These Celebrities Had the Most Relatable Reactions To Being Followed By The Paparazzi

We know it can’t be easy being followed by the paparazzi. Whether they’re just trying to take a relaxing stroll, have a quiet dinner out, or pop to the corner shop for milk, the press is constantly following celebrities around, documenting their every move. We get it – you deserve your privacy too.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways33

That being said, some celebrities deal with it better than others. Take a look at which famous faces have had the best reactions to being caught by paparazzi. From angry and upset to downright trolling, these Hollywood heavyweights have had some brilliant responses to being stalked by photographers.

Shaquille O’Neal Creeps Behind a Tree

Former NBA star and sports analyst Shaquille O’Neal had one pretty hilarious reaction to his paparazzi following. All seven-foot and one inch of him decided to stand sheepishly behind a narrow tree, and stare out at the camerapeople creepily. We can’t imagine what must have been going through their minds.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways29

But trees (especially not small inner-city trees) aren’t great for adequately hiding a 344-pound former pro-sportsman. But we don’t think he cares. What’s more important is that he made his point to the paparazzi. By doing to them what they do to him, he’s showing them just how strange it feels the other way round. Iconic.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Put Their Publicity To Good Use

Remember the days when actress Emma Stone and actor Andrew Garfield were a thing? They dated for five years between 2010 and 2015, having shared more than a few things in common. One of which is there annoyance at being followed by camerapeople, to which they had a idea. These two decided to use the publicity for some good in the world, writing messages on a sign and holding it in front of their faces.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways25

Their signs read: “We just found out that there are paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in. So… Why not take this opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it?” They then gave a shoutout to the charities World Wildlife Fund and Gilda’s Club NYC. What a great way to use their platform for other important voices.

Gerard Butler Is Watching You

Actor Gerard Butler has been known to have a few unfriendly encounters with the paparazzi. He was even accused of punching a photographer in the face a few years ago and underwent an investigation by the police for the alleged attack. So needless to say, photographing Gerard when he’s in his off time can be dangerous business.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways34

Luckily, in this instance, he kept his hands to himself. But he still couldn’t help getting angry as these photos show. On the left, he gives the paparazzi a taste of their own medicine by turning the camera on them. On the right, he actually gets up from the table and attempts to shove his cameraphone in their face. How do you like it now?!

Leonardo DiCaprio Is a Stereotypical Tourist

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted a few times trying his best to disguise his famous face out in public. But some of his disguises are better than others. This one for instance definitely turned a few heads when he was sightseeing in Venice, Italy. Even if it is a traditional Venetian mask.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways37

To be fair to him, it did keep the crowds of tourists from spotting who he was, for the most part. But the camerapeople were one step ahead of him and documented the whole thing. Still, Leo didn’t want to take any chances even when eating. Check him out sneaking a slice of pizza awkwardly under his disguise!

Pete Wentz Monetized His Face

Millennials will remember the time when singer-songwriter Pete Wentz was married to fellow musician Ashlee Simpson. Their rocky marriage wasn’t one that lasted, but that’s not to say there weren’t good times. One of which is pictured below, when Pete decided to take control of his image in the face of paparazzi.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways35

Pete took a disposable paper plate and fashioned a makeshift facemask to strap over his head. On it, he wrote: “Your ad could be here… Email [email protected]” That’s pretty funny. It’s a clear message to the camerapeople about how Pete feels about them, but they were pictured laughing along with him.

Shia LaBeouf Gets Camera Shy

The picture on the left of actor Shia LaBeouf stretching became something of an online photoshop craze back in 2015. His photo was made into thousands of memes that were sent all over the internet. But not many people have seen the aftermath to his stretching, pictured on the right.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways19

Shia was warming up before running a marathon in Amsterdam as part of a conceptual art performance. But as soon as he’d noticed that paparazzi were capturing him in his revealing running tights, he got a little camera shy. Perhaps he’s staring down the lens so intensely as a distraction technique.

Daniel Radcliffe Is Fed Up With Fame

Actor Daniel Radcliffe was only a child when he found fame as Harry Potter. A whole generation of kids grew up with him, through his awkward teens to his experimental twenties. But his fame and fortune came at a price, as paparazzi have been known to hound him relentlessly and against his wishes. Nothing demonstrates that better than these snaps of Daniel losing his cool and sticking his tongue out at the camerapeople.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways41

Daniel’s opened up about the ways in which he gets his own back at the paparazzi. He admitted: “I would wear the same outfit every single time with different T-shirts underneath but I would wear the same jacket and the same hat. So they could take photos for six months but it would look like the same day. They became un-publishable, which was hilarious because there’s nothing better than seeing the paparazzi get really frustrated.” Genius.

