These Dogs Receive Royal Treatment From Their Pet Parents

Wed Mar 09 2022

We treat our pets like our own flesh and blood. Though they may be animals, aren’t we all? Our furry companions deserve the five-star treatment we all strive to experience ourselves. These pet parents have taken “treat yo’self” a step too far when caring for their four-legged friends.

While some doggies are spoiled with belly rubs and yummy treats, these dogs are spoiled with Ferraris, private jets, and five-course meals. Is there really a limit to how much you can shower your pets with love – and if so, how much is too much?

This Dog Lives Lavishly at Resorts on Vacation

This dog has managed to see the nicest beaches in the world, and she’s not even responsible for paying the resort charges she’s racked up. We can see this dog getting poolside service, drinking, and eating anything served up under the sun.

Ella Bean was chillin’ like a villain at her resort on Miami’s South Beach. Her post was followed with hashtags like #CantSeeTheHaters and #GetLikeMe, because she wanted all of her followers and fans to see her living the good life. She’s a rich girl, and she wants you to know it.

This Dog Has a Private Jet

Meet Kenzie the Cavapoo, a dog with residences in New York City and Denver, Colorado. Kenzie’s parents run an active social media account for her, but they also run another coveted account: Hot Dudes With Dogs. It’s no surprise that a social media account like that might launch this pup into extreme wealth!

This pup seems to move between homes on a private jet, available at her disposal. Whether she’s hitting the apres-ski scene in Aspen, or chilling in a bathtub overlooking the New York City skyline in a suite at the Williamsburg Hotel, this dog has really been living a life of luxury.

This Corgi’s Pockets Aren’t the Only Thing That’s Thick

In case you missed the running joke, Corgis are notorious for having a little extra junk in the trunk. This corgi not only had a stylish outfit (down to the accessories), but they also had an extra treasure in their back pockets, making them extra thick.

This corgi was covered in cash, from head to toe. Bills of all sizes (as well as bling for days) fill this doggo’s pockets and honestly, we’re a little bit jealous. This corgi (and corgi butt pillows) is spoiled to the bone and they’ve got nothing to hide.

Dogs With Michelin-star Rated Meals

These doggos have been living a catered life – literally. Ivan the dog, the light and fluffy dog wearing the white suit, lives a life of lavish luxury. His Instagram bio describes him as a male model, actor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and certified therapy dog.

This dog, who is bilingual in Russian and English, has had everything served to him on a silver platter. Yes, we mean literally a silver platter. Clearly, we’ve been serving our dogs their meals incorrectly, because it feels like there is no treatment as good as this.

This Dog Has a Wad of Cash at Its Disposal

As rappers BIA and Nicki Minaj recently said, “that’s a whole lotta money in this mo-fo.” Cash stacks of that size belong in the bank, not in a greedy doggo’s mouth! It looks like this dog is just trying to show off his massive influx of wealth. Good for him.

This British dog might be sitting on standard plaid bedding, but that’s not to say that they’re not living it up in other ways. Maybe this dog wasn’t quite bragging but was just showing you what he had saved up so far. Anything is possible, of course.

This Dog Booked the Ritz Carlton Instead of a Kennel

Colby the cavapoo is a therapy dog that lives the high life. From rides on private jets to checking into five-star hotels like The Ritz Carlton, this dog has truly seen it all. Room service, concierge, one-of-a-kind excursions; you name it, this pup has experienced it, most likely.

It’s not clear where Colby resides full time, but when this adorable pup is hanging out on private jets and in the nicest hotels in the world, it wouldn’t be shocking to learn that this furry dog zips between homes. Some pets are just born lucky, like this one.

Shopping Spree, Anyone?

Known for her Instagram account, @princess_paris_the_chi, Paris is an eight-year-old dog and “fashion model,” according to her social media page. She’s spoiled to the bone, but that doesn’t mean she’s quite spoiled rotten. She’s just a woman of means.

This dog has expensive taste and she’s not worried about the world knowing it. In fact, she wants to make sure you see the labels she’s got her hands on. She’s all about the price tag and isn’t afraid to show off the price tag for her big-ticket labels.

