The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed

Every mother believes their child is beautiful, but Stephanie Boyd knew that her twin daughters would stand out amongst the rest. Not only are the girls drop-dead gorgeous, but uncommonly, they have the brightest blue eyes that pierce through any picture. Well, one daughter does; the other has two different colored eyes. But Stephanie could have never imagined the fame her daughters would acquire after posting their photos on Instagram.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed30
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

What began with Stephanie showing off her daughters from mere adoration, ended up going viral on the internet. Soon enough, her daughters’ beauty captivated the eyes of over 153,000 Instagram followers! Over the past five years, the girls have now become working models with a verified account – and they’re only nine years old! Let’s dive in to learn more about these precious girls. This is how it all began and how it’s going now.

They Made Their Grand Entrance Into the World in June of 2011

From the moment they graced the world with their arrival, it was love at first sight for mother, Stephanie Boyd. On June 6, 2011, her future starlets, Megan and Morgan Boyd, were born. Before they even had a moment to adjust to their new surroundings, their mother realized they were incredibly striking – even for newborns.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed16
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

The sweet babies had opened their eyes, and gazing out into the world, they mesmerized everyone who saw them with their electric blue eyes. As overjoyed as Stephanie was to have such beautiful girls belong to her, she knew from that moment that girls would now and forever attract attention.

Thanks to Mommy Dearest, They Were Nicknamed the Trueblue Twins

It’s not uncommon for parents of twins to enlist nicknames for each child. Aside from dressing them differently, there’s got to be another way to tell the kids apart, right? We’re just kidding. But instead of being referred to as “The Boyd Sisters,” their dear mother had a better name in mind.

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Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Because of their unique blue eyes, Stephanie had started calling the girls her “Trueblue Twins.” And ever since then, the name just stuck. Soon enough, other family members and friends would call the girls by this nickname. But this was all before anyone could have predicted that their name would become their brand.

Stephanie Had More Than One Proud Parent Moment

Like any proud parent, Stephanie was beside herself when it came to showing off her latest creations. She absolutely adored her brand new twin daughters simply because they were hers, but she knew there was more to their beauty beyond a mother’s love for her daughters.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed14
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Since their birth, Stephanie couldn’t help herself when it came to posting pictures of the girls on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. At first, her friends and family were doting over the pictures, but then complete strangers started seeing the photos and fell in love with the girls too! Megan and Morgan’s blue eyes made them stand out and easily unforgettable. From then on, the likes started rolling in!

Of Course, They Could Always Be Spotted in Matching Outfits

Not only are Megan and Morgan identical twins, but a lot of their wardrobes are identical as well. Naturally, it’s common for twins to dress alike – and for the Trueblue Twins, this remains to be true. Their mom loves shopping and picking out clothes for them, especially matching outfits.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed4
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

And while she may not have a degree in fashion, Stephanie has a good eye when it comes to styling. The twins are always decked out in the cutest clothes and accessories, and we wish that some of their outfits were made for adults! Clearly, we’re not the only ones who feel this way either.

The World Is Their Runway

There’s a popular expression many of us have come to know – “When you look good, you feel good.” For Stephanie, this mantra is what she lives by and wants her daughters to always look and feel good on the inside and outside. With so many options in the girls’ closet, Stephanie carefully takes the time to pick out their daily ensembles.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed31
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

It’s obvious that Stephanie has her hands full. Aside from being a mom, she carries titles such as stylist, educator, caretaker, employee, and so much more. And even with her busy schedule, she always takes the time to keep her daughters dressed in the trendiest and most stylish designs.

These Blue Eyes Babies Are Considered to Be Rare

Megan and Morgan’s show-stopping eyes are not only breathtaking but a genetic rarity. It’s so rare for black people to have this eye coloring that people often assume that a person of color is wearing contacts if their eye coloring looks like theirs. However, this is not always the case.

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Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Some black people are actually born with an uncommon gene that results in them having blue eyes. If you look at pictures of the Trueblue Twins mother, you can also see that her eyes have the same gorgeous coloring. And while she frequently is asked if she’s wearing contacts, she is not!

What It Means to Have Heterochromia

When looking at Megan and Morgan’s pictures, it’s plain to see that they are identical twins. The only thing that makes it easy for them to be differentiated is that Morgan only has one blue eye. This results from a genetic condition called heterochromia, causing her to have two different colored eyes.

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Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Because of the heterochromia, Morgan has one blue eye and one brown eye. Thankfully, this is how Stephanie is able to recognize which of her daughter’s is which. If Morgan didn’t have two different colored eyes, the girls would otherwise be completely identical.