Jim Carrey Takes Back the Limelight

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey was holidaying in Malibu with his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy when the paps found him. They published photos of the couple strolling on the beach, with Jenny in her bathing suit. It’s a pretty invasive thing to publish when someone is just trying to enjoy some downtime. Luckily, Jim had the perfect response.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways36

The day after those photos were released, Jim donned the same slinky one-piece that Jenny had worn. Showing off his physique, he strutted confidently along the shore with steely determination. We love his brazen show of solidarity with his girlfriend. If it’s legs you want cameramen, it’s legs you’ll get!

Justin Timberlake Chose Violence

Popstar Justin Timberlake doesn’t have much patience for camerapeople who infringe on his privacy. One particular paparazzo was waiting to get a picture of him leaving his hotel in Los Angeles back in 2009, and it got on Justin’s last nerve. He went straight up to the cameraman and asked him what his problem was.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways30

But this photographer wasn’t about to be scared off easily. He stood his ground against the Hollywood heavyweight and, by the looks of it, was pretty intimidating. Luckily hotel staff was there to break it up between the pair, but if they weren’t we can easily see how this might have become a full-blown fight.

Isla Fisher Goes Into Stealth Mode

Australian actress Isla Fisher usually has no problem being in front of the camera. But when it’s the weekend and she’s popping to the shops with her little one, it’s a whole other story. We can all understand how someone wouldn’t want their picture taken the morning after their baby was keeping them up all night.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways8

But we don’t think Isla thought this one through properly. She attempted to hide from the paparazzi by crouching behind the buggy and peeking over the canopy… Which isn’t exactly a normal look. We’re pretty sure she would have gotten more attention this way than if she had just walked normally.

Tobey Maguire’s Face Says It All

Actor Tobey Maguire had the best reaction to spotting some sneaky paparazzi who were trying to keep a low profile. He was happily shopping about when he suddenly caught a glimpse of that dreaded camera lens.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways26

Judging by his expression, it’s clear to see what he really thinks of them. A grimace spread across his face totally unintentionally. What better way to tell those celebrity photographers what you think of their relentless pursuit.

Cara Delevigne and St. Vincent Aim and Shoot

Back when model Cara Delevigne was dating musician Annie Clark (AKA St. Vincent) a few years ago, they were totally inseparable. That meant that St Vincent was there for all the paparazzi hounding of her girlfriend Cara, and she got equally sick of it. They came up with a good idea of how to get them off their doorstep.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways12

Somehow, the cheeky couple got a hold of some water guns and emerged from their home, aiming at the camerapeople. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that water and expensive photography equipment don’t go together, so the paparazzi were naturally on the defensive. And we can’t lie, what better excuse is there for playing with kids’ toys?

Justin Bieber Has a Tantrum

It’s not easy being one of the most famous people on the planet, and nothing proves that more than this photo of pop star Justin Bieber losing it at the paparazzi. Amazingly, this cameraperson was able to capture the whole attempted-attack through his perspective – and the results are pretty interesting.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways40

Justin attempts to take a swipe out of the photographer but is held back by his own security. And yes, Justin’s pants are falling down in the heat of the moment. His bodyguard was protecting more than just the teenage heartthrob that day. Either that or the bodyguard thought Justin wouldn’t be able to hold himself in a fight.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Tipsy Antics

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has a reputation for being one of the more relatable stars of Hollywood. She’s frequently embarrassing herself or being a goof, and people love her all the more for it. What better illustrates this than these candid shots of her leaving a restaurant, extremely drunk?

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways28

Jennifer definitely looks like a fun person to go out with. She drank a bit too much wine at dinner and left the meal with the chopsticks still in her mouth. When she was done giving her walrus impression, she shoved the utensils into her hair and strutted dramatically towards the cab.

Dustin Hoffman Loves the Gossip

Actor Dustin Hoffman is a Hollywood icon, and not just for his outstanding acting ability. He’s developed a reputation amongst the paparazzi as a celebrity who loves to mess with them. There are countless occasions of him hiding behind benches, newspaper racks, or lampposts just to make the camerapeople laugh.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways31

On this occasion, he found another way to everyone’s funnybone. He picked up some gossip mags from the vendor and gave quite a performance for the paparazzi as he was reading them. Casting concerning looks towards the latest celebrity scandals, Dustin found a hilarious way to play up for the cameras.

