These Meteorologists May Brighten Our Days but This Is What They Get Up to When They’re Not on TV

Tue May 11 2021

It’s pretty hard to plan your day without knowing the weather forecast. Knowing whether it’s going to rain, shine, or even snow helps you decide what to wear, how you’re going to travel to work, and even whether you can risk having a barbecue in your backyard. And while it’s easy to simply look at your phone’s weather app to get the low-down on the day, there’s nothing quite like turning on the television and watching the weather forecast on the big screen.

And thankfully, there are countless meteorologists out there who have the knowledge and the know-how to accurately predict the weather where you are. From national TV channels to local stations, these “weather girls” make it their mission to brighten your day and to help you put your plans into action. But what about their own plans? It turns out that these meteorologists live very different lives when they’re not on our screens.

Jackie Guerrido

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Jackie Guerrido can be found on Primer Impacto on Univision. But what sets her apart from some of the other meteorologists on this list is that she just happened to find her way into this scientific realm. After initially scoring a job as a newscaster and traffic reporter, it wasn’t long before she became incredibly popular and was offered the chance to become the channel’s weather forecaster as well.

And it seems as though her popularity hasn’t waned over the years. Jackie has amassed fans across the world and they all follow her on social media to keep up with her day. So, when she’s not on our screens or taking a new acting gig, she can normally be found taking pictures for the ‘Gram. After all, she’s become somewhat of an Instagram influencer recently.

Bri Winkler

If you’re an avid watcher of ABC7 Eyewitness News, you’ll probably be pretty familiar with Bri Winkler. This beautiful blonde serves as their weather girl and reporter, and she’s certainly qualified for the job. Not only does she have a Bachelor’s degree in Marine and Atmospheric Science, but she also has a Masters’s of Environmental Science and Management on top of that!

But when Bri isn’t forecasting for millions of viewers, she tends to shy away from the cameras to live a relatively normal and quiet life. She loves to surround herself with nature, and she’ll often make her way into the mountains to hike or to just chill out before a yoga session. Yes, she’s a pretty laid-back lady.

Mayte Carranco

Mexican model, television presenter, and weather girl Mayte Carranco can often be found in front of the green screen for Cuéntamelo Ya – but there’s so much more to this lady than we first thought. Mayte actually first made her debut into the professional world when she won the beauty pageant, Miss Televisa Monterrey. Since then, her fame has just grown.

Fans across the world now know who this lady is – even if they don’t watch her weather segments. That’s because she has become an Instagram influencer with over 1 million followers to her name! She’s constantly posing up a storm for her followers and promoting brands that are fall over themselves in an attempt to work with her.

Llarisa Abreu

Did you know that Llarisa Abreu is an Emmy Award-winning meteorologist? The CBS 3 Philadelphia morning team member first bagged her degree in Broadcasting before making her way to The Accuweather Network. And while she stayed there for a little while, it’s her role with CBS that has really got everyone talking.

Viewers love to watch Llarisa dish out their daily weather briefing, but it seems as though she also likes to enjoy the good weather herself. When she manages to score some free time, she’s always hanging out with her friends on the water and living her best life possible. And in Llarisa’s words, she’s a “lover of all animals and some people.” 

Reagan Medgie

New York’s Reagan Medgie is a fan favorite for those who tune in to watch Fox 5 News. She’s been working for the station for over four years now as a reporter and a weathercaster, and her degree in Broadcast Journalism has helped her along the way. But, in an effort to improve her meteorology skills, Reagan is currently studying at Pennsylvania State University and working towards her Weather Forecasting Certificate!

And while much of her life is now consumed with late-night study sessions and pop quizzes, Reagan also loves to get out there and put her new knowledge to the test. When she’s not working or studying she can be found traveling across the US in search of storms. So, in both her personal and professional lives, she just can’t get enough of the weather.

Lissette Gonzalez

Born and raised in Miami, Lissette Gonzalez has stayed true to her roots and is now the prominent weather reporter for CBS4 News. This meteorologist landed herself this coveted job in 2007 after obtaining her honors degree from Mississippi State University, and she’s been there ever since!

