The Red Carpet Is Turning Green: Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits

In recent years there has been a shift in fashion with a new focus on environmental sustainability. The shift has been global but also on the red carpet with celebrities making ecological fashion choices. Some of our favorite celebrities are choosing to wear vintage outfits, re-wearing old outfits, and pulling together ensembles of recycled and up-cycled materials.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 20
Image: Glamour

To encourage others to join the trend Suzy Cameron, wife of director James Cameron, started an organization called Red Carpet Green Dress. It is a women-led initiative that tries to bring the environment to the forefront of the red carpet conversation. Check out this list of celebs that have joined the movement and have rocked their sustainable outfits on the red carpet.

Emma Watson’s Recycled Plastic Met Gala Gown

We have to start off with Emma Watson who is leading the way in a sustainable fashion. Most noteworthy was her outfit for the ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology’ Met Gala Ball. Not only was her outfit absolutely stunning, but it was made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and organically grown materials. We didn’t know that was possible!

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Image: Teen Vogue

She collaborated with designer Calvin Klein, stylist Sarah Slutsky, and brand consultant Eco-Age to create an incredible ensemble. Watson also insisted that the outfit would be designed to be re-worn. So they designed it in three separate pieces, a bustier, a skirt, and trousers. This way she can continue to wear it in new ways and various occasions. We love the versatility!

Joaquin Phoenix’s Outfit Repeat

Next, up is Joaquin Phoenix. We all know that Joaquin is a passionate environmentalist and he even made it clear when using his Oscars acceptance speech to educate us all a little. This year, Joaquin decided to buy one Stella McCartney black tux to wear to every event of the award season.

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Image: Glamour

Stella McCartney showed her praise for the best actor award winner, “This man is a winner…wearing custom Stella because he chooses to make choices for the future of the planet. He has also chosen to wear this same Tux for the entire award season to reduce waste. I am proud to join forces with you.”

Cate Blanchett’s Outfit Repeat

Cate Blanchett walked into the opening gala of the Cannes Film Festival rocking a dress that seemed familiar to many. Yes, you guessed it, she wore an outfit she had already worn once before to the 2014 Golden Globes. This seems almost unheard of for the red carpet. But it’s actually not and is becoming more of a trend.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 28
Image: Elle

Cate wanted to send a powerful message to the public by recycling her dress at such a major event. According to her stylist, “From a fashion standpoint, the world is at our fingertips, and it’s the perfect forum to show the power and sense of re-wearing a dress. Every dress and T-shirt should have a long and happy, purposeful life!”

Livia Firth’s Piñatex Dress

You may or may not know Colin Firth’s wife, Livia Firth, but you need to know who she is. She has been an eco-fashion activist for years and is super involved in Red Carpet Green Dress. she explains, “I love to think of each red carpet opportunity as a sustainability project in itself.” So when the 2017 Met Gala came around, Livia was ready to make something exciting.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 11
Image: Vogue

Together with an Italian-based independent designer, named Laura Strambi, Livia settled on a completely silver dress. And the coolest part… the dress was made entirely out of a leather alternative made from pineapple leaves. Yes, pineapple leaves! It’s an innovative sustainable material known as Piñatex.

Petra Nemcova’s Upcycled And Organic Gown

While at the Cannes Festival this year, model Petra Nemcova took on the Green Carpet challenge for every event she attended. Have a look at all of her outfits she paraded through the festival because they are all worthy. this particular one was put together with a number of independent designers using organic silks, natural dyes, and upcycled Swarovski crystals.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 4
Image: Vogue

Petra’s biggest frustration with the fashion industry is the amount of waste. This includes something we had never heard of, ‘spare’ fabric. It is kept on hand as insurance during production in case anything goes wrong. Often this excess doesn’t get used and therefore becomes pretty useless. It often ends up being recycled into stuffing for mattresses!

