The Most Unusually Popular Airbnbs Found in Every State Across the U.S.

The travel bug bit the world hard this year after everyone was forced to be stuck inside. Now that there is a fighting chance to get back out there and explore safely, it’s crunch time for booking your next vacation. And luckily, we have the ultimate list of the most popular Airbnbs that can be found in every great state across America.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnbs Found in Every State Across the U.S.23

From the most tropical treehouses to unique underground getaways, we have found the most sought-after vacation homes that will make the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post. We’re not quite sure what some of these homeowners had in mind when it came to the architecture and interior design of each home, but for some reason, it’s working out well for these humble abodes.

Cameron, Arizona – Hogan by the River

If you’re planning on vacationing in the desert Arizona climate, you better make sure that your accommodations have proper air conditioning to keep you cool while you’re resting. But nothing says proper insulation like staying in a giant cave with zero windows. Ladies and gentlemen, look no further than the Hogan by the River earth house in Cameron, Arizona.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.1

Starting at $141 per night, you too can experience what it’s like to be a modern-day caveman. But keep in mind that we mean this in the most realistic way possible. Because there is no running water, working electricity, and you’ll have minimal cell service. If you’re looking to disconnect and live as our ancestors did, then this is the place for you.

Bethlehem, Connecticut – Geodesic Dome in the Woods

Tucked away in the green forests of Bethlehem, Connecticut, you’ll find the most quaint and minimalistic hut you ever did see. Forewarning, if you’re claustrophobic – this is not the place for you, honey. But on the plus side, you’ll have the entire place to yourself – ha, ha, ha.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.24

One might as well consider this geodesic dome as a luxury camping activity simply because of the enclosed structure you’ll be sleeping in. Aside from that, the surrounding nature will function as your bathroom. We guess this makes sense why the hosts only charge their guests $49 per night to stay here.

Milton, Delaware – First Tiny Home in the State

While most people refer to Delaware most commonly as “The First State,” there’s one other interesting fact that might have surpassed you. Smack dab in the middle of Milton, Delaware, is the most adorable tiny home. But it’s no ordinary tiny home, as this was the very first of its kind that was built in the whole state!

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.26

Though the house may be tiny, it is oh so mighty. Fully equipped with everything a house would need to function, you’ll find it cozy and comfortable while staying in this super small house. And when it comes to privacy, no need to worry about your hosts or neighbors, as it’s nestled within three acres of private property. Lucky for you, this puny palace only costs $125 per night. A small fortune for a small place.

Geneva, Florida – Treehouse at Danville

When you think of the state of Florida, images of endless beaches, parties, and alligators may come to mind. But what you probably weren’t expecting was to find out that your childhood dreams of a luxury treehouse are actually real. Located in Geneva, Florida, you have the chance to stay at the Treehouse at Danville and feel like George of the Jungle.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.2

Fulfilling your dreams, this is the perfect private getaway for adults that still act like kids and want to socially distance themselves. Nuzzled between two giant oak trees, this bungalow is quite modern – including everything from a tree-trunk elevator to a hot tub and your own private golf cart. For $180 per night, this treasure can become your own dreamy dwelling.

Volcano, Hawaii – Sanctuary Cottage, Volcano Rainforest Retreat

For those lucky enough to escape to the islands of Hawaii, there is no better way to capture the essence of the environment than by immersing yourself in it. The easiest way to do that? Book your sleeping arrangements to be in the heart of the rainforest, neighboring the local volcano in the remote sanctuary cottage at the Volcano Rainforest Retreat.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.27 1

This small, romantic, hexagon structure is covered in lush greenery and celestial mist. Secluded from the tourist attractions, this loving lodge will provide the most tranquil adventure yet. In comparison to some hotel prices, the going rate to stay here is a solid $255 per night, but we can guarantee it’s worth every penny you’ll spend.

Boise, Idaho – Big Idaho Potato Hotel

Calling all french fry addicts, we have found the perfect place for you! Placed in Idaho’s capital, home of the potato, there’s now an option for you to live inside a giant potato. This is not a drill. There’s an actual potato-esque rental that is both cute and creepy all at the same time.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.20

Thanks to Katie – this property’s host – she snatched up this 6-ton potato and brought it back to her farm for an interior facelift. Decorated in style and decking it out with the basic needs for any home, potato lovers can rent this place out for $165 per night. Best of all, guests can walk on over for a spa retreat at the farm’s renovated silo. But remember you’re never alone, as your neighbor includes a cute cow. Yeehaw!