Ryan Gosling Can’t Catch a Break

Actor Ryan Gosling was spotting eating out on his while in New York back in 2011. He only had his dog there for company, until the paparazzi arrived. He was also stopped by fans in the street, but he was much happier to take a picture with them and give them a hug. For the paparazzi, not so much.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways24

After spotting the camerapeople hiding with their long-distance lens’, the best comeback he could think of was pulling a silly face at them. We love how innocent his reaction is. But we get it, he was just trying to have a nice quiet meal-for-one. But for famous people, almost nothing is really private.

Miley Cyrus Wanted a Day Off

Popstar Miley Cyrus definitely isn’t one to be shy, most of the time. From twerking on stage at the VMA’s to swinging naked on a wrecking ball for a music video, she’s arguably one of the least-private stars out there. But even she gets has days when she doesn’t want to the attention.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways14

Despite wearing a transparent skirt and crop-top outfit with holes in it, Miley didn’t want her face to be splashed all over the tabloids. Somehow, she had gotten hold of a sign with a baby on it, saying “NO WAY!” You wouldn’t have thought it was big enough to be effective, but it actually was. The papas couldn’t get a single photo of her face.

Alex Rodriguez Wasn’t Ready For His Comeback

Former Major League baseball player Alex Rodriguez (otherwise known as A-Rod) has had a fair share of controversy over the years. Perhaps that’s why he was pictured hiding behind a parking meter a few years ago when he saw the paparazzi ahead waiting for him.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways2

It wasn’t a great look, as they caught A-Rod all the same. Except instead of taking photos of him paying for his parking, they caught him ducking sheepishly behind a machine in broad daylight. At six feet and three inches tall, that was never going to go well.

Jack Black Almost Unleashes the Dragon

Actor Jack Black is Hollywood’s much-beloved funnyman, but even he has his limits. He was strolling down the street in Beverly Hills circa 2016 when he attempted to grab a camera right out of the photographer’s hand. Luckily, he was only playing around… we think.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways32

That being said, his agitation was real. But once he saw that passersby had spotted who he was, he stayed to joke around and pull some silly stunts for the fans. This was just after news had hit that he would be appearing in the Jumanji reboot. With his unkempt hair graphic-tee look, he was totally on-brand.

Katy Perry Gets the Finger Out

Popstar Katy Perry was photographed looking very different from how we usually see her after returning from the beach. She was enjoying some down-time by the sea when she stumbled upon paparazzi hiding behind trees to get a few pics of her. And as we can see, she was pretty upset.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways4

One thing we can learn about Katy is that if her index finger is out, it’s serious. She wasn’t just mad at the camerapeople for being sneaky, but also at her assistants for having not spotted them sooner. As an international superstar, she can’t afford her staff not to be on top of these things!

Cristiano Ronaldo Channels His Inner Mime

Professional football player Cristiano Ronaldo already has a reputation for being a bit dopey and naive, and this snapshot only makes it worse. While dipping his toes in a pool on holiday, he spots some paparazzi through the trees and mimes back at them. Weirdly, he pretends he’s taking their photo, too.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways5

Cristiano’s serious about keeping the cameras away from his private life. He once left Greek hotel staff a whopping €20,000 tip for keeping the photographers away. So this intrusion probably wasn’t all that fun for him, despite his miming. And for those of you wondering, yes he does shave his legs.

Adam Levine Uses Fame For Good

When singer-songwriter Adam Levine was hounded by the press in 2014, he had an “a-ha” moment. Since the photographers were on his tail, he decided to write out a quick message and hold it up for the paparazzi. It simply said “TEXT REDCROSS TO 90999,” and was definately a good use of publicity.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways17

America’s Red Cross provides aid to victims of violence or war, and they need all the financial aid they can get. By urging people to text them, it sends a donation their way. We love Adam’s response to relentless photographers – he turned an annoying situation into a good one.

Mike Myers Hits Paparazzi In the Head With a Hockey Stick

Actor Mike Myers had a surprising reaction to spotting the paparazzi ahead. Instead of trying to hide his face and rush to where he needed to be, he decided to charge towards the camera people at full speed! They certainly didn’t expect it and found themselves running the other way.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways10

Mike had just left a hockey match in New York City and was clearly still charged from the game. He allegedly assaulted one of the photographers by hitting them with a hockey stick, before being driven away in police custody. The photographer needed a few stitches in the head but was ultimately fine. Who would have thought Mike had it in him?