Timothée Chalamet’s Recycled Nylon Tracksuit

Let us all stop and take a minute to appreciate the gorgeous Timothée Chalamet. This heartthrob likes to shake things up on the red carpet. And this year’s Oscars was no different. Chalamet showed up in a Prada navy satin bomber jacket and trousers. It was a bold move skipping the usual suit look but we are on board.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 27
Image: Vogue

To make sure that he kept up to the standards, Chalamet also wore a white button-up shirt and sleek black dress shoes. He even added an ornamental brooch from Cartier on his front pocket. So what makes his outfit sustainable? Both his bomber jacket and trousers were made entirely of recycled nylon! Yep, it was all recycled materials.

Tiffany Haddish’s One Dress

This is one of our favorite stories of sustainable living. Or just smart living too. Tiffany Haddish originally bought a new Alexander McQueen dress for one of her movie premieres in 2017. At the time she had not had her big break yet and by all other accounts, was still a regular person. But after paying over $4,000 for the dress, Haddish decided it was silly to only wear once.

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Image: W Magazine

Since the dress’s debut, Haddish has worn it on SNL, at the Oscars and MTV awards, and in the trailer for her new movie. In November 2017 she gave a monologue on SNL declaring that she was going to get her money’s worth. “I feel like I should be able to wear what I want, when I want, however many times I want, as long as I Febreze it.” It has almost become a crowd sensation, waiting to see if she wears it for every event.

Arianna Huffington’s Outfit Repeat

Arianna Huffington, yes one of the HuffPost founders, wore the same dress to the 2013 AND 2020 Vanity Fair party. The beautiful black dress is a Valentino that she had purchased in 2013 and decided it was ready to be re-worn in 2020. Arianna is not only environmentally conscious but even with her wealth, explains that she is down to earth and knows how expensive each purchase is.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 25
Image: Glamour

She explained it perfectly on Twitter, “As you probably know, I am a big fan of #repeats. When you own something you love, wear it again and again. It saves time, money, mindshare, and the environment! This year at the #VFOscarParty I re-wore the same dress that I wore at the VF party 7 years ago.”

Anne Hathaway’s Archive Dress

On her upcoming press tour, Anne Hathaway has decided to only wear sustainable fashion and we’re ready for it. Anne has given strict instructions to her stylist Penny Lovell to stick to eco-friendly options. She even announced it on an Instagram post! This means it’s true, right?

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 26
Image: Elle

She wrote in her post, “All of her choices for this tour are sustainable and will be either vintage pieces or archival runway looks.” One such outfit included Anne chose to wear a 2006 backless silk cady gown with embroidered pleated tulle detailing. We’re all about recycling and vintage. It’s always a good look and sustainable!

Arianne Phillips’s Upcycled Dress

As a costume designer, Arianne Phillips has a unique insight into the fashion industry. She is all about ethical and sustainable fashion and makes sure she employs these values in her work. She has spoken up saying “I love fashion and it’s my business. But the industry is also a significant contributor to the climate crisis and responsible for an estimated 8% of climate impact.”

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 24
Image: Vogue

Most of the clothes that she used in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood were from vintage shops around Los Angeles. So when it came to designing her new Oscars dress, she asked her friend Jeremy Scott to help. She decided to use the dress she wore when she won an Oscar in 2012. She and Scott transformed the dress into something entirely different. It’s the coolest upcycle we’ve heard of!

Léa Seydoux’s Organic Silk

Léa Seydoux absolutely slayed in this black and white gown at the Oscars. And of course, she’s on the list because her dress was made of organic silk faille and Tencel Luxe. It is an eco-friendly filament yarn that is becoming a lot more popular these days, especially on the red carpet.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 13
Image: E! News

She didn’t just stop at her dress, Léa pulled out all of the stops for her sustainable outfit. Unfortunately, you can’t see her sandals but they were also made of organic satin! Not only are the shoes and dress environmentally conscious but they are also gorgeous.

Emily Blunt’s Upcycled Dress

Emily Blunt was ahead of the game in 2013 when she walked onto the Met Gala red carpet with confidence. The black dress she is wearing is not only gorgeous but it is also sustainable. It was made by the designer Carolina Herrera. And it was made entirely from recycled materials.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 22
Image: Vogue

Carolina used Italian wool from the 1960s and black chiffon from the 1940s. We want to know where you even find vintage material like that? Who is the secret fabric collector? This makes her dress one of the most unique we’ve seen, obviously excluding dresses made from recycled plastic bottles.