Morgan’s Condition Is Highly Uncommon

While strangers are usually magnetized to the girls’ natural beauty, one of the real reasons people can’t help but stare is because of Morgan’s different eye colors. Sure, people have usually seen this type of thing in dogs or animals, but it’s more uncommon that they would see this on a human.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed17
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

In some cases, heterochromia can be caused due to an injury, but for Morgan, she was just born this way. Aside from her eyes not being the same color, the condition has no other medical effects, and her eyesight hasn’t been compromised at all. If anything, this just makes her more special than she already is.

Having Two Different Colored Eyes Won’t Affect Morgan’s Modeling Career

While Morgan’s condition affects her physical appearance, it means that she is able to stand out more in comparison to other girls. This means it’s actually more advantageous for her modeling career and helps it rather than hinder it. So far, it’s actually helped her come into new opportunities.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed27
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

If you think about it, this is probably not the first time you’ve seen someone with heterochromia. Some of the biggest celebrities that we know and love have the same type of condition as Morgan. To name a few, Mila Kunis, Kate Bosworth, and even Robert Downey Jr. are all just like Morgan!

Heterochromia Runs in the Twins Family

From the girls’ physical appearance to Morgan’s condition, it’s all based on their genetics. As it turns out, the blue eyes and the gene for heterochromia are common traits within the twins’ family. Megan and Morgan are bi-racial babies, and the gene has been traced to have been carried on the caucasian side of their family.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed19
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Taking a look at their family tree, the twins’ great aunt and uncle also have different colored eyes but are not bi-racial. This makes Morgan look even rarer, as the condition is usually found amongst people of European descent with lighter skin. Either way, she is absolutely stunning!

And Just Like That, They Were Discovered

From the moment Stephanie had started sharing photos of the twins on her Instagram page, every picture always received tons of likes. With friends and family constantly showing love and sharing the photos, strangers would then see the images and become the girls’ immediate fans. But the girls finally became “Insta-famous” when someone with quite the fan base reposted one of their pictures.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed18
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Deyonte Hunter, a well-known tattoo artist and musician, saw the girls’ picture and immediately wanted the world to see what he had seen! After he shared a photo of the twins on his own page, his followers were beside themselves. Tons of the fans had immediately gone to Stephanie’s Instagram account and poured over all of her posts. One picture had even earned over 2,000 likes in one day!

One Video of the Trueblue Twins Received 6.6 Million Views

After Deyonte Hunter shared the picture of Megan and Morgan, they became internet sensations. Hundreds of thousands of followers were obsessing over their beauty. So much so that one fan even made a video collage using pictures from their mother’s Instagram account.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed28
Image: Instagram / Stephanie Boyd

We’re not sure if that’s creepy or endearing, but either way, the video had been made and surfaced its way onto every Internet channel. The girls’ father, Lovell Knight, even decided to share the video as well. While he knew that people would enjoy the video, he could have never predicted that more than 6.6 million people would have watched it. This was just a small indication of what the future would hold for these twins.

Soon Enough, the Twins Were Catching the Attention of Celebrities

Megan and Morgan had bewitched the world with their beauty. Aside from the general public, celebrities soon came across their pictures and were just as memorized by them. Headlining stars such as actress Meagan Good and comedian D.L. Hughley had shared pictures of the Trueblue Twins on their own social media accounts.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed13
Image: Instagram / Stephanie Boyd

When interviewed individually, both of these celebs revealed that they were huge fans of the Trueblue Twins. In hopes of being helpful, they knew that if they had shared the twins’ photos on their own accounts, it might help contribute to their own success. And it certainly did – this helped Megan and Morgan get so much more exposure and catapult their modeling career – and for free!

Megan and Morgan Are Well-Known Throughout Their Hometown and Across America

While Stephanie and Lovell always knew that there were big things in store for their daughters, they still couldn’t help but get excited at all the recognition the girls were receiving. From the time they were born, anyone and everyone would make it a point to pay a compliment to the precious girls and their lucky parents.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed23
Image: Instagram / Stephanie Boyd

As their fame began to skyrocket, more and more people across America had fallen in love with the twins. From hometown sweethearts to national cutie pies, their faces were ones that the nation just couldn’t forget. Although the girls had not been born into fame and fortune, they were becoming a hit – and all based on their natural beauty.