Nashville, Indiana – Birdsong

Giddy on up over to Nashville, Indiana, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay in a farm barn. Don’t worry; your host already cleared out the furry friends and did an extreme home makeover to make you feel like you’re living as farm royalty. The barn known as Birdsong will surely make your heart sing.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.22

This 20th-century barn sized at 2,500 square feet is donned from top to bottom in bright and modern details and is laced in charm. With a fully-stocked kitchen, you’ll be able to whip up the meal of your dreams and then finish with a smores dessert at the nearby fire pit. At $225 per night, you and five of your besties can plan the barnyard bash of the century.

Stanton, Kentucky – Eagles Nest Treehouse

There’s more to Kentucky than its famous fried chicken, and the Eagles Nest Treehouse in the city of Stanton will prove why. Towering above the treetops, this bungalow is the perfect atmosphere for you to become one with nature and embrace its beautiful surroundings.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnbs Found in Every State Across the U.S.31

This rustic residence is situated in such a way that you can watch the sunrise over the mountains, stargaze on the open deck without any light pollution, and doze off to the tunes of the forest creatures humming you to sleep. At $167 per night, you could be following the trails and exploring the great outdoors with the comfort of your sleeping quarters close by.

Indian River, Michigan – Fernside A-Frame: Private River Front

Are you dying to have a cozy, cabin winter getaway? Filled with snowfall, a warm fire, and a luxurious place to rest your head? Then look no further than the Fernside A-Frame Private River Front in Indian River, Michigan. What’s been constructed to look like a modern-day teepee will give you all the winter feels of nestling inside this wooden manor.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.3

Burrowed beneath a blanket of brush and the occasional snowfall is the most uniquely shaped cabin that screams “home” to all who see it. Known as a place to disconnect, there is no television in this home located alongside a two-lane dirt road. It may seem a bit pricey at $300 per night, this house combined with contemporary and classic vibes surely won’t disappoint.

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Magic Studio at the Wolf House

The time has come for you to live out your fairytale dreams in the enchanting Wolf House in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With one look at the place, we instantly feel Twilight vibes with the wolf and forest decorations scattered throughout the home. And since the walls are painted with murals of rocks, your mind will think that you’ve entered another world entirely.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.4

Placed in the arts district center, it makes sense that such a uniquely designed house would appropriately be located there. Thanks to the owner’s most recent renovations, a second bathroom has been added with a two-person soak tub and skylight in the ceiling. Priced at $214 per night, you’re able to have this endearing cottage all to yourself.

Galena, Missouri – Forest Garden Yurts

Galena, Missouri might not be the first place on the top of your travel bucket list. But if you’re planning on making a cross-country trip, make sure to book your stay at the Forest Garden Yurts to be a part of your adventure! What exactly is a yurt, you may be wondering? It’s basically a round, tent type of structure that nomadic groups in Central Asia used to reside in. Lucky for you, you only need to get to Missouri to experience this lifestyle.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.19

Surrounded by four acres of woods, this yurt Airbnb allows plenty of space and privacy for you to enjoy your stay in the forest. Originally built back in the 70s, this cottage is unconventional and unique and certainly can’t be duplicated or found anywhere else. And at $150 per night, this nature-encompassed, artistic abode can be where you rest your head at night.

Plattsmouth, Nebraska – Lazy Oaks Glamping for Two

Why go camping when you can go glamping? The newest and coolest way to experience the outdoors involves amplifying your camping experience by doing so in a luxurious matter. And in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, this is the prime place for you to see what this concept is all about.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.18

At the Lazy Oaks Glamping Airbnb, you’re able to experience all the wonderful camping elements without having to do any of the dirty work. The tent is already set up for you with a comfy queen size bed calling your name. Close by is a compost toilet and hot water shower – so gone are the days of feeling smelly and dirty when taking care of business. But obviously, these enjoyments come at a price; but only for a small fee of $71 per night.

Sandy Valley, Nevada – The Peacock

The tiny house trend has taken off in recent years and can now be found almost anywhere you desire to go. Following in suit, Airbnb host Rob thought his tiny home would be the perfect listing for tourists visiting Sandy Valley, Nevada. Hence, he created the wooden wonder on wheels known as The Peacock.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.17

This desert hideaway provides you with the tranquility of the Mojave Desert. And conveniently enough, this small mobile home sits on an active ranch – putting you mere footsteps away from horseback riding and rodeo events. While you might be paying $116 per night to stay here, you’re honestly getting so much more than sleeping arrangements for your dollar.

Glenwood, New Jersey – Cavalier Farm

If you’re considering an authentic and unique location for your next vacay, then the Cavalier Farm in Glenwood might just be what you’re looking for. By staying here in the heart of Northeastern New Jersey, your backyard is the Appalachian Trail, and your neighbors include wineries, orchards, and the slopes at Mountain Creek. For comfort and convenience to activities, this Airbnb is your one-stop-shop location.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.5

The Cavalier property comes fully equipped with a chef’s kitchen, library, and two separate wooden fireplaces. It’s all about incorporating a modern design while maintaining an old English farmhouse flair. With plenty of space for a party of ten, it’s totally reasonable that this farm’s going rate is at $1,300 per night. But keep in mind, the price is also including goat yoga, a tour with Farmer Keith, and collecting your own fresh eggs too!