This Dog Has One Tricked-out Ride

This photo was accompanied by the caption “New Toys > chew toys” along with the #vroomvroom hashtag. Meet Rex, the incredibly lucky small rescue dog that happened to be adopted into a very lucky and privileged position. Rex and his sister, Neva, are officially car enthusiasts.

Rex and Neva’s parents went as far as not only giving them their own car, but they even took them racing in it. These dogs are also lucky enough to have other unique modes of transportation, too. They’ve also got a snowmobile, and we can only assume that they’re crazy drivers.

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day, Just Ask This Yorkie

Little Bella the Yorkie was as spoiled as a dog could get, but she didn’t take her wealth for granted. While Bella was in the prime of her life, she was traveling between her home in New Brunswick, Canada, and different cities across the world.

While traveling, she would stay at posh hotels that made her feel like a queen. Who wouldn’t want that, though? This four-legged luxury enthusiast has sampled the best of what ritzy life is like and she never looked back. Rest in peace, Bella the yorkie!

Get In Loser, We’re Going Shopping

If the mansion behind them wasn’t a great indicator, these dogs have stacks on stacks on stacks. If you’re trying to catch them riding dirty, this is the photo that’s enough proof for you to charge them with naughty dog behavior. No treats for you tonight – or, by the looks of it, any treat they want, ever.

Tigger and Teddy, a Yorkie-Bichon and Maltipoo respectively, are Canadian-born doggos who have lived the high life to the extreme. They know no other reality other than a world of gourmet doggy cakes, personal cars, and festive outfits for days.

This Dog Is Enjoying the View

This dog is a mile high and they really feel like it. While flying private with their owner, this privileged pup went above and beyond its wildest dreams. They looked out the window of their private jetliner and looked down on the peasants who weren’t as lucky as them.

We can’t help but wonder if this doggo had a once-in-a-lifetime experience for itself, or if this was just something the dog was used to. We can’t blame them if it’s hard to go back to flying commercial – even a first-class ticket can’t quite compare to this.

Pink and Fluffy, Just the Way We Like It

Meet the Bean siblings. They’re not unlike any other spoiled pets, ones who get treats and toys from their most loving parents. However, the Bean siblings have managed to get treats on a whole new level, including their cute as heck pink and fluffy vests.

This photo was captioned, “‘tis the season to be floofy.” We couldn’t agree more, they were taking advantage of the cold weather giving them an excuse to get dressed up in the fluffiest of clothing. We can’t blame them for looking forward to wearing these fluffy sweaters, as they’re snazzy as ever.

One Designer Piece Wasn’t Enough for This Dog

This dog makes money moves only. Clearly, this pup likes designer labels and collects them like it’s her job. She’s a big fan of Chanel, and really any label with some name recognition. We can’t help but wonder, how rich does a dog have to be to get a wallet?

Cl early, this dog is living a life of luxury on the next level. Fine leather goods never go out of style, so clearly, these pet parents spoiled their pooch with items that were worth investing in. If nothing else, the dog can use any coin pockets for holding treats.

We’ll All Float on Alright

These two weenies have shown us what it means to really feel like royalty. The dog sitting on the floating swan is sporting a cute, pink ruffled hat and stylish heart-shaped sunglasses. From the look on its face, they’re really enjoying themselves.

You can tell the dog on the side of the pool is envious of its floating friend. Can you blame them, though? We, too, would be jealous if we saw our best friend relaxing in the way we wanted to be. Life looks way too cool for this spoiled pooch.

Charcuterie? More Like Char-cute-erie

If anything is known to be true about dogs, it’s that they love treats. Well, this lucky dog received all-star treatment for their treats, by having them served up on a platter. This pooch had more than a few options available at its disposal. Look at the way they’re staring…

From the looks of it, it appears that this char-cute-erie board is for the holiday season. There’s a cookie candy cane, what looks like a fruitcake cookie, and other seasonal goodies. This dog and its belly received the best treatment of them all.

Nothing Like a Pool Day

Have you ever had the chance to layout in a pool that overlooks one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Well, this dog is set up with a view and an amazing little bathrobe. This cozy little thing is set up to float in harmony like the ducks on its bathrobe.

