The Very Best ‘You Had One Job’ Moments In Internet History

It has come to our attention that many folks out there won’t be getting “Employee of the Month” awards anytime soo – like whoever made this googly-eyed Nala pictured below. Clearly, someone was just not up for the task when they arrived to work that day.

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History30
Image: Imgur / Hiddenvalley

Sometimes employees have one little task to do, yet still manage to fail. Occasionally, they mess up so much it seems like revenge. Whether it’s a practical joke on the boss, or a mindless slip up so bad it rocked the internet, it’s time to look at the worst culprits. Be honest: Was this you?

This Ain’t A Tattoo For The Broken Hearted

Tattoos are a bold decision, no doubt. Some people spend years pondering the perfect ink. Others are impulsive and get tatted on a whim, out drunk. Either way, everyone knows that once it’s on, it’s on for good. What happened to this unfortunate victim?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History3
Image: Reddit / Thenewbeat76

Obviously, we’re dealing with a pretty big Jon Bon Jovi fan. The plan was to permanently honor a musical genius, right on the human body. But a request for his famous song, “It’s My Life”, was spoiled with an extra word along the way. Tat artist, were you the intoxicated one?

Now That’s A Flavor We Wouldn’t Want To Try

Every magical childhood included Pop-Tarts, warm or cold. Memorable classics included cinnamon, chocolate fudge, and strawberry. And then, there was the best of all: No one in their right mind ever passed up Wildberry. What is this new variety?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History13
Image: Reddit / Wheresmycake

Tards, tarts – perhaps it’s not a new flavor, but a new product line. At only $2.69, it even seems like the price is right to try it out. But that’s just one theory. No one can be sure, but maybe, just maybe, somebody had a regrettable typo. Clerk boy, you had one job!

Every Dog Has His Day

The domestic dog is a descendant of the wolf. Sometimes that’s hard to believe, looking at their sweet lil’ slobbery faces. But it’s true. They have a noble past. And maybe it’s time to honor them with a place on the mantle. Why not try this tasteful frame?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History29
Image: Imgur / Grabmenow

It’s an excellent idea if we do say so ourselves. For those having trouble imagining how the product might look at home, look closer. This brand has helpfully included a sample photo. An orange pup helps illustrate the potential of this 10 x 15 frame. Wait, is that a cat?

Eddie Murphy Sure Looked Different Back Then

It’s DVD night, and we have a fresh pick. Or a classic one, for those who have already seen it. Famed film critic Roger Ebert reviewed 48 Hours in the 90s, giving it a thumbs up. Just one question, though: Was Eddie wearing a lot more makeup than we remember?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History12
Image: Imgur / Hiddenvalley

No, he surely is not. This is a bootleg copy in French, and the comedian is au natural. The foreign copy crooks had one job: To make a fake cover for a stolen movie. Unfortunately, they mixed up the actors. Nick Nolte is labeled as Eddie, and vice versa!

And They Were All Yellow

Monkeys love ’em. Smoothies can’t function without them. Bananas are one of the most popular fruits on the planet. Not only are they convenient, with their built-in wrapper on the go, but they are a source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and even antioxidants. What’s not to love really?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History26
Image: Reddit / Bleakdespair

Well, in addition to their nutrient content, there’s the pleasant look a good nanner brings to the table. They’re long, yellow things. They really complete a fruit bowl, say some. Oddly, though, the grocer stayed literal here. He forgot to write the real, legal name!

That’s Some Incredibly Creamy Mustard

Whether it’s time for a burger or a weiner, condiments are nonnegotiable. Only a monster would eat a hot sandwich without a squeeze of at least one zesty sauce. Classic choices include ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Here, all three are conveniently available in a triple pump.

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History10
Image: Imgur / Hiddenvalley

But wait, is that mustard or mayo in the middle? And what about on the right side? It seems that the fast-food worker who filled up today made a little mistake. Indeed, the spreads have been mixed up. Low-fat dieters will have to be careful at this snack station, as a result. He had one job, seriously.

Say my Name, Say My Name

When a good crime story hits the news, people can’t look away. Sure, things can get gruesome out there. But the drama is so addicting that several American TV shows rely on the material. From Cops to Dateline Mysteries, it’s always fascinating stuff.