Santa Fe, New Mexico – Casita Don Gaspar

We are pleased to introduce you to the Casita Don Gaspar guesthouse situated in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Tucked away in the pines, the two-story home is a combination of contemporary and comfortable vibes. This private and peaceful retreat comes with everything you could need, plus a balcony swing and rain dance shower system. Incredible!

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.6

You’ll be enveloped in a mix of Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures during your stay, thanks to the nearby galleries, museums, and markets. Keep in mind that at $100 per night, you are definitely paying for an experience and to disconnect – especially since the house doesn’t have cable or cell phone reception. So kick back and relax on the upper deck and let the soothing sounds of nature take over.

Willow, New York – Willow Treehouse

Forget the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and travel to Willow, New York, where you’re bound to get a good night of peaceful sleep. Instead of immersing yourself in the crazy city life, you have to head upstate to the coziest cabin known as the Willow Treehouse.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.16

Overlooking a small but swimmable pond, you can find the Willow Treehouse standing tall and firm amongst the trees. This sleeping loft is only accessible by ladder, so make sure to pack lightly. Designed with leisure in mind, it’s the perfect place for a couple to have a nice secluded and romantic getaway. Your jaw might drop when we tell you the rate is $382 per night, but from one look at these pictures, we totally get why.

Old Fort, North Carolina – Luxurious Secluded Romantic Treehouse with Hot Tub

Have you been searching for an oasis in North Carolina? Imagine you’re walking along a well-lit path, and you stumble upon a swinging bridge leading you to the chalet that fairytales depict. Newsflash, it’s reality, and it’s a luxurious treehouse with a hot tub in Old Fort, North Carolina.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.7

With an LED fireplace, outdoor shower, and luxury bedding, you’ll never want to end your stay here. While listening to the birds with your morning coffee may seem priceless, your host is asking you to pay $304 per night. It’s honestly got to pay for the flawless internet connection that lets you connect with the rest of the world while you’re deep in the forest.

Clayton, Oklahoma – Scenic Mountain Lodge on Sardis Lake

Looking for those country roads to take you home? To the place that you belong? Well, mountain mama, you belong in Clayton, Oklahoma to get that tranquility you’ve been on the hunt for. And the Scenic Mountain Lodge on Sardis lake is patiently waiting for your arrival.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.8

If you’re desperately in need of some R&R, this cabin was specifically designed to be a refuge from the madness the rest of the world brings into our lives. From every angle of the house, you’re surrounded by panoramic mountain and lake views that will immediately settle your nerves. After spending $236 each night, your bank account might be crying, but your soul will feel renewed.

Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania – Secret Getaway in a Woodland Setting

Calling all Snow White fans, pack your bags now because we’ve found a replica of her home in the real world. It’s honestly so cute; it seems too good to be true! Nestled within the woods of Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania, the Secret Getaway in a Woodland Setting will have you making friends with furry creatures that double as your neighbors in no time!

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.15

This lodge that seems like it fell out of a storybook is covered in natural light, thanks to all the window boxes with leaded glass. Every evening you can cozy up by the old school fire that comes ready for a roast with fresh logs. We have to think that Snow White probably didn’t pay $229 each night for her rent, but this when the fairytale ends and the real world sets in.

Saunderstown, Rhode Island – Farm on the Coast

Looking for the perfect combination of farm charm and beach bum? In Saunderstown, Rhode Island, lies the Farm on the Coast Airbnb that provides boogie boards in addition to their beloved cows and pigs. While this place was originally built in 1941 as a “model farm,” it has evolved into a state-of-the-art guesthouse for all.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.9

In addition to the farmhouse, the property also includes a large greenhouse and a barn full of animals. But don’t worry, the resident horses and chickens are usually quiet and considerate of their guests. For $200 a night, you can experience what it’s like to live on a working farm and still be within an hour of traveling to Martha’s Vineyard. The location and home are absolutely breathtaking and a must-see if you plan on being in the area.

Charleston, South Carolina – A Pirate’s Life for Me: Houseboat

Somewhere between Pirates of the Caribbean and Below Deck is an upscale yet casual nautical home for you to rent in Charleston, South Carolina. If you’re not quite ready to be a pirate or a yachtie, then try your hand on sleeping on a docked boat in a marina to see if the motion of the waves floats your boat.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.14

Not only is this one of the hottest commodities ranked by Airbnb, but it was also featured on FYI Network’s Tiny House Hunters. This spacious houseboat has a vaulted ceiling that helps make the living quarters seem larger and comfortably sleep three people. Starting at $346 per night, you can see if life at sea is meant for you, and you can even bring your fur child too!