Naomie Harris’ Organic and Recycled Dress

This dress is definitely worth mentioning. Michael Badger designed the eco gown for Naomie Harris to wear to the Academy Awards. Badger was actually mentored by Vivienne Westwood so you know that he’s gotta be good. Naomie was strongly influenced by the Red Carpet Green Dress initiative so it definitely is having a strong effect.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 7
Image: Elle

The dress was made from certified organic silk crepe de chine. So the material itself is sustainable. He also used recycled zippers, vintage glass beads, and chocolate candy wrappers for the details. Candy wrappers? Yep! The final touch was to dye the dress with goldenrod and chamomile. They were going for a flowing lava aesthetic and we think they kind of nailed it!

Laura Harrier‘s Environmental Crystals

Laura Harrier wore a custom-made Louis Vuitton gown to the Oscars and she was sparkling. The Swarovski crystal shards and glass beads were chosen because they met the Oeko-Tex environmental design standards. We didn’t even know that was a thing but we are glad there are official guidelines. 

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 15
Image: Pop Sugar

The Atelier made sure to follow the strict ecological and social criteria. They also only worked with verified supplies. The silk that they used was certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards and sequins that were used for the details respected the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. 

Priyanka Bose’s Recycled Material Dress

Vivienne Westwood pulled out a winner with this dress for Priyanka Bose. The gorgeous metallic dress is made from recycled materials. Vivienne Westwood recycled fabric from a previous collection to put the silk and lurex floral jacquard dress together. And it is pretty amazing!

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 3
Image: Vogue

She made sure that when she was making the pattern, she used a technique to keep waste to the absolute minimum. She actually only used around 320cms for the design, and for those who don’t know sewing, that’s a very small amount for this dress. She also used the leftover film from sequins, which is normally thrown out, to create the highlighted effect on the dress.

Saoirse Ronan’s Repurposed Materials Dress

This dress was kind of like a two for one deal. Saoirse Ronan wore a beautiful custom dress to this year’s Oscars but some of it looked a little familiar to us. Her black and lavender Gucci dress was actually made from leftover material from her BAFTAs gown.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 2
Image: Glamour

We think Saoirse looks absolutely gorgeous and even better because we know it’s more eco-friendly. She wore her recycled dress with a tight up-do and a vintage Gucci hairclip. We hope Saoirse keeps this trend and we get to this dress repurposed at the next awards night!

Elena Andreicheva’s Sustainable Textile Dress

Ok so not only does Red Carpet Green Dress encourage women on the red carpet to make more eco-conscious decisions, but they have also developed a new fabric. And this is what filmmaker Elena Andreicheva’s Oscars dress is made from. The designer, Laura Basci, aims to balance luxury designs with environmental consciousness.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 14
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

The dress is handmade from TENCEL™ Luxe filament yarn, which is a part of the newly launched textile range by Red Carpet Green Dress. Why wouldn’t you chose an eco-conscious fabric when it looks this good! Elena Andreicheva looked absolutely gorgeous when she won her first Oscar.

Jane Fonda’s Outfit Repeat

Have you seen the amazing climate activism that Jane Fonda has been doing in the last few months? So it is no surprise that she went with a sustainable outfit choice for the Oscars this year. The crowd fave wore a dress that she also wore to the Cannes Film Festival back in 2014, and she absolutely rocked it the second time around.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 19
Image: Insider Magazine

Jane Fonda has taken a stand and decided to only repeat outfits from now on. “When I talk to people about, ‘We don’t really need to keep shopping. We shouldn’t look to shopping for our identity. We don’t need more stuff,’ then I have to walk the walk too. So I’m not buying any more clothes.”

Margot Robbie’s Vintage Gown

Margot Robbie looked absolutely gorgeous at the Oscars is her Chanel Couture outfit. The dress is from the 1994 Chanel collection and was slightly adjusted for Margot. But the navy silk, off the shoulder dress, has not dated. We know it has a vintage feel but the dress is still fresh and funky today.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 9

The dress was actually worn for the first time on the catwalk in 1994 by Claudia Schiffer. So that is pretty cool! It was for Chanel’s spring Haute Couture collection. We love that these vintage and upcycled dresses have cool stories behind them! And they’re absolutely gorgeous too.

