kept tallying up.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades40

Raquel Welch has always been sort of a red carpet fashionista. She has always been extremely comfortable in her own skin. When she was in her 20s, she wore elegant but fun, form-fitting dresses and now that she’s 80, that’s still her thing. Why fix something that’s not broken? Her style has barely changed. She always looks stunning.

Joan Crawford, Since the 20s

The legendary Joan Crawford found some early success as a young woman as far back as the 20s! The first time she hit up the red carpet was around 1926 after she was named one of the Western Association of Motion Picture Adviser’s Baby Stars. Then, in 1946, Crawford made history when she accepted the Academy Award for Best Actress from the comfort of her own bed. She said she was just too nervous to go to the ceremony.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades39

In some ways, Joan Crawford was the ideal flapper. Her red carpet style meshed perfectly with the times. Soft, wavy hair, delicate brows, and thigh-skimming dresses were her thing. As she grew as an actress, her style diversified; she added elegant suits to her wardrobe. At 71, Crawford passed away, but she left a groundbreaking legacy in her wake.

Ingrid Bergman, Since the 30s

After a hard childhood full of loss, Ingrid Bergman became famous as a young woman living in Sweden, her home country. She starred in a series of Swedish films and attended the red carpet events held for their premieres. This was in the 30s. And then, an American producer discovered her and brought her to Hollywood. A few years later, in 1945, she walked down the red carpet at the Academy Awards and won Best Actress.

Then and Now Photos of Classic Stars Who Have Been Killing It on the Red Carpet for Decades38

Years later, in 1957, she won again. Then again in 1975. She was also nominated a handful of times, cementing her status as an eternal Hollywood legend. In terms of red carpet looks, Bergman usually took a modest and classy approach, combining American vibes with smooth European elegance. At 67, Bergman passed away, but her legendary status and red carpet flare will be with us forever.

Ava Gardner, Since the 40s

Ava Gardner started to get huge (status-wise) in the 40s. Her charm, her beautiful smile, and her talent quickly colluded to make her a superstar. Throughout the 40s and 50s she starred in a bunch of notable films (e.g. Lone Star) and attended dozens of prestigious events. She won quite a few awards, too. And for a time, she was married to Frank Sinatra.

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Ava Gardner was a woman of her times no doubt. So we shouldn’t be too judgmental when we look at all the fur she wore. That’s what was hype. She was an actress that chose a wardrobe to always emphasize her in-your-face “it” factor. Sensuous gowns, flirty skirts – these were her red carpet thing. And she pulled it off perfectly. At 67, Gardner passed away. Thankfully, we have so much to remember her for.