Sorry, but There’s No Place in the World Quite Like Canada, and We’ve Got Proof

Mon Jan 10 2022

Every country is different and every culture has something to teach the rest of the world, but Canada is truly in a league of its own. With some of the nicest people in the world, one of the coldest winters, and moose wandering around the roads, there’s truly no place quite like Canada. Sorry.

Like in any culture, there are certain things that Canadians deal with in their daily lives that we find baffling. A moose takes over your house? No problem. All four seasons in one day? Sounds good. People are so nice that being a regular person is a bit awkward? Yup, that’s good ol’ Canada.

A Canadian Thief

Canadians are famous for being ridiculously nice, but they also appreciate a fun night of drinking. The result? Drunken thievery in Canada. Of course, once the thief sobers up, they regret their inconsiderate stealing. Hence the flyer being posted around this Canadian town.

The amount of effort this person is putting into returning the bike is truly commendable. We’ve all made some drunken mistakes before but a good person will be like a Canadian and try to right their inebriated wrongs. We hope this bike gets returned to its rightful owner soon.

Follow the Leader

There must be something magical about this guy because he’s basically a Canadian Disney princess! It seems that animals are drawn to him, to the point in which they literally follow him around. However princess-like you may think you are, you’ll never be able to beat this guy.

Of course, the internet is completely obsessed with this man. One person commented, “Whatever floats your goat.” Another wrote, “It’s dangerous to goat alone.” A third person said, “Snow up to his ankles? What month was this taken? June?” Touche.

Where’s Canadian Waldo?

Apparently, Canadian fashion is very specific and everyone is in on the trends. Good luck picking out your friend from a crowd if they’re standing with their back to you. To be fair, this style looks both comfortable and fashionable, so we can’t really blame people for committing to the look.

People all over the world took to the internet to express their love and amusement of Canada. Comments included: “If you have a flannel coat to go over your flannel shirt… You might be a Canadian.” And: “If you have a flannel coat that doesn’t match your flannel shirt you are… extra Canadian?” That sounds about right.

When It’s Just a Touch Cold Outside…

Only a Canadian could walk around in the freezing cold dressed like that. He’s not even fazed! He’s just chilling on his phone, completely unaffected by the snow all around him. Canadians must have anti-frostbite superpowers, that’s truly the only explanation here.

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mother would tell you to take a jacket because it’s cold out and you didn’t listen? Yeah, that’s this guy. Teenagers tend to think they’re invincible to the world and, apparently, Canadians are invincible to the cold. Do you think he regrets his decision?

When the Neighbors Use Your Pool

Some people welcome their neighbors to use their backyard, while other people prefer to have their space. We’re not sure what this family is like but it’s clearly not up to them. This moose has decided to take a dip in the family pool and no one can tell him otherwise.

This photo was posted by someone who received a text saying, “Hey can we use your pool there’s a moose in ours.” That’s a text that only a Canadian would have to send. Of course, the recipient agreed, on the condition that they send over this photo. That seems like a fair deal.

Canadian Vandalism

Canadians may be incredibly nice but they still do some illegal activities, one of those activities is vandalism. However, even when defacing property, they do it the Canadian way. This has got to be the nicest graffiti we’ve ever seen. We bet no one’s even mad about it!

Apparently, this graffiti was done on a bathroom stall. It must be nice going to the bathroom in Canada, you get some lovely compliments to read while doing your business. We bet this vandal was simply bored while taking their time in the bathroom and decided to make someone’s day. How Canadian of them.

Frolicking Is Encouraged

In Canada, frolicking is encouraged, but only if you’re holding flowers. Frolicking with guns is not allowed, unlike in some other countries… Looking at you, US. This sign delightfully informs people as to how they can run around the country, and which types of accessories will need to be left at the border.

The internet has been speculating about what happened here that this sign was required, and one person had the obvious answer: “I’m not too sure but I think it involved a T-Rex and small firearms. But the size of the firearms might be relative to the T-Rex.” We may never know…

When the Cops Show Up to Your Home

Different people feel different types of ways about cops but usually, if the police show up at your home, it’s not a good sign. However, Canada is a magical place where even a cop at your door can be a wonderful thing. Like this officer who’s visiting a little girl’s lemonade stand.