Elizabeth Banks’ Outfit Repeat, After 16 Years

Not many of us actually still own things that are 16 years old, but Elizabeth Banks does. And not only that, she fits into it. And not only that, it still looks fabulous. Elizabeth wore a dress from Badgley Mischka, which she first wore in 2004 to the Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 23
Image: Glamour

Elizabeth explains, “Usually we give back borrowed dresses from red carpets but I was gifted this one. I wanted to up-cycle it not only to honor the gift but also to honor this moment, 16 years on when we know so much more about sustainability and the impact fashion is having globally. Why waste this beautiful dress when we can simply modify it anew?”

Lily Cole’s Plastic Bottle Dress

Just like our fave Emma Watson, Lily Cole stepped onto the red carpet in a dress entirely made from recycled plastic bottles for the 2016 Oscars. Vivienne Westwood has proved anything is possible with this silver tube dress with different folds on it. Incredible work!

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 12
Image: Elle

She posted on Instagram to let her fans, and other celebrities know that she had chosen to go eco. She wrote; “leaving for the Oscars! Wearing a dress made of plastic bottles by Vivienne Westwood #rcgd”. This not only promotes Westwood but spreads awareness around eco-conscious fashion.

Javier Bardem’s Recycled Tux

Javier Bardem stepped onto the red carpet in his Gucci eco-friendly tux for the Green Carpet Challenge. Javier’s three-piece tuxedo was made from 100% organic wool with recycled satin lapel and trim detail. He put it together with a 100% organic cotton white shirt, and a recycled satin bowtie. And he looked handsome as ever.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 18
Image: Vogue

Gucci designer Frida Giannini explained “Designing with organic and recycled materials was an inspiring challenge to marry my creative vision with sustainability standards, and I am particularly delighted for Javier to join us in this effort. At Gucci, we will continue to pursue our interest in eco-friendly and biodegradable materials.”

Kaitlyn Dever’s Eco-Responsible Silk Satin Dress

This dress is a serious wow. Kaitlyn Dever rocked a custom-made ethical gown by Louis Vuitton this year. The red dress was made out of eco-responsible silk satin with Swarovski crystals and beads. And our favorite part is that she paired the dress with $47 red platform heels from Aldo.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 16
Image: Elle

Kaitlyn believes “Supporting sustainable clothing is really important.” She had spoken up about making environmentally conscious fashion decisions and has also encouraged others to shop vintage. We are loving this whole look and can’t wait to see her on the next red carpet.

Olivia Coleman’s Stella McCartney Dress

And to finish off our round-up of eco outfits is fabulous Olivia Coleman. Olivia chose to wear a Stella McCartney dress at this year’s Oscars and she looked fabulous. As a designer, Stella McCartney is famously known as an eco-conscious brand and has paved the way for a lot of other designers.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits 6
Image: Us Weekly Magazine

McCartney only uses eco-friendly materials including recycled polyester, organic cotton, and regenerated cashmere. Olivia’s dress was made in the London Atelier and was made from sustainable velvet and other eco-fabrics. The dress is simple but unique, and the deep blue velvet is a winner.

Cameron Diaz’s Recycled Glass and Organic Silk Ball Gown

Looking stunning as always, at the 2012 Met Gala, Cameron Diaz rolled up to the red carpet wearing a custom made Stella McCartney number. As per usual, McCartney designs her outfits with a particular focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability and this shimmering gown was no exception.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits42
Image: Vogue

As you can see (shininess permitting), the gown is awash in thousands of little tiny beads. They’re all made from completely recycled glass. The main material used for the dress is organic silk. Diaz wore the dress as part of the Green Carpet Challenge. Livia Firth, the founder of the challenge said, “Our next goal is to tackle the sourcing of embellishment materials.”