Anne Hathaway Takes Inspiration From Other Celebs

Actress Anne Hathaway took inspiration from fellow actors Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield when she was being followed by the paparazzi. It was July 4th in 2014, and she was walking her dogs with husband Adam Shulman around Brooklyn, New York. On some scrap pieces of cardboard Anna and Adam wrote a small endearing message.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways16

Anne’s sign read: “Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had a great idea! Please check out:,, and” Adam’s sign simply wished everyone a “Happy 4th of July!” It wasn’t an original idea but who cares – it was a good idea after all.

Matt Bellamy Gives the Middle Finger

Musician Matt Bellamy is best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for the rock band Muse. So it probably comes as no surprise to see that he’s not afraid to show the paparazzi what’s on his mind. One day he was taking a quiet neighborhood walk with his model wife Elle Evans when he spotted photographers in the distance.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways9

He was quick to put up his middle finger at the paparazzi for disturbing his private time, while Elle kept her head down and walked behind him. The only thing we’re unsure about is whether Matt meant to hold a leaf in that position and if so, why? Is he making a religious statement of some sort?

Bruce Willis Wanted a Water Fight

Actor Bruce Willis was pictured with a genuinely evil laugh in 2009 when he decided to chuck water at the paparazzi. He was leaving a hospital in Beverly Hills when they caught him in the parking lot, so maybe he was still hazy from some painkillers. Either way, he’s definitely having fun.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways15

Bruce opened up his water bottle and threw its contents on a photographer’s car. Apparently, he didn’t like how close up they were and wanted them to take a step back. The paparazzi did, but they were happy with Bruce’s reaction. After all, they did manage to snap some decent images of the actor misbehaving.

Benedict Cumberbatch Makeshift Mask

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has a history with the paparazzi. He’s definitely not on friendly terms with the photographers, having once told them off for focusing on trivial matters. “Go photograph Egypt and SHOW THE WORLD SOMETHING IMPORTANT,” he once wrote, encouraging them to take an interest in a humanitarian cause.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways39

In this instance, he decided to mess with them when they were bothering him and his friend over lunch. He took some restaurant napkins and placed them over his face, keeping them held in place with his flat cap and sunglasses. The idea was to make the paparazzi photos useless since they couldn’t sell his image. It’s nice to know he’s such a goofball.

Misha Collins Gives You a Reason To Smile

Actor and director Misha Collins isn’t like other celebrities. While most famous people recoil at the sight of camerapeople, he was happy to pose up a storm. He must have thought that since they’ve made it all that way, he’ll give them something to photograph. Even if he did just have a flight.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways18

Funnily enough, he’s been pictured at the airport on other occasions making weird faces for the paparazzi. We love to see a celebrity embracing the weird effects of fame and giving the cameras what they want! The moment is made even more iconic when you realize he was traveling solo.

Simon Cowell Has Fun With Fruit

Television personality and record executive Simon Cowell is one of the most influential people in the music business. When he’s not being a judge on America’s Got Talent, you can find him living the good life on one of his yachts.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways20

When Simon spotted the paparazzi, he decided to goof around for the cameras. He talked into a banana as if it was a phone, before shoving an unpeeled tangerine into his mouth. He wasn’t alone – 80s popstar Sinitta Malone was with him on the yacht, and threw on some fruit earrings for the hell of it.

Cara Delevingne Gets Sassy With Photographers

Model Cara Delevingne didn’t want to be bothered back in 2015. She was visiting the Trip Eazy bar in Los Angeles at the time when she spotted paparazzi over her shoulder stalking her every move. Instead of throwing a tantrum, she got out her phone and decided to turn the camera on them.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways22

Cara even left the bar to follow the paparazzi back out and into their cars. Most publications reported on how she was “mocking” the paparazzi, and we couldn’t agree more. As one of the most famous people on the planet, she can’t go anywhere without being followed, let alone photographed.