Thankfully, we don’t see Lissette going anywhere soon, as she seems to have found the perfect work-life balance. Her 4:30 to 9 am and noon slots on television mean that she can be back home with her husband and her daughters when school’s out. And they love to spend their weekends together, getting dressed up for parties, events, and just for the fun of it.

Robin Meade

Robin Meade is a woman of many talents. Not only is she the former Miss Ohio, but she’s also one of the biggest television personalities in the US thanks to her very own show, Morning Express with Robin Meade. Her work as a news anchor and weather reporter has put her on the map and allowed her to create an impressive life for herself.

In fact, Robin has used her platform to kick-start a music career. She’s released two country albums in the past and regularly performs for her fans across the country. But when she’s not working or performing, Robin is hanging out at her lake house in Atlanta – a place she loves more than anything else.

Janice Villagran

Although Janice Villagran can trace her roots back to Mexico, she splits her time between her home country and America – and she has made a name for herself in both countries since she graduated with a Communications degree. In fact, many know her for her work as a weather forecaster on channels like I Testigo TV and the Estrella TV network.

While Janice seems to have left the forecasting world behind for TV hosting roles nowadays, she’s still regarded as one of the most beautiful weather anchors within Latin America, and people just can’t get enough of her. Perhaps that’s why she decided to launch her very own skincare line! Janice has noted that, more than anything, she just wants her son to be proud of her.

Dylan Dreyer

There’s a high chance that you’ve seen Dylan Dreyer on your screens before. That’s because this talented meteorologist can be found everywhere! After bagging her degree in Meteorology from Rutgers University in 2003, it didn’t take her long to be picked up by a regional station. But now she’s a national treasure, working not only for NBC News but also Weekend Today and MSNBC.

With so much success under her belt, we bet her two sons are extremely proud of their mom. But it seems as though these little boys have also inspired Dylan to take her career in a different direction. In 2021, her very first children’s book will be released, which features a stormy character called Misty. She originally wrote this story for her kids, but it has since been published.

Leticia Castro

Before making her way to Telemundo Las Vegas as their weather reporter, Leticia Castro first made her mark as a beauty queen. She’s competed in Miss Teen All American, Miss Mexico USA, Miss Nevada USA and so many other pageants that allowed her to walk away with a crown on her head. So, it’s fair to say that her presence on screens in Las Vegas turns heads.

Thanks to her pageant days, Leticia has branched out to create her own beauty pageant called Nuestra Belleza USA. This pageant is all about empowering Latinas in the US, and it keeps her pretty busy. But she always makes sure that she has time to spend with her boyfriend and her baby as they travel the world and explore new wonders across the globe.

Evelyn Taft

As CBSLA and KCAL9‘s resident evening meteorologist, Evelyn Taft certainly has her hands full. But she’s got more than enough experience under her belt to be able to predict the weather in Los Angeles. Not only does she have a Broadcast Journalism and Political Science degree from the University of Southern California, but she also worked hard to obtain her Certificate in Meteorology from Mississippi State University!

And thanks to her full-on job, Evelyn is always in search of the next adventure. After she’s homeschooled her two kids during the day she’s constantly on the lookout for mountains that can be climbed, gourmet food that just needs to be eaten, and festivals that need to be attended. She’s particularly fond of the famous Burning Man festival, and she ensures that she goes every single year.

Sonya Hill

What you might not know about Sonya Hill is that before she became a television weather anchor and reporter for KZTV Action 10 News, she actually studied Psychology at college. She attended Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and has stayed true to her Texan roots within her career. And fans love to see her make her way onto their screens.

But it turns out that this former beauty queen is so much more than just a weathercaster. Sonya is the kind of lady who loves to spend her free time traveling the world, exploring new destinations, trying new food, and documenting her adventures. With over 11,000 Instagram followers to her name, these people seem to love watching Sonya travel the globe when she’s not working.