Adut Akech’s Reclaimed Valentino

Adut Akech, the Sudanese-Australian supermodel, wore a sky blue Valentino gown created by Pierpaolo Piccioli when she attended the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in 2019. The entire ensemble was fashioned from reclaimed materials and 100% organic silk. After posing for photos alone as well as with the designer of the outfit, she commented on the reasoning behind the beautiful outfit.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits32
Image: Vogue

“Everything that is used in fashion comes from somewhere,” Akech explained. “It is right that [the industry] takes responsibility and starts to cut down. [It’s important we] actually talk about it and bring awareness to the issue. This is our planet, and we need to take care of it.” We couldn’t agree more, and we appreciate her using her platform to spread the green gospel.

Rooney Mara’s Repurposed Polyester Finery

“Cheap,” “thrifty,” or “inexpensive” are not words you would associate with Rooney Mara’s stunning outfit which she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar party back in 2017. But in fact, the dress is all those things. It’s known that large clothing names tend to waste more than they should. But here, Mara is a perfect example of how one can wear inexpensive, eco-friendly formal wear and look flawless.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits50
Image: Insider

In this photograph, we see Mara wearing an outfit from H&M which is part of the mega brand’s Conscious Collection. All of the items in the collection are made from at least 50% recycled materials. This beautiful beige ruffled dress is made completely from repurposed polyester. Still, no one can tell, and it fits right in with the most luxurious and expensive red carpet outfits of the night.

Paris Jackson’s Earthly Stella McCartney Dress

Along with a handful of other celebs, Paris Jackson’s outfit that she wore to the 2018 Met Gala was a loud statement in favor of sustainability and ethical clothing. She wore a flowing caramel Stella McCartney dress. The theme of the event was “Heavenly Bodies.” So this Earth-friendly outfit was perfect.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits49
Image: Vogue

The fashion interpretation of the event’s theme was certainly vast and colorful, but Paris and a few others chose to focus on a more Earthly take on it. Stella McCartney goes through great lengths to make her life’s work more sustainable: “All of her stores, offices, and studios in the UK are powered by wind energy. Abroad, 45% of the company’s operations are run on 100% green energy.”

Michael Fassbender’s Formerly Plastic Bottle Tuxedo

Michael Fassbender always looks sharp, no doubt. But at the British Academy Film Awards in 2012, he scores extra points for going totally green on the red carpet. No, we don’t mean with envy. We mean that he wore a totally eco-friendly (and really nice) tuxedo. The three-piece suit is part of Armani’s eco collection.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits45
Image: The Daily Telegraph

The suit is fashioned entirely from organic wool and formerly used plastic bottles. During the manufacturing process, an emphasis is put on severely limiting the use of production chemicals and emissions. It’s really nice to see huge luxury designers take a green turn. And who knew someone could look so good wearing plastic bottles?

Padma Lakshi’s Reiterated J. Mendel

In 2018, Padma Lakshi wore a red J. Mendel gown with a boldly high slit up the side. But this wasn’t the first time. The Top Chef host also wore it a few months before when she traveled to a Vogue event in India. And we hope she has plans to wear it again, both because that’s the right thing to do for the environment and it looks hands down flawless.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits48
Image: Us Weekly

It’s not just the materials – especially if they themselves are not the most eco-friendly – involved in making some clothes that can pollute. It’s also the transportation and the emission it creates that add to environmental damage. Making the clothing industry greener will take an effort on everyone’s part to maximize the use of our clothes that fit and are in condition.

Nicole Kidman’s Ethical Steven Jones Hat

At first glance, Nicole Kidman’s dazzling Derby Day doesn’t necessarily look the most clothing-ethical because of the feathers on top, but in fact, they’re made from recycled bottles and polyester – harming no animals in the process. The dress, made from organic silk, is made by L’Wren Scott.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits47
Image: Vogue

With the technologically advanced Steven Jones hat, the 21st century is brought to the doorstep of the rest of the outfit, which has a classic British taste. Vogue was on the scene to photograph it, and as one of their writers put it, “Nicole Kidman cut a figure that was reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s famous Ascot racing scene from My Fair Lady.