Some non-Canadians on the internet were confused by this interaction and wondered if he was fining the child for not having a business license. One person jokingly asked, “What a neighbor didn’t call in to report her first?” To which someone proudly replied, “No. It’s Canada.”

Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored

Our faith in humanity has officially been restored after seeing this photo. The image was captioned, “Honest Canadian commuters. The workers were missing and the automatic gates were broken. This is the result.” Not only did everyone leave their money but no one took any of the loose change!

Let’s be fair, though, people in other countries have good reasons for not doing the same. People in the US don’t have free medical care so they truly need their money. We’re willing to bet that if Americans had affordable health care, they’d do exactly the same as the Canadian people did here.

Canadian Fashion Police

These cops wanted to protest their working conditions but didn’t want to cause any harm to anyone, because they’re Canadian and that would go against their nature. So what did they do as a sign of protest? They refused to wear their work pants while on the job.

We absolutely love this method as it’s showing the cops are unhappy with their conditions, but they are still serving the public. It’s always an issue when public workers protest or go on strike because then regular civilians don’t receive their services. That being said, we do hope that this method is more effective than it looks…

Canadian Shoot-Out

This is what an intense shoot-out between cops and demonstrators looks like, in Canada. Apparently, this delightful photo was taken during the Toronto Pride Parade and this officer was dutifully working on crowd control. Only in Canada can everyone have so much fun from a cop doing his job.

Talk about police brutality, that cop’s got a whole water bottle, the other guy just has a water gun! Something tells us that the cop’s bulletproof vest won’t help him here. This is proof that there’s no need to use water cannons for crowd control, a simple water bottle will do the trick.

Sorry for Being Sorry

Canadians are famous for apologizing about everything and that stereotype is well-earned. This establishment felt the need to say they’re sorry for putting a very sensible rule in place. In Canada, anything that could potentially cause a minor inconvenience to anyone warrants an apology.

Not only did they feel the need to apologize but they actually created a whole other sign for the apology! Now that’s some serious effort to say sorry for something that really doesn’t require an apology at all. But that’s the Canadian way, isn’t it?

But First, a Photo

We’ve all been guilty of getting distracted at work sometimes, even when we’re in the middle of a very important job, so we don’t really blame these officers. We’re sure that these cops had a lot of important things to do but first, they needed to take a photo.

One internet user aptly commented on this photo, “Canadian police on the job.” While a second person responded saying, “I can’t tell if you’re talking about the dog, or the cops taking pictures of the dog.” Maybe they’re referring to both? We’re sure those cops wouldn’t mind this dog joining the force for a day.

Tanning Weather in Canada

Just imagine owning your own home, with a pool in the backyard, and being able to go outside to get a tan without ever leaving your property. Well, that’s the setup this lovely Canadian couple has, except for the teeny tiny fact that they live in Canada.

Clearly, this couple was determined to get their tan on, regardless of the fact that it was freezing outside. Not only is it cold, it’s so cold that there’s literally snow on the ground, but that won’t stop these people! We have no doubt that their tans will look lovely.

And You Thought You Were Having a Bad Day

If you thought you were having a bad day, just check out this poor guy’s morning. Canada may be a great place to live but that’s only if you can handle the elements. The snow there is no joke, as is clear from this photo, we don’t think this guy’s driveway is gonna be cleared up anytime soon.

This may be one of the downsides of living in Canada, you have to be super comfortable with the cold. The snow piles are so large that they’re nearly the size of the houses! Something tells us that this guy’s car is still in the garage, meaning he’s going to be super late for work. But his boss must be Canadian, so HE might be the one to apologize.

Measurements That Canadians Understand

Different countries have different measuring systems and it can be confusing when traveling. Luckily, this sign clears things up by measuring via animals rather than actual numbers. Some people are intimidated by numbers but no one is really intimidated by adorable geese. Well played, Canada.

It looks like we need to update our rulers because this system of measuring things is way more advanced! One American took to the internet to share his tongue-in-cheek thoughts about this. He wrote, “We use the symbol of a diabetic on a scooter eating donut burgers here in America.” How many Canadian geese long would that be?