Timbaland Is Caught Off Guard

DJ, rapper, and record producer Timbaland made music history in the nineties with his iconic R&B band, Ginuwine. He’s worked with big names like Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake, but nothing fazes him more than the paparazzi. As we can see here, he’s kind of spooked out when they creep up on him.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways6

We’re not sure what we love more; Timbaland’s superhero pose or his Mickey Mouse kicks. Either way, we’re unlikely to forget the look of fear in his eyes. Unsurprisingly, he likes to spend most of his time in Miami, away from the hoards of paparazzi in Los Angeles.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants To Eat In Peace

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has always had a problem with paparazzi. In 2006, he wasn’t as famous as he is today, but he still took issue with camerapeople. He followed two photographers with his camera phone and filmed them running away, before uploading his footage on to Youtube.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways21

And in a video titled “Pictures of A**holes,” he published videos of some camerapeople who really rubbed him the wrong way. Joseph looks like he’s calmed down a lot since then, but he’s not any less agitated. Pictured having some lunch outside, he gets upset at the photographers for interrupting his meal.

Courtney Love Makes a Scene at the Supermarket

Singer-songwriter Courtney Love was pictured worse for wear back in 2008 when she was wheeled around in a trolley around a supermarket. From the looks of it, she had injured her foot, so she sat back and lit a cigarette while her friend drove the cart. She had a message to the paparazzi who were happy to see her in such a state.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways7

Ever the rebellion, Courtney stuck her middle finger up at the camerapeople for documenting her at her lowest. Allegedly she also swore at them when she got close enough, but she was altogether not that bothered. It’s just another afternoon in the life of Courtney Love.

Alec Baldwin Loses His Temper

Actor Alec Baldwin really lost his temper in 2013 and got physical with one of the paparazzi. His wife Hilaria had recently given birth to their daughter Carmen, and they had just been discharged by the hospital. But when one photographer tried to get a photo of the family leaving the medical center, Alec flipped.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways23

Alec grabbed the photographer and pinned him to the hood of his car! Needless to say, Alec caused quite the commotion. He ended up calling the police on the guy while still holding him down, and waited until they got there. Apparently, Alec wasn’t prepared to take any nonsense that day.

Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood Blow Raspberries

Actors Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood had an on-again-off-again relationship for two years from 2015 to 2017. Pictured during a shopping spree at The Grove in Los Angeles, they were very much in love at the time. But they had no love to share with the cameramen and women who were following.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways1

As soon as they spotted the cameras they stuck their tongues out and blew raspberries at them. It’s not the worst reaction we’ve seen from a celebrity towards being photographed, but it’s clear they don’t have much respect reserved for the paparazzi.

Grant Gustin Is Your Average Goober

Actor and singer Grant Gustin is known for his role as Barry Allen AKA The Flash in the CW series of the same name. But he’s giving us Deadpool vibes in these paparazzi shots, as he spots camerapeople in the distance in 2015. He was actually filming for The Flash when he broke character at the time.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways38

He’s definitely got a reputation for goofing around with castmates. And when the paparazzi have tailed him before he gave them all a little dance. We love his playful personality and childlike spirit – after all, he was only 24 when these photos were taken.

Jon Voight Needed a Better Cover

Actor Jon Voight has been acting across seven decades, which is an impressive feat, to say the least. But even in his old age and being a Hollywood veteran, he can also get pestered by the paparazzi. On this occasion, Jon must have been pretty peeved to see them ahead, so he tried to quickly hide.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways13

Granted, he didn’t do an amazing job, as he tried to crouch behind a road pillar. But who can blame him? there was nothing better around. We’re happy to see that despite his great age his joints are still working well. He’s practically squating in this photo, and that’s impressive.

Amy Adams Plays Hide and Seek With Photographers

Actress Amy Adams has been married to fellow actor Darren Le Gallo since 2015, after a seven-year engagement. She has described her family as “pretty low-key,” which explains why she and Darren tried to hide from paparazzi back in 2016.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways3

They didn’t have a great cover, however, but that wasn’t really the point. It looks like love is still in the air between these two, as they laughed about taking cover behind a narrow pole. Amy admitted that they still have a date night every week, despite being parents with busy work schedules.

Ashley Tisdale Uses Her Pup To Hide Her Face

Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale has been acting since her childhood when she played Maddie Fitzpatrick in Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Despite her early start, dealing with fame can still be as hard as ever. Pictured below, she’s trying to hide from the paparazzi on her street.

Celebrities Reacting To Paparrazzi Photos In the Most Hilarious Ways11

Ashley used her puppy, Maui, as a shield for her face when she was walking around her neighborhood. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to mind much. Living in Toluca Lake, California, we can imagine it felt quite intrusive for Ashley. We would not want to be followed by the press first thing in the morning. Especially while you’re still in your PJs!