Marilu Kaufman

Marilu Kaufman is a bilingual beauty who has been able to rise through the television world over the years. As a presenter and weather girl for the likes of Telediario Guadalajara on Multimedios Television and Milenio Noticias, everyone has come to know and love her as the source of all knowledge when it comes to the day’s weather. But what does she get up to in her spare time?

Marilu has become somewhat of a social media favorite over the years, and fans love to keep up with her daily routine and hobbies. She’s always hanging out with her kids, posting her health and fitness regime, attending her favorite sports games, or just posing with new outfits and her fashion-forward style.

Chita Craft

With a Bachelor of Science under her belt, there’s no doubt about the fact that Chita Craft turns up the heat on our screens. As the resident meteorologist for KHOU 11 News‘ 4:30 to 7 am slot, Texans will know this leading pretty well. But if you’ve ever wondered what Chita gets up to when she leaves the studio after the early shift, we’ve got the scoop.

Not only does Chita love spending time with her husband and their two children, but they also love to spend their days supporting their local football team. You can find these guys dressed up in their blue and orange jerseys to supports the Houston Texans as often as we see Chita presenting the weather, and it seems like the perfect family bonding time for them all!

Indra Petersons

Latvian meteorologist Indra Petersons can often be found roaming around the studios of Today, Good Morning America, and CNN, and her impressive knowledge of the weather is pretty obvious. Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that she has a degree in Atmospheric Physics and is a professional member of the American Meteorological Society! 

When she’s not hard at work, Indra spends as much time with her children as possible as they travel the world and explore new places. But she also uses her prominent place in society to help other children who aren’t quite as fortunate as her own. She’s constantly raising money for the Kids First Fund, and she even serves on the board of directors to help kids in need.

Sabrina Fein

WMAR-2 News‘s resident Meteorologist, Sabrina Fein, originally grew up in Miami – but she knew that she wanted to be a weather reporter from an early age. When she and her family experienced the powerful effects of Hurricane Andrew, she knew she wanted to learn more about the weather. And so, she earned her degree in Meteorology from the University of Miami and bagged her first TV gig!

And while Sabrina still loves her job, she’s constantly in search of more. She’s currently at graduate school in an attempt to obtain her Certificate in Social Media from the University of Florida, and she does all of this while juggling her life as a mom. But on the odd occasion that she does have some downtime, Sabrina loves to head out into her garden and give her green fingers a wiggle.

Sheena Parveen

Sheena Parveen is a Floridian born and raised, and while she even studied at the University of Florida to get her bachelor’s degree in Meteorology she wanted a change after graduation. In fact, since moving away from her home state she’s worked for WCTV in Tallahassee, Fox13 in Tampa, NBC10 in Philadelphia, NBC4 in Washington, D.C, and now NBC 7 News Today in San Diego.

Sheena is the regular morning weathercaster for those who live in San Diego, but after work, she makes sure to enjoy her spare time as much as possible. Sheena absolutely loves paddle boarding and playing golf, but more than anything she loves to hang out with her dog. In her words, she is animal-obsessed!

Megan Glaros

Over the course of her career, meteorologist Megan Glaros has put her name and knowledge to many big news shows out there. She’s worked for CBS New York, CBS Chicago, CBS This Morning, The Talk, and even Good Morning America. And her degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Journalism – coupled with her impressive on-screen presence – has won her a whopping three Emmy Awards!

Sadly, Megan lost her job with CBS in 2020, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She can now be found hanging out with her three kids as they enjoy the great outdoors and head to gymnastics classes, and her Instagram bio states that she is a “Lover of #weather, #travel & medieval history.”

Patricia Jaggernauth

If you hail from Canada, there’s a high chance that you’re familiar with Patricia Jaggernauth. After all, she’s an Emmy Award-Winning television host and weathercaster! While Patricia doesn’t have a degree in meteorology under her belt, she managed to bag herself an honors degree in Journalism from Seneca College at York University. So, she’s definitely well qualified to work on the likes of CP24, CP24 Breakfast, CTV, and Your Morning.