Their Beauty Inspired Fans to Create Customized Masterpieces

Megan and Morgan have acquired fans from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and careers. As it would turn out, a large portion of their followers are actually artists. And Megan and Morgan had become these artistic fans’ latest muses. To think these girls aren’t even teenagers and have created a national influence from their looks – now that’s impressive.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed29
Image: Instagram / Stephanie Boyd (left and right)

And the artwork is constantly rolling in. From time to time, the twins’ mother even shares pictures of the masterpieces that fans either send via the internet or through actual mail – to show appreciation for the thoughtful sentiments. Between all the publicity the girls are getting, you would think they’re as famous as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen!

Stephanie Puts Her Daughters’ Needs Above Everything Else

Although Stephanie is very much aware that her girl’s good looks can lead to a potential future modeling career, she’s also in tune with the fact that this isn’t a priority at this stage in their lives. First of all, the girls are just children who like to play and do what other kids their age do. Second of all, she refuses to force the girls into doing something they don’t want to do.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed7
Image: Instagram / Stephanie Boyd

Posing for fun and posing for work are very different, and Stephanie clarified that working isn’t always fun. After talking to the girls, the Trueblue Twins decided they wanted to have their pictures taken professionally to see if it could lead to the start of their modeling career.

Megan and Morgan Love to Be in Front of the Camera

With one scroll through Stephanie’s Instagram page, you can see that her twin daughters absolutely love to have their photos taken. Even in a relaxed setting, the girls love to strike a pose or make a cute face. It’s hard to say if Stephanie had instilled this within the girls, but it genuinely seems like Megan and Morgan can’t get enough of the camera.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed6
Image: Instagram / Stephanie Boyd

And as much as they love a good photoshoot, they love to record themselves with their mom’s phone too. Whether they’re singing a song, talking to their fans, or just speaking nonsense – Megan and Morgan love everything about being the center of attention when a camera is involved. Even their aunt said that “they were born for this” because their camera presence comes so naturally to them.

They Have a Protective Papa Bear That’s Always Looking Out for Them

With great fame comes great responsibility. And since Megan and Morgan are too young to comprehend this, they thankfully have a mother and father who constantly do what is best for them. Once their father had shared the video that would make them insta-famous, Lovell was not only excited but nervous at what this would mean for his daughters.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed24
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

As much as he wants his daughters to be successful, he also wants them to enjoy every moment of their childhood. Not to mention that they’re safe from the internet trolls. He may come off as an overprotective daddy-o, but he’s just doing what any good father would do. The girls are so lucky to have parents that don’t let fame get to their heads.

The Trueblue Twins Love Testing Out New Hair Do’s

In addition to their striking looks and eyes, the twins have beautiful hair. And if you put any two pictures of theirs side-by-side, you’ll see that their hairstyle is constantly changing. Stephanie loves to try out new do’s on the girls, and they love it too! From braids to bows to afros – the girls love to get the full-service treatment in their styling – from top to bottom.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed1
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Not only do the twins tend to don matching outfits in their pictures, but their hairstyles are usually identical as well. Everything about the Trueblue Twins aesthetic is admired by their fans and even inspires them to try and match how they look. These little girls are quite the trendsetters.

Mama Stephanie Is Basically Their Agent and Books All of the Twins’ Modeling Gigs

Once the twins told their mom they wanted to try their hand at being models, Stephanie went full force in being the girls’ agent. Thankfully, she didn’t have to do much inquiring, as agents and companies alike had already been reaching out to try and book the twins for their own campaigns. Stephanie was astonished at how much the girls were in demand, especially for their age.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed10
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Stephanie is pretty much the ultimate Momager for Megan and Morgan. She is their personal agent and books all of their shoots, manages their verified social media account, and balances their schedule to make sure they can still enjoy being kids in between their modeling jobs. Watch out Kris Jenner; Stephanie Boyd is coming in hot!

Surprise! Megan and Morgan Have a Younger Brother

As much publicity as the girls get, the media tends to skip over the dynamic of Megan and Morgan’s personal lives. Surprisingly enough – the girls share more than each other, but they also have a younger brother. He may not be a twin or have the girl’s gorgeous blue eyes, but he’s as cute as ever!

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed22
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Megan and Morgan may be built-in best friends, but they absolutely love being big sisters. When they’re not busy with schoolwork and modeling opportunities, they can be found spending time with their family members during weekend getaways. Though they may not be triplets, these three kids still have a resemblance that makes it plain to see they’re related.

The Trueblue Twins Are Officially Models

Since they basically broke the internet with their beauty, the Trueblue Twins are officially and finally models. Not only do they have their very own verified Instagram account, but their fan base includes over 780 thousand followers. On top of that, they even started their own YouTube channel, which currently has over 59 thousand subscribers.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed9
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

The girls may be constantly booked and busy, but they still know how to be kids during their free time. Like other girls their age, they still love to play dress-up, eat candy, and make silly faces. The twins have become experts at being professional when they need to be and acting their age.