When you’re living in the lap of luxury, it can be hard to resort to anything else. This pooch is fluffy and ready to kick back and soak up all the rays possible. Who would have thought that they would be kicking back and relaxing all cool, looking over the city of Angels? This is all this dog knows.

Fluffy and Personalized Outfits, Fit for Royalty

Once again, the Bean siblings are stealing our hearts with their cozy getups. They’re dressed like little creatures of the snow who needed the fluffiest of getups to brave the elements and go out into the snow. They look like little martians, ready to conquer anything.

These are certainly fashionable dogs – but did we mention that their spoiledness has landed them several brand deals? That’s right, these dogs are sponsored. They’ve got dog clothing suppliers coming from near and far in order to give them the best of the best.

The Biggest Diva Around

This dog is giving us some major Audrey Hepburn vibes. This dog looks like it’s straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they’re actually a starlet in disguise. This dog is clearly hiding from the pup-parazzi.

This dog is decked out in a beautiful sweater, some sunglasses, and what appears to be a wig. Who knows – maybe those beautiful blonde locks of hair are au natural. This pup is giving us some serious old Hollywood vibes, which only the most spoiled doggos can experience.

This Dog Knows She Can Get Whatever She Wants, Whenever She Wants

Take a look behind this massive toy car this pooch has been using. Or rather, this big and beautiful present gifted to this little fluff ball. Behind them are tons of different designer shopping bags – meaning that someone certainly had a bit of a shopping spree.

Sure, the holiday season makes us jolly and pushes us to spend money on things that truly seem unnecessary. What a wild gift – this dog is hanging out in a vehicle that probably costs more than all of the furniture in our homes combined.

Some Dogs Hit the Jackpot With Their Families

This dog has been enjoying the best of the best. Some dogs live on top of the world, experiencing the best views and treatment around. This dog not only has an incredible view at their disposal, but they also have incredible pampering on deck.

This pet is living an extra cushy life with a fresh haircut, a bottle of wine (that they clearly can’t consume), and a beautiful pool to take a dip in. This pet was set up for success and extreme comfort, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t jealous of this pet.

This Dog Is Waiting for Their Private Jet To Take Off

Shades on for this ritzy pup – this little fluff ball is getting up and at-em. They’re taking to the skies and getting to live a life of luxury in the process. This dog has a future so bright, they need some sunnies to cover them up. It must be nice to be a dog like this.

Those shades are a little too big for this pup’s petite frame, but that’s not gonna stop them. Some dogs are built for the lap of luxury and it’s truly an accustomed style. If this dog is flying, you can be sure that they’re flying private. That’s what we all deserve.

These Dogs Have Such Sweet Rides

These dogs are driving around in cars that cost the same price as a modest home. Holy cannoli, what a lucky pup to be driving around in a Porsche. This little one even has a sweet treat to gobble down in the meantime. Or, wait… is that a toy?!

Unfortunately, this pup is still on its learner’s permit and hasn’t fully gained a license to drive. That doesn’t keep this little ball of loving fluff from hopping into the driver’s seat and revving the Porsche’s engine. Thankfully, this dog has owners that probably do the driving instead.

Pup-paring for Takeoff

Some of us are nervous fliers like this pup might be. Naturally, sleeping its way through takeoff should certainly make things feel better, especially as the pup relaxes. Plus, they’ve got a setup that most people can’t relate to – they were flying in their own jet through the skys.

To take things further, this dog has the coziest blanket and a chair full of toys to join it. The skies are no match for this small and ultra privileged pup, because they are truly pup-pared for anything that private jet travel might throw their way.

Don’t Bother Me, These Bags Are Designer

This photo came with a lengthy caption. “bean gifting policy: cash or cashmere. may consider {pre-approved} fine jewelry. #TBT to one of our fave pix! behind the scenes: it was snowing & lady woke man human up at 7am & forced him to go to @rockefellercenter to get the shot!”

Some dogs clearly have higher standards than others. At what point, though, is it too much? This dog has shopping bags from some of the biggest names in fashion, but it’s hard to say how much this pup has really gained from its spending spree.