But while Patricia is known across the globe as a huge television personality, it seems as though she’s got so much more to offer. After building up an impressive fan following on social media thanks to her glam lifestyle and her amazing clothes, Patricia decided to launch her very own fashion label, PJ GlamGirl. The slogan for this brand is “Be Fabulously GLAM”

Liberté Chan

Liberté Chan has certainly impressed us all with her on-screen presence over the years. After graduating with a degree in Journalism and Meteorology, it didn’t take her long to make her way into the professional world. And since 2012 she has been working for KTLA 5 as their resident weather girl and become a constant on our screens.

However, Chan is the kind of woman who loves to be bettering herself every single day. That’s why she has since obtained a graduate degree in Public Health and has trained as a professional yogi. So, as you can imagine, she lives a very healthy and peaceful life and tends to spend her downtime practicing yoga or cooking up a nutritious vegan meal.

Maria Quiban

After moving from the Philippines to Hawaii when she was just nine years old, Maria grew up surrounded by ever-changing weather patterns. And these inspired her to study Journalism at the University of Hawaii, and later a second honors degree in Meteorology. In 1998 she decided to move to Los Angeles in search of a job, and she bagged one. Today, she works for KTTV.

When Maria is not working, she’s spending time with her children and chilling out with some of her hobbies. Not only does she love to embrace her Hawaiian roots by playing the ukelele, but she also loves to write about her grief as a widow. Sadly, her husband passed away in 2015, but Maria is now inspiring others to embrace life after such an experience.

Elita Loresca

Originally born in the Phillippines, Elita Loresca moved to the US when she was just a child. And since she dreamed of working in television she enrolled in the Broadcast Journalism Program at Cal State Fullerton before later earning the Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology at Mississippi State University. After graduating, she landed TV gigs in Los Angeles and Miami before moving to Houston, Texas where she lives today.

Elita can now be found working as the meteorologist for KTRK-TV, and fans love seeing her on their screens. However, when she clocks out for the day she loves nothing more than hanging out with her husband and two kids. They chill out by going to restaurants, playing soccer, or just making the most of the time they have together in their home.

Ximena Cordoba

Hailing from Colombia, Ximena Cordoba has used her bilingual prowess to serve up a storm in the United States. She’s been a television host and weather anchor on Despierta America on Univision for almost a decade now, and her career has seriously blossomed. In fact, most people now know her more as a television host, reality star, model, and actress more than they do as a weather anchor.

But Ximena will always remember her weather girl days, and it seems as though she loves to come back to them every now and then. And when she’s not working she is reaping the rewards of her fame and fortune – and her 1.9 million followers on Instagram! Cordoba has become the ultimate influencer, posing up a storm and picking out the cutest outfits for private jet photoshoots.

Jill Nicolini

Before she became a weather girl, Jill Nicolini rose to fame as a model, actress, and even a reality show contestant – which is probably why she seems so natural on our screens. And we’re not the only ones who think so, as this meteorologist has worked for the likes of PIX11 Morning News, WPIX, WNYW, and more!

But when Jill isn’t working hard she’s putting in the hours as the ultimate boy mom. With two boys to look after, she certainly has her hands full – but she loves nothing more than heading to the baseball park to watch her sons in action. Plus, Jill is a country girl at heart so she just loves being outside.

Magda Palimariu

While you may not be familiar with Romanian television, you may be familiar with the name Magda Palimariu. That’s because this weather presenter has made waves across the globe as one of the most beautiful additions to the meteorological world. She’s currently based in Bucharest and works for PROTV SA.

Magda’s fashionable clothing on-screen has made many of her photos go viral over the years, and that’s probably why she’s now winning over 120,000 followers on Instagram. And when she’s not showing off these outfits in glamorous photoshoots, she’s heading to the gym to keep herself fit and healthy.

Gaby Lozoya

Mexican weather presenters have always proved to be popular even outside of the country, and this has certainly been the case for Gaby Lozoya. This leading lady works for Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey and has been in the public eye for many years now. And she’s become one of the most recognizable meteorologists in the business.

Thanks to her fame and fortune, Gaby has followers across the globe who want to catch up with her. And while she doesn’t like to share pictures of her 11-year-old child on social media, she has been very open about the fact that she’s currently pregnant and expecting her second!