When Your Neighbor’s Going Through a Tough Time

One of these Canadian families has a bunch of moose in their pool, and the other family’s car is on fire. It’s pretty safe to say that it’s a tough day in this particular Canadian neighborhood. One Canadian individual took to the internet to draw a hilarious comparison…

Someone wrote, “There’s a lot to discuss here” and one particularly cheeky person responded, “It’s the American-Canadian border.” We Americans have to admit: that burns. In fact, it burns so bad, we may need whatever they’ll use to put out that car fire.

Pretty Please?

Canadians are so polite that even their street signs have to be proper. In Canada, even following road rules is a gentle request. Imagine someone with road rage seeing this sign? We bet they’d calm down immediately. They’d also learn some manners while they were at it!

Only in Canada is a stop sign considered too aggressive and needs to be toned down. One Canada-loving individual wrote what they thought a Canadian stop sign should look like: “Sorry to impose my expectation on you for your otherwise soothing drive through this intersection.” That’s not bad! Although it may be too long to fit on a sign.

Pride Is for Everyone

The Pride flag is all about being inclusive and allowing everyone to be treated with basic respect and rights. Clearly, that symbolism extends to animals as well. In Canada, everyone is an ally, even the wildlife. This moose is proudly supporting the LBTQ+ moose community.

The internet adored this photo and we have the comments to prove it. One person wrote, “Ah yes the Elk-GBTQ+ community rejoices.” While another said, “It looks like Rocky is waiting on Bulltwinkle to get to the parade.” And one proud Canadian commented, “Let no one claim that Canada isn’t a progressive country!”

Canadian Roasting

It’s an unspoken rule of the world that when someone has a particularly dirty car, passersby have the right to write a message encouraging the individual to clean their automobile. While most people write something along the lines of “clean your car” or they draw a particular body part, this is Canada and things work differently here.

This person actually stopped on the street and took time out of their day to write an encouraging message to this car owner. The most brilliant part of this is that the owner of the vehicle can clearly see now that he needs to clean his car, so the writer’s goal was achieved, but there was no need to make the guy feel about himself in the process.

Canadian Houseguests

Occasionally, you get an unexpected guest at your doorstep, even in Canada. However, Canadian houseguests can be a bit larger than the raccoons or squirrels Americans may find on their property. In Canada, you may just have a moose blocking your front door.

To be fair, this moose looks perfectly friendly and is probably just stopping by to say ‘hi.’ Knowing Canadians, the family will probably let him in and offer him a warm cup of cocoa. Then they’ll say ‘sorry’ for not having been home earlier to accommodate their unexpected guest.

When Canadians Lose Their Temper

It’s extremely rare for Canadians to lose their temper but it is possible. When it happens, things can get… tense. As demonstrated in this photo of a truly outraged Canadian man. Luckily, he can be easily calmed down with a quick trip to Tim Hortons.

This photo of a man at a protest was perfectly captioned, “biggest riot in Canadian history.” It probably was. Canadians proudly took to the internet to write, “Canadian protest leaves 0 dead and 0 injured.” Well, they’ve definitely earned some bragging rights there.

We Know Where This Car Is From

No one needs to guess where this car owner is from, there’s only one country in the world that loves this word enough to make it an actual license plate. Clearly, this guy doesn’t have much confidence in his driving, as he feels the need to automatically apologize to every single driver behind him.

According to the internet, this is the “most sought-after license plate in Canada.” That sounds pretty accurate to us. Imagine all the time this license plate is saving the driver since he doesn’t have to roll up to each car and apologize individually. Because we know that’s what a Canadian would do.

As You Wish

This Canadian police officer is doing what he’s told, and he’s doing it with a great attitude too! This just goes to show that nothing is ever violent in Canada, except hockey, of course. But even a protest in which the police need to be present can be peaceful in good ol’ Canada.

Apparently, this woman’s shirt said: “BOW DOWN BI***ES” and this officer happily obliged. Clearly, he understood that the protestors had a point and he didn’t want to disturb their cause. He was just there to provide safety and order while preserving freedom of speech. If you the cops in every country were like that.