Meryl Streep’s Gilded Alber Elbaz Dress

Meryl Streep has been in show biz for a while, so it’s no surprise that she really knows how to dress for the Oscars. In 2012, she wore a golden Lanvin by Alber Elbaz. All of the materials that went into making the dress are 100% cruelty-free and with a focus on minimizing waste. Not to mention, the color goes perfectly with Oscar statuette she bagged herself that night for her role in The Iron Lady.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits44
Image: Us Weekly

Alber Elbaz, the environmentally-conscious Israeli designer of the dress, replied with the following when asked how he feels about the drive towards a greener fashion industry. “In fashion, we respect tradition… we have amazing old recipes. But maybe there’s too much butter. Maybe it’s time to cut the butter and make them healthier, and therefore more relevant.”

Marion Cotillard’s Dior Dress and Chopard Earrings

Marion Cotillard, the French actress, and environmentalist wore a super original strapless Dior gown to the 2013 Cannes Film Festival when she attended the premiere of Blood Ties. We love the pattern: solid black, yellow, and dark blue neatly streaked against a white background.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits43
Image: Vogue

To complete the look, she wore earrings from the Chopard Green Carpet collection. The diamonds and the gold of this collection are mined under the strict surveillance of the Responsible Jewelry Council, enforcing the highest ethical and ecological standards. In cooperation with high profile events, Chopard encourages celebs to broadcast a message by wearing eco-friendly products.

Liberty Ross Reused Wedding Dress

Liberty Ross, the British model and actress, turned heads and widened eyes with the dress she wore to the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar party. The dress already had a spot in her wardrobe and in her heart: it was what she wore to the luncheon the day of her wedding. We totally see why she chose the creamy, silky gown again. It looks beautiful.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits41
Image: Daily Mail

Some argue that the red carpet is not the place to reuse worn outfits, rather it’s an opportunity to showcase the newest trends. But reusing is a lot better for the environment, and therefore takes the ethical high ground. Especially when it comes to wedding dresses. They often require a lot of material and most of the time, they are worn only once per wedding.

Julianne Moore’s Saint Lauren Gown and Chopard Necklace

Julianne Moore is looking dashing as she poses for the cameras at the 2018 Cannes Film festival. She arrived at the screening of Yomeddine clad in a jet black column dress by Saint Laurent. But what really caught our environmentally aware eyes is Moore’s shining necklace, designed and made by Chopard.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits38
Image: The Daily Telegraph

The white gold and the large turquoise jewel come together to make the centerpiece for Moore’s amazing outfit. Chopard joined forces with Livia Firth in her drive to “spearhead sustainable reform in the luxury fashion sector by raising awareness about environmental issues.” All the gold and minerals are mined from South America by small artisanal companies that ensure there is no exploitation and environmental carelessness.

John Krasinski’s OEKOTEX Tuxedo

John Krasinski, whom we all know from The Office, came to the 2013 Met Gala wearing a sustainable black Tom Ford tuxedo, made entirely from a OEKOTEX – a low environmental impact spun and woven wool. He came with his partner, Emily Blunt who also wore a sustainable outfit. The couple look sharp and we like their green initiative. In fact, a few years prior, they bought a house that runs on renewable energy.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits37
Image: Vogue

Tom Ford, the designer of Krasinski’s tux, has been thinking about the environmental impact of the fashion industry for some time now and he has been vocal in the need for change. Even back in 2007, he was ahead of the game. At a conference, he said, “For many people today, true luxury comes from being able to enjoy beautiful things that haven’t had a destructive impact on the planet or on other people.”

Thandie Newton’s Star Wars Vivienne Westwood Creation

Thandie Newton wowed the world in 2018 when she attended the Cannes Film Festival dressed in an eco-friendly designed Vivienne Westwood. It was custom made with low impact polyester and other harmless materials. So it gets a 10/10 environmental score, but it also gets a perfect score for style. It’s decorated with what appear to be scenes of the movie whose premiere Newton was there to attend: Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits28
Image: People

For over ten years, Newton has been very conscious of the environment. In 2007, she underwent an abrupt change in her habits when Greenpeace stuck a sticker on her BMW that read “This gas-guzzling 4×4 is causing climate change.” She switched her BMW for a Prius, and since then she has always been very careful with which products she buys and wears.

