The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Has Embraced The Times and Gone Digital

This year, everything is different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With people not attending formal events, the fashion industry has taken it a hit. And now the fashionistas of the world (and everyone else) are waiting for things to clear up. In the meantime, the world of fashion takes things online. Among the major red carpet events going digital this year is the Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Go Digital for the First Time3
Image: Vogue

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards were launched in 2017. They’re an Oscar-style ceremony all about promoting green fashion. “The awards reflect the commitment of fashion houses to sustainability, as they work to embrace rapid change while preserving the heritage and authenticity of small-scale producers.” as one Eco-Age writer perfectly explained.

True, this year the stars didn’t physically walk the green carpet, but all the action can be found online as we guffaw at the beautiful outfits and eagerly wait for 2020’s storm to pass.

Green Carpet Fashion Awards in a Time of Pandemic

Whereas many events this year were canceled due to COVID-19, organizers of others decided to cope with the situation by taking the celebrations online. Some other major events that went digital this year include Pride celebrations, Download Palooza, The Met Gala, Spark Festival, and countless conferences. Among those going with the virtual option is the Green Carpet Fashion Award ceremony.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Go Digital for the First Time2
Image: Vogue

So how did it work? Was it just a big Zoom call with hundreds of participants and thousands of viewers? As it turns out, no, not exactly. Organizers went through great lengths to make the experience unique and innovative. Giorgio Testi, Grammy-nominated director, joined forces with Emmy-winning company Pulse Films and NorthHouse designers to bring the best tools of the 21st century to the award show table.

The “Venue”

The shows took place at a digital rendering of Milan’s famous opera house, La Scala. The venue was elaborately decorated with vegetation, rocks, and waterfalls – the whole place looked like an opera house that had been reconquered by nature after humans leave the earth. Of course, the rainforest vibes weren’t real. But they were recreated by cutting edge virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Go Digital for the First Time4
Image: Vogue

Livia Firth, the co-founder of Eco-Age said, “Going from one of the biggest green carpet, covering the La Scala square in Milan in its entirety and produced with discarded fishing nets by Aquafil, to a ‘virtual’ carpet – required a lot of ingenuity and disruption and opened an incredible opportunity to think far and wide.”

Who Showed Up?

Among the stars shining at the ceremony were Robert Downey Jr., Ellie Goulding, Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, Zendaya, and more. From around the world, these stars dressed in their sustainable outfits (often fashioned from organic silk and repurposed plastic bottles) and signed in to participate at the glamorous digital platform, showcasing the latest in green-wear.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Go Digital for the First Time1
Image: Vogue

Zendaya stole the show. She attended the virtual event dressed in a brown silk dress with a matching beaded bodice from Versace. The gown is vintage – it’s over 20 years old. So it’s fashioned from sustainable material and it sends another important message: “not everything needs to always be brand new.” She also wore silver Bulgari earrings and a matching brown headband. Her stylist said, “I think she’s the prettiest girl in the world…”

After having pretty recently bagged herself an Emmy for her performance in Euphoria, Zendaya was awarded the Young Visionary Award at the green carpet ceremony.