Kelly Simek

When Kelly Simek made her way to the University of Hawaii at Manoa, her intention was to study Broadcast Journalism. But when she took a class on meteorology she was hooked! She immediately decided to create her own major that mixed the two together, and it seems to have seriously worked in her favor as she’s now a meteorologist for KHON2.

And Kelly can’t seem to forget about work when she’s done for the day. The adventurous spirit is constantly on the move, researching weather patterns and exploring new destinations around the world. She even has her own blog called Weather & Wandering which follows her traveling and eating experiences.

Cristina MacArthur

After graduating from the University of Texas at San Antonio, Cristina MacArthur (then Cristina Blackwell) interned at Great Day SA before landing a full-time role as a reporter. And it wasn’t long before Univision later reeled her into work as their weathercaster. But despite working for these two major media companies for around five years, Cristina decided to call it quits in 2019.

Cristina announced that she would step down as a reporter and weather girl in a social media post that read, “It’s time to turn the page to a new chapter, a chapter that will involve more family time, less makeup, more hockey sticks and less heels, more pasta and less barbacoa.” And today, she loves to travel the world with her husband and children, while working as a social media host.

Lucy Verasamy

From a young age, English weather girl Lucy Verasamy knew that she wanted to help the environment. She longed to be outside and she dreamed of a career where she got to experience the great outdoors. So, she graduated from university with a degree in Geography and then trained as a meteorologist at the Press Associations’ weather center. From there, her career as a weather girl began.

Today, Lucy works as a meteorologist for ITV and she even began presenting her own TV show called Climate Crisis: Our Changing World. And even when she’s not working she’s making sure that she gets to enjoy what the natural world has to offer. When she’s not strawberry picking in the English fields she’s heading off to snowy mountains and sliding down the side of them!

Sugey Abrego

Sugey Abrego has the pleasure of not only calling herself a meteorologist, but also a television host, actress, and politician. It seems as though there’s nothing this Mexican beauty can’t do. Many people know her for weather forecasting work on Televisa, though – especially after she suffered a very unfortunate wardrobe malfunction back in 2016.

Outside of work, Sugey seems like a whole load of fun. She’s constantly hanging out with her fellow TV presenters and anchors, and showing off pictures of her high-flying life to her 1 million Instagram followers. She’s also known for being a selfie queen, as not a day goes by that she doesn’t post a photo of herself online. And her fans certainly don’t seem to mind.

Jackie Johnson

After graduating from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Meteorology, Jackie Johnson set her sights even higher. She then went back to school to obtain her degree in broadcast journalism from the Middle Tennessee State University, in pursuit of a career on television. This dream took her to Florida, where she landed her first job as a weekend weather anchor for WCTV-TV.

However, Jackie truly rose to fame when she moved to Los Angeles, where she worked for both KCAL 9 News and KCBS-TV. She held these positions from 2010 until 2018, where she built up a fan following of people who loved to see her on television. But Jackie chose to retire from the industry altogether a few years ago to focus on her family, and she now lives in Nashville on a farm with her kids, husband, their fruits and vegetables, and their animals.

Zelenny Ibarra

If you watch Multimedios TV Milenio, you may have seen Zelenny Ibarra pop up on your screen with all of the information you could possibly need about the weather. But what might surprise you is that she never really intended to become a meteorologist. In fact, she originally studied International Relations before switching to a degree in theater at the University of Nuevo León.

Thankfully, this introduction to the entertainment world led her to work as a reporter and forecaster – and the rest is history! Zelenny still loves her job but is now looking to spend more of her time getting back into the acting and performing world. It seems as though her dream is to become the biggest actress in Mexico, and we have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of her soon.

Vania Manzano

Weather girls are often prematurely judged based on their appearance, but you can’t just rock up and apply to be a meteorologist. You need experience and you often need the education to go with it, and that’s exactly what Mexican weather girl Vania Manzano has. She not only has a degree in Tourism, but she also graduated with a bachelor’s in Business. It’s no wonder weather fans love her.