Billy Porter’s Crystal-Encrusted Celestino Piece

American actor Billy Porter graced us with his presence at the 2019 Tony Awards wearing a hybrid suit/dress outfit made from, among other materials, reused fabric. “Everything under the train is tulle, but the rest of the garment is the curtain.” he explained. The esemble was fashioned from upcycled curtains from the Al Hirshfield Theatre.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits33
Image: Vogue

In addition to the awesome colors, the Celestino outfit was encrusted with over 30,000 of Swarovksi’s environmentally friendly crystals. They’re made mostly from recycled glass. Swarovksi, one of the world leaders of eco-friendly fashion, won the 2019 Social Impact and Sustainability Award, and we totally see why!

Sophie Turner’s Sage Galvan

Sophie Turner is certainly full of surprises. In Game of Thrones, she impressed us with he cutthroat political intrigue. And here, in real life, she caught eyes when she wore a 100% sustainable dress to the 2016 Oscars. She was dressed in a Galvan ceremony gown. Its color is sage but its message is green. The gown was accompanied immaculately by frosty earrings, a necklace, and ring, made by Tiffany.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits26
Image: Bustle

Turner’s outfit was an answer to the Red Carpet Green Dress challenge, which encourages red carpet attendees to put an emphasis on wearing green-friendly clothing in order to send out an important environmentalist message. Galvan, the dress’s designer, became a certified environmentally friendly label in 2011 and has been generating a buzz ever since.

Bradley Cooper’s Woven Tom Ford Tux

Livia Firth, mother of the Green Carpet challenge praised Bradley Cooper for his fashion choice at the 2013 Oscars: “This year [2013] we opted to celebrate menswear as the divine Golden Globes nominee Bradley Cooper joined the GCC in a two piece suit by Tom Ford, designed exclusively for the Green Carpet Challenge.”

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits34
Image: New York Daily News

The sleek Tom Ford tuxedo is made from wool and cotton woven by high European standards. This means a minimal impact on the environment and a concern for ethical manufacturing. It’s no surprise that Cooper looks sharp as heck in the suit. And the world appreciates the message he broadcast.

Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen Gown

Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge showed up to the 2017 British Academy Film Awards wearing a stunning open-shoulder Alexander McQueen gown. It featured a floral design and it was complemented by sparkling jewelry. The dress looks awesome, so awesome, in fact, that a couple of years later, the Duchess would rock the whole outfit again, this time an National Portrait Gallery event in London.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits39
Image: The Sun

When she wore her Alexander McQueen to the red carpet, tabloids and other media were quick to take notice and were quick to point it out again when she did the repeat. With a dress this nice, why not? Along the way, she earned herself a nod from environmentalists for her willingness to reuse. As with a celeb status this big, her green message is amplified.

SZA’s Angelic Versace Dress and Chopard Earrings

American singer SZA came to the 2018 Grammys wearing a breathtakingly charming Versace dress. Its intricate bodice design features hundreds of shiny beads that look like silvery tree roots, perfectly complemented by the tulle sleeves. As part of the major label’s drive toward a more sustainable fashion industry, many Versace dresses are fashioned partly from low impact and eco-friendly materials, such as polyester and recycled cotton.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits27
Image: Time

In addition to the eye-catching Versace dress, SZA decided to go even greener and wear Chopard earrings, the company famous for making sure their metals and gems are mined only in accordance with tight environmental, ethical, non-exploitative standards. We never knew angels could be so green.

Jessica Alba’s and Rosario Dawson’s Sustainable Comicon Gear

These two stars, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson have a particular concern for the environment when it comes to their fashion and lifestyle products. Alba, the founder of Honest, is insistent that all her products be entirely organic and ethically made. On the right, we have the singer, writer, and producer, Rosario Dawson. She is a co-founder of the sustainable fashion brand Voz.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits30
Image: Just Jared

These two ladies impressed fans when they showed up to the 2014 Comicon to do an autograph signing for the promotion of Sin City. From perfume to dresses and skirts to jewelry, they didn’t just talk the environmentally friendly talk – they also walked the green walk, as they were decked out in beautiful attire made from low impact materials.