Nashville, Tennessee – Dreamy Tiny House Cottage

If you’re looking for the ultimate staycation, self-isolation location, or work-away-from-home space, then get ready to head to the state that’s considered the birthplace of country music. In Nashville, Tennessee, we’ve found yet another space, specifically the Dreamy Tiny House Cottage, that is sure to make all your vacation dreams come true.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.21

This charming cottage has the most magical setting and is mixed with a little bit of old and new. Everything about this space is something right out of a Pinterest board, from its repurposed vintage cabinets to its claw-foot tub! At $118 per night, you can stay in Tennessee’s most wish-listed Airbnb that was hand-built by the hosts themselves.

Dallas, Texas – The Extraordinary Treehouse

When you’re ready to escape the city life of Dallas, Texas, there’s a secret spot waiting just for you. And let us tell you, there’s nothing ordinary about The Extraordinary Treehouse Airbnb. This exquisitely handcrafted home was completely designed with elegance in mind.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.10

Tucked away in the heart of Little Forest Hills, the home was blended with a Bauhaus contemporary design and a warm, rustic elegance. Embraced in a forested canopy, you won’t be too far from the winding gravel footpaths that lead to Ash Creek. This house is considered to be so high-end, that the owners absolutely refuse any professional photography or videography to be taken. No wonder it costs $329 per night.

Brookline, Vermont – Tanglebloom Tiny Cabin

Instead of hiding away behind solid walls and doors, would you ever consider living in a completely transparent home? While the thought of privacy immediately goes out the window, it could be something to try for a weekend getaway. Located in Brookline, Vermont, the Tanglebloom Tiny Cabin provides an unforgettable stay in its handmade, open-air sleeping arrangements.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnbs Found in Every State Across the U.S.30

This elevated camping experience allows you to immerse yourself in nature, and to do it comfortably and in style. You are completely off-grid without any electricity or heat, but you do have access to a solar-warmed shower and meals over an open fire. The hosts are only charging $91 per night, but that might be because you need to be “bear aware” – very aware of the neighboring bears that may pop over from time to time.

Independence, Virginia – Dream Rock Silo

We’re sure you’ve traveled and been to many cool places, but we bet you’ve probably never slept in the top of a silo. With renovations completed in 2018, this 1950s dairy barn and silo have been restored to accommodate guests to stay on the top two floors of the silo. Welcome, to the Dream Rock Silo in Independence, Virginia.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.13

Not only will you have a 360-degree view from every angle of the bedroom, but there’s also a private deck that allows you to step out for a breath of fresh air every morning. And upon check-in, a mysterious game consisting of clues will help you find a secret compartment within the silo. At $195 per night, your hosts (and us) are pretty sure this will be the most unique lodging accommodations you’ll ever encounter.

Orondo, Washington – Underground Hygge

Have you ever stayed underground? And we’re not talking about a basement here. Seriously, the concept is so wild that obviously, someone had to come up with it and turn the home into an Airbnb. The Underground Hygge in Orondo, Washington, is nestled right into the earth on the Columbia River Gorge mountainside.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.12

Since it made its way into becoming one of the most popular Airbnb’s to date, the Underground Hygge is easily recognized by its iconic round doorway. And its design and location will have your imagination going wild. For $400 per night, would you be willing to sleep underground?

Fall Creek, Wisconsin – Off-Grid Inn

The most wild and warming sleeping accommodation is awaiting your stay in Fall Creek, Wisconsin. Known as an ideal retreat for couples or individuals to escape and relax, the Off-Grid Inn was designed for you to saturate yourself within the forests of Wisconsin – for any season!

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.11

Though the house may seem incredibly small, surprisingly enough, it is fully equipped with everything you could possibly need. The hosts even encourage their guests to cook in the kitchen because they think it is such a fun experience. Starting at $217 per night, this nature nook could be just what you need to recharge before your upcoming busy season.

Powell, Wyoming – Heart Mountain Japanese Cabin

Bringing some cultural swag into Wyoming’s great state is the Heart Mountain Japanese Cabin located in the city of Powell. With the clear influence of the Japanese culture scattered throughout the home, everything from the architecture to parts of the interior design will make you forget that you’re even staying in Wyoming.

The Most Unusually Popular Airbnb s Found in Every State Across the U.S.25

Not only are the interior and exterior of the home unique, but this house sits on one of the only farms that is USDA certified to be an organic ranch in Wyoming. Surrounded by over 400 acres of farmland, you’ll have plenty of space to decompress and sit in solitude. At $154 per night, you can enjoy the sounds of the coyotes at night, hiking the nearby trails, gazing at the wide-open skies above you.