This brunette beauty has worked in front of the green screen for many years now, and this exposure has allowed her to venture into new aspects of her life. In fact, she has her own YouTube channel and has built up a following thanks to her incredible TikTok videos. And she loves nothing more than showing off her incredible outfits, both in and out of work.

Sandra Ryncarz

Many weather girls move around their country and head from TV station to TV station, but not Sandra Ryncarz. This Polish forecaster has been with Superstacja since the very start of her career, and it doesn’t seem like she wants to leave anytime soon. While she’s not a full-time weather girl anymore, she still appears on the channel every now and then to keep people up to date with the current situation.

One of the main reasons why Sandra took a step back was because she welcomed her son into the world. She now wants to spend more time with her family, while also running a little side hustle. Yes, Sandra isn’t just a pretty face because she also knows how to make other people look just as stunning. She owns her own beauty salon, which specializes in eyebrow microblading.

Alex Wilson

The Weather Channel is perhaps one of the most popular stations in the US, and Alex Wilson has the pleasure of working for them. The Pennsylvania native graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in both broadcast journalism and marketing from Syracuse University in May 2006, and since then she’s been on an incredible path that’s only gone up.

Alex has also worked for FOX Carolina, WOWK-TV, and WVNS-TV, but she seems pretty happy at The Weather Channel. She has the perfect job and the perfect life, and she often showcases this on Instagram. You’ll see her hanging out with her rescue pup or eating delicious food as she claims that “Dogs, wine and chocolate make the world go round.”

Mary Gamarra

Mary Gamarra has over 15 years of experience in the television world, and much of that time has been taken up by weather reports. She’s made a name for herself as a weather girl to watch, and she’s perhaps best known for her work on Telemundo’s Cada Día. Today, she does less weather forecasting and more hosting, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about her.

Mary has almost 15,000 on Instagram who all keep up with her life outside of work – and it seems to be a pretty busy one! Not only does she have a husband and two children to look after, but she is also a health and wellness fanatic who loves to share her tips and tricks online. In fact, she is a Theta Healer, which means that she uses meditation to help guide and heal those around her.

Susy Almeida

Guadalajaran native Susy Almeida has certainly caused a storm in Mexico. This weather girl currently works for the 4 Televisa Guadalajara network and can be seen updating locals on the upcoming weather forecast. And while many fans tune in so that they can plan their day, it’s no secret that many of them also turn to this channel to see Susy Almeida in action. After all, The Daily Star once called her the most beautiful weather girl in the world.

But outside of her forecasting career, Susy keeps herself pretty busy. She’s also a model and regularly shares her professional snaps on social media, and thanks to this she has also been able to land herself brand endorsements. Her 319,000 followers on Instagram shower her with likes every single day, and Susy just keeps the photos coming.

Sol Perez

Sol Perez may hail from Argentina, but there’s no doubt about the fact that people across the world know who she is. This actress, model, and weather forecaster has only been in the limelight since 2014, but during that time she has made a real name for herself. Her career started when she decided to ditch her dream of becoming a lawyer to make her way into the entertainment world. And it seems as though her risk paid off.

Sol has been presenting the weather of the Sportia program on TyC Sports for many years now, but when she’s not on our big screens she’s normally posting on our small screens! That’s because Sol has become somewhat of a social media superstar. With 5.9 million followers to her name, she regularly shares her fitness tips, her healthy recipes, and her secrets to a healthy lifestyle.

Yanet Garcia

When it comes to famous weather girls, Yanet Garcia is probably the most famous of the lot. While she started off her career as a model, Yanet was scouted out by Mexican TV station Televisa Monterry to present the weather on their show, Hoy. Before too long her figure-hugging outfits and on-screen presence had captivated audiences, and TMZ stated that she was a “girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast.”

But she’s also pretty busy outside of work. Yanet has a whopping 13 million followers on Instagram and blows fans away with her photos on a daily basis. She also uses her platform to promote her health and fitness company, as well as her OnlyFans side hustle. It’s fair to say that Yanet has made her mark on the world of popular culture.