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History9
Image: Reddit / FishNeedles

The police are always trying to track down the culprits, in real life. But when a suspect is announced wrong, it’s awfully hard to find them, even if their face is blasted all over the news. Here, one such example confused the public. Is his name Firstname Lastname? Or is his name actually missing? Looks like it is probably the latter. You had one job, prompter man!

Feel Free To Try The Stairs, Or The Stairs

Public places can be tough for people who can’t walk. That’s why laws were passed to help, back in the day. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, you can’t build without options for wheelchairs when it comes to transportation and public accommodations, to start. Here, not one, but two options are offered.

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History21
Image: Reddit / Alexandralynn

Not only are stairs being offered, but stairs are also being offered. On the left as well as on the right, walkers can enjoy any amount of stair their hearts desire. But for the physically challenged, this is a nightmare and a waste of time. Who put the handicapped sign here? One job, total fail.

She’s Half The Woman She Used To Be

She’s gorgeous. She’s large, and in charge. She’s spread all over the side of a building, taking over the neighborhood. But despite her confident eye contact, she is actually in quite a bit of distress. Someone chopped this pretty lady in half and attached her head to her bottom. Why, cruel world?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History6
Image: Reddit / WinnieTheFool

Well, maybe she will be alright. In all likelihood, she is a life-sized lady and merely posed for a small photograph in the past. When her image was enlarged, it was cut for easy transport and assembly as a billboard. But for those tasked with putting her back together, it looks like they went the Humpty Dumpty route. Yikes!

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye To What We Had

Losing a loved one is no walk in the park. The process of grief has been studied, and even separated into five stages. Psychologists claim that emotions go from denial to anger, then bargaining, depression, and acceptance. How does this bizarre card fit in, though?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History20
Image: Imgur / PrinceTheKitty

Here, we see the section for sympathy when someone experiences a loss. The first card reads: “The countdown’s over – yay!” Some might find that a little insensitive. Maybe the item doesn’t even belong in this part of the store. Odds are, that’s the situation here. Card store, you had one job!

Some People Say Modern Art is Confusing

Yes, there were those that criticized Andy Warhol for breaking boundaries with his paintings. Jackson Pollack took things even further in the art world, splattering colors without a plan. But today, it’s time for a brand new style. Introducing: Random line, random car. Believe it or not, this was involuntary!

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History7
Image: Daily Mail

As a vehicle innocently sat parked by the side of the road, a man with a bucket of yellow paint came by to make the lines a little brighter. Sure, he was probably commissioned by the city to do exactly that. But part of the task involves sticking to the plan. Paint the road, not things on the road!

Do Not Enter, But Please Make Sure to Enter

Following instructions is a key part of following trespassing laws. It’s good to know exactly when and where you are allowed to enter – or not enter. Take a look at this business, trying to offer as much info as possible. They tell you to enter, as well as forbidding entrance. Unfortunately, it’s on the same door.

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History16
Image: Reddit / TalvRW

Only mayhem lies ahead. Contradictions like this can result in a lot of misunderstandings. Preventable ones, even. But here, that’s just not going to be avoidable. Whoever got the gig to label doors in this biz failed hard. There’s no way around it, is there?

A Whole New World, A New Fantastic Point Of View

Asia is a vast continent. The biggest one, in fact. Not only does it contain China, but also Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and a whole lot of island nations. Even half of Russia is grouped into this camp on the map. Looking at this tee-shirt for sale, though, something seems different. What’s gotten into you, Asia?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History5
Image: Imgur / Hiddenvalley

Well, it looks like Kenya and Ethiopia might have gotten in. That’s because this is a print of Africa. Whoever designed the tee may need to go back to geography class. Or at the very least, google the subject! In conclusion: Clearance rack. You had one design job, okay?

The Best Part of Waking Up, Is Your Own Thumb In Your Cup

It can be a beloved ritual to start the day with a hot drink. Most Americans choose coffee, for its caffeine content. But others prefer tea or even hot cocoa. In any case, it’s best to keep your fingers out of the burning liquid. Look at this model, ignoring that key fact!

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History4
Image: Reddit / Wowimees

There is some chance this is a modern style. Perhaps the store will try to play it off that way. But more than likely, this is just a factory error. Out of all functions a coffee cup can deliver, keeping the hot away from the hand is at the top of the list. Who would want it any other way?