Viola Davis’s Salmon Pink Getup

Viola Davis’ stunning salmon pink attire has come a long way on its journey from bottles to dress. That’s right, the whole thing is made completely from material salvaged from plastic bottles! You can’t tell though. This is the outfit Davis wore to the British Academy Film Awards ceremony back in 2012. She accompanied the dress with sparkling earrings and a miniature crystal-encrusted purse.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits29
Image: Daily Mail

The dress, designed by Valentino, was Viola’s choice for her participation in the Green Carpet Challenge. A few years ago, Greenpeace conducted a survey on sustainability in the industry and found that Valentino was “the most eco-friendly luxury fashion brand.” One aspect of the company’s eco-friendly policy is that they take a sharp zero-deforestation policy.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Dress and Chopard Treasure

At the Oscars in 2016, Jennifer Lawrence made headlines and turned many a head when she came wearing a flawless sheer lace Dior dress with a plunging neckline. It’s true that in previous years, Dior was not among the fashion labels ratest highest for sustainability and waste minimization, but they are steadily improving.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits36
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But in terms of painting the red carpet green, what really stole the show for Jennifer Lawrence was her necklace and her ring, made by the highly environmentally friendly company, Chopard. They say no to using chemicals or labor policies that harm the environment of their workers, giving us a glimpse of what the future must hold for jewelry and mineral mining.

Lupita Nyong’o’s Jade Calvin Klein

Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Nyong’o attended the Met Gala in 2016, and as one observer wrote, “she took no prisoners.” We couldn’t agree more. The theme of the night was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. So she was perfect in her sustainable Calvin Klein dress. With a jade base color, loaded with sequins, featuring velvet straps and a long tulle train, she really claimed the night.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits51
Image: Vogue

She wore the regalia as part of the Green Carpet Challenge. Hand-made with painstaking care in New York, Nyong’o’s dress is made organic silk and the sequins are made using reused plastics and other recycled materials. In general Nyong’o takes the environment seriously. In 2015 she teamed up with other superstars, such as Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Julia Roberts, to release a short environmentalist video that went near-viral.

Michelle Williams’s Black and White H&M Dress

For her outfit to the 2012 British Film Academy Awards, Michelle Williams decided to go with H&M. The dress she wore featured a creamy white bodice with open shoulders and the bottom piece was black, meeting the creamy white bodice with an elegant black bow at the waist. The dress, the necklace, and the book clutch make Williams one of the most elegantly dressed stars if the night.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits52
Image: Daily Mail

She was also one of the most eco-friendly stars there. The outfit is made from a wide range of sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and hemp, as well as recycled polyester. The dress was part of H&M’s Exclusive Conscious Collection, which aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and cut down on waste.

Maggie Roggers’s Chanel Water Bottle

For her sleek and pretty outfit that she wore to the 2020 Grammys, Maggie Rogers gets double points. For one, this was not the first time in this dress – she also wore it to an event in 2013. So it’s nice to see celebs keeping on eye open for reuse opportunities. But she gets additional credit for her reusable and sustainable Chanel water bottle. While most celebs are flaunting high-end purses and handbags, Rogers goes green and simple, and we love it.

The Red Carpet Is Turning Green  Eco Celebs Who Rocked Sustainable Outfits53
Image: Vogue

Rogers said about her ensemble, “Sustainability is a really important thing to me… Any time I can reinforce that message, [I do].” We certainly approve. Though we love the message, it might be worth noting, however, that the Chanel water bottle comes in a real leather case. So we would hope to see it be switched for ethical leather next time.

Miley Cyrus’s Risqué Stella McCartney Gown

Miley Cyrus attended the 2018 Met Gala in a black sustainable gown designed by Stella McCartney, fashioned from recycled materials and polyester. The theme of the evening was “Heavenly Bodies Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” One reporter quipped that Cyrus dressed up as sin itself. That’s a little harsh, but the dress is certainly risqué.

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She was not alone in her sustainable decision. Paris Jackson, as well as Stella herself both wore the eco-friendly regalia. Cyrus commented on the event and how she felt about her attire choice, “I think this moment can be about so many different things and for me, I want to bring a message, which is veganism and that there doesn’t have to be torture in fabulous fashion.”