They May Be Little, but They Already Have a Passion for Fashion

While Stephanie has the final say on what the girls wear, Megan and Morgan refuse to be left out of the matter. It doesn’t matter if they’re shopping for clothes, on the set of a photoshoot, or in their closet at home – the girls take just as much pride in what they’re going to wear as any adult involved in their styling process.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed20
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Now that the girls are a little older, they have more free range on dressing themselves each day. This helps keep their minds fresh and creative, as well as giving the girls some independence. And with an eye for fashion, they even like to try designing their own works of art. Stephanie even recalled when the twins once tried to make destroyed jeans – similar to a picture they had seen in a magazine.

They May Look the Same, but Act Completely Different

Megan and Morgan might be identical twins (for the most part), but they have completely different personalities. Though practically all of their time is spent together, and at times they may mimic each other as a joke, these twins are still very much individuals, with their own flairs and quirks.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed11
Image: Instagram / Stephanie Boyd

With a love for fashion and all things “girly,” each twins’ personality shines in her own way. For example, Megan, on the left, loves everything about the glamour process. From having her makeup done to getting her hair styled – she loves to be pampered. Meanwhile, Morgan, on the right, owns the catwalk. Strutting her stuff and commanding an audience’s attention is exactly what this little girl was made to do.

Stephanie Hopes Her Girls Don’t Grow up Too Fast

Now that the girls have been established within the fashion and modeling industry, Stephanie knows that her girl’s upbringing will always be different from their peers. There will be times when they miss birthday parties, playing at friend’s houses, and hanging out in the neighborhood because they’ll be working. From an early age, the girls will now be exposed to working life, which is a fear and a blessing all in one.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed21
Image: Instagram / Stephanie Boyd

Megan and Morgan’s mother and father prioritize teaching the girls how to remain humble and thankful as their fame and success continue to soar. Simultaneously, teaching the girls that there is no limit to what they can do or what they achieve. As the girls become more and more famous, it’s so important that these lessons are constantly being instilled within the twins’ development.

The Trueblue Twins (Sort of) Understand That They’re Famous

These days, the twins have become more and more aware of their presence both in the real and online world. Having access to platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, they started to understand what it means to have a following on these accounts and exactly who they are, and how the world sees them.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed8
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Getting stopped in the streets and being asked to take pictures with strangers isn’t exactly what Megan and Morgan’s friends are experiencing on a day-to-day basis. So while they may not fully understand what being famous is, they understand that they are different, that they stand out, and that people somehow know who they are. Pretty cool, right?

Lights, Camera, Action – Always

Since the girls love modeling so much, they are always ready for a photo opportunity. It doesn’t matter if they’re on set for a gig or if they’re walking the aisles at the store; if someone brings out a camera, Megan and Morgan are ready to strike a pose. Apparently, the work never stops for them.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed3
Image: Instagram / Stephanie Boyd

Although the girls may be in a posed frame in the above picture, their Instagram account shows the twins snapped up in any situation. Clearly, Megan got distracted during the shoot since her gaze isn’t focused on the photographer. But what do you expect, she’s still a child, after all.

They Have Become Influencers and Brand Ambassadors for Multiple Companies

Thanks to their significant Instagram following, these kids are now considered influencers. With so many companies constantly reaching out to secure the twins as part of their brand, Stephanie carefully selects which products and opportunities will be the most worthwhile for her girls.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed5
Image: Instagram / Megan&Morgan

Pictured above, the girls are advertising the book Noonimals Believe by Dalandra Young. This couldn’t have been a more perfect influencing opportunity, as this is a children’s book that teaches children how to do, be, and have anything they want in life if they just believe. A similar mantra and lesson that Stephanie and Lovell teach to their girls.

To Infinity and Beyond!

While only time will tell what the future holds for the Trueblue Twins, the foundation they’ve laid is a solid, sturdy, and so far successful one. And thanks to their adoring parents and fan base, the future only seems bright from here on out for Morgan and Megan’s careers.

The Trueblue Twins Are the Latest Social Media Sensation Taking Over Your Newsfeed26
Image: Instagram / Stephanie Boyd

With the world at their fingertips, these two can choose any path they want. Thankfully, it seems that they’ll always have modeling as an option in their corner. For now, you can continue to follow along their epic journey by tuning in to their YouTube channel and following them on Instagram.