Employees Only Was A Nice Theory

With all the sticky fingers out there, a business should lock up its goods. Safe and secure is the way to play. “Employees Only” signs are usually a good way to warn sneaky strangers they are not allowed in the back. Valued customers, we love you. But stay in front, okay?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History1
Image: Reddit / Fightthapower

Here, one cheeky gal has decided to expose a flaw in the design. She has successfully invaded the private area, merely leaning around the door. Apparently, someone with just one job to accomplish forgot to install a wall. It’s an important part of any door and wall combo, to be sure.

These Onions Promise Not To Make You Cry

Some people love them, and some people hate them. There are quite a few people out there that insist on chopping them into almost every dish they make. But no matter what side of the onion debate you are on, everyone can agree on one thing: Those fumes are a real tear-jerker!

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History19
Image: Reddit / Skeptiiiic

Luckily, or maybe unluckily, the buyer of these bags will not have to deal with any of that. Looking closely, the real contents of these bags become clear. It’s corn! Odds are, people looking for onions will enjoy the corn. But the person sacking veggies may need to be sacked themselves. Just one job to do, and no onions in sight?

It’s A Gender Bender, But Not On Purpose

The miracle of life has happened billions, if not trillions of times. But that doesn’t mean it’s not extra special when it’s your babe. New parents love to prepare by purchasing themed products, usually pink or blue. Here, one dad tried to pick up a baby reveal party banner. It’s a little confusing, to be honest.

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History18
Image: Reddit / TalvRW

The illustrations here are all about princess crowns and pearls. It’s absolutely bejeweled. The girly idea is confirmed by pink. But the words do not seem to match the theme at all. The sign declares the birth of a boy, and not a girl. Graphic designer, you had one job!

Check Out This New, Bigger Yet Smaller Size

Potato chips are a guilty pleasure for so many tater gluttons out there. Even though they can be baked or steamed, this is often still the preferred way to eat them. And the flavors help, too! Here, one patron discovers the store has begun to carry a new, bigger size of those old favorites. But is it, really?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History8
Image: Reddit / CorruptionPrime

Well, it is hard to know. Sometimes those bags are filled with more air than chips. Here, the promise might be that there are more chips than air. But as a consumer, the new and improved look of the Lays is downright confusing. Lays, you had one job. And now, we’re going to eat two bags.

Made In A Mysterious Location, These Were

Back in the day, just about everything was made locally. In the modern era, a whole lot of manufacturing has gone to the east. Take this pair of shades, for example. Written right on the plastic, the factory location has been named. Where exactly is Chian, though?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History11
Image: Imgur / Domainofimgur

No one has ever heard of the place, according to surveys. But maybe it’s actually an item from China, which has a mysteriously similar spelling. That’s the likeliest scenario, according to current maps. The labeler in this facility had one job, but he’s causing confusion more than clarity. Not an ideal label, really.

This Does Smell Like Teen Spirit

They were one the biggest groups in ’90s grunge, without a doubt. Nirvana took the world by storm with hits like “Come As You Are” and “Heart-Shaped Box”. Sadly, frontman Kurt Cobain left the world too soon. He has since become a marketing ploy for tees, posters, and mugs. No one can resist his face, it seems.

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History28
Image: Imgur / AlienVsPredatorVsBrownVsTheBoardOfEducation

But wait, is this really Kurt? It is not. Instead, the sugar pop family trio of Hanson has been printed instead. They all had long blond hair, and they all made girls buy CDs. But it was really a very different crowd, at the end of the day. This isn’t going to slide by unnoticed, tee man!

We’re Hoping She Is An Art Student

High school diplomas just don’t seem to cut it, these days. Employers demand university education, even for jobs that seem pretty manageable. Maybe that’s why this young lady decided to sign up, and take the academic plunge. Here, she boldly shows off her educational goals on her loungewear.

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History27
Image: Reddit / Spamgobbler

Looking for even just a moment reveals a major problem. No, not a college major. A major collage, right on the front. That spelling means a mish-mash of pictures, all combined to make a new one. There’s no way that’s the intended idea here, of course. The fashion designer has simply misspelled the core concept. Pajama pile, it is!

Here I Am, Stuck In The Middle With You

A kitchen is a place where people tend to college a lot of gadgets and utensils. Every recipe calls for a different technique, and a different tool to achieve it. Here, someone paid for a new installation for the cooking room. The only problem? Well, look closely.

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History25
Image: Imgur / Hiddenvalley

When a person tries to open the left drawer, it runs into the right drawer handle immediately. One can assume the same happens the other way around, too. Neither can be rolled out fully, and the contents are trapped. If anyone’s missing a fork, it’s not the chef’s fault. His job probably went just fine.

Someone Alert The FDA, Pronto

Salty, crunchy, plentiful: Just how we like to see it. George Washington Carver would have looked at this pile ‘o peanuts with great excitement. He’s the man who invented peanut butter, back in the day. As an expert in the field, would he have approved of this sign?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History24
Image: Daily Mail

No, he would not. Not because it’s not accurate. But more so because it’s just stupid. It’s a pile of nuts, people! Of course, it contains nuts. Whoever typed out the sign might be a little nuts, themselves. In any case, they had one job. And this was the result!

Somehow It’s Not Even The Short Bus

There has been a major cause to keep kids in school for ages. Public service announcements never seem to be enough, but some might argue that billboards are a helpful reminder along with a good lecture. Here, someone has plastered a new slogan on a local bus. What’s the message, this time?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History23
Image: Reddit / TheProphet1

First, readers are implored to take action. Then, they are encouraged to take control. Finally, they are told to quit school. Wait, what? That can’t be the idea here. It looks like the new wording collided with the existing school bus sign. Not the best paint job, all things considered.

Maybe She Has Other Talents

Cheerleading has always been a sideshow to the real game on the field. But in recent decades, it has become a verified sport all on its own. Girls and some guys take it pretty seriously and compete in championships at the national level. Will this young lady be making it, this year?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History2
Image: Imgur / Andruha1123

No, she won’t be coming to any competition after this mishap. Proudly holding her spirit sign for the crowds to see, she tells them to do something. But what? Looking closely, one can figure it out with a little effort. It’s just “GO”, upside-down! She had a task, but this wasn’t it.

As They Say, First Things Three-st

Competition and cooperation are values that schools try to teach in different ways. For contests, the idea is definitely to compete. Facing off with other students, the best of the best receive trophies or medals to commemorate their big successes. As they should!

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History22
Image: Imgur / Hiddenvalley

But after all that work, it seems like one student is unsure where they really stand. Did they come in first, or third? The medal itself reads ‘3st’. For the most ambitious boys and girls out there, this kind of prize is more of a disappointment. Who messed up this easy job, and when will they say sorry to the kids?

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Ho, ho, ho. Every December 24, there’s a light-filled evening with a big ham, in the best of cases. In the morning, carols play on the radio as the children rip open piles of gifts below a glimmering tree. Christmas is fun stuff, to be sure. But is this decoration really typical?

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History14
Image: Imgur / CapCap

Maybe for Chanukah, another December holiday. But who mixed them up at the factory? Hello, one job? Maybe it’s time all holidays had their own factories. No one wants to receive a jack-o-lantern on New Year, or an Easter bunny on the 4th of July, either. Merry Valentines Day, everyone.

On Second Thought, That’s No Banana

The majority of shoe wearers choose white socks to keep the stink away. For those who like socks that never fade, black is a popular choice. But the most adventurous among us like the express their personality on their feet, as unlikely a place that may seem. Here, a banana enthusiast tried to order a relevant pair.

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History17
Image: Imgur

Along the way, they were thwarted by a very cute pineapple. Or maybe more accurately, by a tutti frutti designer who just can’t keep their citrus straight. Sure, both are tropical and delicious. But visually, there’s no comparison. This one job fail is totally bananas, friends.

A Little Brid Told Them To Spell This Wrong

The home is never quite complete without a garden. Whether that’s in a big backyard or a city balcony, good displays are a must-have. Today, one green shopper was about to pick up a bird-themed pot. Looks like there’s a surprise deal here if they want it!

The Very Best   You Had One Job  Moments in Internet History15
Image: Reddit / Golantrevize

As the sign explains, this item is reduced now. The sole reason for the loss of profit is the fact that bird is spelled wrong. What is a ‘brid’? No one knows. It’s certainly not English. Next time, a spell checker might be better than a human checker. That’s ‘one job’ a computer just isn’t going to mess up!